Lots Of Good Choices For Cabinet Officials and Advisors Many Who Could Do 

The Job Better Than The Current Cesspool Of T-RUMP Donors, Acolytes, Sycophants,

All incompetents and Fellow Crooks,  If Biden Wins, These Jobs And More Are Open And He

Needs These Folks with Experience, Not Dollars to Repair our Country

This time around, speculation doesn't seem quite so rampant. Despite Biden's growing and persistent lead in the polls, his campaign is proceeding cautiously -- Democrats are desperate not to get too confident only to lose again. And too much speculation or measuring the drapes could play into that. 

But we do have a couple of nuggets to mull: In August, Politico reported that a would-be Biden administration could draw on both the former vice president's connections from the Obama administration and progressive members of the Democratic Party.   At the time, names floated included:

√  Sen. Elizabeth Warren for Treasury Secretary ( Lose Senate Seat…)
√  Susan Rice for Secretary of State,
√  Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for HUD secretary,
√  Rep. Karen Bass for HUD or health and Human Services
√  Pete Buttigieg for UN ambassador or VA secretary 
√  Tammy Duckworth - Armed Services or Veterans Affairs
√  Gina Haspel  —  CIA Director (A Keeper)

Stacy Abrams, Karen Bass, Amy Klobuchar, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro all this who ran and supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris… One problem is if Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders leave the Senate of a position we lose votes in that critical area.


A partial list of Democrats and Independents who ran with courage and concern for our America not Trump’s Fake America…They have a cornucopia of new ideas and practices…and yes they may not agree with each other on policy, but they do communicate as it is in a Democracy… the American Way, not Putins…or T-RUMPS policy of  “ If you disagree with me, as far as your job is concerned you are free…to leave. 

Now they have to work as a team, whether they are asked to be a Secretary, a Director,  Administrator or Advisor with better qualifications  and attitude to run Federal Agencies, and Departments for the preservation of our  great nation…  

Their first critical task is to get back the incredible talent we lost at the hands of the Draft Dodging Lying Narcississtic Incompetent Dictator… who removed people he conceived in his sick mind as threats.

Most Important:  Specifically, another task for Joe Biden is get back the Attorneys General and those who worked on the various over-site committees that T-RUMP had to dismiss to cover his unlawful and regrettable scenes and the replace those good people with his clones.

Get rid of threats….thats an old Stalin trick but Stalin shot them. Putin poisons them, Kim Jung Un also poisons people even his own brother, Duarte Shoots them and Bolsonaro just lets 130,000 die like T-RUMP has…T-RUMP’s got great friends.

Lets face the truth, when people think you are a idiot and you act like you are an idiot, and make rules and laws that are absurd and dangerous, the consensus is you are an idiot.  In the hierarchy of idiot-ness T-RUMP is a solid ten, possibly an eleven of ten… 

By January we will probably have 409-480,000 dead Americans, many at his hands…and “ All other cronies who sang the songs of the liar are liars too and just as guilty”  Old Native American proverb…

Lets dump T-RUMP, Pence, Barr, Kushner  Mnuchin, DeVos, Carter and his fake rich donors, acolytes, sycophants  and cronies and hang a few for things they have done, they were appointed with no skills or competence and have managed  to destroy almost every agency they were placed in… they are as guilty as he is….




Eric Garrett | Los Angeles, California —  Hillary Schieve | Reno, Nevada — Marty Walsh | Boston, Massachusetts 

Tomás Regaled | Miami, Florida — Jackie Biskupski | Salt Lake City, Utah — Jennifer Roberts | Charlotte, North Carolina

Michael Hancock | Denver, Colorado —  Bill Peduto | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Dan Gilbert | Detroit, Michigan

Kevin Faulconer | San Diego, California


Note: Selection Not Based On Party But How They Handled Crisis


  The Golden Rules Of Appointees  

WE RECOMMEND - US attorney for the Southern, Tough fighters, know the truth and the ropes.  Agreed,  District Preet Bharara or former acting Attorney General Sally Yates.  To replace Attorney General  (William P. Barr — who has misled the public on the Mueller report, refused to recuse himself from the Ukraine investigation, propagated a dangerous view of executive power and acted like Trump’s personal lawyer  will be arrested for a multitude of reasons). these folks will be on a mission to get the truth, failed during Barr’s appointment.

WE RECOMMEND -   We could get universally well-regarded Michèle Flournoy, who would be the first woman to head the Pentagon.   Defense Secretary Mark Esper (who allowed Navy Capt. Brett Crozier to be removed and was less than candid on the killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani)  Weak and a T-RUMP crony…

WE RECOMMEND -  Re-instate those briefing and security codes for the Generals  —  Let them form an advisory  committee. They were a select group of the Generals who could not fathom T-RUMPS lies and stupidity and they are  needed to aid the military, you cannot throw that experience, candor and honesty in serving our country away from these hero’s and tell the country you know better.  You are just too dumb, a traitor, and compromised, but the investigations will open and the T-RUMP painful traitor connection will come out.  T-RUMP  is no ones messiah though he might think it.

WE RECOMMEND -  Sen Tammy Duckworth To head the Veterans Administration where she is sorely needed, has the credentials , a fighter and professionally skilled.  An alternative for Tammy would be the head of the Army or secretary of Defense

WE RECOMMEND -  Bring back all four of the Inspectors Generals T-RUMP fired and clean their houses of liars and traitors T-RUMP installed.

WE RECOMMEND -   The head of the Environmental Protection Agency must understand climate change science; no oil, coal, gas or lumber executives heading up the Interior Department - The current Secretary should be shot or sent into the wilds of Africa on Naked and Afraid with broken knife.  Let nature decide, he has destroyed enough.

WE RECOMMEND -  No relatives to be allowed to work in the White House.  Present relatives of T-RUMP arrested and jailed for their part of his scandals and lies.  Sending some to prison, and collusion traitor Jared Kushner should be turned over to the Palestinians whom I dislike but I dislike him just as much.  They are fighting for a failed corrupt cause, Kushner is a false cause and scumbag.

WE RECOMMEND -  Biden also could pledge that all Cabinet officials will sell or put stocks and other financial holdings in a blind trust.

WE RECOMMEND -  Review under congress the hacks T-RUMP has put in high Court positions. Judges rated unqualified by the American Bar Association will not be nominated. And this not presently qualified by normal civil terms removed. Those fast tracked by McConnell be all under review, some never tried a case…

WE RECOMMEND -  Only economists will get appointed to the Federal Reserve and to the Council of Economic Advisers. Immediately ban Ross, Kudlow, and Mnuchin by taping their mouths, tying their wrist and ankles and throwing them in the Potomac.  Then we can all sit down to a good piece of Cake, Watch a Hollywood movie and listen to Kudlow tell Fairy Tales.

WE RECOMMEND -  Only educators will get appointed as Education secretary and must have taught in Large State or City Schooling, not Religious Enterprise schools and Betsy DeVos will be sent to work in a bordello in some foreign land teaching English.

WE RECOMMEND -  Only qualified intelligence professionals will get appointed to the CIA  ( We can’t say more)

WE RECOMMEND -  Only a very qualified intelligence professional will get appointed as the Director of National Intelligence. No more appointees who leak more than their Depends can handle…and have a listening ear in briefings with the President and VP.

WE RECOMMEND - The establishment of the T-RUMP Investigation Committee on Over-sight  ( TICO)  to review and correct the myriad of screwed up laws T-RUMP played with.  Working with the new DOJ and the courts we could then offer Hanging or a firing squad for T-RUMP, Pence, Barr, Jared so none of their kind will be encouraged to screw the country as they did…ever again.  

“ Words have meanings but bad practices and prejudices have consequence”.


ATCH 10-27-2020