CNN) Both allies and enemies alike of Donald T-RUMP are bracing themselves this week for foreign policy bombshells dropped by a furious US President lashing out over his election defeat.

While Trump wages a legal fight at home over what he falsely alleges is election fraud, he announced a precipitous drawdown of US troops in Afghanistan, recklessly fulfilling a campaign promise. 

The Afghan government fears the move puts their country in danger of being overrun by the Taliban, while even some in the President's own party have questioned his intent. Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger condemned the order as "an attempt to hobble the next administration." 

Kinzinger, a former US airman who flew combat missions in Afghanistan, warned that those troops who remain can do little except protect themselves. "With 2,500 troops all you have left is enough troops to defend the remaining troops," he told CNN's New Day on Wednesday.

Meanwhile in Iraq, where Trump has also ordered a drawdown of troops, talks between the US general in charge of coalition forces and the Iraqi government over how and when to do that are slowed by Iraqi concerns of security implications.

Anticipation of what T-RUMP might do next is building toward the weekend when Saudi Arabia hosts the G20 summit of the world's top economic powers in the Kingdom's futuristic city in the making, Neom.

Here Are The 10 Climate Executive Actions — January 21, 2021 

President-elect Joe Biden is planning a flurry of executive actions when he takes office on Jan. 20, and many focus on combating the global climate crisis.

Biden's legislative agenda on climate will largely depend on whether Democrats gain control of the US Senate, which will be decided in two run-off elections in Georgia taking place on Jan. 5. But regardless of which party controls the Senate, Biden has pledged to sign a series of executive orders, which do not require congressional approval.

The 10 executive actions Biden has said he will take on his first day as president to combat the crisis and reduce emissions are:

  1. Require limits on methane pollution for oil and gas operations.
  2. Use the federal government procurement system to work towards 100% clean energy and zero-emissions vehicles.
  3. Ensure US government buildings and facilities are more efficient and climate-ready.
  4. Implement the already-existing Clean Air Act, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by developing new fuel economy standards to ensure all new sales for light- and medium-duty vehicles will be electrified, and annual improvements for heavy duty vehicles.
  5. Double down on liquid fuels like advanced biofuels and make agriculture a key part of the solution to the climate crisis.
  6. Reduce emissions and cut consumer costs through new standards for appliance and building efficiency.
  7. Require federal permit decisions to consider effects of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, and ensure every federal infrastructure investment reduces climate pollution.
  8. Require public companies to disclose climate risks and greenhouse gas emissions in their operations and supply chains.
  9. Protect biodiversity, slow extinction rates and conserve 30% of America's lands and waters by 2030.
  10. Permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, establish national parks and monuments, ban new oil and gas permits on public lands and waters, modify royalties to account for climate costs and creating programs to enhance reforestation and develop renewable energy on federal lands and waters to double offshore wind by 2030.

Stef Feldman, Biden’s campaign policy director, tells CNN that Biden's climate plan is an "all-of-government agenda," and will be worked on across departments and agencies.

Fareed Zakaria's Global Analysis
Trump is spared the humiliation of being paraded as a loser in person in front of other world leaders, with the summit being held virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic. It's not even clear yet if he will even speak by videolink, although Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be there.

A virtual summit is not what Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, usually known by his initials MBS, and his elderly father King Salman would have liked. Despite MBS's bad rap over his rapid consolidation of power and, according to the CIA, responsibility for the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi (an allegation consistently denied by the Saudis), Saudi Arabia under his de facto leadership has made progress on many fronts. 

While Trump sulks, Americans get sick and die 

MBS has sidelined the religious police, paving the way for previously illegal music concerts, and he's relaxed guardianship laws over women, giving them the right to drive. The G20 would have been a major opportunity for MBS to showcase these changes and airbrush his image, so tarnished around the world. 

With Joe Biden on the way to the White House, even more change may be coming, one senior Saudi diplomat told CNN some prisoners including Canadian-educated women's rights activist Loujain Alhathloulcould be released.

But concerns in the region are mounting that Trump, who bragged to biographer Bob Woodward that he "saved his [MBS's] ass" following Khashoggi's murder, may be about to deliver the royal family another favor. This could be a move to designate the Saudis' enemies in Yemen -- the Houthis -- a terrorist organization, boxing in Biden's leverage over Saudi and further complicating his dealings with Iran.

The Houthis ousted the inept but internationally recognized democratically elected Yemeni government in 2015 and have been locked in a war with the Saudis since. Saudi fighter pilots chasing Houthi targets have killed civilians; in response the Houthis have fired Iranian-made cruise missiles at the densely populated Saudi capital Riyadh and other cities. So far US-made Patriot missile batteries have neutralized most of the threats.

In Yemen aid workers already fearing famine for much of the impoverished population believe the US move to designate Houthis as terrorists puts many more lives at risk through additional food, fuel and cash shortages.

The Saudis may be disappointed though, if the summit's joint communique is scaled down due to difficulties of meeting during the pandemic.

Tackling Covid-19 and its economic impact, as well as climate change, are among some of the summit's stated goals -- both signature failings of Trump's leadership. The US leads the world on coronavirus infection rates and deaths, while the President has in the past refused to sign G20 communiques until language on climate change was watered down or removed. 

But even if he declines to show his face -- even virtually -- at the summit, that's no guarantee controversy will be avoided, with Pompeo present in person to push through his boss's sometimes unpopular wishes.

The question on the minds of G20 leaders this weekend will be how much damage Trump might do on his administration's last big international outing.

International Chaos He Gave America Away

— The One China Deal is real as the Chinese now rule Hong Kong.  More bullsh*t  and we are in a verbal and military buildup war with China and no trade agreements. In fact it has grown wider and more militaristic.  Just ask Wal-Mart and their stores full of Chinese products.  And the folks in Hong Kong who saw the one China Deal get cut by a Chinese bayonet either capitulate or get executed…little choice… their next attack will come to Taiwan.

—  USMCA to NATO allies contributing more money, his approach has made more enemies than friends and in return our leader gave the enemy Putin the Crimea, Russian Naval bases in the Black sea, Syria, no aid for Ukraine and the list goes on.  Must be interest on his loans…. We are no longer believed in as a partner as long as he is alive… Those NATO allies shed blood from their troops to support the crap our politicians failed at.

—  No more love letters from Kim Jung Un,  “ Squarehead” KIM is happy, T-RUMP bought him time to create a huge nuclear arsenal now and the means to deliver it in threats.   Now his ego is world leader talk  … more lies… It was ll a big Photo-session and now more than ever China will be Squarehead Kim’s ally, not the US. Talk says that T-RUMP, the great deal maker got screwed and got walked all over again and again played by a kid

—  Please edit the defeat of ISIS, they are alive, well and killing and now… his treaty with the Taliban …oops, they are killing too.   His moves in Afghanistan have blown up and US personal attacked, more bullsh*t…  More lies and more lies, never stops…  He accomplished nothing except a retreat…  —  President T-RUMP has shown his ability to advance America’s strategic interests”,  the problem is he never got the cart out of reverse, he has messed up everything he has touched with his lips…

—  We have serious international problems and his administration with Pompeo at the rudder will steer us up the creek, problem is with pompous Pompeo’s mouth, the creek will be long gone and dried up. They hate him in China.  He is a         “  BOORISH INSULTING PIG”  …  ( Translated by Chinese Writer,  I Don’t Speak Mandarin) 

Apply Named “The Fake President” —  We have lost our protection by those who know best.  T-RUMPS imaginary advisors, conspirators, weirdos,  incompetents, ass-kissers, snake oil salesmen, flatulence producers and imaginary generals, all of those fake friends he invents with no names in his twisted imagination and Mark IV  Bullsh*t  Brain rotating from Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia ( Sh*t for Brains Syndrome) have advised him on a myriad of fake subjects making them worse.

And as far as I know his disdain for the military, T-RUMP is  sick, no real person many of our hero’s whom I have served with wants anything to do with this imbecile liar and fraud.  Thats why there are never any names, T-RUMP invents people, no-one believe him, they are his toy soldiers of the mind, invention generals of his imagination from the land of Bizarro, who was Superman’s enemy…in Marvel Comics… 

Similarity, while T-RUMP claims fraud and falsely claims he won the election…denial, common in dementia…At the end of World War II, Adolf Hitler as depressed and demented as T-RUMP told his generals of armies, brigades and divisions to counterattack, but like T-RUMPS lies they were all in his mind…destroyed by the Russian front. 



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