The Year’s Defining Issues Are Coming To A Head


Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living, physical organism. Death may refer to the end of life as either an event or condition. In many cultures and in the arts, death is considered a being or otherwise personified, wherein it is usually capitalized as “DEATH”.  COVID-19 is a real terrifying DEATH.


The ACA and Obamacare - Threatened BY Supreme Court — A Death Plan

  • Four Years In, Did The President Keep His First-Term Promises?  —  Mr. Trump won the presidency in 2016 after making more than 100 promises, about half of which he has broken, according to a tracker by PolitiFact.   Supporters of Mr. T-RUMP who spoke to The Times said overwhelmingly that they were pleased with how he had lived up to his pledges. Totally frivolous ones the important ones failed.    So the fifty that passed were insignificant in fact totally dangerous to the environment and ultimately your life.ED: NOTE:   When we asked how many knew his promises, we got stares, so we asked them asked if they knew ten of those pledges,  most knew nothing… the new talking points against the competition but not T-RUMPS promises…sad.Against this dystopian backdrop, T-RUMP and his administration just can’t stop talking about his nonexistent health care plan.  It’s going to be great — “ Everybody’s going to be taken care of”… if they are not dead by then…there will be insurance for everybody … no one will lose coverage … “ there will be no cuts” to Medicaid … and “  No one will be worse off financially.” 
  • If you believe one word from that lieing bastard then you just escalated from dumber than a rock to a real live frickin idiot…the man has lied 21,000 times,  why is this lie any different, he’s be found out and is losing, it took a long time but dumb people are harder to convince.  
  • Those repeated promises President T-RUMP and his administration have made about his phantom plan he has talked about for four years, same for infrastructure, education, etc.   We’ve all seen the T-RUMP administration take obsessive steps to kill the Affordable Care Act — all while Obamacare has gotten more and more popular with the American people.  
  • You see they wanted to make sure the Supreme Court hearing was after votes were cast because they know openly arguing to gut the coverage of preexisting conditions might hurt them politically, given that 43% of US households report having at least one member with a preexisting condition, according to Gallup.
  • With the latest Juror who is a staunch anti-abortion, anti-Obama Care, anti-Roe vs Wade, we are in a position to lose  health insurance for 23 million in Obama Care and 100 million to pre-existing conditions. Then we will have a 6-3 court and women’s rights, gay rights and marriage, and Roe Vs Wade will go down the toilet.
  • But after the votes are cast, your personal health care concerns are completely expendable on their altar of ideology. Look at a family photo to see who might be affected — it might even be you.  And any one with COVUD-19 will be considered pre-existing…
  • Maybe that's why Trump has ramped up his baseless, health care hype in recent months, feeling the heat of the election. In July, he told Chris Wallace, “ We're signing a health care plan within two weeks." Big news, right? Two weeks later, there was no plan. He tried the same frickin lie again this week in an ABC, a painful, semi-coherent ramble about the plan just around the corner. 
  • Let's be honest, because the President apparently cannot. THERE IS NO T-RUMP HEALTH CARE PLAN.  And even if they try to desperately patch something together before the election, something both the President and his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows  ( another liar and coward scumbird )  alluded to this week   “It’s more of an executive action with a legislative component that is more visionary,” Meadows said… Washington Two-Step Bullsh*t…  
  • Several of Trump’s top health care officials testified to a Senate Appropriations subcommittee Wednesday that they were unaware of any plan.

👺  The Affordable Care Act  -  For 10 years, since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, conservatives have been claiming to support “ epeal and replace." It's catchy and alliterative and total nonsense. Because they still haven’t put forward a plan.

Now with a presidential election less than 22 days away, Republicans are getting scared that voters might notice that their phantom “ Plan" is all repeal and no replace — in the middle of a pandemic with massive economic uncertainty — while people with preexisting conditions could find costs skyrocket while their lives hang in the balance.

We need the Evangelicals and the base GOP to get off on truth as they have failed as Christians…and Americans,  by supporting the modern day version of Authoritarianism Donald T-RUMP.  He is the false prophet the Bible speaks of…

And as compassionate human beings… repent and redeem ones self and remove, the T-RUMP,  the first commandment speaks of falseness,  and came from God, T-RUMP came from hell and almost 220,000 have died by November or sooner… innocents, and you supported him, you are just as guilty. And thats direct from GOD… no interpretation needed… A vote for him guarantees a seat in hell…

👺  Who Pays The Bills — Corruption and Mitch McConnell
With help from the corrupt speaker Mitch McConnell Our gross national debt went up eleven trillion dollars from Obamas low 16.4 to current T-RUMP at 27.0  and we are rapidly approaching 30-33  trillion which will take two decades and a series of recessions to pay off.  T-RUMP just used your money, for the Tax break and gave it to the rich who have made billions during the pandemic and people dying of starvation, losing houses, savings and insurance. It is true  and has endangered Social security Medicare and Medicaid in addition to other programs.   

But you failed in your world, it was McConnell and the GOP Senate, you should have gone after, Mitch the obstructionist and you fell for the lies and help kill a country, it’s not just your country, its mine too, my country. Your frickin stupidity and voting for T-RUMP  has caused death and destruction, racial hatred, fires, protests and some anarchy…  Now you have an ecology in taters, parks in ruins, water is polluted, stream and rivers not safe from runoffs and many will eventually suffer. 

No one can be that ignorant to see who he really is… I guess I’m wrong, we must be a nation of fools… the GOP and the Fake Evangelicals… all fools without a reason for their cause except greed and their own failures.


 👺Question:  How do we know the President is lying ?
 Just look at his eyes, he’s reading a script, and his lips are moving…

ATCH 10-27-2020