The facts and fake fraudulent science about vaccination by some people with no medical nor scientific experience promoting ANTI-VACCINE PROTOCOLS as described in the following text and caused severe harm including death because their comments and stupid thinking deterred others from vaccinations. This will be a critical subject when the most important vaccines will be offered against COVID-19.  World wide we broke one million who have died. Estimate in the US will be close to 380-400,000 dead.

I fear our great nation is unfortunately composed of a share of some people who follow idiots, religious nutcases, morons, sooth sayers, snake oil salesmen and anything their weak and naive minds can fathom.

It is the fall and with winter approaching, the levels of contamination and exposure will rise due to more people gathering indoors and air circulation by heaters and or air conditioning reversals.

Welcome To The Anti-Vaccine Body Count  — We Live in Quack Land
The United States Anti-Vaccination Movement is composed of a variety of individuals ranging from mis-informed mentally stupid former doctors who should know better, to semi-celebrities who have no medical training, to anti-government conspiracy theorists who distrust anything that the government says. They all hold onto the mistaken belief that autism is caused by receiving childhood vaccines.

Most anti-vaccination believers claim that the compound Thimerosal led to an increase in autism cases. The Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine is their usual target. However, Thimerosal was never used as a preservative in the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine.  No vaccine licensed since 1999 has contained Thimerosal as a preservative, except a few multi-dose container vaccines such as some (but not all) HIB and Influenza vaccines. 

Autism has not declined since 1999, thereby disproving this connection. However, this has not stopped anti-vaccination believers from claiming that it was the MMR vaccine itself that caused autism or that it was vaccines in general that caused autism. 

All of these ideas have been disproven in multiple scientific and legal examinations of the evidence. The primary scientific reason for the increase in autism diagnoses is due to more disorders being included in the Autism Spectrum and doctors getting better at diagnosing the characteristics of autism.

In 2007 there was an increase in celebrities promoting anti-vaccination rhetoric. Because of their celebrity status they appeared on several television shows and published multiple books advising parents not to vaccinate their children. This has led to an increase in the number of vaccine preventable illnesses as well as an increase in the number of vaccine preventable deaths.

The Anti-Vaccination Movement has a body count attached to its name. This website publishes the total number of vaccine preventable illnesses and vaccine preventable deaths that have happened in the United States since this 2007 increase in speaking out against vaccines.

Is the United States Anti-Vaccination Movement directly responsible for every vaccine preventable illness and every vaccine preventable death listed here? No. However, the United States Anti-Vaccination Movement may be indirectly responsible for at least some of these illnesses and deaths and even one vaccine preventable illness or vaccine preventable death is too many.

Donald T-Rump Is Not A Doctor… A Degenerate Maybe, But Not a Doctor
Generally we call them Donald T-RUMP followers…And many Religious sects also are against vaccinations.  He is nothing but a liar and with his fake education,  ( Dad’s money buys you honors and people who take your tests) an equivalent of an eighth grade mind.  He brings you idiotic thinking like Hydrochloroquionone whose education in medicine and his advisors are also sick throw outs from the dark media like FOX news.

And even if you present them with evidence and they still obviously believe the Tooth Fairy, The Evangelical Jesus Cult, not true Republicans, anything against Democrats, and the words of the magnificent seven**…( Play the theme Music)

We believe in the integrity and the science in the thirds stage testing of the values of the vaccine(s) will be tested and tested again on all races , ethnicities, ages and other critical criteria before being issued.

Nice Breasts, Buttocks, Hair, Eyes And Not A Brain In Her Dumb Head…
A porn star with a nice figure, especially if endowed with appropriate cells in the breasts and bootie region can make you a celebrity  Anyone can be a false prophet when there is a mike in their hand.  The wife of a celebrated Hollywood celebrity told the world on a popular ladies talk show (the VIEW) and 28% of vaccinations fell off and a lot of kids got sick and blamed for the wrong reasons.  Three died. Hundred required higher care.

Meet Jenny McCarthy - Tv Doctor
Blaming the worlds scientists for the possibility of her own DNA shortcomings and dumbass theology.  I smell a bit of a cover-up.  

Her claim that Autism was caused by vaccinations, nothing was further from the truth and proven so by many medical teams, but just like dumb voters, dumb thinkers fall prey.   

But her appearance’s on TV spiked a riot of stupidity like never seen before NATIONWIDE.  Luckily she ’s not on the air now for the safety of the children…

Many have stated she was given the body of a goddess, and the brains of a commode… there is that crainial-rectal dyslexia syndrome again…

READ THE TRUTH:  The risk of autism is associated with several prenatal risk factors, including advanced age in either parent, diabetes, bleeding, and now disclosed the use of psychiatric drugs in the mother during pregnancy. Autism has been linked to birth defect agents acting during the first eight weeks from conception, though these cases are rare.

READ THE TRUTH:  What is the new term for autism?  In the current revised version of the DSM (the DSM-5), these separate conditions have been combined into one diagnosis called “autism spectrum disorder.” Using the DSM-5, for example, people who were previously diagnosed as having Asperger's syndrome would now be diagnosed as having AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER.

Who Brought This Sick Trend Up… Andrew Wakefield’s Theory
How did this anti-vaccination trend start. The vaccine-autism myth is one chilling example of fraudulent science. February 28,  2018,  marks the 20th anniversary of an infamous article published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet , in which Andrew Wakefield, a former British doctor, falsely linked the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine to autism. 

The paper eventually was retracted by the co-authors and the journal.  Wakefield was de-licensed by medical authorities for his deceit, cannot practice medicine,  and “ Callous disregard” for children in his care.                                                                                          

It took nearly two decades for the immunization rates to recover. By the end, UK families had experienced more than  12,000 cases of measles, hundreds of hospitalizations — many with serious complications — and at least three deaths.


The Liars Arrive On Scene, So Did Their Lies And Measles Returned 
Why is measles, which was effectively eradicated in the United States in 2000, on the march? Because so-called anti-vaxers parents are refusing to use a vaccine that decades of research proves works while actually offering non-immunological benefits, including community immunity which protects people who cannot get vaccinated. 

Who could have seen this coming? TV producer Derek Bartholomaus, is a Hero, who started the infamous website that arose,  in 2009  after the famed actress espoused radical and irresponsible views on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  And then on the View…   This site is incredible and factual.  

Over six years, Bartholomaus tallied 152,763 illnesses and 9,028 preventable deaths.  He didn’t stop because the deaths stopped. He stopped because he became a father and because he gave up. I know the feeling when you have been Trumped and you show someone who T-RUMP really is and they still vote for him.

Meanwhile, the anti-vaxxers movement gained momentum and Jenny McCarthy suffered no repercussions for providing debunked and discredited scientists with a massive platform. McCarthy continued to tell the world that her son Evan’s autism was caused by vaccines laced with dangerous chemicals.  How did McCarthy reach her scientific conclusion? She told Oprah it was “ Mommy instinct.”  She had a bad feeling before the MMR shot.  She should be in jail as a fraud since she took money and donations…

Amazon Removes Bullsh*t
Amazon is removed from its online marketplace “ Autism Cure” books that unscientifically claim children can be cured of autism with pseudoscientific methods such as ingesting and bathing in a potentially toxic form of bleach and taking medication meant to treat arsenic and lead poisoning.

Amazon confirmed Tuesday that the books “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism” and “Fight Autism and Win” are no longer available, but declined to answer specific questions about why it had removed them or whether they were part of a larger cleanup effort, citing a policy of not commenting on individual accounts.

The move by Amazon comes on the heels of a report in Wired published Monday that criticized the retail giant for offering medically dubious books and dangerous methods for reversing autism spectrum disorder. For years, news organizations have pointed out Amazon’s practice of hosting books that promote vaccine and other health-related misinformation, but the pressure has intensified in recent weeks.   Dieing individuals can cause companies not to surrender to unproven science.

Polly Tommey - More Imbeciles Spread Lies
In the UK, we have Polly Tommey, another actress whose biggest parts seem to have been as a body double in nude scenes.  She is unapologetic in her support for swindler Andrew Wakefield and has recently moved to Texas to be at her hero’s side peddling their reality TV wares.   She, too, has a son with autism.  Her book and movie, and her have been banned in Australia. 

Aside from their out and out rejection of well conducted science, both women insist that vaccines can and do cause autism. The latest measles outbreak in South Wales attests just how damaging an idea this is for public health. 

Young children, more than most, were likely to suffer complications of this infection which include pneumonia, SSPE and death and thats what happened.

When you basically have soft minded nude women teaching you and the medical profession, the scientist and medical explorers, it time to research the source.



Prenatal viral infection has been called the principal non-genetic cause of autism.  Prenatal exposure to rubella or cytomegalovirus activates the mother’s immune response and may greatly increase the risk for autism in mice. Congenital rubella syndrome is the most convincing environmental cause of autism.  

The investigator in me sustains my opinions and I deal in science fact. My instincts tell me,  “ Is the real one proven reason for autism by science  that there  is a chance Jenny McCarthy gave it to her own son and is using this charade to cover her personal actions”.

The idea that vaccines cause autism received yet another blow this week, with a new article in the British Journal of Medicine declaring the 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield, which originally found an autism-vaccine link, an "elaborate fraud." The article is the latest criticism of a theory that has been widely discredited. But if vaccines are off the table, what does cause autism?

While scientists are still investigating the issue, they say the disorder likely has a number of causes involving both our genes and our environment, or some combination of the two. For instance, people may have underlying genetic susceptibilities to autism that are triggered by something they encounter in the environment.  Like drugs during pregnancy…

Making things even more complicated is the fact that autism, which is characterized by problems interacting and communicating with others, is not a single disorder, but a range of disorders that may have various causes.

“People are going to manifest the disorder in different ways, and that could be because there are different sets of genes, or different sets of environmental factors,” that contribute to how the disorder presents itself.

Genetics - There is strong evidence that changes in our genes contribute to autism.  For one thing, the disorder is highly heritable. Families that have one child with autism have a 1 in 20 chance of having a second child with autism, according to the National Institutes of Health. 

This is a higher risk than in the general population. And twin studies have found that if one twin has autism, the other twin as a 90 percent chance of having the disorder.  Research has also shown that the genetic changes that contribute to autism don't have to be inherited — they may also arise spontaneously.

Autism Spectrum - In total, scientists have identified about 20 genes that may be involved in autism spectrum disorder, While these genes are located all over the human genome, they share a common theme, she said. Many have a role in brain development, brain growth and the way brain cells communicate.   For example, a recent study found that children with a genetic mutation on chromosome 17 were 14 times more likely to develop autism than those without the mutation.

Pesticides - Exposure to pesticides has also been linked to autism. Some studies have found that pesticides may interfere with genes involved in the central nervous system, said Dr. Alice Mao, a professor of psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.  

Scientists think that chemicals in pesticides may adversely affect those who are genetically predisposed to autism, leading them to develop the full-blown disorder, Mao said.   “ Maybe they were born with a vulnerability to autism, but then exposure to the pesticides might have cause the presentation of autism,".

Pharmaceuticals  - Babies that have been exposed to certain pharmaceuticals in the womb, including Valproic acid and thalidomide, have been found to have a higher risk of autism.  Thalidomide is a drug that was first used in the 1950s to treat morning sickness, anxiety and insomnia. 

The drug was withdrawn from the market after it was linked with birth defects, but is currently prescribed for a severe skin disorder and as a treatment for cancer.  Valproic acid is a medication prescribed for seizures, mood disorders and bipolar disorder, according to the NIH.

Parental age  -- As parents grow older, they have a higher risk of having children with autism.  A study published last February found that women who are 40 years old have a 50 percent greater risk of having a child with autism than women who are between 20 and 29 years old.   Researchers aren’t sure why parental age may influence autism risk, but it might be related to genetic mutations that occur in the sperm or the egg as parents grow older.

WTF - Does Religion Have to Do With Vaccines… Nothing But Mis-Information

Lies, misconception, falsehoods, stupidity and not in tune with the modern world, representing in religious dogmas that kills.  Many of the worlds religions are based on what I call Decadent Thinking… the DT’s.

I am Jewish, but not anywhere close to the Ultra Orthodox sects that are over the top.  This article is not just Jewish Hassidic Jews but found in all apparent religions Muslims and Christianity where the so-called religious leaders determine how you live…and how you could die.

Regardless of what religion you are, you will find so-called higher orders. I call all of them brain-washed and brainless. Jesus Evangelicals, Taliban, all religions have those whose promises and dumb writings and the weak are taken too liberally and used like rags…

I am whats called a Conservative Jew, moderate, I have my Faith, My God, My Traditions, But my Rabbi is my teacher of the history of my faith and a good guide way of life.  But not an absolute, God gave us self determination and the ability to think faith, he is not my cardiologist or internist.

But I have little to share with extremists of any kind.  Live and let live but don’t listen to those who tell you how to live and avoid good health, and let your loved ones get ill. Thats someone who should be in a cell somewhere, the imbecile who gave us all the mis-information Donald T-RUMP has, the blood of 212,000 on his hands and he’s running for re-election. I will not speculate how many Americans are certified fellow imbeciles and praise him but guessing about 40 million. We simply refer to them as ignorant Jesus Cult Morons. And their sect referred to as Evangelicals or Wackadoos are really off the wall. 

Measles Gone For Years Pops Up In Brooklyn And Rockland County
The Rockland County, NY, woman hadn’t told her obstetrician that she had a fever and rash, two key signs of a measles infection. A member of the Orthodox Jewish community there, she went into premature labor at 34 weeks, possibly as a result of the infection. Her baby was born with measles and spent his first 10 days in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The infant is home now, but “we don’t know how this baby will do,” said Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, the health commissioner for Rockland County. When young children contract measles, they face a heightened risk of complications from the disease, including seizures or hearing and vision problems down the road.

The measles case Ruppert described is just one of many.  New York state’s outbreaks, which began last October, have gone on longer and infected more people than any other current outbreak nationwide. More than 275 cases of the disease have been confirmed statewide through the first week of March, primarily in the New York City borough of Brooklyn and in Rockland County towns northwest of the city and in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

For months, New York City officials have been fighting a measles outbreak in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn, knowing that the solution — the measles vaccine — was not reaching its target audience.

They tried education and outreach, working with rabbis and distributing thousands of fliers to encourage parents to vaccinate their children. They also tried harsher measures, like a ban on unvaccinated students from going to school.But with measles cases still on the rise and an anti-vaccination movement spreading, city health officials on Tuesday took a more drastic step to stem one of the largest measles outbreaks in decades.

Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a public health emergency that would require unvaccinated individuals living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to receive the measles vaccine. The mayor said the city would issue violations and possibly fines of $1,000 for those who did not comply.

Imported From Israel — Update:  
Background and aims Childhood vaccinations are an important component of primary prevention. Maternal and Child Health (MCH) clinics in Israel provide routine vaccinations without charge. Several vaccine-preventable-diseases outbreaks (measles, mumps) emerged in Jerusalem in the past decade.  But the Orthodox
 do not accept or believe Measles shots in Israel.  More of the Gods will answers I classify as BULLSH*T.  

The CDC reported 971 confirmed cases of measles in the United States 2019. This is the largest number of cases reported in the U.S. since 1992 — 8 years before measles was declared eliminated in the country. The outbreaks in New York City and Rockland County have dragged on for nearly 8 months, and if they continue through the summer and fall, the US may lose its elimination status, the agency warned. 

That total makes up about half of the 578 confirmed cases in 11 states that were reported nationwide by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from January 2018 through the end of last month. Washington state, with 76 cases by the end of February, has the second-highest number of cases.

Measles cases in New York have been concentrated among children from Orthodox Jewish families, many of whom attend religious schools where vaccination rates may have been below the 95 percent threshold considered necessary to maintain immunity. The outbreaks began when unvaccinated travelers returned from Israel, where an outbreak persists, and spread the disease here.

Besides geographic proximity, cultural identity may contribute to an outbreak taking hold in the close-knit Orthodox community — a feeling that their worldview is not in keeping with modern secular society, said Samuel Hellman  a Queens College sociology professor who has authored several books about Orthodox Jews. 

Anti-vaccine advocates have swayed parents in New York to refuse immunizations for their kids, sparking two of the largest measles outbreaks in the state’s recent history, according to local health officials.

Fear Mongering Advocates of Stupidity Should be Arrested
As of April 10, at least 285 people in New York City — mainly in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Borough Park neighborhoods — had fallen ill. In nearby Rockland County, 168 people have caught the virus. The outbreaks have prompted health officials in both areas to declare states of emergency. In the city, officials ordered mandatory immunizations among unvaccinated people on Tuesday, threatening those who opt out with fines. Nearby Rockland took the unusual step of barring anyone under the age of 18 who hadn’t been vaccinated for measles from public places for 30 days in March. That order that was put on hold by a judge ten days later.

What’s notable here is that the affected communities are closely linked: Cases are occurring mostly among unvaccinated or under-vaccinated Orthodox Jews, particularly children. When asked why people are opting out of vaccines, the New York city health department said anti-vaccine propagandists are distributing misinformation in the community.

The fear mongerers include a group called PEACH — or Parents Educating and Advocating for Children’s Health — which appears to be targeting the Jewish community with misinformation about vaccine safety, citing rabbis as authorities, through a hotline and magazines. 

Some of Rachel’s concerns are reflected in the Vaccine Safety Handbook, purportedly produced out of Brooklyn by the PEACH group. (The group declined to be interviewed for this story.) The book carries the slogan, “You can always vaccinate later. You can never Un-vaccinate,” pages of misinformation about vaccines, including the well-debunked link with autism, as well as advice from rabbis about the “Biblical commandment” to avoid putting one’s life or health in danger — including the danger of vaccines.

From a Leader Of The Community Who Should Shut Up
Brooklyn Orthodox Rabbi William Handler has also been proclaiming the well-debunked link between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. Parents who “ Placate the gods of vaccination” are engaging in “child sacrifice,” he told Vox.  He also stands on the Autism platform and should be exiled from this country, he has his beliefs but when others can suffer because of his beliefs in a position of authority, he should be stopped, or questioned or prove it, other wise it falls under the category of mindless rhetoric and lies.

Dear Rabbi Handler…
I am Jewish, a moderate conservative, and a nephew who is a Rabbi. I serve my God with deeds and actions.  I help the poor, I feed them, I am a cancer caregiver, but I am not a fan of your sect or believe the strength of your truth.  You are radicalized and not a scientist nor an immunologist certified in that field of Vaccines.  I grew up in Williamsburg and was higher educated in Brooklyn.  Right near the Williamsburg Bridge at HaveMeyer and Broadway.

We all seek the good things and do good deeds but you seem to miss the point.  Our God gave us the gift of free thinking, all the education you want and need and the ability to learn, and expand our thinking, by living in a modern world. 

Please close your commentary, you are a false prophet, and speaker of lies, before anyone else dies due to your ignorance, you should go back to the Holy Land, Israel where your sect is following false information of vaccines.  Your kind and followers denigrate medical science.  

With due respect for your service to weak minded people who follow you, If a true working safe vaccine is made for COVID-19 and you refuse to allow your people to partake in it,  It would not bother me to see you deported.  There is freedom of speech in this great land but not freedom of lies and negligent homocide

Then, you should be in jail as a heretic of humanity. Heresy is any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs, in particular the accepted beliefs of a church or religious organization but also the laws of nature and the modern world we live in.  The standard is the separation of Church and State 

With COVID-19, a million people are dead world wide and more millions slated to die if not brought under control, your bullsh*t ignorance of the new world order and intelligence will cause others not to accept vaccine misinformation and create more problems.  We follow traditions and just celebrated Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, carried through the ages.

In addition,  Rabbi William Handler, holds the view that vaccines cause autism — and shares it with parents. “I explain to parents that public health authorities like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are not interested in individual children,” he said. The best way to avoid potential harm is to avoid getting immunized, he advises. “ Parents don’t want to play Russian roulette with their children. It’s like child sacrifice.”  No Truth Here….

Though large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between the MMR vaccine and the mental developmental disorder, it’s the autism views that the New York City health department hears a lot of. 

“Unfortunately the concern about whether there’s any linkage has really lingered and [because of] misinformation, and it has been very difficult to dissuade parents,” Jane Zucker, New York City’s assistant commissioner of the bureau of immunization, told Vox. “We hear they want to wait until the child is older so they know the child doesn’t have autism, then get the child vaccinated.”  As long as he is not dead by then…

NY Had The Largest Share of HEP-A In the Aforementioned Communities…

When hearing about hepatitis A, many people think about contaminated food and water.  Yes, food handlers are tremendous spreaders of the disease.  However, in the United States, Hepatitis-A is more commonly spread from person to person.  Since March 2017, CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis (DVH) has been assisting multiple state and local health departments with hepatitis A outbreaks, spread through person-to-person contact.  And in certain areas…guess where…

The Hepatitis A Vaccine Is The Best Way To Prevent Hep-A Infection 

The following groups are at highest risk for acquiring HAV infection or developing serious complications from HAV infection in these outbreaks and should be offered the hepatitis A vaccine in order to prevent or control an outbreak:

  • People who use drugs (injection or non-injection)
  • People experiencing unstable housing or homelessness 
  • Men who have sex with men (MSM)
  • People who are currently or were recently incarcerated 
  • People with chronic liver disease, including cirrhosis, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C

😇  One Dose Of Single-Antigen Hepatitis A Vaccine Has Been Shown To Control Hepatitis A

Pre-vaccination serologic testing is not required to administer hepatitis A vaccine. Vaccinations should not be postponed if vaccination history cannot be obtained or records are unavailable.

😇  Moreover, treating Hepatitis A patients is expensive.

Previous studies have concluded the average annual cost for treating hospitalized hepatitis A patients covered under commercial health insurance plans could run up to $11,479.

😇  Latest Data on Hep-A And Related Subjects 

  1. Untreated Drinking Water Is a Diminishing Hepatitis A Risk
  2. Minnesota’s Hepatitis A Outbreak Costs May Exceed $100,000
  3. HAV vaccination is recommended by the CDC for all children starting at 1 year. 
  4. Most (70%) of HAV infections in children younger than age 6 are not accompanied by symptoms.
  5. The CDC also suggests travelers to certain countries and for people at high risk of the infection get an HAV vaccination.
  6. The CDC says just 1-dose of a single-antigen Hepatitis A vaccine provides up to 95 percent sero-protection in healthy individuals for up to 11 years. And, pre-vaccination serologic testing is not required to administer the hepatitis A vaccine.
  7. There are 3 HAV vaccines approved in the USA: Vaqta, Havrix, and Twinrix, which are available at most pharmacies. And, immune globulin can provide short-term protection against hepatitis A, both pre- and post-exposure.

😇 This Research Available At

  • CDC: Widespread outbreaks of Hepatitis A across the United States
  • CDC: Viral Hepatitis
  • Health Care Utilization and Associated Costs of Hepatitis A in Adults in a US Commercially Insured Population
  • Information for Providers - Hepatitis A
  • CDC Vaccination Schedules
  • Vaccine Price List
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  • Hepatitis A Warning Issued for Grocery Store Customers
  • Hepatitis B Immunity Among Women of Childbearing Age Decreased in 3 States
  • Hepatitis C Screening For All Adults Now Recommended
  • Tennessee Offers Free Hepatitis A Vaccines To At-Risk People
  • Minnesota’s Hepatitis A Outbreak Costs May Exceed $100,000
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  • Free Hepatitis A Vaccinations For Qualifying Adolescents
  • Hepatitis B Infections Impact ‘Other’ Cancers Too


Chlorine dioxide — a hazardous mix of sodium chlorite and an acid activator such as citric acid — was first  promoted as a miracle cure two decades ago by Jim Humble.  Wow, now JIM is a heavily credentialed individual by the  NUTS-R-US Foundation, Inc, LLC, FOS, The United Voodoo Associates, ROMULANS - FOR JESUS and the WY-FLUNG POO Foundation.  You got to be shiting me if anyone believes this ass clown.

Humble, 86, claimed he’d used the chemical compound to heal a case of malaria while on a South American expedition. It worked so well, Humble says in his book and on his website, that he named himself the Archbishop of a new religion devoted to Chlorine Dioxide, branded it the Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS for short, and promoted it as a cure for AIDS, cancer, diabetes and virtually every other malady including it as a brightener when you do your laundry… Humble did not respond to a request for comment.

But it was Kerri Rivera, a former Chicago real estate agent, who brought chlorine dioxide to the autism community and became its best-known proponent.  Kerri Rivera is interviewed by NBC Chicago via Skype at her home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in 2015.

NBC Chicago and as she tells it in her 2013 book, “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism,” Rivera, who is not a doctor, stumbled across Humble’s teachings while experimenting with autism cures on her son. Rivera had made contacts in the autism cure world by trying different en vogue regimens like hyperbaric chambers and heavy metal antidotes.

A frickin idiot meets another frickin idiot with no medical training or expertise in anything other than google rumors and bullsh*t…  these folks should be arrested as their books and plans might be ok in the rhelm of first amendment free speech but stops at free lies and bullsh*t involving possible harm or death from insane medical treatments… people who cause harm because of their hunches like our President, high scorer with 136,000 deaths should be eliminated from society, exiled or hanging works…


Robert Baldwin promoted his miracle liquid as a cure for malaria, HIV/AIDS, cancer and many other sicknesses. It was actually industrial-grade bleach, a report claims.

A New Jersey pastor has been doling out industrial bleach to thousands of poor Ugandans, promoting the poisonous liquid as a “miracle cure” that can cure cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and numerous other ailments when ingested, The Guardian reports. 

Burlington County’s Robert Baldwin reportedly plugged his “healing water” in Uganda using Biblical imagery, claiming it was a divinely blessed, natural, earth-based remedy for everything from diabetes to malaria.

The liquid is actually “miracle mineral solution” (MMS), a mixture of sodium chlorite and citric acid, The Guardian reports. The two chemicals combine to form an industrial-strength bleach known as chlorine dioxide that is used in the textile industry.  

MMS has no known health benefits and can actually pose a significant health risk to consumers, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ― including causing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration. 

Baldwin has been importing bulk quantities of sodium chlorite and citric acid into Uganda, according to The Guardian. His ministry, Global Healing Christian Missions, boasts that it has “trained” over 1,200 Ugandan church leaders on how to use this “natural health solution.” The leaders are in turn administering the liquid to up to 50,000 sick people every month, according to a Global Healing Christian Missions Facebook fundraising page that was still visible on Wednesday. 

HuffPost has reached out to Baldwin and to Global Healing Christian Missions for comment. In an interview with NJ Advance Media on Monday, Baldwin denied distributing MMS or any liquid containing bleach. He claimed he was being demonized by people who didn’t understand the benefit of natural medicines. 

“It’s so confusing to the average person,” Baldwin told NJ Advance Media about his so-called “cure.”   The pastor said he has disabled the Global Healing Christian Missions website and social media page after the Guardian story was published. “I had to shut everything down. I’m getting hate e-mail. People are calling me Satan,” Baldwin told NJ Advance Media.

YouTube videos from an account titled “Global Healing Christian Missions” were still visible on Wednesday. In the videos, a man described as “GHCM President Robert” is recording conducting “training” sessions with pastors and churches in Uganda. He pledged to give free smartphones to pastors who are particularly “committed” to the cause.

In one YouTube video, “Robert” speaks to a group of Ugandans through a translator about how the inspiration for the ministry came straight from God. Assuming the tone of a charismatic preacher, he claims that modern-day pharmaceutical companies have become corrupted by “Satan” and are only concerned with profiting from people’s suffering. 

“The first thing I want you to understand is this is not a medicine, it’s not a drug,” the pastor says about his solution. “If you call it a medicine or a drug, the health ministry will demand a license and warranty to treat people.” 

“The mineral, you don’t have to take it but for one week, two weeks, three weeks and you’re healed in Jesus Christ’s name,” he said. 

In another YouTube video, “Robert” can be seen speaking to a crowd of people waiting to register for the program. He refers to the Biblical story of Jesus healing a blind man by spitting on the ground to make mud, and applying it to a man’s eyes.

“So Jesus gave us examples in the Bible of how we need to follow instructions of a man of God,” the pastor says. “When you follow those instructions and you take the minerals every day, then a healing will come when you die from it”

EDITOR:  Really, I think different, I suspect if you drink enough, you will die and you might not find Jesus, stupidity and ignorance do not earn a seat at his side…  Mr. Mestopheles has a bus waiting…

ATCH 10-27-2020