These Were Their First Steps On Their Journey

Our Future Is In The Hands Of Joseph Biden Jr and KamalaHarris… Born November 20, 1942, is an American politician and the president of the United States. Biden defeated incumbent president Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election and was inaugurated as the 46th president on January 20, 2021. A member of the Democratic Party, Biden served as the 47th vice president during the Obama administration from 2009 to 2017. He represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009. 


My Recommendations For The Medal Of Freedom  —  Atlanta (CNN)Georgia's political landscape saw a major shift this election season -- and much of the credit goes to someone who wasn't on the ballot: Stacey Abrams.

In stunning victories, incoming President Joe Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win the state in 28 years and CNN projected Wednesday that Rev. Raphael Warnock will make history as its first Black senator. He will also be the first Black Democrat to represent a southern state in the Senate.

She's a key one of those organizers. Abrams, the 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has devoted years to expanding the electorate and boosting turnout in the state, which had been reliably red for decades.

03/15/2021 —  Stacey Abrams’ stark warning about Georgia’s new election bill being racist is shining a spotlight on a nationwide battle over whose voices will be heard at the ballot box, as the Reptilians ( V Republicans) around the country try to suppress voting rights.

The Georgia Democrat's comments on CNN Sunday come amid a building showdown over GOP efforts to make voting harder in multiple states following former President Donald Trump's loss and his lies about ballot fraud, and Washington Democrats' vast federal election and civil rights bill that would counter such efforts. Flurries of bills have been introduced in the key battleground states that decided the 2020 election and were the focus of Trump's attempts to undermine it, but Republicans are also ramping up in Texas and other strongholds that Democrats have lately tried to challenge.

Abrams was asked about Georgia state bills that would end automatic voter registration and limit voting by mail and Sunday voting, all steps that experts say disproportionately target Black voters who tend to vote for Democrats.




1️⃣  We are a battered nation haunted by sickness, death and division brought upon us by one man who lied to us for four years, came from a past of lies and we were stupid to think it would get better or they would change.  Nothing stinks more than rotten garbage and the works we have been fed by the GOP obstructionists have split a nation. Time to take out the garbage.
2️⃣  We know now that our political parties have a structure.  Democrats favor Construction, Reptilians favor Obstruction, and Constitutional principles and righteousness will triumph over lies and insurrection with honesty and not the partisan politics by elected officials who lie every day. 

3️⃣  We have no one to blame for the denigrated Senate Gray Heads who do nothing but talk a big game, do not represent the people and are so brainwashed and corrupt, I fear the worst.  We can only follow the simple truth.  The American voter who praises their actions is probably one of the most naive lowest educated morons who ever voted.   He confuses his inept by blaming others.

4️⃣  Our Government on the Reptilian side is totally corrupt, not doing their duty, failing their oath of office and corrupt, lying in Gods name, betraying their oath, and goose stepping to McConnell and Meadows.  They are part of the Fourth Reich with Reich Subfuehrerliohtnant Herr McConnell and Sublieutenant Pence ( Missing in Action)

5️⃣  President Joe Biden will take on the catastrophe.  Adolf T-RUMP World has brought to the nation.  But T-RUMPS  four-year assault on truth, tranquility, freedom, using lies, corruption and collusion deserve him no less than the death penalty as a traitor. 

6️⃣   T-RUMPS legacy will not make things easier, T-rumps legacy… the blood of a half a million plus people is on T-RUMPS  hands,  he gave no help, no compassion, no scientific learning, no effort to ease the pain of loosing a loved one, he was silent and in denial.  Hee lied about everything, he is a murderer.  The only real solution for this man is incarceration, preferably the death penalty, or assassination, or extermination, as he does not deserve to live.  

7️⃣  This man T-RUMP is a psycho, unhinged, dangerous and expired, means nothing,  he is just in another place where extermination is warranted and needed as he continues to unhinge the halls of Democracy and Justice.   His lies, untruths, coercion, false illusions of grandeur, cheating,  stealing,  has been his  answer for the past four years and also add his past to that number.  When they couldn’t get Capone for murdering 50-60 or more people, it was the IRS…  Now the Civil Courts will enter the scene as he and his family are not protected anymore…  God Speed…. and no statutes of limitations for lieing and evasion… His four years in the White house offer no protection from civil suits.

8️⃣  Specifically, another task for Joe Biden is get back the good people who suffered under T-RUMP — Restore the Attorneys General and those who worked on the various over-site committees, Reinstate those briefing and security codes for the Generals  —  They were a select group of the Generals who could not fathom T-RUMPS lies and stupidity and they are needed to make right decisions. You cannot throw that experience, candor and honesty in serving our country away from these hero’s.

Review the not so qualified or honest US attorneys appointed by a fake Senate and Fat-Lying-Bastard Sycophant William P. Barr; Who has misled the public on the Mueller report;  Refused to recuse himself from the Ukraine investigation;   Propagated a dangerous view of executive power; Acted like Trump’s personal lawyer.

9️⃣  President Biden has decreed the following:
No relatives shall be allowed to work in the White House.  President Biden also pledged that all Cabinet officials will sell or put stocks and other financial holdings in a blind trust.   Biden issued orders to tell the sycophant T-RUMP liars and scumbirds he dumped on agencies like the DOJ and FBI in the last day to be fired and pack their bags. 

Review under Congress the hacks T-RUMP has put in other Federal Agencies and High Court positions.  Judges rated unqualified by the American Bar Association will be reviewed and if possible removed.  Those not presently qualified by normal civil terms removed.