A New Con Man And Corroborator Crawls Out Of the Dirt Upstage  

A seventh day of protests over the death of George Floyd brought a new round of disturbing episodes across the country. In Washington, DC, police released tear gas, charge with mounted police and fired rubber bullets at protesters near the White House to make way for President Trump to pose outside of a nearby church while holding a bible.  

Reminders of crowd control during the Nazi birthing before WWII.  Which led to this weeks winner of the Golden Penis Award…If anyone is a Golden Penis , it is Barr, a true penis. I would call him a lying prick but I can’t say that here.

On that note AG Barr, Donald’s prime supporter and Certified Liar and Winner of the Golden Penis Holder Attorney General side-tick and fellow NAZI was laughing at the attack on innocent protestors.  Caught on tape, he appeared very happy with the returns…   laughed like a true scumbag… a real small man, hero when he fights the innocents surrounded by armed troops  but has no balls to fight the true enemies of the Republic…in support, he is not for the people, he is the presidents personal scumbag…

Attorney General “ Scumbag” William P. Barr also issued a stern warning to protesters, saying,  “ Groups of LEFT WING outside radicals” were exploiting the situation for their own agenda.   In an analysis, our chief White House correspondent writes, “While other presidents seek to cool the situation in tinderbox moments like this, Mr. T-RUMP plays with matches.”  And they were not left wing radicals.  They were right wing…  White Nationalists posing as Antifa’s…

He’s either a con or the dumbest asshole Trump dragged into the fire… show us proof it was them and not the White Nazi’s posing as them as part of the Trump Charade

A photo-op depicting the Presidente Demente as some kind of King walking to the park in manner to be respected as the Messiah. Trump holding a bible is the same as Hitler reciting the Torah. 

It was a stupid photo-op chastised by the major real faiths as one of the dumbest frickin stunts an idiot could do.  

Trump He claimed many faith persons praised him.  Does he think all the fake Prosperity Gospel Crooks in the fake religious business count in Gods eye’s.  They too will have a day of reckoning.

It’s rumored there are so many fake Evangelicals Mr. Mestopheles called Trump asking for his help in building more hotels in Hell for those folks.

His photo opportunity sent ripples of disbelief through the faith community. In New York City, widespread looting in upscale neighborhoods amounted to what one CNN correspondent called a predecessor to “ Anarchy”  if the scumbags do not pay attention…

Both the Episcopal church of the Presidents Bishop and the Catholic Statue of St. Johns Officiate were not pleased with the hijacking of religion for political purpose and expressed it on many of the cable stations… A day later prayer vigils were held led by the Bishops.  Hopefully there was a cleanup after the church was desecrated by the TRUMP fakes and Photo-op.

Los Angeles and New York City have both imposed the harshest curfews the cities have seen in decades. Meanwhile, the demonstrations have gone global. People gathered in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and other cities in a show of solidarity with Black Lives Matter activists.

WILLIAM BARR  —  Extremely Dangerous —  
The latest rage in idiocy and it affects us all is the president removing and firing personal whose sole purpose is our protection. T-RUMP has removed all the Inspector Generals from the major organizations designed to protect us and filled it with cronies and fellow incompetents who will follow his whim. 

He has now replaced most of the positions in our government with patsy’s, flakes, incompetents, and cronies.  We are at risk and thats why NOVEMBER will be the most important election in the history of this country. It will determine if we govern ourselves or we have a dictator.

He has disemboweled the FBI, he has a stooge named William Barr who is a traitor to the people of the United States and should be in jail.  He is not Running the Department of Justice, he is T-RUMPS verbal blow-job, he has ruined it as a defender of the people. and become T-RUMPS personal protection.

He was laughing when the troops cleared Lafayette Square Park  so that Donald “ Adolf”  T-Rump could parade to the Church and hold up the bible.  He is the Himmler of the T-RUMP Dynasty/

Trump has  tainted the Supreme Court, he is surrounded by incompetents who are destroying our infrastructure, education and frankly our humanity.  We have had three and half years of chaos, collusion, traitors, lying, and internal strife and now one hundred sixteen thousand deaths due to negligence.

I Call It Negligent Homocide And He Should Be Charged  

Each day we are subjected to unbelievable third grade stupidity, ignorance and refusals to listen to science, because science paints the carnage he has created and we pray some intervention remove those who betrayed us.  It may just be a virus but when your entire plan for this country is nonexistent based on hunches and false info from conspiratorialists, frauds and screwball instead of reality, we suffer.  

I will support removal of those who are aligned with the destruction of our good way of life by any means simply because the betrayers have muddled the system we live in.  Corrupt politicians in the Senate who dance to the music in a lock-step under the leadership of McConnell should be removed, all of them, greed is their GOD.  And I really do not care how it is done. After the collusion and lies by these Senators, feet first is OK with me, I will think nothing against those who remove these traitors to the country.   It’ not politics as usual, it’s being a traitor to God, Oath and Country.

It will have to be you —  Since our GOP Senate is not honest, filled with out-dated cowards and corruption.  All fearful of  the T-RUMPS third grade menu mode, his crony’s and appointees have to be removed before they destroy more innocent people by their acts.  Almost one hundred twenty-thousand innocents have died at their incompetence and LIES.  Sit on your ass this election and we are doomed…Remove Barr Now…

History And Lies For T-RUMP

  • Everybody knew that Attorney General William Barr’s appearance this morning before the Senate judiciary committee was going to be heated.   Now it proved to be red hot. That’s because of the revelation of a letter written by special counsel Robert Mueller in which he expressed concern that Barr’s four-page summary of the Russia investigation report mischaracterized some of Mueller’s findings. 

  • Mueller told Barr in a phone call that although he didn't think the attorney general's summary was inaccurate, he felt the report was much more nuanced on the obstruction of justice issue than the summary indicated.  So cue the tough questions from the Democrats on the committee, who hammered Barr over this. 

  • If it was allowed they would have called Barr a paid scumbag, the Senate (GOP) hacks put him in place to defeat Mueller’s works and thats exactly what that traitor to truth did.  Hopefully, when they hang T-rump,  leave room on the platform for this asshole on the stage with his own rope…

  • He betrayed his country... OH and save space for Graham, Grassley, Gowdy, Nunes, Pence Jordan, Gohmert and Giuliani, I can provide enough rope, we took up a collection called “ THE ROPA DE DOPA”  No problem… We did not hire a king… No one is above the law… neither T-rump nor Lower De Barr…

The Death Penalty And More From The Stooge

  • After 16 years without an execution, the federal death penalty is being reinstated in the US. Yesterday, Attorney General William Barr directed the Bureau of Prisons to schedule the execution of five inmates after adopting an updated execution protocol. The move represents a dramatic reversal in the recent federal use of capital punishment. 

  • President Donald Trump has taken on the issue in the past and repeatedly promised to "bring back the death penalty." The executions are supposed to begin later this year, but they'll probably be delayed by legal challenges. There are currently 62 inmates on federal death row, and about 2,600 on death row in the 29 states where capital punishment is legal. 
  • And that feeling would be anger.   Barr outraged congressional Democrats after he suggested Donald Trump's 2016 campaign was spied on and said he'll investigate the FBI's actions that led to the Russia probe. Barr didn’t offer any evidence to back up his shocking statement as we see it unsubstantiated disinformation from the Crown King Of Lies Donald J. T-RUMP.

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fumed that Barr was "going off the rails," and other Dems accused Barr of floating the spying claim just to make Trump happy.  Republicans were thrilled at the news, defending Barr as “ an honorable man” and saying it was about time someone looked into how the whole Russia investigation began.

  • The photo above shows the amount of truth in Barr’s statements.  All spoken like a true scumbag follower and defined in the system as a scumbird.  We thought he was describing Donald’s member.

  • Democrats on the House Judiciary committee were livid at Attorney General William Barr after he said he'd release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report within a week. Chairman Jerry Nadler promised a subpoena demanding more. The Dems also didn’t like that Barr wouldn’t say whether the White House had been briefed on the Mueller report.

  • "I think that's a betrayal to what he promised during his confirmation," Schiff told CNN, referring to Barr's refusal so far to not provide Congress with the full report and underlying evidence. "But it's what he was hired to do, which is to protect the President. The President wanted his own Roy Cohn and apparently he got one. But it is deeply concerning.

The Three Corrupt Wise Men Doomed After T-Rump Is Gone

The Cesspool Brothers...

Note:  If this is the best the DOJ had to offer, we are in deep sh*t… The DOJ may have been part of the swamp that T-RUMP  caught to destroy but the Cesspool that replaced the swamp is worse than ever…  The swamp had the folks who would bring T-RUMPS lies to the surface.  It can’t happen now as the cesspool replacement is solid , unmovable, hardcore SH*T, the best of the Supreme shitter.  When they hang T-rump as a traitor save some rope for this putz, William Barr, another two-faced traitor, ass-kisser and liar… who betrayed everything he said when appearing before the Senate. He is a puppet of T-RUMP 

Don’t Expect Truth, Honesty Or Legality From This Man, He Is a Con

  • President Donald T-RUMP reportedly told confidants he “ finally" has " my attorney general," referring to Attorney General William Barr.  The news marks a sharp contrast between now and two years ago, when the president was reportedly complaining about why “ My guys” at the “ rump Justice Department" weren't shielding him from the special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Because Mueller was truth…   It also appears to bolster criticisms that Barr is functioning more as Trump’s defense lawyer than as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

  • Barr tries to (re)explain what he was doing with four-page letter.  Now that we know that Mueller took issue with the way that Barr described the report in his summary letter on March 24, the AG sought to re-classify what he meant to do with the letter.  He compared it to offering a verdict in a trial, with the transcript of the proceedings (the Mueller report) to come out later. Barr said that public interest was such -- and the stakes were so high -- that he felt the need to offer the summary or verdict immediately after receiving the report.

  • To hear Barr tell it then, what happened with his letter was all a big misunderstanding. ("We were not trying to summarize the report," Barr told the Judiciary committee on Wednesday.) It was never meant to fully categorize the nature of Mueller’s investigations, according to Barr; that misunderstanding is why Mueller wasn't thrilled with Barr's letter.

  • Barr blames the media for Mueller’s reaction to his letter  Asked what, specifically, Mueller took issue with in his four-page summary letter, Barr said that the special counsel was unhappy with the description of obstruction as it relates to the President; “ he press was reading too much into it,”Barr said of what he took from the phone conversation with Mueller on March 28.

  • But that's not at all what Mueller said in the March 27 letter to Barr, which was released Wednesday morning. There's no mention of the media in that letter. In fact, Mueller seems to directly criticize Barr's handling of the letter.
    Wrote Mueller:  
    “The summary letter the Department sent to Congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of March 24 did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this office’s work and conclusions," Mueller wrote. “ here is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation."

  • The difference between “firing" and "removal for conflict" Barr tried to thread a very narrow needle in explaining why President Trump telling then White House counsel Don McGahn to get rid of Mueller was not obstruction of justice. Barr claimed that T-RUMP never told McGahn to “ fire" Mueller but rather to remove him from his position due to alleged conflicts of interest. 

  • The difference, according to Barr? Firing Mueller would eliminate the special counsel while removing Mueller for cause would ensure a new individual would be named to carry on the special counsel investigation. Therefore, no obstruction! That’s slicing the onion very, very thinly…

  • One more thing: In May 2017, the Department of Justice made clear that Mueller had no ethical conflicts and was perfectly capable of overseeing the special counsel investigation. A month later, Trump told McGahn to remove Mueller for conflicts of interest. So, how did Trump not already know that the DOJ had said no such conflicts existed?


GRAHAM: "Do you share my concerns about the counterintelligence probe and how it was started?"

BARR: “Yes.”    

  • Big deal. Barr’s agreement with Graham means that the attorney general is now at odds with both the FBI and the Mueller report, which made clear that the counterintelligence probe began after the Australians approached the US following the release on WikiLeaks of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee to tell them that a one-time T-RUMP aide named George Papadopoulos had told an Australian diplomat that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

  • Barr’s statement on Wednesday puts him -- or at least potentially puts him -- much more in line with Trump, who has repeatedly claimed that the counterintelligence investigation was based on an opposition research document put together by former British spy Christopher Steele.  (Steele’s work was paid for, at times, by the DNC and the Clinton campaign.)

  • Barr won’t be apologizing for saying “spying".  Last month, in a Capitol Hill hearing, Barr said that he believed "spying" had occurred on the Trump campaign in 2016. Controversy followed, as national security officials insisted that the AG referring to the legal use of a FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page was deeply irresponsible.

  • On Wednesday, Barr refused to back down from the use of that word -- insisting that "spying is a good English word that in fact doesn't have synonyms because it is the broadest word incorporating really all forms of covert intelligence collection." Challenged by Sen. Sheldon WhiteHouse (D-Rhode Island) as to whether the term "spying" is used commonly in the Department of Justice, Barr retorted: "It's commonly used by me."

 Understanding Barr-Sh*T

  Try to follow Barr’s logic on the Mueller letter - TERMED BARR-SH*T Replacing Bullsh*t

  • The facts are these: More than a week after Barr received Mueller’s letter expressing concern about how the AG’s summary letter had characterized the obstruction evidence -- and talked to Mueller on the phone about it -- he appeared before Congress. And he had this exchange with Florida Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist:

  • Rep: Crist:  Reports have emerged recently, General, that members of the special counsel’s team are frustrated at some level with the limited information included in your March 24 letter, that it does not adequately or accurately portray the report’s findings. Do you know what they are referencing with that?

  • BARR:  No, I don’t.  Asked about that moment on Wednesday, Barr explained what looks like willful obfuscation -- basically -- this way: I didn't know what specific "reports" Crist was referring to or who on the special counsel's team he was talking about. Therefore, my answer is accurate.

Editor:    Which is, well, whoa. Or, better put, it is a hugely legalistic answer to the question of whether Barr misled Crist and the broader country. Common sense dictates that, when asked about whether he was aware of any frustrations from the special counsel regarding his four-page letter, the letter from Mueller — and their subsequent phone conversation — would jump immediately to mind. Remember, working for T-RUMP we know his lieing and evasive skills are great.

Barr can make a lawyerly argument that he didn't understand what Crist was specifically referring to in his question. But that doesn’t pass the smell test.  It did however score a 10 on the suck test, same one we use for T-RUMP since his remarks always suck a ten.

Barr made clear he did not “exonerate” T-RUMP on obstruction.   Pressed on his critical decision not to charge Trump with obstructing the Mueller probe, Barr made a bit of news. Here's what he said: "I didn't exonerate. I said that we didn’t believe that there was sufficient evidence to establish an obstruction offense.”  

That's broadly in keeping with how the Mueller report described its own findings on Trump and obstruction, writing this:"(I)f we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach that judgment. ... Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

The Bullsh*T Exoneration Lie

  • All of that is VERY different from how Trump himself has described the findings of the Mueller report and what Barr decided after reading it. "No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!,” T-RUMP tweeted on March 24.

  • California Sen. Kamala Harris asked Barr a simple question: Did anyone in the White House ask or suggest that he open an investigation into a person or people?   Barr was taken aback, asking Harris to repeat the question. He then said he wasn’t entirely sure what she meant by the word "suggest."  All of that potentially suggests -- ahem -- that someone in the White House has either asked or suggested that Barr and the DOJ look into a matter. Which is interesting, to say the least.  Regardless he answered as just another T-RUMP scumbird.
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