Truth - The Birth Of Trumpism

How T-Rump Is Destroyed The Civil Service And Bending The

Government To His Will… Just As He has Learned From HITLER

In the beginning when the sun rose ….. when Donald T-RUMP came into office, there was a sense that the new president was impetuous,  ignorant,  inattentive, while the establishment Mitch McConnell Senator ingrained and planted bureaucrats were seasoned, shrewd, protective of themselves and their institutions. they didn’t have a clue, they were about to get a rude awakening.

Trump’s new White House was chaotic and vicious, unlike anything in American history, but it didn’t really matter as long as “ The Adults” were there to wait out the president’s impulses and deflect his worst ideas and discreetly pocket destructive orders lying around on his desk.

After three years, and nine months of chaos, the adults have all left the room—saying just about nothing on their way out to alert the country to the peril—while T-RUMP is still there. Only recently have they spoken up.  And now the country is in a shambles….Donald has managed to screw up everything in sight, and destroy key elements of the core of our nation.

The adults were too sophisticated to see Trump’s special political talents—his instinct for every adversary’s weakness, his fanatical devotion to himself, his knack for imposing his will, his sheer staying power. 

They also failed to appreciate the advanced decay of the Republican Party, which by 2016 was far gone in a nihilistic pursuit of power at all costs. They were slowly eating each other and didn’t grasp the readiness of large numbers of Americans to accept, the fact they the GOP eat their young.

When Trump came to power, he believed that the regime was his, property he’d rightfully acquired, and that the 2 million civilians working under him, most of them in obscurity, owed him their total loyalty. He harbored a deep suspicion that some of them were plotting in secret to destroy him.  (Suffering from a combo of schizophrenia, narcissism, and paranoia, insecurity and bad hair)

He had to bring them to heel before he could be secure in his power. But a simple intuition had propelled Trump throughout his life: Human beings are weak. They have their illusions, appetites, vanities, fears. They can be cowed, corrupted, or crushed. A government is composed of human beings. 

This was the flaw in the brilliant design of the Framers, and Trump learned how to exploit it. The wreckage began to pile up. He needed only a few years to warp his administration into a tool for his own benefit. If he’s given a few more years, the damage to American democracy will be irreversible.

Take A Good Look At Yourself, You Are To Blame For Believing A Great Con Man

Well, first you voted for T-RUMP out of vengeance for a corrupt government that was overspending and not paying attention to the middle and lower classes.  Not exactly true but what you were told… 

Six hundred bills in Congress that never made it were for you but because of Mitch McConnell, the money got side tracked for the rich and the wall and other promises. The rich made four billion dollars during the pandemic so far and you got mortuary bills.

They have gotten richer, haven’t they and we have people starving living in their cars till they get reposted.

He removed, strategic bills, many of those bills like clean water and pollution controls by the Obama Administration in those self adoration huge photo-ops, mostly self praise and bullsh*t… T-RUMP killed those bills and rivers and creeks are being polluted again.  

And critical federal agencies like the CDC were cut. And 175,000 lives are no longer.  Thats Negligent Homocide, the move against the CDC was to take funds for the wall and prejudice, racist immigration policies.

How well did that tax break work out for you.  More of a Brake then a Break… How far did the twenty dollars go a week and then you found out deductions fed vs state were taken away and you were in worse shape…How stupid.

The rich got richer, the middle class tax break never happened. You got screwed, by promises and bullsh*t  T-RUMP took all that away and created immigration problems as his mantra.  And once again the simpletons embraced it and hatred of all minorities went up a thousand percent. 

That was the FAKE TAX break and the millionaires doubled their money ( again with the pandemic four billion estimated) and you got nothing. Paul Bryan,  Donald, Barr and McConnell made it Olympic sized.  And you got screwed as the real problem is those who are doing the overspending are the guilty ones who cannot fix the problem because they will not speak out against each other. 

Again, No one in Congress will do anything against another Congress person.  Its just Washington and they all dance to the DC drummer and it’s called the Washington Two-Step.   You lie for my ass and I’ll lie for yours.  We have to get rid of all of them Leaving no scumbirds around to regrow.  When it crashed last month, more of a warning, be cautious the bad is about to come but the Senator holding stocks got insider news and make a killing on the down swing on a shady deal exposed as:  T-RUMPS Insider Trading Kodak Scam…

THE KODAK SCAM  8/2020 — COVID-19 Money

 👺 And now this corrupt Kodak deal is looming, insider trading, fake qualifications and a Federal Investigation but money was made by the time it was found out.\  It is believed T-RUMPS family made a killing..

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the circumstances around Eastman Kodak Co. ’s announcement of a $765 million government loan to make drugs at its U.S. factories, according to people familiar with the matter.

News of the loan last week caused Kodak’s shares to rise as high as $60, before falling to about $15 on Monday due to a dilution in the shares. Amid the heightened volatility, trading volume has surged. The price spike briefly produced a potential windfall for company executives who owned stock-option grants, some of which were granted on July 27, the day before the loan was officially announced.

The SEC’s investigation is at an early stage and might not produce allegations of wrongdoing by the company or any individuals, the people familiar with the matter said. Among the areas being probed by regulators: how Kodak controlled disclosure of the loan, word of which began to emerge on July 27, causing Kodak’s stock price to rise 25% that day.

The Swamp That Was So Bad it Became a Cesspool, Even Worse

And T-RUMP told you he would fix it.   He lied again.  He has wasted more money than any previous Presidents. He killed the “ Fake swamp, a term he invented ” and you went for it hook line and 4 Ounce sinkers.   He replaced it with a sh*t house, a cesspool of former crooks, liars, incompetents and idiots all certified as sycophants and ass-kissers.  Trained by the Dean of lavish praise Mike Pence, no one knows ass-kissing better than Pence, he has his head so far up Donald’s ass, he coaches the Dentist when T-RUMP get a filling. 

The so-called “ Fake swamp” was not corrupt by T-RUMP standards, it was the do-nothing GOP Senate under McConnell, where more money went for his cronies and the people suffered.  And the good old boys are still there as corrupt as ever.  Our Senators ( GOP Majority) should be eligible for Academy awards and other recognition for their insincere acting, majordomo stupidity and incredible hairstyles… trying to look like a class act. Nothing but crooks.

They just pretend to be concerned, they lie to our faces and steal the money anyway.   Their constituents are all in the bar stool next to them at 3:30 and in their mind.  How come real people when interviewed from their states don’t believe what their Senators portray.  Never names of constituents, only what the Senator tells you he “ Heard”  like the T-RUMP invisible friends who tell him things… but never a name attached to the lie.

Almost 21,000 Lies To Date  - June 2020  —The Washington Post  Fact Checker’s database of every suspect statement by T-RUMP of  false or misleading claims since inauguration day.  The new data came out on Monday.  Most repeated claim… and the winner is:  “The economy is the best it’s ever been in — we have never had an economy like this in history.”  Short lived story and a wreck…

We are headed for a severe time period and recession because of the mishandling and lack of leadership. In a tweet, the President boasted that the economy was setting records “ And has a long way up to go…” he gauges it by the market, typically augmenting reality in leveraging his best argument for re-election. The stock market.  But thats 98 percent not the economy of the middle and lower classes. The rich own the market, not Joe Worker trying to pay rent.

T-Rumps Threat To America — Spoken Like A Dictator
T-rump said,  ” If anyone but me takes over in 2020 as I know the competition very well there will be a market crash the likes of which has not been seen before!  “ Keep America Great”.   I suggest we shoot him and see if this is real…?  Then we’ll get Mnuchin the White House Movie Director/Producer create the life story of the scumbag. 

Spoken like a true scumbag…Eventually what goes up based on hot air will cool and come crashing down… The market did go up once, came down 5000 points and has remained very stagnant.  Unfortunately the hot air did not kill the virus and the market will crash down and recovery will be a further disaster.  He needs to be  terminated and if that don’t work exterminated.  

It will crash again because of the worldwide recession caused by the COVID-19.  It will crash because as much as thirty to as high in some categories sixty-percent of small businesses will not be able to recover.  The best start to a recovery is to put an adult back in the WhiteHouse.

Nothing new, his T-RUMP Towers were a scam, his sales college was a scam, his steaks were a scam, his clothing line was a scam, his tie company was a scam and all failed badly and he ruined many partners.  

His Plan To Win, Lies, Feed The Base, Chaos, Disinformation…

Trump’s tweets offer a nutshell introduction to his re-election strategy that will likely be flushed out. We simply call it Nazi-ism 2.0  Heil T-RUMP!  These are the processes used by the NAZI ’s brought forth by T-RUMPS Nationalist writers like Stephen Miller, and others.  

He makes  exaggerated claims for his own success… and sprout hatred at cultural and social fault lines that he whips up into anger against those he defines as political enemies.  He lies today and denies he said it tomorrow.  Basically he has not accomplished anything except the corrupt tax break for the rich he helped Paul Ryan with.   

He will highlight he had the lowest unemployment rate in half a century. That has ended and now we have the highest unemployment since the depression.  McDonalds and Burger King are fully staffed at eight dollars an hour in some states and a discount on food but at the cost of key Obamacare mandates and Obama measures for global warming and protection of the environment. 

In addition his destruction of the FBI, the CDC, Education, Infrastructure, Housing  and the Environment have already come back to harm us and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.  He has made enemies of friends increased defense spending by NATO members…He’s already raised nearly $100 million for the “ Keep America Great” campaign and has crushed dissent within the GOP to ensure the best possible chance at a unified party in the re-election effort.  Or so he thinks

He got that money for the fake Paul Ryan tax plan he gave to the rich and screwed the middle class.  And those out of work and companies can’t get that money back…double screwed and I told you so.  He is now a record holder as the greatest liar in all history.  He has now exceeded 21,419 lies in three years in office and I suppose thats acceptable to you if you are one of the GOP base or Evangelical nit-twits. 

We swapped a swamp for a cesspool of corrupt humanity.  He has now come full circle, emulating the rise to power of Hitler and the NAZI campaign.  You could almost refer to T-RUMP as “ Herr T-RUMP the Fuehrer” and the Press Corps answered with…                              

“ Da Fehrwer Da Better!” 


New Fox Hand Gel and Hat For Devotees Of T-RUMP JerkOffs  
Are you a Fox News Fan?   Do you get off when Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs or Tucker Carlson rant and blame Obama and everyone else for his troubles and F*ck-ups…for everything.  Well, obviously you did not understand the matrix of political intelligence in this country which states:

“ Idiot politicians are elected by idiot voters, who listen to FOX News, similar to the NAZI version of truth well used by Dr. Goebbels and written today by Stephen Miller, Noted White Nationalist and Certified Screwball Pr*ck and then their idiotic conspiratorialists create the fake news so essential for T-RUMP since he cannot tell the truth so he needs a volley of lies each and every day.  

Well, you might have problem as Fox news is falling out of favor for T-RUMP and T-RUMP is falling out of favor at Fox.  We understand your loyalty to T-RUMP and FOX news, many like you are simpletons and succumb to the totally sick drummer. 

T-RUMP has the gaul to say that FOX is lieing enough or loud enough for his taste,  maybe we have to send him to the Reichstag and give him Hitlers voice coach.  Right now he sounds like a cabaret comedienne at two dollar beer joint…

When you get to hell, the devil will make apparent how really stupid you were.  If you condone the lies and bullsh*t T-RUMP  sprouts, accusations, 140 failed countersuits in the state elections all thrown our of court and fifty promises not held because he stole the money for the rich tax game he played, many Americans dying ( and it will be almost a half million), and many more will die because of eviction, starvation and psychological problems… that number is close to 100,000 additional to the COVID numbers.



These fake journalists who are chosen from a selection of idiots called friends and party members… Hannity, Ingram, Tucker and Dobbs, all homophobic, sociopaths, friggen idiots and liars and their words cause a lot of mental masterbation in the idiot community.  We are here to protect your weenie!

So to help you continue jerking off while these losers repeat their lies and not wear your little weeny out, we are offering FOX GEL… for only $19.95 with free shipping if you buy two… $18.95 each with a purchase of three.
Fox Gel, the stuff that makes you want to take a whack at it… more often.  Those buying three sets will receive a new T-RUMPS hat which says , 



The Press Will Change Tactics  — The news that comes out of T-RUMPS mouth is the fake news.  And when it does break, he denies it as fake news.  We went to, and now it is standard procedure to have it on tape recorders and TV.   All of the reporters I know tape him,  just good safe true backup coverage because tomorrow is another day and he will deny it. Thats what scumbags do. 

The real news stations, not Fox which is a GOP political station filled with liars and cretans are formulating a FACT-CHECK pause that when the golden haired phony lies and instant fact check will popup.

He is the true enemy of America and needs to be removed.   This is not a total character assignation, the man is acutely and verifiably crazy-nuts by hundreds of Dr’s of Psychiatry and is a plea for getting him Baker Acted and some mental health help. 

But he is also personally and emotionally depraved,  a raciest and a very sick man when it comes to women, immigrants and people who don’t look and act like him which is 99.9% of the world.  

And well displayed at the UN, at Conferences, at Coalitions and on Twitter. The entire world laughed right in his face.  We should not challenge him, we should seek mental aid for him before someone hopefully ( I prefer) takes things into their own hands.  

They infer that if T-RUMP wins, we are doomed, and so will the good people and if T-RUMP loses we are doomed because of his ability for vengeance during the transfer period.

I have said it from the beginning, in the jungles of the world, the mambas and cobras were evident, we avoided them,  but if confronted back up, chose a different path or use your machete to remove its head.   Because only when you take the right action will you live on.  With T-RUMP the method they would use eliminating Donald en totem would be assassination.

Then I will sleep at night…..


A Long History Of Disgusting Events, Short Dresses, Sexual Harassment, Scumbag Management,  Lies,  More Lies,  Mistreated Employees, Fake News, Pretty But Dubious Fake Reports,  Mock Journalism…And A Ton More… All Allowed Because Our Owner Hates America


Roger Ailes  —  Roger Eugene Ailes (May 15, 1940, – May 18, 2017,) was an American television executive and media consultant. He was the chairman and CEO of Fox NewsFox Television Stations and 20th Television, from which he resigned in July of 2016 after allegations of sexual assault were made by 23 women. The unadulterated father of screwing the crew.

Ailes was a media consultant for Republican presidents Richard NixonRonald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush, and for Rudy Giuliani's first mayoral campaign. In 2016, he became an adviser to the Donald T-RUMP campaign, where he assisted with debate preparation.  Code named Preparation X since it contained so much sh*t…

Ailes suffered from hemophilia, a medical condition in which the body is impaired in its ability to produce blood clots. He died on May 18, 2017 at the age of 77 after suffering a subdural hematoma that was aggravated by his hemophilia.  He was a king whose own power brought him down…

Bill O’Reilly  —  Perhaps the most significant firing in Fox News’ history was that of Bill O’Reilly. For decades, he helped shape Fox into what it is today and hosted the top-rated show on cable news. But in April 2017, The New York Times reported that Fox News and O’Reilly had been settling sexual harassment lawsuits with women for years.

After the first New York Times investigation revealed that O’Reilly and Fox News had settled five sexual harassment lawsuits totaling $13 million, Fox News terminated O’Reilly’s employment in April 2017. The revelation of this sixth settlement caused O’Reilly to be dropped by the United Talent Agency.

Eric Bollin  —  The Huffington Post reported that Bolling had sexually harassed female colleagues at Fox News, sending unsolicited nude photographs and making inappropriate comments that made women uncomfortable.

Bob Beckel  —  Former co-host of The Five Bob Beckel got himself into hot water on Fox News quite a few times, accidentally cursing on live television on numerous occasions.

Gretchen Carlson  —  Carlson alleged that her contract was not renewed because she turned down the sexual advances of the network’s chairman, Roger Ailes. She filed a lawsuit against him immediately, according to Politico. Carlson’s lawsuit prompted more women to come forward and allege that Ailes had sexually harassed them. This led to Ailes’ resignation.
Fox News ultimately settled with Carlson, reportedly for $20 million.   

Andrea Tantaros  — Tantaros later said that this was because she had complained about being sexually harassed by Ailes.

Rudi Bakhtiar  —  New York Magazine reported that Bakhtiar complained about being sexually harassed by a co-worker, Washington bureau chief Brian Wilson.

Dick Morris  —  After a lengthy career in politics that included serving in the Clinton Administration, Dick Morris began working as a political commentator. He was hired by Fox News, regularly popping up on shows like The O’Reilly Factor.

Marc Lamont Hill  —  In a 2017 interview, Hill said that he “got fired, fortunately” from Fox and joked that he considered it to be a “badge of honor.” 

Michelle Fields  —  In 2014, Michelle Fields became a contributor for Fox News, appearing as a guest on shows like Fox & Friends, Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor, and Cashin’ In. She also became a political reporter at Breitbart the following year. In March 2016, she accused Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, of aggressively grabbing her while she was trying to ask a question.

Tucker Carlson   —  was the most adored among the Fox News hosts, with 31% points. Till recently when he has gone off the cliff with sheer nausea and vomit fake reporting and volcanic level stupidity… The first FOX reporter genuinely considered by many in the public, a frickin idiot and pr*ck all in one sentence.

Fox News, Ed Henry, Sean Hannity & Tucker Carlson Sued In Sex Trafficking, Sexual Harassment & Retaliation Suits  UPDATED with Fox News & Ed Henry Attorney Statements on Lawsuit

Tucker Carlson is returning to Fox News Channel tonight after a short vacation, but along with the cabler newser itself, Sean Hannity and the now fired Ed Henry, the top rated host also finds himself in the center of a whole new legal spotlight of alleged misconduct at the now Suzanne Scott and Jay Wallace-run outlet.

“It is widely documented in the public record that Fox News has not only cultivated and fostered sexual harassment and misconduct, but has consistently accepted and rewarded it,” says a sex trafficking, sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuit from former Fox Business Network associate producer Jennifer Eckhart and former FNC guest Cathy Areu filed today against the Rupert Murdoch-owned outlet, its former reporter and some of its biggest and loudest primetime hosts.

FOX News Available at Your Grocery Store
Not exactly at the checkout counters but in the grocery store mens room in rolls, then you can wipe your ass with it  and be sure to use both sides of the paper in the right conservative context…my GOD how can you’ve getting fed all these lies each day

New York (CNN Business)  A lawsuit filed in federal court against Fox News on Monday accused former host Ed Henry of rape and alleged that he retaliated against two women who rejected his advances.

The lawsuit was brought by Jennifer Eckhart, a former Fox Business Network producer and online personality who made the rape allegation against Henry, and Cathy Areu, a journalist who appeared frequently on Fox News.

"The evidence in this case will demonstrate that Ms. Eckhart initiated and completely encouraged a consensual relationship," Foti added. "Ed Henry looks forward to presenting actual facts and evidence, which will contradict the fictional accounts contained in the complaint. That evidence includes graphic photos and other aggressively suggestive communications that Ms. Eckhart sent to Mr. Henry."

The lawsuit also alleged that Areu was subjected to sexual harassment by three other Fox News hosts: Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Howard Kurtz. 

In a statement, a Fox News spokesperson rejected claims of harassment regarding those three hosts. The statement said a "comprehensive independent investigation" that included interviews with "numerous eyewitnesses" was conducted by an outside law firm, and described Areu's allegations as "false, patently frivolous and utterly devoid of any merit."

"We take all claims of harassment, misconduct and retaliation seriously, promptly investigating them and taking immediate action as needed — in this case, the appropriate action based on our investigation is to defend vigorously against these baseless allegations," the Fox News spokesperson said. 

The lawsuit said that Henry started flirting with Eckhart in 2014, when she had recently graduated from journalism school. The lawsuit said Eckhart made clear she was "not romantically interested" in Henry, but that he persisted in his advances and she ultimately agreed to have drinks with him one night.

After finishing their drinks, the lawsuit said, Henry invited Eckhart to his room. When they arrived at the room, the lawsuit said Henry "ripped off her clothes" and that she ultimately had sexual intercourse with him "fearing that her career would be over if she refused."

The lawsuit described Henry as continuing to pursue Eckhart, despite her attempts to rebuff him. In one instance in September 2015, Eckhart alleged, Henry forced her to perform oral sex on him in a guest office at Fox News' New York City headquarters. 

In 2017, the lawsuit said, Eckhart agreed to meet Henry for another drink. After Henry disclosed he was about to be promoted to an anchor role at the network, the lawsuit said, he invited Eckhart “ to take a walk and discuss her career at his hotel," to which Eckhart agreed "out of concern for her job." 

When the two entered the hotel room, the lawsuit alleged that Henry — who the lawsuit said had expressed interest in bondage — "applied metal handcuffs" to Eckhart's wrists and threw her onto the bed, despite her objections. The lawsuit said Henry "proceeded to take naked photographs" of Eckhart, despite Eckhart having "pleaded for him to stop" and delete the photos. 

"When Mr. Henry was done taking photographs, he proceeded to forcefully rape Ms. Eckhart while she was still restrained and helpless in handcuffs," the lawsuit said. "While raping Ms. Eckhart, Mr. Henry performed sadistic acts on Ms. Eckhart, which included, among many other things, violently hitting her in the face multiple times."

According to the lawsuit, Eckhart "made every possible effort to cease all communications" with Henry afterward. The lawsuit said, however, that he "continued to harass and retaliate against her for rejecting his continued advances." 

According to the lawsuit, Eckhart notified Fox News human relations and her supervisor on February 10, 2020, that she was "experiencing a toxic work environment." The lawsuit says no one ever followed up with her, but that the company retaliated against her by “ Informing her that her employment would be terminated" in June after more than seven years of working for the network.

More Allegations of Harassment

Eckhart wasn't the only target of Henry's advances, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit said Henry sent Areu "a slew of widely inappropriate sexual images and messages" in 2020. 

One such message, according to the lawsuit, included a video of a mock job interview in which the woman "exposes her vagina" and the interviewer "indicates that she got the job." The lawsuit said Henry knew Areu wanted to be employed by Fox News and "was telling her, in no uncertain terms, that he would assist her career if she had sex with him." 

The lawsuit said that after a May 21 phone call, in which Areu did not agree to Henry’s advances, Henry called her a "jerk" and cut off contact with her.  The lawsuit also described one instance in 2018 in which Hannity allegedly "threw $100" on a desk and "began calling out to the men in the room and demanding that someone take" her out on a date. 

Also in 2018, the lawsuit said, Carlson told her he would be alone in his hotel room in New York. The lawsuit described Carlson as "probing to see" whether Areu "was interested in a sexual relationship."

And in July 2019, the lawsuit said, Kurtz invited her to meet in the lobby bar of the hotel he was staying at. It alleged he later implied he was upset she had not gone to his hotel room.

The lawsuit said that when Areu refused to go along with what Hannity, Carlson, and Kurtz asked for or suggested, her appearances on their shows were dramatically reduced. 

A Fox News spokesperson said that the investigation conducted by the outside law firm determined all of Areu’s claims to be false. It is being contested…

 12-07-2020 aljacobsladder.com