T-RUMP has done a lot of damage to Florida and his stooge and sycophant Ron DeSantis will destroy the State with his lies and hiding truth from the people of this great state.  He needs like T-RUMP to be a one time elected  official and should not be eligible for a second term.


Member of the US House of Representatives
Born:  Ronald Dion DeSantis  September 14, 1978 (age 41)
Political party - DEVOUT T-RUMP MORON
Residence  Governor’s Mansion  
( Should Be Florida Prison at  Raiford FL - Home to Old Sparky Electric Chair)

Education  Yale University (BA)  Harvard University (JD)
US NAVY Lieutenant Commander - Judge Advocate General’s Corps

Given the handle hashtag #FloridaMoron by Florida Voters and certified and demented  T-RUMP fans.   And completely incompetent and lies

We Thought The President Was a Dumb-Ass, Then We met Ron DeSantis…

👺  ANOTHER LIE FROM THE GOVERNOR… There are new concerns that more people in Florida may be dying from the pandemic than we thought. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our state’s official death toll could be off by thousands.  Researchers are not saying that Florida is being deceptive, but what does constitute a coronavirus death?

We asked Jason Salemi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Epidemiology at USF, to help us crunch the numbers and understand COVID-19’s true toll on our community.  “We believe these people would be alive if it were not for the pandemic, what caused their death?”   “It’s things like heart failure, pneumonia or influenza, stroke diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease,” said Professor Salemi.

“What do these diseases have to do with COVID-19?”  “It could have been that because of COVID-19 these individuals didn’t go and seek the healthcare that they needed either from their primary care doctor or in a hospital,” said Professor Salemi.

“I think their job is to accurately identify deaths in which COVID-19 is listed as a cause of death,” said Professor Salemi. “I do not believe that each state should be reporting on excess deaths because it is a more complicated process than it might seem to be.”

According to the CDC report, it’s also likely Floridians have died from COVID-19 but that information wasn’t put on the death certificate.  So, it wasn’t counted in the state’s official numbers.    Right now, it’s unknown how often true under-reporting has happened.

This is not new, Ron Desantis has lied about numbers before, not mistakes, lies, there a difference, he need to be removed.

👺  A DANGEROUS DUMBASSStatewide school closures because of COVID-19 concerns are not a viable option, and they will not be considered, said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday.  

👺  HERD MENTALITY   Ron Desantis … Our super stupid Governor is considering using Dr. Scott Atlas, noted X-Ray Technicians Idea of Herd Mentality in Florida.  Any of this who follow this theory are like the anti-vaxers wit Hep-A and Measles.  It will kill many of innocent people.   Thats where the give 65-70% of the population are given the disease and we become immune.  This is not true.   SEE HERD MENTALITY

👺  DeSantis also saluted private and charter schools for pressing forward with teaching their curriculum in person, while knocking public teachers' unions for playing politics with COVID-19, in an effort to keep classrooms closed.  “A lot of our charters really led the way,” he said. Thats a crock of sh*t…

The governor claimed unions’ attempt to keep public schools closed was to make sure students were kept out of the classroom, " And they were wrong."  DeSantis' remarks come more than a week after DeSantis made an appearance on Fox News' "Life, Liberty and Levin," to discuss his COVID-19 policies, and why he pushed for a phased reopening while choosing not to issue a statewide mask mandate. 

"You can't kneecap your own society and think you're going to successfully handle a pandemic," he said. "I think this is really important, we wanted society to function. You can’t burn down the village in order to save it.   ” But if we burn down the Florida Governors Mansion with Ron  in it…

He added that Florida is open for business.  “We have everything — like theme parks, all that have been open for months,” DeSantis continued.  And the morticians are thriving.   
"And we have kids in school in person. Parents have the option to opt for virtual [learning] if they want, but they have the in-person [option], which is very, very important.

👺  Idiot Suck-Up To Idiot Failure And Ass-Kissing  - Another Golden Penis

10/18/2020  — President T-RUMP joked that he will “fire” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) if he loses the critical swing state in the upcoming election against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.   T-RUMP said that the Republican Florida governor has been his “friend” .   TSSS  “ T-RUMPS Southern Suck-up Society…”   Florida did win and he kept his job but we felt it was more important to fire T-RUMP and we did.

ED NOTE:  In ass-kissing circles  “ Friend” means above and beyond…  Ron Desantis has made great headway, he is several inches behind Mike Pence who is firmly embedded in his position as the guy who’s thinking covers the sh*t when the President speaks and Ron lauded his speech at a Friday campaign rally in Ocala, Fla.  

T-RUMP said..“ He’s done a great job and he's been my friend. Hey, Ron, are we going to win this state, please? You know if we don't win it, I'm blaming the governor. I'll fire him somehow.  I'm going to fire him. I will find a way, anyway,” Trump said.  

T-RUMP also recounted endorsing the Florida governor when he served as a representative from Florida’s 6th District.  “He came to me and said,  ‘ Sir, I’d like to run for governor.' I said, 'Well, I could, you know, understand that, but you've got a long way to go.' He said, 'No, I’d like your endorsement, if we have your endorsement.' I said, 'Look Ron, let’s think about it.' Anyway, you know he’s a great guy, Harvard, Yale, smart. I said, ‘ Alright, Ron, I’m going to endorse you, who the hell knows what’s going to happen,' ” Trump told supporters at the Florida rally, also complimenting DeSantis’s wife, Casey DeSantis.

A total FUBAR in the state is what happened….  DeSantis attended Yale University and Harvard Law School.  This is true but if you got money it’s easy…  T-RUMP graduated Wharton Business but we suspect he paid folks to take his tests and academia.  Since he reads like an eighth grader we suspect foul ( as in stinky) play. 

The Florida governor was seen on Monday giving high-fives to people in a crowd at Trump’s rally in Sanford, Fla., while not wearing a mask or face covering, just days after the president was released from the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this month.  A Real Clear Politics polling average shows Biden narrowly leading T-RUMP in Florida by 1.4 percent points.


ED: NOTE: We are the number one epidemic center in the US  10/20/2020

👺I Live In Florida, An Idiot Driven State With An Idiot Acolyte Governor

Ron DeSantis, signed an executive order on Friday evening allowing restaurants and bars to immediately begin operating at 100% capacity. He cited the economic hardships of not operating businesses at full capacity, according to the order. Thats saying that opening businesses for votes is more important than how many get sick or die.  Florida is high on the losers list making this move even more dangerous.

MIAMI MAYOR FRANCIS SUAREZ  — As Florida restaurants and bars enjoyed their first full day of operation without Covid-19 restrictions in months, the mayor of Miami warned that the governor’s decision to fully reopen such establishments and to limit local governments’ ability to enforce their own restrictions could have devastating consequences.

ON SUNDAY, MIAMI BEACH MAYOR DAN GELBER SENT  — a letter to DeSantis urging him to pass a statewide mask mandate and to allow cities and counties to continue fining people for not wearing masks when required.  Gerber accused the governor of being reckless by endorsing a view claiming there is no evidence that shows masks prevent the spread of the virus.  “Almost 15,000 Floridians have already perished from this disease, nearly a quarter in just my County,” Gelber wrote. “And 45,000 have been hospitalized, mostly in ICUs across the state. 

PALM BEACH COUNTY MAYOR DAVE KERNER SAID FRIDAY.  Florida ranks third overall for the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the US, behind California and Texas. Government leaders across South Florida have urged people to continue wearing masks to help prevent a surge in COVID-19 cases.   “The most effective tool to combat the pandemic coronavirus is a mask,” “We’ve all … worn it for many months at this point. We know how important it is to continue to utilize this important weapon.

BROWARD MAYOR DALE HOLNESS   — Also said people should still be wearing their masks.

Our Children Are In Danger - From “ Politidemic Virus” 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and his administration are doubling or tripling down on opening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping them open even when cases of the disease are diagnosed.  On a phone call with school district superintendents late last week, Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran urged them to be “surgical” when dealing with covid-19 cases, as opposed to “sweeping” — and told them not to close a school without calling state officials first to discuss it.  Thats just pressure, this T-RUMP loser brings to the table.

A Florida school district wanted to wait to reopen school buildings. Gov. Ron DeSantis threatened to cut it’s funding.    In my world he would be instantly tossed off of a bridge ( Suncoast Skyway) exceeding 120 feet above shark infested  ( bull sharks appropriate)  filled waters.

“Before you get to that point of closing a classroom or closing a school, we want to have that communication with you because we want to be as surgical as possible,” Corcoran said, offering to provide specific names and numbers of officials who could take a call.

There is no reason, he said, to automatically close a school just because a student displays symptoms of covid-19 but has not been diagnosed. The goals of a “surgical” approach are to keep “everybody safe” and to allow students to “get the best possible learning experience and the best possible emotional and social support,” he said. More BULLSH*T!

Cases of covid-19 are being reported in some Florida schools that have already opened. In Martin County, for example, where DeSantis said Superintendent Laurie Gaylord had told him recently that she viewed the reopening of schools as a mission “ Akin to a Navy SEAL operation,” more than 230 students have been told to quarantine because of possible exposure to someone with the disease.

DeSantis, in an address on school reopenings, then expanded on Gaylord’s comment, saying, “Just as the SEALs surmounted obstacles to bring Osama bin Laden to justice, so, too, would the Martin County school system find a way to provide parents with a meaningful choice of in-person instruction or continued distance learning,” according to a transcript on a state government website.)

But in some parts of Florida, school officials aren’t disclosing exactly how many covid-19 cases are appearing in public schools that have opened. According to USA Today, school officials in Naples recently refused to give specifics about people who were told to quarantine, saying in an email: “It is not appropriate for us to disclose sensitive medical information, which if we did, would otherwise conflict with our obligations” under two federal laws.

My answer would be:  Kind person,  you are only quoting numbers not names and how long have you worked in your present position not including tomorrow ?  Solves that problem real quick…

Translation  Allie of T-RUMP, Suck Up Acolyte…Get Meds…
A politically unfamiliar landscape is looming for DeSantis if the situation in Florida doesn't improve rapidly, and along with it Trump's poll numbers in the state. The President in an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace last Sunday gave a hint that his public support for DeSantis might be reaching its limit.  Like when hangings are planned…

“ We’ll put out the flames. And we'll put out in some cases just burning embers. We also have burning embers," Trump said, speaking about the coronavirus nationwide. "We have embers and we do have flames. Florida became more flame like, but it’s a bonfire now and not under control.”  It got worse…  Our new state tag…

The overall death toll in the state is now approaching 16,900 people
Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a Republican, said it "would be a horrible decision" to open up bars now, expressed similar concern over schools and pointed to "the issue of whether the decisions (made by the state) are data-driven or political."

Public health concerns appeared to take a backseat to politics when the state issued its mandate for a full reopening of schools. But last week, with cases, hospitalizations and deaths mounting, DeSantis took a half-step back from that directive, saying he would support teachers and parents who felt their safety this fall demanded a return to remote learning.

From early on in the pandemic, DeSantis has -- while attributing bad news to the influx of people from states like New York -- aggressively courted pro sports leagues and, after North Carolina's governor effectively nixed Trump's plans to hold a blowout convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, said he would welcome a re-nomination shindig in Jacksonville.

👺  Lies A Dime A Dozen…Truth About His Lack Of Leadership

A month into an international pandemic, the leader of the nation’s third-largest state has confounded with conflicting orders.  DeSantis has made erroneous claims — like on Thursday when he suggested no one under the age of 25 has died from the coronavirus in the United States.   

He has pushed unproven quack medical cures while dismissing advice from health experts. He has shared wrong information, potentially affecting millions of people, that went uncorrected for hours. Suggested by T-RUMP Hydroxychloroquine, in some cases is a death multiplier more than a cure.  More on this below…

Unlike other governors, DeSantis doesn’t hold regular public briefings. He has ceded the biggest decisions, like whether to close beaches, to city and county officials, yet he hasn’t talked to many of them. Early on, he clashed with federal officials over whether Florida had community spread of the virus. Now he’s tried T-RUMP boring dialog meetings and thats not working…

He did nothing when millions came to Miami Dade for the Super Bowl  and that sent 100,000 potential spreaders back to their states.

He did nothing to curb the “ Spring Break” crowds congregating on all the states beaches violating the safe distance rules and fifty of them when arrived back in New York were tested and contagious and spreading the virus. He was more than a week too late.  Then the local boaters cause problem number two…

Number two… He never shut down the outer-barrier islands and left them vulnerable to boaters who came by the thousands and again caused spreading of the disease as they did not observe any rules at all.  THUS Hillsboro county and Pinellas County, lots of boats are three and four in the state in number of those that are sick and dying.

DeSantis’ uneven response has made him an outlier among his counterparts across the country. The approval ratings of most governors have soared during the crisis. DeSantis, one of America’s most popular governors a few months ago, has seen his support plummet. One poll found him the third-worst rated governor at handling the coronavirus in the country.

 The governor has taken some statewide measures, closing parks, bars and gyms; restricting visitations to nursing homes; and limiting restaurants to takeout and delivery. He also eventually decided to close beaches in two South Florida counties. Still, he’s left many decisions to counties and cities, an approach that has garnered praise, confusion and derision. Almost nicknaming him “ No-balls DeSantis

DeSantis’ directives include:  On March 9, his Department of Health issued a sweeping advisory that anybody traveling from abroad must self-isolate for 14 days. The department later clarified that it only applies to people from coronavirus-affected countries.

On March 12, DeSantis said “mass gatherings” in the state were canceled, but he didn’t define how many people made up a “mass gathering.”  Some thought it meant “ Catholics only”

None of his orders have been more confusing than his most important one: the April 1 directive to effectively shut down the state.  Though he lagged days behind 33 states, DeSantis’ order appeared rushed, coming soon after the White House urged 30 more days of social distancing. The directive seemed to say that senior citizens and seriously ill people couldn’t leave their homes at all. It took two days for DeSantis’ office to clarify that this wasn’t the case.

Nor did the order spell out which “essential” services could remain open. Instead, officials, businesses and residents have been forced to decipher 29 pages of guidelines tacked onto the order from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Miami-Dade County.

In the biggest bad move, Desantis declared Professional Wrestling the WWE, of Orlando and Vice McMahon’s an essential Florida business, great for steroid sales and teaching bullying to kids.  he must believe Pro wrestling is real…

Five hours later, DeSantis quietly signed a second executive order that appeared to override restrictions local governments had put in place to halt the spread of the coronavirus.  Cities have applied the orders unevenly across the state, not knowing whether to believe the words on the page or the ones coming out of the governor’s mouth.  “People are having such a hard time with this,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gaultier  One of the best sheriffs in the country  said this week. “People are looking for a list of what is nonessential in the governor’s order. It does not exist.”

Some city officials are marching ahead, no longer waiting for direction from DeSantis.  “We’re just not spending a lot of time on trying to pick that apart and decipher it,” Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said.   Meanwhile, local leaders can’t get the governor on the phone. 

 DeSantis hasn’t talked to Kriseman or Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer either, they said. DeSantis is participating in regular conference calls that Vice President Mike Pence holds with governors across the country, but he hasn’t done the same with Florida mayors.

” Sen. Rick Scott, a fellow Republican, called the lack of information coming from DeSantis’ administration “alarming” during a March 7 interview. Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry, also a Republican, said March 12 on Twitter he was “disappointed” that he learned of his city’s first positive coronavirus test from the news, not the state Department of Health that DeSantis oversees.  “Transparency & Communication is the way forward for our citizens,” Curry tweeted.

Ron DeSantis noted for Stupid Moves and T-RUMP following like a trail of horseshit after a parade, instead of questioning Uncertified Drug Use,  dedicated most of a news conference to his efforts to secure shipments of the drug Hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug that T-RUMP often touts as a COVID-19 remedy despite unproven findings.  It aided in the killing of over 110,000 Brazilians after being donated by T-RUMP to Brazil. It has been non-certified in the US for COVID-19 

That same day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention removed from its website guidance telling doctors how to prescribe and treat COVID-19 patients with the untested drug not approved and dangerous to some patients especially with cardiac conditions.  

Florida is spending up to $110 million to back up its failed unemployment website, more asleep at the switch and not knowing whats the “ F” is going on… the stupid bastards could have voluntarily fixed it by volunteers and used the money to help the people



A 10 Question Simple Cognitive Test For GOP Base, Evangelicals and Those Who Live at The Villages In Florida… They are Seemingly Suffering from Republicanitus, A Mentally Defunct Driven Diseased Community, So Right Wing Brain-Washed, Their Cars Cannot Make Left Turns… 

Tell Us what you think… Just Answer True or False

T-Rump Is A “ T-RUMP Republican” - Almost Four Years in Office And not a Regular Republican
Ron DeSantis is a Republican - Almost Did Not Make It, T-RUMP Helped Him By Lying
Republicans Control The White House And Turned It Into A Sh*t House
Republicans Control The US Senate And Vote for Nothing Unless It
’s A Scam 
Republicans control the Bills thru Mitch McConnell
Republicans In Florida Chair most Committees and the money
The Republicans Control The Florida House and the money 
The Republicans Control the Senate In Florida and the money
The Republicans in the House and Senate all like the money they get from the NRA
Last Question :   If The Republicans Control Everything How Can The Democrats Mess Things Up?

Correct Answer:  Do you believe and have been told that what goes wrong is the fault of the Democrats, The Dark Side, the Conspiracies…QAnon, More bullsh*t Conspiracies, “The Establishment” And The Democrats Are Mismanaging This”…

Thus the last question, your brain might not  be able to comprehend since you might be brain-washed.   This the new generation of Evangelical or GOP Nationalism and it thrives in the minds of the stupid and ignorant.  If you agreed and still support T-RUMP you are a Devout Moron and considered by intelligent people a throwback to civilization, a Neanderthal.

Normal people weigh and balance truth, cult Evangelicals and GOP basement thinkers cannot reconcile truth and make stupid choices or are you simply that friggen stupid beyond belief?   

Just like Germany and the Axis powers was in WWII… Loyal to the Fuehrer even though he was the beginning and the end of evil… and the total consensus of death attributed to the second World War of civilians, progeny and military exceeded  SIXTY-MILLION PEOPLE not just the six million who were Jewish. 



( What does Florida Think TWEETSsome profanity cleaned up and combined for brevity )

I am all for letting T-RUMP supporters, mask haters, Evangelicals, racists and Nazi’s congregate, protest, rally and hug the sh*t out of each other and with luck all around the GOP Convention and with T-RUMP there, no masks. Make sure Stephen Miller,  T-RUMPS writer of hate speeches is there.  Hopefully many of the T-RUMP haters and anti-mask liars, Acolytes and Sycophants, all contact the virus simply for abetter understanding of how they are helping T-RUMP kill others…  16,500 in Florida… and we thought alligators, snakes, lightning, bad drivers and recluse spiders were bad. 

T-RUMPS puppy DeSantis should do a conga line down to the Southern White House where they can meet and hug T-RUMP the Liberator and his family. Trump’s kids & grandkids included. Avoid another generation of T-RUMPS.  And then we can Liberate Mar-a-Lago!  He could do a grand reopening surrounded by close friends, many carrying weapons.

Quoting Darwin, Natural selection is wild and sometimes death is the result, both good and bad, hopefully more Trumpets will die off and improve the breed…  When better idiots are made T-RUMP will lead the cause…

It might be easy to point & laugh at how stupid Florida is. But please think about those of us who just happen to live here, have been trying our best and are getting dragged along by idiots. That spike you’ll see in a couple weeks might include me or one of my loved ones… 

Ed: God bless You and may he watch over you…  If I lose any more friends to the pandemic and they play politics, and people die the hunting season will open… It’s called a bounty,  Politicus Studious Humans…

‘Very, Very Scary’: Officials Dumbfounded as Florida Beaches Reopen, 3 Days After Death Spike  and “This move is so dumb that I had to make sure it wasn’t fake news,” a city commissioner tweeted.  I understand the desire to not be caged.  I also understand the desire not to suffocate on my own phlegm.

Let the MAGA people do whatever they want, that’s a good way to turn Florida blue and again I say let all the “ Make America Great Again”  people gather and party like it’s 1999, go to beaches, church, T-RUMP rallies, hugging, kissing, etc.  
It will be MAGA Genocide, that’s one way to clean house of the Republicans, if they aren’t alive to vote they can’t harm us anymore.

Hey, not all of us here are in the  #FloridaMoron Club.  I and my SW Fla. neighbors continue to social distance and stay safe.  Numbers in area hospitals are still alarming.   Let the GOP and the Evangelicals ( AKA as the two tribes, the Imbicilites and the Rectalytes)   congregate as long as they all stay with each other and nowhere near the rest of us . 

Then let nature do its job, not just Florida, These idiots think they are smarter than the heath professionals. We’ll have another outbreak and get of some more people who did not listen this time. Never think you will win with mother nature…

I love Florida, especially the Keys, but I say this sincerely: . Aerial snapshots of people flocking to a reopened Florida beach made waves on the Internet.  The FloridaMoron (Ron DeSantis - Our Governor) opens the beaches, meanwhile the Pentagon extends the troop travel band.  We asked could it be that DeSantis is really THAT stupid? Does he think this will only kill liberals? Because most liberals are staying the F*ck home so we can vote T-RUMP OUT in NOV!

I understand the push to get back to work. We all have bills to pay. Problem: The Dead don’t pay bills… I don’t remotely get the rush to the beaches in some sort of childish own-the-libs hissy fit.   And the Good people will flood Publix and share what they carry to essential workers which have been working so hard for their families on the COVID lines and everyone who needs food! 

A friendly reminder that not everyone in Florida is a complete idiot and that some of us actually give a damn about other people.  Thank You for your courage!  It’s appreciated!  

Hopefully we will restore the “  Vigilantes and declare a two week open season on Political Hangings,  we’ll solicit Home Depot who gave T-RUMP Five Million dollars for his reelection this week to supply the rope.  

Public demonstrators for Liberate Florida movement, open beaches and bars should be required to wear permanent wristband with message if infected: DO NOT INTUBATE OR VENTILATE.  Just pump him full of Hydrochloroquionone,  Lysol or Bleach till he blows up.  Life’s a beach—then you die.  Nothing says free-dumb like a bunch of the Florida Moron’s walking around the beach listening to a  Florida Moron Governor, Or as my associate put it he’s just apart when T-RUMP takes a dump…

THE T-RUMP CLONE  ( Many Contributors to CNN Origin)
Also known throughout the Southeast Coast as the mini T-Rump Clone… and he and Pence are as close as T-RUMPS Hemorrhoids to T-RUMP.    The horrific and incompetent handling of the spread of COVID-19 in Florida has finally exposed Governor Ron DeSantis for what he is: an extremist ideologue who is also not very good at his job.  

Since his narrow election in 2018, DeSantis has enjoyed high approval ratings and the perception of being a moderate Republican governor. Of course, for anyone paying close attention to this positive sounding schmuck, this was nonsense.

From the very beginning of his ascent to the Florida governorship, DeSantis ran as a Trump acolyte. He received his endorsement after repeated appearances on Fox News in which he defended T-RUMP against any sort of criticism. 

The pandering to Trump’s base was so on the nose during the election that DeSantis released a cringeworthy as in which he teaches his toddlers how to build a wall, reads them Trump’s The Art of the Deal, and dresses them in MAGA clothes.

His Platform - Sucks Up - Sucks Down - Sucks All The Way To Donald J…

  • His platform while running was extremely right wing.  
  • Opposing common sense gun policies that would prevent tragedies like the Parkland shooting
  • Criminalizing undocumented immigrant families
  • Supporting for-profit prisons and immigration detention centers, 
  • Opposition to any sort of meaningful regulations for industries that are destroying our environment
  • He fostered a T-RUMP Bill on taking office, through the Florida Legislature a bill to criminalize immigrants
  • He signed a bill restricting some Floridians who paid their debts to society from getting their right to vote back under Amendment 4. 
  • He supported arming teachers in our classrooms and defunding our public schools. 
  • He started a “presidential protection fund” to “protect” Trump from impeachment.

State Unemployment…

  • It’s the abysmal handling of unemployment benefits for those who are suffering through this crisis that has catapulted DeSantis to national disgrace. There seems to be an endless amount of stories from people struggling with the state’s unemployment system, which was set up for failure by DeSantis’ Republican predecessor Rick Scott.

  • He deflects responsibility on the messy handling of unemployment claims by saying that it’s the fault of applicants submitting wrongful information while overlooking that there is no option to edit an application or way of connecting with FLDEO. He shows up at press conferences and struggles to put on a face mask. 

Cooking The books and Lieing About the Virus Numbers

Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s faltering response to soaring new COVID-19 numbers in his state is descending into acrimony, after an accusation his administration is “cooking the books” in an effort to hide the true impact of the devastating pandemic.

Rebekah Jones, who says she was fired from her job in charge of the state’s official Covid-19 database in May for refusing to manipulate its figures, claimed on social media to have evidence that employees at Florida’s department of health “ Have been instructed this week to change the numbers and begin slowly deleting deaths and cases so it looks like Florida is improving next week in the lead-up to July 4,  like they’ve made it over the hump’”

“They’re only reporting all these cases now so they can restrict reporting next week to make everyone think it’s over,” she said.  DeSantis, a Donald T-RUMP loyalist who has refused to slow Florida’s reopening or implement a statewide mask mandate, angrily dismissed the claim, calling a reporter from the Miami Herald who asked him about it“embarrassing”.  

You guys have been on the conspiracy bandwagon for months,” he snapped at a press conference on Thursday, without addressing the specifics of Jones’s assertion. “You need to move on.”  (He does not do well with the truth…)

By any standards, it has been a rough week for DeSantis, who is standing firm against mounting pressure from public health officials and even some political allies for tighter measures to counter the virus’s steep resurgence in his state, with its large population of vulnerable elderly retirees.

A month after berating reporters whom he said “waxed poetically for weeks and weeks about how Florida was going to be just like New York,” that scenario has been realized, with New York joining New Jersey and Connecticut this week in ordering visitors from Florida – among other badly affected states – to quarantine.

Hospital systems around Florida are reporting steep drops in the availability in intensive care and other beds, even as the department of health changes how it records such figures.

Perhaps more wounding is veiled criticism from fellow elected Republicans.  While DeSantis resists calls for a statewide mandate on masks, municipalities including Miami have enacted the requirement; Miami’s mayor Francis Suarez is proposing $250 fines for those who refuse.

ATCH 10-27-2020