👺 The Damage Created By A Very Sick Man…And His Cornucopia Of Lies

The T-RUMP presidency has been an experiment in prolix, extemporaneous, unfiltered presidential communication. More than any other commander in chief in history, we know what is on Trump’s mind at any given moment. 

The words come in unhindered torrents read from a script like a kid who had a friend write his book report and he reads it for the first time like an eighth grader.  And they spew hatred and are dangerous. If I never heard from him again, it would be OK.

The New York Times recently analyzed more than 260,000 words spoken by T-RUMP

  1. Most of them found during his interminable briefings-cum-tirades identifying roughly 600 instances of self-congratulation — by far the largest category of presidential expression. 
  2. This dwarfed the 160 instances of empathy or appeal to national unity. By the Times’s count, T-RUMP gave credit to others more than 360 times basically for their  “ butt-kissing, scumbag level endorsements and crap surpassing the amounts found in the Hippo pool at the Australian zoo
  3. But he also placed the blame on others more than 110 times. 
  4. Trump’s rhetoric is often loosely connected to the needs of the nation.  Think of it as verbal diarrhea. Watered down substance and lots of gas…
  5. But it provides unprecedented insight into the state of the president’s mind and soul. What does it say about a leader — what does it say about a man — who, when presented with a massive scale of death and suffering, talks mainly about himself?  
    ANS:   It indicates self-centeredness to the point of solipsism and bottomless insecurity.   He is a narcissistic scumbag, Insecure, homophobic, misogamist, a draft dodging coward and cheat. 
  6. He has destroyed the core of the American Democracy and Freedom, Rights for all.
  7. Years ago the joke was he is about as honest as car salesman…which grew to include lawyers…and TV Preachers,  but just like car salesmen, TV Preachers and lawyers it’s not a question of truth…here are two things you have to keep in your mind.  Is the teller of lies just as guilty as the originator?  The answer was yes.  And the second point is that you want to know is:  “  What Are They not Telling Me.
  8. Even with his demise we will need decades to recover from his careless and incredibly stupid hateful marks he has made on our country, our people financially crippled by fraud and fake tax bills, and hopelessly ruined, our word as the leader is ruined, our allies and friends, even relationships with our enemies will take decades to repair to the point of civility.  We are no longer the leaders in integrity in the world.  We are not a good partner and not trusted by our allies.
  9. For two hundred and fifty plus years, our nation has survived global wars with almost 100 million killed, we have fought against the worst of human threats, the forces of mother nature, plagues, the worst of the worst and we have won because of the strength and fortitude of proud and patriotic Americans.
  10. And one man, noted sick in the head by more than a hundred psychiatrists and supported by devious and corrupt politicians in the GOP in less than four years has destroyed what many lived, believed in and many died for.  He has to be brought to justice or more will die or be hurt by his hands. 
  11. And those who ignored the signs will have their day too.  I’m praying not for a wave but as one person put it we need a       “ Blue Tsunami”   and wipe the GOP Senate off the map.  Years of the their bill killing, politics, gerrymandering, greed, and cowardice, so apparent it stinks out loud need to be removed with the leadership that has destroyed this nation…
  12. In this election, we also need to address the needs of those fake religionists, those sick supporters of his, who will follow him to his death.  The memo came from Mr. Mestopheles, he thinks well of them, as they are a fake Jesus cult.   Based on the fake Jesus Evangelicals, hell will be filled…Mr. Mestopheles said,  “ They believe in me more than the life Jesus wanted”.   


Lieing All His Life — We Are Going To Take His Problem Apart…
First we have to understand what makes a liar.   Compulsive lying describes a condition in which a person tells falsehoods out of habit, sometimes for no reason at all.  It is also known as pathological lying, mythomania, and habitual lying.
A German physician named Dr. Delbruck first described the condition in 1891. Five of his patients had a habit of telling excessively large lies. He named their behavior spelled pseudologia fantastica in American English.

He Shows Symptoms Of Pseudologia Fantastica
Many people are dishonest on occasion. Yet pathological liars tend to lie more frequently regardless of context.  Habitual lying often has the following traits:

  • The lies are believable and may have truthful elements. A person who has the flu might tell co-workers the symptoms are in fact AIDS or some other serious illness.
  • The lying continues for a long period of time and is not caused by some immediate pressure. A person who lies repeatedly about an affair would typically not qualify as a habitual liar, since the lies result from the desire to keep a secret.
  • The lies tend to present the person lying in a positive light. A person is more likely to lie about having a Ph.D than claim they dropped out of high school.
  • The lies have an internal—rather than external—motivation. A child with abusive parents might lie compulsively to avoid harm.  These falsehoods would not be considered compulsive because the lying is motivated by an outside threat.

Before determining that someone is lying compulsively, clinicians will generally rule out other possible causes. Someone who has delusions or false memory syndrome is unlikely to qualify as a habitual liar. In general, a pathological liar must recognize they are saying something untrue.

Compulsive Lying Vs. Pathological Lying
The terms “compulsive lying” and “pathological lying” are often used interchangeably. Medical literature currently does not differentiate between these terms. Yet there are professionals within the mental health community who classify the terms as subtly different conditions.

In this framework, compulsive lying is the habit of telling falsehoods uncontrollably. People in this category may be more comfortable telling lies than telling the truth. They may lie repeatedly about important as well as unimportant matters.

People who lie compulsively often have no ulterior motive. They may even tell lies which damage their own reputations. Even after their falsehoods have been exposed, people who lie compulsively may have difficulty admitting the truth.

Meanwhile, pathological lying often involves a clear motive. A person may lie to gain attention or admiration. Other lies may be designed to garner pity or help from others.   Even self-harming lies may provide some form of internal gratification.
People who lie pathologically may mix falsehoods with the truth to make their lies more credible. As such, pathological lying is often considered a subtler form of manipulation than compulsive lying.

What Causes Compulsive Lying?
Psychologists disagree whether compulsive lying can stand alone as its own diagnosis. Currently, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) does not recognize it as a separate mental health condition. Yet compulsive lying does appear as a symptom of several larger conditions.  Compulsive lying may be a symptom of:

  • Bipolar
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD)
  • Impulse control issues
  • Substance dependency
  • Borderline personality
  • Narcissistic personality

When The Next Generation Fails, It Won’t Be Their Fault It Will Be Yours
He needs to be removed and the only two methods left because of the failures:

  •  Censure no way
  • A corrupt Senate Impeachment that was joke
  • And the 25th Amendment is out so far, are out so whats left?  
  • The Vote In massive numbers… non contestable a clean win period… and T-RUMP will not give in
  • Assassination, Poisoning, Hanging, Firing Squad etc

Either way, he has to go or four more years will destroy this nation.  But there is more than him, if we carry him out, we have to get all the other garbage that used to be the good swamp and he replaced it with a smelly cesspool.  

In addition the cronyism and patronage of his family and sycophant cabinet members, and surrounded and advised by extreme off the planet nuts, fellow total ignoramuses and con-men and women, we have lost the respect of the nations of the world. 

They should all be tried and convicted of treason.  He has broken treaties and friendships with our allies, some born and based in blood of previous wars and disturbances. He is not thought of as well nor respected in other parts of the world unless the folks there have a gun to the backs of their heads.  He is not loved.

He makes love with other death merchants, Russia, North Korea and China a joke.  We are no longer to be trusted by our allies.  And our enemies in N. Korea and Iran will be Nuclear equipped and capable within a year.  Our economy will crash we are facing fourteen trillion dollars additional debt tot he GDP and he’s blaming everybody but himself. 

How the sickness in the mind of one man who claimed he would make America Great Again, could ruin a nation so quickly is beyond me.   And tell that to the families of the 242,000 dead relatives.  I wonder how you would feel is this was a family member.  

👺 At The Hallowed Ground of The Aisle-Marne American Cemetery 

The list is endless as the revolving doors of the WhiteHouse show no one can put up with him for too long.  When he desecrates someone like Sen. John McCain, and our Generals, the  true professional heroes, responsible men,  and military leaders challenged by T-RUMP — a draft dodging scumbag  whose Daddy earned him a degree well paid for with donations to the schools he attended.  

He attended them while on draft deferment for bone spurs in his heels yet played on 14 varsity teams at his college.  The only thing lower than a draft dodger is a coward turncoat.  My hatred for him stems from my work working with those families who paid the ultimate price and we lost sons, daughters ,husbands and wives and he was playing ball but had imaginary bone spurs.

And the DR. who lied to the selective service board about his Bone Spurs.   And now we have the worst kind of problem, mother nature, yes she is a bitch and obviously COVID-19 is more than a match for T-RUMP.   She has risen to the occasion or maybe its time, ( and if the big Kahuna is fed up enough ) for another ARK.  All the information is here in detail just keep reading

I would liken TRUMP to the great cowards of the world and personal failures whose only defense is to denigrate others destroying their work and reputations.  Truly the one word used by George Carlin Comedian describes T-RUMP. He is a Genuine and Certified  Schmuck.  Actually he said pr*ck but I cleaned it up.

Bad Remarks, Bad President, Bad Example

2018 —President T-RUMP called US soldiers injured or killed in war “losers,” questioned the country’s reverence for them and expressed confusion over why anyone would choose to serve, according to a new report that the White House has called “patently false.”

The report, published late Thursday by the Atlantic, cites four unnamed people with firsthand knowledge of Trump’s comments. It says Trump disparaged the military service of the late former president George H.W. Bush, objected to wounded veterans being involved in a military parade, and canceled a visit to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018 because he didn’t care about honoring those killed in war.

The White House released a sharply worded statement defending T-RUMP — who has insulted POWs, traded barbs with grieving families of the dead,  and said before he was president that avoiding sexually transmitted diseases was his own “personal Vietnam” — against accusations that he doesn’t respect the military.  The bottom line is he is still after four years the most dangerous and ill minded human in the political arena, not cohesive, ignorant and a total f*ck-up.

If he keeps up the bullsh*t  like injecting LYSOL into our bodies as a cure, vomiting may become an Olympic venue.  He makes me sick and I have to turn him off before I shoot my TV. Several of our local stations ( million viewers ) do not show it anymore, many people complained.

👺 Internationally He Is Hated And Despised, Not Trusted
His  international fame as a negotiator is a sham, his credits only himself for saving the world.  Virtually nothing called an  accomplishment has gone his way.  Friends, unless you are a moron, you might have been partially responsible for this idiot.  

He bragged about North Korea, he bragged about China, he bragged about the Middle East Jared solution, A Jared Kushner production designed to appear great just before the election,  global hoping making friends with the Arabs and some dealt with Israel,  or trade and flight rights but the Palestinians are not on the program and the rockets will light the Israeli skies again

Mini-Frickin-Me and he bragged about Iran, who will become a Nuclear power and in the middle east with a failing economy in Iran can be very dangerous and showing force turned chicken at the last minute.

No one we know of in international circles has praised him for anything other than being stupid and a bully.  He sucked up to Russia because they co-sign his loans through the Deutsche Bank. No American banks can lend to a man who bankrupted properties and deals six times and never  paid the banks back…millions, lots of millions…lost…that explains why he is so kind to Putin and people die because of it.  (Syria, Crimea, Ukraine) 

👺 Lies And Creating Distrust
Worthless promises peppered in tweets with lies and hatred, prejudice, and creating distrust in everything from the FBI, Congress, the Senate, to the Supreme Court and character assassinations of those who opposed his Cesspool thinking, Cro-Magnon IQ, and with the aid of the sycophants, the rest of his cabinet of losers who support his world either out of their personal goals and sickness or fear of him.   

Just as his mentor Hitler did by getting rid of the Generals, the Night of the Long Knives that left only units which became eventually the Gestapo. T-RUMP with his lies destroys the good people so he can do whatever the man wants.

The Night of the Long Knives, or the Röhm Purge, also called Operation Hummingbird, was a purge that took place in Nazi Germany from June 30 to July 2, 1934.   SEE T-RUMP vs. HITLER

👺 Politics Is People — Truth Is Truth — Lies Are Lies, Not Mis-Speak
I vote for the person, not the party,  the GOP base is not a party it’s a controlled voting bundt run by McConnell, not the people you elected.   We call them Mitch’s Army or the “The GOP Wehrmacht”.  And if you cannot see the  criminality… visit the Gremkin-Fleming Institute for  CRAINIAL-RECTAL DYSLEXIA for the reversal treatment and they remove all the Sh*t for brains you inherited from FOX news. 

Many people have a problem with the truth - many people believe the lies they were told by T-RUMP during his campaign.  They are naive and gullible.  The American voter, too lazy to challenge or investigate the untruths spewed by corrupt self-serving officials cast their votes by facial recognition and some dumb allegiance to a corrupt bought off bribed party.  

You elect stupid, you get stupid and when something bad comes along like CoronaVirus and the idiots in charge are totally f*cked up and incompetent, people will and have so far died.  And those folks in the lower classes of our society might feel it the most…double screwed and possibly dead.   just ask the families of the 189,000

“ TRUMPETS”  The GOP BASE and the FAKE EVANGELICAL CLUB - They love his stories, his threats, his treatment with disdain of everyone from the press, the FBI, the DOJ, Immigrants and seniors, his free hats and rallies just like the Nazi’s held to support their corrupt cause with all the visual flags and banners. For 
TRUMPETEERS  — His rallies were a party, something to go to, an event in a day when nothing more important could be accomplished.  Because many of them have accomplished nothing and now they can belong to something even though it’s totally wrong.  What fools! Screwed for a hat! 

👺 He Has A Big Mouth Filled With Self Adoration and Lies…
And T-RUMP kills his competition with nasty name calling ( real childish Sh*t from the President) and the ignorant bastards in the audience love it even though most of whom he made fun of were better human beings than him. And he fires anyone that says anything against him including the Director of the Organization that procures and oversees vaccines in the midst of the worst pandemic.

And these Trumpets think, is that what comes in their mind…they think they are serving their country… what fools,  just too much to believe that at one time we had the greatest education system in the world and smarter people.  Now we have dumbasses in volume due to a morality or moral codes being trashed by our politicians and incompetent leadership on all levels.  They are losers, and they are weak, looking for that promise of a free ride buy T-RUMPS lies as acceptable,  and immediately accepts T-RUMPS talking points.

👺 He Is The Creator Of Hate For The Brainless
I have to trade compassion for hate.  I feel sorry for those uneducated, red hat wearing cheerleaders who think a man with the racist and morality of a Hitler will somehow make the United States a better place to live.  He is conquer and divide, same thing history tells us occurred before, even down to detention camps.  

He not only supports hate, he is a creator of hate,  and supporter of other liars, killers and oligarchs in the world.  Two and three generations back, my family bore the signs of the death camps.  They escaped first from the Russian Pogroms AND THEN THE NAZI’S in Europe.  I have cause,  good cause and I am seeing what they saw as history is repeating itself again through this man…

He has created a racial divide in this country between the Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics and the Whites.   His advisor Stephen Miller, communications persona and certified White Nationalist Moron with Breitbart has stirred anti-semitism to new levels. And he was born Jewish but is of a sick mind and that works for T-RUMP and he is a White Nationalist.  His family has denied a love of what he does… He is typical of whom T-RUMP has in his circle of delusion.

👺 Those Rallies Reminded Me Of Hitler And the Nazi Bundt Rallies

I see those red hat people at the rallies and I see history repeating itself with the Bundt rallies in American cities by the Nazies prior to World War two.  Sounds harsh but it true as the   “ Savior at that time was Adolf Hitler and he too was going to save the world and he too was full of hatred, insane, a narcissist and a liar and totally surrounded by scumbag associates”.  

Sounds all too familiar.

 12-07-2020 aljacobsladder.com