A novel ( NOVEL means little or nothing is known about this spore and disease)  COVID-19  named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome COVID-19 2 (SARS-CoV-2), was identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China in 2019. The illness caused by this virus has been named COVID-19 disease 2019.  And it is possible one of the most dangerous world wide pandemics in the past 100 years.

In response President DONALD T-RUMP,  His Supremeness, Excellent Bullshitter, and Scumbag  of our great nation elected to choose, Mike Pence our boring and ass-kissing Vice president for his fellowship in doing nothing.  And he excelled at doing nothing but lied for T-RUMP.  And people died… 

The Task Farce is and was a joke from the beginning and a good percentage of the members should have been thrown off a bridge.  The space taken up here and statistics are truth. If you believe anything coming from the White House is true, please sign up for the free psychiatric testing at the Gremky-Freebish Center for the Incurable.  Lobotomies half price during the month of November.

COVID-9 News Updated 11/07/2020

The Death Count Climbs Every Day











This Is Not Good  — 10/31/2020 T-RUMP Inspired Bullsh*t…

👺   TALLAHASSEE — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ( Presidents Mini-Death Associate) said Tuesday he will allow visitors into nursing homes and assisted living facilities, nearly six months after the state blocked visitation during the first wave of COVID-19 infections.

DeSantis said during an appearance in Jacksonville that he would sign an executive order lifting the ban on visitors, while also allowing “essential” caregivers to touch long-term care residents.   Two elder-care advocacy groups criticized the move to reopen facilities, asking why it is coming now and questioning a decision not to mandate that visitors be tested before entering facilities.

The executive order will take effect immediately, said Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Mary Mayhew, who headed a DeSantis-appointed task force that came up with recommendations for reopening facilities.  But Mayhew said long-term care providers will need to have written policies in place before the doors swing open to allow “essential,” “compassionate” and “general” visitation to resume.

In announcing the executive order, DeSantis acknowledged that the move will increase the number of COVID-19 cases in long-term care facilities but said the need for visitation --- which has been banned for the most part since March 15 --- could no longer be ignored.

“Many of the folks understand that they have loved ones who are in the last stage of their life. They are not demanding a medical miracle, they are not having unrealistic expectations. They would just like to say goodbye or hug somebody,” DeSantis said through a choked voice, before adding, “I think it’s difficult to think that some of our actions may have prevented …”

👺   There are 44 potential Covid-19 vaccines in human trials, but experts say we may not know which ones work best -- or whether they work at all -- until after people start getting them. That may mean settling for a vaccine that prevents severe infections instead of providing outright immunity. 

👺   The Trump administration is set to announce soon that Medicare and Medicaid will cover out-of-pocket costs for any potential coronavirus vaccine that’s granted emergency use authorization. And help can’t come soon enough.  Nothing he did to help it, it was an automatic, we prepaid those companies if anything works, so fat I am not impressed.

👺   More than half of US states reported their highest daily number of corona virus cases ever this month. Some areas are back to the way they were at the first dark peak of the pandemic, with packed ICUs, taxed medical systems and victims’ remains filling refrigerated units.

👺   COVID-19  infections, 7-day average: 68,767 - It’s the most infections the US has ever had in that time period. 

👺   Frightening state-specific  - Utah ICUs may have to ration care

👺   In El Paso, they’re moving patients to a children's hospital after calling for additional refrigeration at morgues.
👺   T-RUMP Lie - The spike in infections is not from testing -- Trump continues to say (like he did in Pennsylvania today) the spike is because of increased testing. That's either a lie or ignorance. How could it be ignorance at this point?

👺   Stunning admission — White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said on CNN’s State of the Union the White House isn’t even trying to contain COVID-19  at this point. They’re just waiting for a vaccine. Add Meadows to the Hall of Shame.

👺   Mandate masks - First Dr. Anthony Fauci over the weekend and now former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb have called for more consideration of a national mask mandate

👺   Vaccine timeline -- Expect a vaccine in December, but no wide availability 'til next spring. That’s been a pretty consistent guess from experts.  Information released by T-RUMPS fake team of bullshitters is inaccurate and designed for the stock market not the human stock that lives in this country.

👺   Political timeline — Reminder: President Donald T-RUMP will be in office for more than two months after Election Day so, regardless of what voters choose, there’s unlikely to be forceful COVID-19 leadership at the national level during this fall surge. Time to shoot the bastard forget elections, he’s a murderer.  One can only wish….

British study shows evidence of waning immunity to Covid-19
A study of hundreds of thousands of people across England suggests immunity to the COVID-19 is gradually wearing off -- at least according to one measure.   Researchers who sent out home finger-prick tests to more than 365,000 randomly selected people in England found a more than 26% decline in Covid-19 antibodies over just three months.

"We observe a significant decline in the proportion of the population with detectable antibodies over three rounds of national surveillance, using a self-administered lateral flow test, 12, 18 and 24 weeks after the first peak of infections in England," the team wrote in a pre-print version of their report, released before peer review.
"This is consistent with evidence that immunity to seasonal coronaviruses declines over 6 to 12 months after infection and emerging data on SARS-CoV-2 that also detected a decrease over time in antibody levels in individuals followed in longitudinal studies."

👺  Dr. Birx Identifies What’s Behind Recent Spike In Virus Cases and More…
Dr. Deborah Birx, who is on the White House COVID-19 task force, says that indoor gatherings as the weather gets colder are driving the recent increase in coronavirus cases.  Meanwhile, several countries like Russia and Germany are seeing record daily numbers of Covid-19 cases, or numbers approaching the early peaks of the pandemic. 

There’s another second wave to worry about, too: A new report claims there will be another surge of Covid-related mental health devastation as well. Increased isolation and tension, coupled with poor access to taxed mental health treatment systems, could lead to more tragedies like overdoses and suicides. 

On a much less optimistic note, the pandemic could push 150 million more people worldwide into extreme poverty by next year, according to the latest World Bank assessment.   The only blessing from God will be that bolt of lightning so sorely needed to eliminate T-RUMP and save what left…

The President who is a certified and proven idiot  — Denies the disease and Dr. Robert Redfield — President Donald Trump’s director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a lifelong conservative — testified to Congress Wednesday that a Covid-19 vaccine wouldn’t be ready before the election and probably would not be available to the general public until next summer. 



Congratulations To The Most Dangerous, Ignorant  and Stupidest President Ever Born…

If You Sing His Song You Are Just As Guilty Of Lies That Kill People And The Children 

Are Now One Of The Hardest Hit Groups…  T-Rump Is Still Claiming Indifference, Restricting 

Commentary By Scientists, Immunologists, Laboratory Technicians, Nurses and Doctors

 And Obstructing The CDC And The FDA…


The Dumbest Most Ignorant Answer Ever Heard

👺 Why are we testing less ? Why did you cut back on testing?  Because he ordered it… so the numbers will go down but more people will still die.  Mr. President, you are a credit to insanity and an embarrassment to humanity… Your explanation is a shinning example of a lack of simple third grade economics, missing link level intelligence, and the example of a totally deficient line of thinking, that scientists and mathematicians, doctors and scientists alike asked a poignant question… who is this moron?

If we test less, less results, obvious less numbers,  but doesn’t define true rates of infection, they are a lie totally suited for brainless GOP base runners and Evangelicals. Things will be better as soon as you Mr. Presidente Demente are removed, by any method including illness, suicide, assassination, abduction by aliens, kidnapped by Democrats and drowned, it doesn’t matter, you have to go…  You really are as stupid as they say you are…and more and more are dying…now its children…

👺 The Good, The Bad, Lives May Depend On These People, We are Screwed..

224,000  —   Dead  Estimate By February 2021 — 400,000 +

Those Marked With An X,  Should Leave, If Not We Are Screwed

👺 The White House COVID-19 Task  Farce
FARCE FARTS:  The T-RUMP liars club  is a United States Department of State Task Farce,  that coordinates and oversees the administration’s efforts to monitor, prevent, contain, and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 disease 2019 (COVID-19) by lieing, avoiding the truth and huge amounts of promises that are not true. The Only Honest ones are Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci, just dump the rest, just acolytes…   It  has proven itself a total failure for making a national pandemic into a political  game and challenging the advice of the scientists and disregarding CDC guidelines.   

Their success story is a  a disaster that has resulted in needless deaths of a large proportion at 217,000 so far and expected or modeled into 410,000 by January if the folks above with exception are not removed and charged with Negligent Homocide.  This includes Donald T-RUMP, Mike Pence and three Cabinet members.

Those we thank for their service and honesty are Dr. Blix, Dr Fauci, several others not pictured here.  Others did nothing but capitulate with our lying truth dodging, service draft dodging president and do not and did nothing but repeat the lies…if T-RUMP loses the election and this might be true for some Governors and Mayors, they too will be gone.  

We do know the entire T-RUMP Cabinet and Fiends should look out for Vigilante groups with ropes…
Hopefully coming soon to a tree near you

😳 Quote VP MIKE PENCE:   Overheard at FAKE FARCEPress Meetings…

Think of Mike Pence as the HEAD of the Corona Virus Task Farce.  Think of Donald T-RUMP as the NECK of the Corona Task Farce.  And the Head don’t turn till the neck says so… and thats when he can pull it out of T-RUMPS backside to make an announcement.

Since Mike is so devoted to the great leadership and command of the T-RUMP President and praising ad nauseam T-RUMP reminding us about every remark he makes a situation to make the Loser-IN-Chief look good…, it requires he be in constant communication with the President.  Thus the theory he has his head up T-RUMPS ass.  Possible yes, he has a big ass.  

Did you ever notice he stands behind the President so as not to upstage him.  Great job Mike and you will be happy to know Preparation-H made you the Man of the Year as the one man that knows Donald’s Sh*t inside and out…

The Weak Admiral  — A Man Who Goes With The Flow…

Virus testing failures and lies by a weak Admiral who said we are doing great… just another pawn in Donald’s mis-leading game who should retire tomorrow… as virus testing in the US has fallen for the first time since the start of the pandemic… 

The troubling trend may in part reflect that fewer people are seeking out tests as known cases have leveled off at more than 50,000 per day, as well as a fundamental problem: 

The nation has yet to build a robust system to test vast portions of the population, not just those seeking tests.  And the people on the T-RUMP Covid-19 Council are capitulating and other than Dr.  Fauci not fighting for the people…Thus the Count Of Deaths By January has been Up-Ticked to 410,000.   If admiral you are afraid of T-RUMP…Resign…

Sean Penn Dubs Covid-19 Czar — A “Flat-Out Liar And An Incompetent Pawn”
“I don’t have faith in giving advice to the President of the United States, or to the White House testing czar” Penn said to CNN’s Ana Cabrera.  “The former is a flat-out liar [T-RUMP]  and an incompetent pawn [Adm. Brett Giroir]”   He continued to call out lack of leadership or clear information from government officials, including those in the White House.  

Methanol,  T-Rump’s Other Ideas Kill Too
👺  People are getting sick and even dying after swallowing hand sanitizer, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday.  Four died and others have suffered impaired vision or seizures, the CDC says.  

👺  A CDC team described the cases of 15 adults in Arizona and New Mexico hospitalized for methanol poisoning. The FDA’s list of dangerous hand sanitizers has now grown to more than 100.   

👺  The miracle drug HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE is sponsored by Dr. Donald T-RUMP, and a group of off the wall quack doctors certified in Crainial-Rectal Endorsement. SH*T FOR BRAINS.COM on the web, TV and in the news technically has been re-named by FDA certification and now known as, 


👺 Upon  T-RUMPS recommendation, the latest scam thought  up by relationship with the other con Mr. Pillow Lindell, former Crackhead, Evangelical nutcase, and T-RUMP best bud declaring a new miracle drug should be fast tested by the FDA. Lindell brought Oleander formulation to the WhiteHouse, Oleander is second to Curare, another deadly plant.  If used on COVID-19 patients, four grams would kill them.     SEE THE WHOLE ARTICLE

Dr. Birx 
Dr. Deborah Birx of Trump's coronavirus task force is "distressed" and questions how long she can continue in her role, reports CNN's Jim Acosta, pointing to the emergence of Dr. Scott Atlas, a favorite of Trump’s who pushes the idea of herd immunity, as a controversial voice among public health experts

Dr. Birx said the task force was watching states that have seen a significant rise in cases, and suggested those states consider closing down bars and limiting indoor gatherings to less than 10 people.  Dr. Birx said, is that young people under 30 years old are usually the first to catch the virus and then unknowingly transmit it to their parents, who then transmit it to grandparents and other older folks.  

The states of concern include Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, Birx said.  Hmmm, mostly Republican and under T-RUMPS controls.
And Donald the liar calls out the Blue states and ignores truth
…COVID-19 is colorblind, unfortunately T-RUMP is brain-dead and doesn’t know that.

He Just Doesn’t Give Up On A Lie — And Pence The Backup Liar…
While the T-RUMP administration has remained steady in its false message in recent weeks that it wants schools to reopen, educators have protested a return to school next month, arguing that even if children don’t experience the virus in the same ways, the decision to return could be deadly for teachers and staff.

It was and now we are in hold down again because people don’t listen and there is no leadership anyone believes in anymore.  Of course leadership of a bunch of morons is not the easiest thing to do.

We must open a Duck farm in Washington DC to house all the quacks hanging around his Imperial Majesty, The Grand Poopah of Poop, The Devine One Donald T-RUMP. And as the young lady suggests  ( a devout T-RUMP Supporter)  we should stop killing ducks to make duck tape.  ( Your call environmentalist or nutcase or joke, I’m lost on this one ) 

BUT!  The statements by T-RUMP  and Pence are false saying children don’t suffer much from the virus, they don’t spread it and less likely to spread it than adults.  That is a false assumption proven wrong by the doctors by Dr. Donald T-RUMP who thought his discharge from the Mental Institution was a medical degree and celebrated by his Imaginary Medical Colleagues all in his mind and was not verified

Some Pertinent News Lies, Sickness and Testing — Rejected by T-RUMP
FACT:  Testing frequently seems to be just as important. In another study, a group of authors from the University of Colorado and Harvard write that when it comes to testing for the purpose of society-wide Covid-19 surveillance—not for diagnosis of individual cases for treatment—it’s less important to deploy highly accurate tests and more important to test individuals often.

“Dramatic reductions in total infectiousness” in a society, according to their mathematical models, “ Were observed by testing daily or every third day, about 60% reduction when testing weekly, and less than 40% under biweekly testing,” they write. 

T-Rumps Tweets And Lies Have Approached 25,429…
(Verified WP, CNN, POLITICO) Each day we see people as numbers, lies as numbers,  and we have become cold to the numbers.  These were either lies from a President or sickness and death for the living…living, breathing human beings being ignored by leadership and even with valiant attempts by the responders and medical staff many died because of one man and his cronies.  

As President Trump entered the final stretch of the election season, he began making more than 50 false or misleading claims a day. It’s only gotten worse — so much so that the Fact Checker team cannot keep up.  As of Aug. 27, the tally in our database that tracks every errant claim by the president stood at 22,247 claims in 1,316 days.

Note the date. That was when he gave his speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination. We’ve been able to update the database only to that point as of today — so already we are eight weeks behind. (We maintain this database mostly in our spare time, in addition to our day jobs.)

Just in the first 27 days of August, the president made 1,506 false or misleading claims, or 56 a day. Some days were extraordinary: 189 claims (a record) on Aug. 11, 147 claims on Aug. 17, 113 claims on Aug. 20. The previous one-day record was 138 claims — on Nov. 5, 2018, the day before the midterm elections.

When this is over, if he loses, he needs to be charged and hanged or hanged and then charged, doesn’t matter, he is guilty of Homocidal Negligence.  It would be a unique election inauguration ceremony, if Biden wins, T-RUMP won’t show.  He’s just a coward fake TV reality fraud… and better find a country with no extradition treaty with the US like Palmyra Island located in the North Pacific.

Palmyra Island, North Pacific

Stunning coastline, palm trees, shimmering water, gorgeous sunsets, colorful corals, mesmerizing dawns, and peaceful vacations. But the island is known for and  tainted with tragic deaths, bizarre happenings, pirate attacks, buried treasure, secret military use, cursed land, and gruesome murders. 

All these strange happenings have forced even the best of rationalists to wonder about the curse being true of the small  atoll between Hawaii and US Samoa.  It was possibly Inhabited by criminals and cannibals, replaced by a small group of scientists today who are neither Republican nor Democrats, and giant lizards also Independents and known for eating all kinds of trash…  

Donald’s Stooge Mark Meadows Admits T-RUMP Is Sitting Back Waiting On Cures
Not really news he’s been lying for T-RUMP for four years…and today is no different…

COVID-19 Political T-RUMP —  And The Nazi / Russian Playbook

President Donald T-RUMP has found a way forward for his administration in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it comes straight from the Soviets, the NAZI and the Axis playbook’s.   

It is in steps…Declare victory over a problem, and then lie, he is on make believe TV acting out his fantasy and has enough really dumb followers called the GOP base and Evangelicals, the Jesus Cult Crackheads, who believe him no matter how clear it becomes that the problem still remains and he lied.  Man, thats pure ignorance…

He is helped along by the instruments of his office and ass-kissing surrogates in politics and the media — that Americans will leave the reality they see and join his fantasy.  The threat of violence to reinforce their narratives. It’s a magical thinking that allows leaders to abdicate their responsibility to take care of society and focus only on hoarding political power.  

Its hard to hide a potential of 510,000 dead Americans in February of 2021, short of the realistic vaccine times of April.  This virus does not go away and reoccurs due to a lack of Federal help and intervention. Also there is a lack of information about it and what we learn each day is critical and worse, it’s scary, very scary… immunity is may 2-3 month after you are antigen tested and you can get it again… worse…

He’d rather be golfing, so he’s going to construct a reality in which he can get back to doing just that. That reality will then be passed to us through White House briefings and Fox News and other right-wing media.   The rest of this country, though, will have to square what T-RUMP has said and done (or is saying and doing) with the world around them — with a rising national death toll and with sick friends, neighbors, and relatives they’re worried about. You might with a recession be fending for yourself and you might be witnessing your own death warrant

ATCH 10-27-2020