I Understand, VP Joe Biden’s Position… “ On Packing The Court”

🤓  Other than there are only nine chairs in the court it is an interesting question. This seemed to be the biggest news from Biden’s event, per CNN’s Maeve Reston:   Biden “ reiterated once again that he is ‘ not a fan’ of court packing but said that his position will depend on how the Supreme Court confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is ‘ handled ..’ 

🤓  Pressed by ABC's George Stephanopoulos if voters have a right to know about his position, he said, 'They do have a right to know where I stand. They have a right to know where I stand before they vote.' 'So you'll come out with a clear position before Election Day?' Stephanopoulos asked. Biden replied, 'Yes. Depending on how they handle this…” 

🤓  Its called a balanced response to an unknown entity.  Just like Barrette’s answers.  No trial yet to base answers on…Balance is a requisite on the supreme Court …And Is based on the inevitable, that the corrupt Senate will place Judge Amy Barrett on the bench.  

If the court becomes another GOP clone of lies and politics, then changes have to take place to T-RUMPS plan to destroy our nations as he sees it will come full circle.  Next step Change the Rules for a better nomination fair to all Americans,  add more Liberal thinkers to balance outcomes and if T-RUMP wins and things go down, ANARCHY and a civil war.

🤓  Other than the fact that if Judge Amy Barrett is popular in Republican circles, most see her as the final knife wound in Roe Vs Wade, The ACA and Obamacare.   Thousands of women and men gathered for the Women’s March in downtown Washington and cities across the country Saturday to protest the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett and to build momentum to vote President T-RUMP out of the White House.

🤓  I pray if she is nominated she will see the danger to Americans in need, women’s issues and those hurt by no fault of their own.  Not a political choice, not her religion or faith, her vote could bring.  If T-RUMP wins,  to the court gets coerced to vote those crucial bills protecting millions of Americans are removed you will see a real civil war in this country and many will die… I took Charlton Heston’s advice to the NRA and cleaned up my flintlock with hot sweaty typing fingers

Here’s The Problem

🤓  First it takes months for the courts to handle all the real and mainly unreal challenges presented to the court for obstructionism reasons.   And by the time they do vote, the problem has diminished or vanished… Clogged toilets do not work well…

🤓  And we need more Judges on the bench to handle the frivolous bullsh*t  load since no one seems to pay attention to the  lower courts and this extends the time the bad workings are causing damage. Just attack after attack on all levels supported in cash by the rich who gain the most from the corruption. We need more toilets

🤓  As along as GOP PLP’s are alive ( Political Legal Practitioners ) and work with the GOP, like roaches, you kill one another takes place. It’s in their DNA, their lawyers are as corrupt as whom they work for… obstructive living is alive and well in the GOP as it is part of their DNA to lie cheat and steal… Remember it was Julius Caesar who was stabbed twenty three times by his fellow Senators and they were the lawyers in those days… politicians like McConnell general a lot of hate and sh*t that needs more toilets…
🤓  We need to limit the terms of the Supreme Court, ( And all politicians) I’m suggesting with nine judges a formula of eighteen years and every two years on a specified date they are replaced with full benefits as if they served their full life. 
Toilets do wer out… 

🤓  Advantage:  Since the judges will change every two years each President will be responsible during his or her term to select a new judge. The solves the problem of the so-called stacked courts or overpowering conservative or liberal Supreme court.  It would involve a vote and an amendment.

🤓  When  Mitch McConnell talks about a stacked court system, he placed Un-vetted CONSERVATIVE Judges 
( Bible Based Thumpers) only into Appeal and Appellate courts in a stampede in his Senate which he controls in over 200 positions.  Thats stacking on the grand scale many who are not qualified, certified, circumsized, IQ rated, intelligent enough and never tried a case,  just a load of political paybacks.  

He is as corrupt as the day is long and should be hanged alongside T-RUMP.  The problem is these judges were never properly vetted and we had some it appears,  not ever Judging a single case. It was quietly the biggest scam the Senate ever pulled under his direction.  And it was not covered and slipped by…  T-RUMP and McConnell won, they polluted the Judicial System, something Hitler did seventy five years ago…

Now they accomplished goal two, they have poisoned the Supreme Court


ATCH 10-27-2020