Letters To The Evangelicals 

It Didn’t Exactly Go That Way… But They Got the Court

Thank You For Your Votes Helping Joe BIDEN Win The Presidency

It wasn’t until Election Day, when returns showed counties across Michigan, Georgia and the industrial Midwest leaning toward Joe Biden due to a groundswell of religious support, that the T-RUMP campaign realized it had a problem. 

For months, President Donald Trump’s top aides and religious allies dismissed his softening support with white evangelicals and Catholic voters as a polling fluke — another media-spun narrative intended to frighten the incumbent Republican and his top donors. No president had ever done more for these demographics, they claimed, pointing to the unfettered access many conservative Christian groups had to the T-RUMP administration and the influence they wielded over policy priorities and judicial nominees.   The Conservative groups were TV Evangelical Prosperity Preachers ( Corrupt and Greedy Scammers Fakes and Frauds) 

“You can look at the polls but at the end of the day, the president (T-RUMP)  will perform very well with Catholic voters because he has delivered for them in so many ways,” senior T-RUMP campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp, a Catholic herself, said in an interview just days before the election. 

In the end, surveys of early voters and exit polls showed they may have been the difference in his loss.

Between 47 percent and 50 percent of Catholic voters supported Trump — a small decline from 2016, but enough to cost him the Rust Belt states that mattered most to his path to victory. Nationally, the president carried white Catholics by a 15-point margin, according to AP/VoteCast data, marking a significant decline from his 33-point margin of victory over Hillary Clinton four years ago. 

Trump’s slippage with white evangelicals was less pronounced — surveys showed him carrying 76 percent to 78 percent of the white, born-again Christian vote — a slight decrease from 2016, when he won support from about 8 in 10 white evangelicals. But it had far-reaching implications for the president in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia, where current vote totals show him losing by less than 1 percent. 

The marginal decline in Trump’s appeal among Christian constituencies that overwhelmingly supported him against Clinton has led to finger-pointing inside his campaign. Some aides blamed the president’s inability to garner the same levels of support this cycle on his transactional view of religious voters, suggesting white evangelicals and Catholics in some parts of the country may have felt taken advantage of.  Others accused the Trump campaign of becoming complacent in a race that saw unprecedented outreach by the Democratic nominee to evangelical and Catholic voters. 

“When we look back on this moment from the lens of, ‘Here’s what the Republican nominee needs to do to win in 2024,’ I hope there will be people saying we shouldn’t take Christian conservatives for granted,” said one adviser to the Trump campaign, who added that future GOP presidential hopefuls “should never again assume white evangelicals can’t be persuaded by the right candidate with a D next to his or her name.”

There is perhaps no better illustration of how the Trump campaign failed to neutralize the threat of Biden’s outreach to Christian voters than in Kent County, Mich. An evangelical enclave in the Midwestern battleground state, the county gave Biden 50,000 more votes this cycle than Clinton drew four years earlier, ultimately flipping it from red to blue. 

“In the Midwest, we saw gains that in a number of ways outpaced our margin of victory,” said Josh Dickson, national faith engagement director for the Biden campaign. “The reason we won in these key states is because of the coalition we built. I think the work we did to engage evangelicals and Catholics undoubtedly helped us get there.” 

In Georgia, where white evangelicals make up about 35 percent of the electorate, exit poll data shows Biden grew white evangelical support for the Democratic ticket by 9 percentage points, drawing 14 percent support to Clinton’s 5 percent in 2016. As the traditionally red state heads to a likely recount, Biden leads Trump by just over 10,000 votes out of 5 million cast in Georgia overall. 

“It’s just an unbelievable swing. He basically tripled Clinton’s numbers with white evangelicals,” said Michael Wear, a former faith adviser in the Obama administration. “ To be clear, if Biden would have performed as poorly as Clinton did four years ago among white evangelicals, he would have lost Georgia and this election.” 

The Biden campaign says it decided early on to intentionally pursue white Catholic and evangelical voters — two groups that have often been brushed aside by Democrats who consider them irredeemably conservative and thus not persuadable. 

But with a devout Catholic candidate at the top of the Democratic ticket, much less one who was running in an election where cultural Catholics in the Rust Belt would have an outsize impact on the outcome, Biden’s team developed a three-pronged approach to carefully and deliberately court faith voters. 

It ran ads on Christian radio, solicited endorsements from prominent Catholic and evangelical figures, weaved faith-based themes into the party’s virtual convention in July and nearly every major speech Biden delivered. 

It hosted weekly devotionals, cultivated prayer groups and built interfaith and denomination-specific coalitions — all with the goal of making sure religious Americans felt their votes mattered personally to the Democratic nominee. 

“We very much anchored our faith outreach around three priorities: Making people of faith feel valued and respected by this campaign. Making sure people of faith knew we were directly asking for their votes and making the affirmative case for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as opposed to just the case against Donald Trump,” said Dickson. 

“We saw a contrast in values this election cycle and that really provided an opening where we made strategic bets with faith groups and invested more in our outreach, resources and programming,” a senior Biden campaign aide said. 

Even in his acceptance speech Saturday night, Biden struck a pastoral tone — invoking scripture to reassure a deeply divided nation that “this is the time to heal in America.” 

“The Bible tells us that to everything there is a season,” Biden said. “Now, let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric. To lower the temperature. To see each other again. To listen to each other again. To make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy. We are not enemies. We are Americans.”

The T-RUMP campaign spent the bulk of the 2020 cycle building a case for its candidate based on his accomplishments and fears that a Democratic administration could unleash hostility and restrictions on Americans of faith. 

T-RUMP Finds God - A Reality Comedy   

✞ Get it straight, you can fool the idiot followers, you don’t fool GOD.  T-RUMP is the false prophet spoken in the First Commandment.  And many Evangelicals realized T-RUMP was T-RUMP and would never be for them, he would use them.

✞ His True God is found in Profit-sys.  T-RUMP quotes the love he has for the bible.  Errr, not so, he is not a reader, he is a TV, guy,  He has never read the bible, just another lie… and thinks Deuteronomy is a sex act.

✞ Lies about his faith just like he lies about everything.  And if you supported him, you are a disgrace to this country…your support for his lies has killed people… and with his continuing remarks against science we will see 400-500,000 Americans die because of your false beliefs over truth you won’t accept…  

✞ You were being taken, lied to, had, suckered, dragged along big time and thought of as quite ignorant for your belief which has been hammered into your head and used by those who are corrupted.  And it is understandable, that most of the GOP base and the Evangelicals are soft marks, easily convinced of absurd things because they are afraid. 

✞ The GOP’s base main stream is poorer uneducated, white men who love chants, red hats, T-shirt with slogans and naive enough to easily spread rumors and lies.

T-RUMP Was Involved With Evangelicals For Their Votes…

✞  In Collusion With Prosperity Preachers, they take donations from the poor and promise them a ten-fold return which never happens.  T-RUMP screws the poor with fake Tax bills that made him millions.  He takes from the poor and middle class and gives it to the rich… and you people back him by your vote.  

✞  T-RUMP never read the Bible, he thinks Deuteronomy is a sexual act…his claim is a just that,  a lie, literally proved he doesn’t know one end from another and certainly with 3500 lawsuits, impeachment trials and the Dogs Of War in the Fifth, Ninth Circuit courts and three states chomping at the bit when he get thrown out of office for corruption.  

✞ And half of NY ’s Fraud Departments in the Circuit and Courts is waiting to nail him if he loses and cannot pardon himself. He has hurt metaphorically, financially and socially many good people and never apologized to anyone…
COVID-19   His handling and ignorance, arrogance and power might have cost hundreds of thousands lives by those who listened to him… The problem is clear, the information most Christians get is false, man made and corrupt…

✞  Sadly, many Christians today are lacking in a foundational knowledge of truth. It is not because opportunity to ascertain truth is not readily available. Neither does it stem from the scarcity in the presentation of the gospel. In fact the gospel message has never been dispersed in the magnitude and brilliance that it is today.   Technological advancements have propelled the preaching of the gospel literally around the globe through mass media including satellite television, international radio broadcasts and the worldwide web.  Two simple proverbs explain it all

✞  P-13:11—  Dishonest money gains dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.
✞  P- 22:16 — Whoever oppresses the poor for his own increase and whoever gives it to the rich, both will come to poverty…

Property Preachers Promise Huge Returns — The Real Con Men And Women

  • I checked with the Federal Reserve and there was no listing under God as a bank.  
  • God in a Burning Bush-O-Gram mentioned he is not into lending, rewarding, bribing, paying interest, sustaining, exchanging and has nothing to do with money… hates the stuff
  • He just demands and issues truths, however if you are stupid enough to give your money to whoever claims they represent him, they will enjoy it immensely…
  • Less than ten percent winds up for the poor.  Billions just vanish
  • It’s just another fraud against simple minds to take your money and it’s a good one netting billions…  
  • I always ask one question, can you tell me where Gods Bank is, the address those billions go to?  
  • ✞ God does not live off you, God does not need your money
  • He does not charge For giving You a heart, compassion, love, helping others, being A good friend and a worthy citizen.
  • Thats all free… All you have to do is use it.   The Lord said, I made you in my image… This is all you need to know… He lives In your heart, not your wallet… 
  • Your money can do Gods work.  Money is a tool of man, not God
  • In the bible Mammon is mentioned not as a God, or gift but Mammon in the new testament of the bible is commonly thought to mean money, material wealth, or any entity that promises wealth, and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain. 
  • Use the money to feed the poor to help people, not to make payments on a new $89,000 Mercedes Benz.
  • And when you fall for this scam you have blown the truth… you are a false idolator, and you violate the love of Jesus if you so believe
  • Jesus never said take from the middle class and give to the rich…  
  • Politics and preachers, not exactly noble blend when the entire constitution is based on something that starts with  “ We The People”  and separates the Church from the Government”. 
  • The separation is the basis of our country, anything else is anarchism. It does not start with we the idolators need money.  Thats the real reason behind all the drama…the money, Mammon the God of Money.

Evangelicals Are a Problem No More

✞ The only naive and scared folks that vote for him religiously are Evangelicals. He claims “ The Bible is one of his favorite reads”…  Really,  He reads the bible?  Where is a lightning strike when you need one for bigly lies?  He thinks Deuteronomy is a sexual act…can’t even read a prompter and needs a sixty inch TV for dumb speeches, who is he kidding”?  

✞ He is kidding gullible people lacking real truth, not a babbling brook of fairy tales and lies designed to overtake your free will.

✞ The last paper thing he read was his toilet paper…  If he read the Bible, on a scale my religious convictions would put me up for the next Pope nomination and I’m Jewish…  

✞ A religious man he is not, never attended church, his family is not the type.  I can’t wait to see the T-RUMP Presidential Library… Two books  ‘The Art of the Deal by T-RUMP and Mein Kamph by Adolf Hitler

✞  He is not a believer, liars are not believers,  I don’t think God will approve and might just burn his library down, hopefully, with him in it.  

✞ Hitler was a reader but when he held up a bible, he then threw it in the fire. T-RUMP claims he read it upside down… about the same integrity.  

✞ All so he make a big deal with the Evangelicals with a strong Jerry Falwell another pervert and liar….for their votes and they are,  you guessed it, don’t be stupid enough to fall for it.  

✞ GOD has to bless them, hell will be a busy place with all his believers in false GODS, Commandment Number One.  

✞ Jesus will have a lot of work to do saving all those false believers… Just google Jerry Falwell and his Wife’s Pool Guy or Richard Roberts and his wife’s possible underage student overnighters. If those are your Real People of Faith and you believe them and send them money…If thats not a sin…what is?

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