11/18/2020 — Quarter of A Million Americans Dead

03/01/2021— Half A Million Americans Dead In The New Year

👺  Make America Safe Again From T-RUMP  Assassination Or Jail -

Lets dump the fiction, and remove the make believe King… More than from the WhiteHouse…Its obvious nothing is working with T-RUMPS gameplay of hate, distrust, false claims, lies, support by Republican crooks and politicians obviously lacking balls to call them men and the two faced women in the Senate. 

I blame the American voter ( someone once said the dumbest in the world other than communists and NAZI’s) for being so stupid to believe the sh*t he puts out every day, the cuffs are off, he has shown colors by damaging our systems and core values and gets away with it because of the T-RUMP voters who are basically un-educated morons period… so more for politically correct, because they are not politically correct,  but fools…

But stalling the countrywide allowances for COVID-19 information and security briefings to the new administration borders on traitors and terrorism.  We might advent the loss of another couple hundred thousand Americans because of his friggen sick, misplaced, lieing corrupt ego.   Our soldiers rely on the critical intelligence  information and he is trying to destroy it all..


The man is sick and like a rabid dog you put him down and quite a few others at the same time, it might save us, we could use a good culling to make America safe again. 

I’m sick of the lies,  i’m sick of T-RUMP,  I’m sick of the cowards in the GOP, and morons who voted for him, this country needs a revolution and get rid of the garbage once and for all.  Again, and I’m sick of the ignorance and stupidity of the American voter.  If you do not see the corruption, chaos, and damage done to your beloved country and don’t support truth …leave…you are a wasted commodity.

A product of a lack of education, common sense, greed, learning right from wrong and in some cases you simply have no balls, just like most of our politicians.  Facial recognition, reality shows, red hats, slogans and talking points really doth not make a federal government.   

His Legacy —
He talks of 2024 and his legacy…
Only can you be called a moron if you are not rich and not a lot of money in the market.  With no vested interest in the market a moron thinks this is great.  He really Thinks this is great… T-RUMP had nothing to do with the stock market , it is being driven by major companies and corporations who took a majority of the money slated for the middles class.  When the dumb stupid and ignorant red hats wake up here is T-RUMPS legacy.  And  dear moron if you do not have thousands of dollars in the active market, it doesn’t mean you eat this week…

We Will Remember T-RUMP For 

👺  The 54 million Americans on food line waiting four to five hours to get a bag or box of groceries.
👺  People are starving and the money to buy food for breadlines is still in Congress and Mnuchin took it all back to the Treasury because they could not reach agreement.  

👺  The 260,000 families who lost a love one and the chance that will double by February.

👺  The useless leader who did nothing and twelve million Americans got infected with COVID

👺  The useless leader who gave out misdirection and lies which killed many

👺  The man who tried to kill Obamacare,wasted time and millions of dollars and it would have put thirty one million Americans with no insurance

👺  People are dying, and eviction protection ends DEC 1st and people  thousands will lose their homes…

👺  Thirty million reported have no jobs and unemployment funds are dwindling

👺  There is no government subsistence, no help from T-RUMPS and pure political drama…our leader did not care

👺  That bastard is playing in his bunker politics and telling us what a wonderful job he has done for the country. He is nothing but a lieing chillingly sick individual who should be in front of a firing squad.  He is hiding in the WhiteHouse like Hitler did in his bunker .  

👺  At least Hitler took his Walther PPK and a cyanide pill for his wife of one day.   He had the choice of one to the brain or torture by the Russians.  He let EVA take the pill first, what a gentleman.   I cannot believe my fellow Americans many whom I served with would put up with this obstructionist crap and believe this draft dodging coward bully.

👺  Are you morons happy with that? Five years ago, I said it, since I have known him from NY for thirty plus years as a swindler, crook, corrupt as the day is long and a liar,  and I said,  “ There is only one way you can stop a rabid dog, you put him down… and that is the only answer, one lone wolf will stop the plague.  
Choice is gone, he would destroy the country, by making our democracy into an authoritarianism government.  He wants to be king and start a dynasty.  We knew that and the red hats won… now a red hat is a sign of stupid with MAGA on it…  
“ My America Got Ambushed”  

👺  The damage that has been brought to the United States of America by one sick individual and his cohorts in the Republican party like McConnell, Sen. Graham, and Mike Pompeo are grounds for treason…We have others on our list.  

👺  Good news is he is not well, crazier than normal… and dementia signs are apparent, he has no regard for any of us, and hopefully he will die or the white suits will grab him and hold him for Mr. Lucifer Mestopheles and then the nation has a chance to recover before 2024.  If he is not silenced he will cause chaos for the next four years and we will die as democracy.  It is that bad…  

👺  Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller announced Tuesday that the US will withdraw thousands more US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq by January 15 — just days before President-elect Joe Biden takes office, confirming plans first reported by CNN on Monday.  More bad timing and direct chaos to hurt Biden than anything else

👺   The list is almost completed, actually there are forty three more items and they will be in the new book…The Farts In hIs Spiel”… keep reading, I’ll post them as I can…

👺  Destroy  Rudi — Hang As A Traitor  — The Grifter “ Rudi Ghouliani ”

The Director of Sh*t-storms for Donald T-RUMP is the “ Grifter, AKA Rudi The Ghouliani” .  And the little ugly man who causes more problems than he solves climbed out of his dirt hole,  and is handling the fake fraud voter series of fake lawsuits being thrown out of courtrooms faster than he can hire lawyers to handle them.   Good lawyers will not apply their name to this BS for as it fails their reputation in their district gets harmed.  Two teams quit already

The scumbag and total loser who went from self proclaimed NY hero to certified pr*ck liar and scumbag   … “Rudi the Ghouliani”…to Donald T-RUMPS biggest liar and fraud acolyte.  

I have known Rudi for forty years and nothing has changed…It just evolved and mutated with T-RUMP…he is a nutcase working for a bigger nutcase.  No sense being the fly on the wall as the house collapses…

He needs to get hit by a meteorite or large brick and removed from the public view.  He has risen to be the biggest scumbag in a tanker ship filled with scumbags making 20,000 dollars a day of donated T-RUMP money raised by frickin idiots and moron supporters rating less than 87-91 on the IQ scale.  

They who donate to liars and don’t give it to those starving fellow Americans have no compassion, food banks are empty in some places and that make you an enemy, joining the enemies of the country.  The politicians are nowhere with morons like you who support these lowlifes.  One day your day will come and you will see how bad it is when you starve or are removed  financially or lose your job and nowhere to go…Good Luck.

SIDEBAR:  To bad the Sicilian Mafia, circa tracked to the NYC trials of the Mafia missed his hit for 800,000 dollars ( millions today) no one collected because the repercussions by the government would have been severe… Too bad, one bullet could have saved us all this fake grief.

(CNN)  ”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil,” goes the quote typically attributed to Edmund Burke, “is for good men to do nothing." 

SIDEBAR:   “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”    It was attributed to Edmund Burke, including used by John F Kennedy in a speech in 1961.  

Actually not true…Burke didn’t say it, and its earliest form was by John Stuart Mill, who said in 1867: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” 

In addition:  An implied addition: For evil to survive, some people also have to choose to do wrong.

This quote has its roots in the Talmud, and Midrasnhic commentaries… from sources such as: “ To save one life is to save the entire world, and therefore to do nothing in the aid of your neighbor is to bring on destruction…
ther comments this one stood out…Psalm 12- V7/8

O Lord, you will keep us safe and protected from such people forever. The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men…

TRUTH: Regardless of form or wording this is a strategically important expression… And the proof is the Republicannots in the Senate standing there like ball-less cohorts while the sick one destroys America… of course it does say in most a reference to good men…

Most of our politicians are not good men of virtue….

More On The Moron  — THE GRIFTER —

Rudy Giuliani is using (and abusing) the legal system to do his damage. On Tuesday, he asked to join the lawsuit challenging the Pennsylvania vote count and requesting that the state not certify the election results.  For 20,000 a day T-RUMP pays him, he probably would sue the Pope…  Like everything else he screws up, it failed…or will fail

The challenge is largely baseless, and Giuliani’s entrance is a kind of T-RUMP Team Hail Mary, which is why two teams of more reputable attorneys already quit the case.  

SIDEBAR:  Several attempts by teams of lawyers and subs have quit T-RUMPS defense and assertions, over the term of his presidency.  It seems and already proven itself that even if T-RUMP thinks he is above the law, he and his cabal is not and it will prove a career killer for some lawyers just supporting T-RUMP will crush some resumes and legacies.

Lawyers, good decent lawyers who believe in fairness and truth will not support T-RUMP and then there are the other scumbags who will… money hides lies, and T-RUMP has paid out more money to quash lies and untruths than any one I have researched or backgrounded,  I can think of…

But Giuliani is doing his part to extend the President’s delusions of victory, and to tell American voters —baselessly — that our system is rigged, that Democrats stole the election, and that the American system is not to be trusted.  It’s so funny , he’ll probably do a new reality series called  “ Rudi’s funniest outages being laughed out of court ”.

So far, pro-Trump efforts to undermine the results of the election have stalled. But they are doing tremendous damage along the way. Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.  And let the firings begin, 

And when he's in office, we shouldn't forget just the "good" people who did nothing to push back against Trump, but those who chose to commit bad, dangerous, self-interested acts. They should find no rehabilitation and no absolution from Washington.   
To put it in more Trumpian terms: “ Lock Them Up” They should never work in this town again.  Thats the GOP Senate and McConnell.

👺 Destroy  DOJ Boss Bill Barr… The Presidents Personal Attorney And Scumbag
The Justice Department’s top election crimes prosecutor resigned Monday in protest after Attorney General William Barr told federal prosecutors that they should examine allegations of voting irregularities before states move to certify results in the coming weeks.   At the same time there are those planning his removal ( head or feet first doesn’t matter) some would like an execution for criminally lieing to the public and Congress.

Richard Pilger, director of the elections crimes branch in the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section, told colleagues in an email that the attorney general was issuing "an important new policy abrogating the forty-year-old Non-Interference Policy for ballot fraud investigations in the period prior to elections becoming certified and uncontested." Pinger also forwarded the memo to colleagues in his resignation letter.

Barr’s T-Rump Hail Mary Only Went Two Feet…  A group of federal prosecutors on Friday urged Attorney General William Barr to rescind his order for any prosecutor to examine allegations of voting irregularities before states move to certify the results in the coming weeks, according to an internal letter obtained by CNN. 

The letter from the 16 prosecutors comes days after Barr released a memo earlier this week telling prosecutors not involved with the election crimes branch of the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section to skip procedural steps to investigate "substantial" allegations of voter fraud.   "We urge you to rescind it," the prosecutors, who were assigned to enforce federal voting rights laws across the country on Election Day, wrote in boldfaced type about Barr's memo. 

👺 This Is Real  — The Resurrection and the Pandemic

TRUTH:  President Donald T-RUMP and the pandemic which he said was rounding the corner, was correctly explained by Dr. Alfredo E. Neumannsky from the Gremky-Freebish Institute, as,  “  As a brain dead motorman on a train with no brakes and impending curves ahead at a high rate of speed approaching the gorge at Dead Man’s Gulch…”.  Sounds like T-RUMPS entire career….

He lost the re-election… thank the good God above, but we still have him for two months and two dangerous points exist, he is a cruel bad loser and will cause damage before he leaves and how do we fix what he destroyed.  I will have to shift my directions and efforts into solutions and rebuilding.  Past is past and I thought this met would end but Donald is into reruns now.  I predict we are not done with Donald.   Like a rabid dog, he has to be put down… 

And he has the gaul to tell us he’ll run again in 2024 but by that time the possible 500,000 deaths and corruption in this country will become evident and if his age, being in a jail cell, or his dementia don’t get him, an assassin will.  We joked at one time about the Bush family during an election year when the chant was no more BUSH’s in the WhiteHouse. 

In two months at the present rate almost one half a million Americans will be dead.  And one name is to blame regardless of the bullsh*t and lies and that is Donald J. T-RUMP.   Certified by 25,000 lies as a Liar, Coward, Narcissist, Prejudiced, Authoritarianism Believer,  and if Adolf Hitler was alive he would have a cabinet position today.
 Secretary of Immigration and 

😟  Right after the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, enter the “ PRESIDENTIAL SUPER SPREADER RALLIES”  which visited your town and cities the epidemic went virile.   Wherever he visited with his rallies and no concern for masks or distancing,  the followers, not the smartest who stayed away, the super stupid Trumpets are getting sick.  The numbers are staggering  in those states. 

😟  It kicked off with the Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally and with tracing it went exponential.  Tracing proves this regardless of the denials you hear from those covering their asses.  They are not entitled to secret service escorts, helicopter rides, miracle drugs and ten doctor expert medical treatment.  They might even get triaged if we have no hospital beds.  

😟  More than 130 Secret Service officers who help protect the White House and the president when he travels have recently been ordered to isolate or quarantine because they tested positive for the COVID-19 or had close contact with infected co-workers, according to three people familiar with agency staffing.

😟  Now the SH*T HOUSE which used to be the White House is contaminated again and staffer and T-RUMP team players are sick again…   

👺 Time For The Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH)
Funny, well not so funny,  that many of the attendees at the Sturgis Macho Man Motorcycle Rally and then the T-RUMP Rallies and bullsh*t went home to their cities and towns in the Midwest and now we have an epidemic epicenter there now with the Dakotas in crisis mode, no beds.

Estimated  by scientific sources and tracing, therapies and gatherings with anti-mask participants resulted in 30,000 contaminated patients, went home and using the formula of 3.3 further contagion and extrapolated data, simply means the 30,000 infected 99,000 which then they will infect 326,000 leading to 1,078,110 cases and that what we hit… over two million, three hundred thousand in less than ten days.  Thanks moron fans who did not pay attention, you have done a great job and killed many… Yes ,I do blame you…SIDEBAR:  BOTTOM LINE - MORE PEOPLE WILL DIE

Some states have MASH tent hospitals now… and doctors are thinking they willed be called into treating this as triage, who will live and who won’t if they do have to go to extremes.  Ignorance, plus T-RUMP, plus herd mentality, equals death Refers to a United States Army medical unit serving as a fully functional hospital in a combat area of operations. The units were first established in August 1945, and were deployed during the Korean War and later conflicts. As a major benefactor in the world today we have deployed these units world wide when needed and now we the United States of America will need them

We are at war with a bug and no leadership except lies and corruption and distortions and lies from the WhiteHouse.

👺 The Refrigerated Morgue Truck (MORTR)

In less than 10 months, coronavirus has killed more than 250,000 people in the United States. That’s more than strokes, suicides and car crashes typically do in a full year -- combined. 

Medical staff are overwhelmed with record hospitalizations, governors are rushing to issue restrictions on gatherings, and deaths are averaging the highest in months. 

Infections are mounting in major cities, a major setback after a spring spent battling the ravaging virus nationwide. The Texas border city of El Paso is paying inmates $2 an hour to help the Medical Examiner’s Office move bodies of coronavirus victims. 

New York City's school system -- the largest in the country with over 1 million students -- is closing and transitioning students  to remote learning. Health experts are warning that if Americans don’t get more serious about wearing masks and avoiding careless socializing, the rate of deaths will increase. 


Rudi Takes T-RUMPS Press Corps from The Rose Garden To The Garden Centre

11/10/2020  — Only Rudi could F*ck up a situation so humorous you wonder if T-RUMP is rubbing off on him, it only proves Donald’s sense of judgement is based on loyalty,  not skills, brains, smarts, nor intellect which do not count because smart people do not put up with T-RUMP for long…  As my logo shows and states when you are surrounded by assholes, how can you possibly not expect sh*t storms…

CNN Rudy Giuliani details strategy in the car parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a suspected mixup with Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia to plead and lie about Donald Trump’s increasingly desperate bid to hang on to the White House crossed into object farce on Saturday, after his campaign staged a purportedly major press conference at a Philadelphia landscaping business situated between Crematorium and a Porn book store, a sex shop.  
( All part of T-RUMPS Death, Bullsh*t and Porn Rally)

On Saturday morning, as T-RUMP played golf and continued to baselessly accuse the Democrats of stealing the election for Joe Biden, the president announced, in a tweet that was subsequently deleted, a  “  Big Press Conference” at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia.   Why did T-RUMP allow this looser to even appear in public, he’s certified as a nutcase. On the other hand if he were to be in a crowd of T-RUMP appointees and cabinet members he’d fit right in with the other nuts and losers…

T-RUMP quickly altered his statement, revealing that the press conference venue was not a Four Seasons hotel, but Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a suburban business between a crematorium and an adult book store on the outer edges of the city. 

ED NOTE:  For the record I will praise Rudi, for selecting a proper location for his personal views as I thought it was appropriate… 

1— He lies as well and sprouts for T-RUMP and death doing nothing in COVID action, Voila! a crematorium…How fitting… 

2— Landscaping has experts and lots of manure…perfect… Rudi does know Sh*t, intimately… 

3— Striping and Porn is Donald’s favorite pastime besides Golf…   

Keep up the good work you brainless moron…  You are once again eligible for “ The Schmuck of the Year, closely following T-RUMP for 2020. The year of his demise…

NEW ! Todays Rudi’s Special At  Four Seasons Landscaping 

  • Manure 6.00 a bag,  good old Horse and Cow sh*t…
  • Rudi’s Special Mix - 13.00 a bag, Made with Imported Ukrainian Yak Sh*t… Hand Selected…
  • T-rump Classic Manure  —with fifty pound bag of our synthetic manure T-RUMP invented you get a free T-RUMP  cap, overstocked, we have plenty, too many…red hats…
  • Free shipping if you order from Russia… just use a red magic marker to remove MAGA… with the T-RUMP sh*t…
  • Current White House Manure  —  From the Press room garden  recent re-styled by Melania, this is used manure…
    Warning:  Not Guaranteed COVID Free  $5.50 a Bag

“Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping – 11.30am!” the president tweeted at 9.45am.  The Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia distanced itself from both campaign and landscaping company.  “To clarify, President Trump’s press conference will NOT be held at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. It will be held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping – no relation with the hotel,” it said in a tweet an hour later.

The Trump campaign has not publicly said whether this was, as it would appear, a case of mistaken identity. Either way, the press conference, headlined by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, went ahead in the car park of the garden centre in what USA Today called an “industrial park”.

The press conference was also notable for Giuliani, describing forthcoming legal challenges to the result, being told by a reporter that Joe Biden had just been declared the winner of the election.   His response: “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Thanks to the Guardian for the shot… The T-RUMP campaign did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment. The landscaping company could not immediately be reached.   However, Four Seasons Total Landscaping did comment on Facebook on Sunday, seemingly seeking to play down any suggestion of partisanship on its behalf.

This man is a frickin f*ck-up who has gone way beyond his years intern of believability, truth and sanity.  In truth he was a spokesman for saving New York, but thats it, it was the great, honest, truthful, courageous, sacrificed, giving, incredible people who saved New York,  people of New York and he claims credit for all that. 

👺 Track Record In Money For IRS AND Other .GOV’s

He owes way more than you think, almost 421 million dollars to unknown lenders.  He stole enough money, and he has Putin co-signing his notes at Deutscher Bank and you will be hearing about and if he is not re-elected he will be facing charges by four major agencies and three state attorney’s. 

Also he has directed almost twelve million dollars to his resources, golf course and hotels after taking an oath he would not.    He has abused Air Force on trips, nothing more than golf dates to the tune of $184,000,000 dollars. ( Thats just for golf)  For golf, it’s just unbelievable, people dying like flies and he screws off.  

He donated his paycheck for 400,000 and steals millions, clever…for golf using Air Force One, a second plane and helicopters, and a dozen secret service protectors, plus their cars and gear, thats why it cost so much..   The proof is all over the place,  now being led by the IRS, they never got answers so they went ahead and joined a huge foray all at convicting him for grievous acts.

👺 The Destruction Of Our Core Protections  —  

  • He destroyed or altered the position as protectors, the Department Of Justice;  Federal Bureau OF Investigation, the CIA, The Banks, The Federal  Reserve; and the Supreme Court, we are almost an Authoritarian Government and he grew the National Debt by eleven to fourteen Trillion Dollars. Your kids will love that, he took from the middle class and gave it to the rich… including himself and his cronies like McConnell and Graham…They made money on these supposed tax breaks…

  • And his push to open schools with no regard for the Children’s health will add more death and pain to that already caused by him. He is responsible for what is now seen by some as termed Negligent Homicide and is being pursued. Almost 240,000, lately more children in the US infected after T-RUMP told us they are not affected.

  • Health experts have repeatedly stressed: More testing for Covid-19 is key to safely reopening the economy. “This is how other countries reined in their outbreaks — testing, plus doggedly tracing and isolating people who are infected.    But in the US, President T-RUMP gave “ dangerous and deluded advice” to “slow the testing down, please.” And his orders prevailed.  And now, in a nation with about a quarter of the world’s recorded cases of the disease, testing declined for several weeks. “ We are in a lethal pandemic and, right before our very eyes, there has been a deliberate decrease in our attempt to measure and control the outbreak… That is killing people estimated 400,000 to 500,000 by February…

👺 “ The President Who Believes … “ Look At The Great Job I Did” ? ? ? 

  • What is needed from T-RUMP and his administration, I would like to see a plan to tackle the most relentless national challenge since World War II, consoling words to memorialize the 245,000 Americans who are already dead and the nearly double thousands destined to follow, and the rhetoric to summon the will to triumph over this invisible enemy.  Do not expect it…Not T-RUMPS line of speech, he is more the screamer joke telling cabaret comedienne, Adolf Hitler type rally entertainer, same lies
  • This is a President who has demonstrably failed to beat back the virus and has long since stopped trying to lead the country out of the darkness. He resorts to boasting about inconclusive steps he took months ago — like limiting travel from China — that have no relevance to the current moment, and he complains he’s not getting enough credit for his performance. 

  •  It was the part that came from Europe that is killing everybody, you were on the wrong coast and did nothing you ignorant moron.

  • Trump’s unwillingness to face up to the COVID-19 nightmare that is staring the rest of the nation in the face leaves the impression that the man who vowed in his 2016 Republican National Convention speech “I alone can fix it” long ago ran out of ideas on the virus.  

  • But today he appeared to be what he is — a President who is flailing after being cruelly overtaken by events.  He has no winning strategy for the country so he has to create diversion and he, T-RUMP leans into racist rhetoric and downplays police violence against Black Americans, he will claim mail fraud, birther statements against Harris.

  • And his go-to strategies of inciting divisions, stirring cultural warfare and sowing confusion with misinformation don’t seem to be working — at least if the polls are right.  The President did his best to talk up his “ transition to greatness,” but the idea is so divorced from the awful reality of the last few weeks — with the average daily rate of new infections hitting higher numbers daily — that his words only served to display his own considerable remove from reality.

  • Bottom line is that Donald J. T-RUMP is just a mentally inefficient package that should have been lost in the mail…  I am really scared of what this man will do to the country.   He is destroying everything thats good about our country.  Sacrifice, the people who have given their lives for a more perfect union and to promote the general welfare, he has broken those words.  We call those who do things against us traitors… 

  • And his callus by the severe mentally unbalanced Cannons Stone, Miller, and Fox news all contribute to the lies and now shooting are going to be the “ de-rigor”  at rallies and parades. The only stop will be either be a good assassination, the National Guard, called out  with fixed bayonets, modified marshall law at these gatherings and somebody shut these traitors down , one way or another…  Want to end it all stop the pardons… crooked people get crooked pardons from a crooked President.

Swamp Nothing!  We Call This A Cesspool

And It’s Time To Remove The Scum 



Gina Cheri Walker Haspel is an American intelligence officer serving as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) since 2018. She is the first woman to hold the post on a permanent basis and was previously the Deputy Director.

On May 17, 2018, she was confirmed as the Director of the CIA, making her the first female Director of the CIA in history. She was officially sworn as Director of the CIA on May 21, 2018. She was also the second female Deputy Director of the agency.  She is the only one I would trust in the entire cabinet.  They all have to go…

     “The Jesus Pardon”

AFTER A LOCAL PHONE CALL TO GOD  —  We Jewish people dial direct, it’s a local call, others need to use long distance, since we have no middle man, so we call direct. 

We asked God if… the self-proclaimed chosen one can offer salvation to Mike Pence for being the biggest sycophant in history for extolling the lies and bullsh*t of Donald T-rump” the fake Messiah, and a further question:  “ Was Donald’s Claim to be the next chosen one legitimate as the Messiah”  and then can he get a pardon for Mike or will it fail?  

GOD SPOKE  —  Burning Bush Area Code 235  #254-3212
The Lord said, mark my words on a tablet… NO, he can’t do either, because he is not being honest and does not have the blessings.  I’ll let Jesus know, heaven is out of the question…

Knowing Donald lies but Pence swears for him. He is just as guilty as T-RUMP.  I will deal with him personally Maybe we can feature him and his secular dowdy wife on Naked and Afraid on TV in the Sudan… Maybe we should have Pence spend forty years in the desert like Moses

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