The paranoid portrayal of himself as victim continued in a similar manner. “It’s a witch hunt,” Trump said, “and they know that. … I would give myself an A-plus.  Nobody has done what I’ve been able to do, ( ED: True except Hitler)   and I did it despite the fact that I have a phony cloud over my head that doesn’t exist.”   ( ED: “ That is not a cloud it is a bag of sh*t”) 

Trump’s anger, which threatens at times to escape his control and explode into full-throated rage. The same destructive impulses to which he gives free expression from the rally podium sounded out of control when coming from an isolated, disembodied voice over the phone.  The man is mentally ill and out of control.

But if that discussion is now reverberating in the pro-Trump, conservative media echo chamber exemplified by “Fox & Friends,” it has reached an entirely new level. If Fox News is suggesting that the president’s moods could benefit from medical attention, there’s no telling who is next.   

Basically the problem is he is a demented narcissistic masoginist prejudiced frickin idiot…stupid to boot…and he lies a lot…To date 9/8/2020  21,000 times according to Politico who fact checks him. So does the Washington Post.

The Bigly Lies Unfold… This is The Short List Of The Biggest Lies Ever…
On July 21, 2016, Donald T-RUMP formally became the Republican presidential nominee.  In his acceptance speech, T-RUMP made his bold claim which officially it created the number four of the famous lies people tell for the first time and congratulations, we have a new winner and first new addition in forty years, we have a new winner.  87% Chose number four

1)   I’ll pull out just before I climax …
2)   Your check is in the mail…
3)   I’m here from the government and to help you…
4)   T-RUMP….
“I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves, “ Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”  he has been beating up on people all his life.  

Almost four years to the day since T-RUMP made the "I alone can fix it" claim, it now appears more likely than not that those five words will be the lead of his political obituary. He has wrecked any chance of that happening… 

He alone has created, fostered and encouraged the worst racist hatred this country has seen… He supports and encourages White Supremacy.

He has destroyed the lives of hundreds of people and participated in the deaths by neglect and lies of 200,000

Even at the time, those words were odd. T-RUMP was casting himself as the only person in America — a nation of 330 million people — who could fix the problems with inequity and who could bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots, and make the country more, well, equal?  

So far after four years of daily lies and hatred, the ignorant and biased cult members in the Evangelical support him, that is the puzzle and being defining as a new epidemic of depressive morally sick attitude he is promulgating and it just won’t go away as he constantly feeds it.

Everywhere else his sickness has killed 200,000 supposed and possibly double.

I said it four years ago, the best thing that could happen would be an assassination… I have watched this man for forty years from NY to Florida… 


He Promised He Would Do The Following… First Part 24 Promises

  1. He will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it, not happening…never will happen… “No way Jose”

  2. He promised jobs coming back to America, not happening…  never will happen…  the New World Order is being led by China without us… We blew it. He threatened, they built ports and expanded their circle of influence opening new markets in the Pacific Rim and Africa.  He got nothing…

  3. He said he would stop nuclear proliferation, and executive proclamation that took us out of talks with Iran and North Korea.  Iran is now closer to an Atomic Bomb, dirty or conventional, missile deliverable and has Chinese and NK missiles to deliver.  Great job Donald, you made things a lot more volatile and especially a weakness with a very dangerous unstable religious nutcase leader.

  4. North Korea really loved you, great  ❤️💛💖LOVE LETTERS 🌹🎀 🎉you received from Kim Jung UN.  Two are at the bottom  of the page. Boy did he play your ego, and string you along with flowers and the North Korean symphony of one hundred violins…  He played YOU like A SUCKER AND LOSER… Oh and at the same time announced that North Korea had missile and nuclear weapons that could strike the US.  Another great job Mr. President… Your bullsh*t and lies aided the enemy and jeopardized the Korean Peninsula. 

  5. He promised Health Insurance for the better, not happening…never will… went after Obama and put thirty million people in jeopardy during a pandemic…  he promised it five time in two weeks , all lies, there is none.
  6. He promised an immigration program, not happening, never will happen… and promoted a lot of inhuman treatment  by putting immigrant children in cell type prisons…He took children from their mothers, some children and mothers died…
  7. He has tried to destroy DACA, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare and other health programs… and failed, He has phoned charges and swept the Supreme Court with lawyer level bullsh*t taking them away from critical issues.

  8. He has tried to remove anything good and use the money from infrastructure and education for the wall… he so much needs for his fake base and we don’t.

  9. He promised a better deal with China, we now have tariffs, and a financial and personality war with China, they want Biden, they don’t trust T-RUMP.  Just call it a very cold war, frigid is a good word… And China will do nothing till he is ousted.

  10. He promised a middle class Tax break stealing the money from the GDP And NDP raising the gross national debt which is money owed by the US to other countries and banks possibly close to 30-33 Trillion dollars ( We are at 27 Million now)

  11. He is getting richer everyday with scams like Kodak and with a few of his acolytes and sycophants who need to go to jail.  Not happening, never will happen

  12. He has removed safeguards and made promise’s never kept thru treaties he has abolished or quit or insulted other nations when we will need them in the future we will be ignored…extremely dangerous and stupid, that includes Iran, NATO and others.

  13. He has proven the American voter can be mislead by FOX media and lack of education. Most of his GOP base are single white males with limited education, T-RUMP disgruntled job loses and have failed, lost skills and super Jesus freaks called Evangelicals.   

  14. So you ask … How can one man dodge the truth so well, as a liar, exaggerator extremis, bully, arrogant, vulgar mouth,  dismissive personality, coward, name calling, draft dodging, degenerate, ignorant, incompetent and conspiring individual possibly become the President of the United States?    It’s really simple, he lied to  most American voters who are naive, they vote by facial, name recognition or lies too stupid to believe.  

  15. Stupid decisions by uneducated voters, stupid, ignorant of the truth, looking for the simplest way out, possibly seeking vengeance, vindication, and solace for their problems most of which were not caused by the government but caused by their inability to adjust or re-educate.  

  16. His promise to bring back coal  —  The GOP base was composed of middle class who were losing jobs, supposedly under Obama which was not true,  another lie, it was the death of coal as a dirty fuel …   just more T-RUMP lie.  A  large percentage ( the entire industry) of promises was coal and dropped to zero with nuclear, wind and solar gaining.
  17. Obama offered retraining  —  Those coal miners were not competitive in the New World Order and a reluctance to re-educate.   Germany, the last of the communist side prior to reorganization was our biggest customer.  They are going clean fuel since the Germans decided breathing was good idea…   No sale… No Ka-ching  — Coal is dead.

  18. Being a great con man — and basically ignorant of the Constitutional laws of the land he persuaded them to blame the government, and simple minds responded as most simple minded ones do. Like the worker in the ant family. Just work, thats what drones…do.  

  19. Their problems instead were caused by their own internal weaknesses such as lack of education, lack of job skills, thinking the future was going to be for them what it was for their parents, and that they were secure, wrong… technology advancements and competition from a global economy, the so-called New World Order which is now in jeopardy.   they were naive and easily convinced, they had a choice, they blew it and he took advantage, he knew it

  20. The tariffs are lies  - Tariffs hurt us more than the Chinese,  his comment that the Chinese are paying the tariffs is a lie, they just raised the price of goods and you stupidly are paying premiums…are paying for it…    No trade means we don’t export and we will crash eventually.  

  21. Have you priced goods at the supermarket, it’s right in front of you, or are you that stupid to realize, those tariffs China pays, with your money for the goods does not do one damn thing for you… He has screwed you and doesn’t have any respect from the Chinese,  they hate him and Pompeo equally.

  22. As I have said before and again and again  “ Donald’s The Art of the Deal”,’ the book Tony Schwartz really wrote and Donald abridged it, the great deal maker isn’t so hot when it comes to people he cannot leverage or bully.  In 2021, after he is ousted my collection of notes and follies will publish “ The Farts in His Spiel”…  

  23. It’s not that Donald is that smart, he’s quite backward in speech and text, basic intelligence and doesn’t realize his worst enemy is the guy in the mirror when he spends two hours doing his ski-slope hairdo everyday, that much spray ingested might be the cause of his dementia.  It just boils down to how many are stupid enough to believe him… 

  24. Someone needs to put Roundup in his hairspray…

The Stock Market Lies - Second part of The Lies

  1. He lies about the stock market,  I have it in my mind that the average ignorant American Voter has no clue…  the stock market means the rich, the owners of these companies, the executives of most of them control the stocks, all big business are not suffering,  it tells you they are making a killing. Laid off workers are suffering, some will not have a job. Some will be working from home. Some will lose family

  2. Understand if you know nothing about economics.   It merely reflects that many companies doing well, many because of the COVID-19 Pandemic… More than enough money has been wasted by the COVID task force run by a complete frickin idiot, he is nothing a sycophant ass-kissing schmuck… MIKE PENCE… He is a microphone holder for Donald the Death Killer President.

  3. Thats close to twenty-five million to thirty-million, no chance of going back to a business that won’t be there.  Sixty percent of smaller Black and Latino business’s have failed, six million Americans with COVID-19, 185,000 dead as of today and an estimated 319,000 dead by the first of the year.  

  4. And he’s dishing out money to all the big corps and ignoring the needs of the ill, those losing their homes, those who have lost wage earners, and critical members of their family, the school kids with no schools because Donald Golfed when the son of a bitch should have been doing what he needed to do.

  5. Two Points, most of the rich own these companies and took the tax money they got from T-RUMP as a bonus, the workers never saw it.   And it is the rich commanding leads in the acquisition of these stocks, the stock market reflects the 1-2% of the rich in the US, not the twenty-million starving, losing homes, jobs and lives at the hands of this GOP negligence.   

  6. It was a double slam, for those who got paid and to grab the tax money too.  Millions, all set up by T-RUMP, McConnell and Paul Ryan calling it trickle down economics ( those 20 dollar bills were tinkle down)  which failed under Reagan.  We simply see it as the middle class and it’s workers getting PISSED ON more accurate.

  7. And the death of the retail store in malls with no traffic.  And the fifty to sixty percent of those businesses not coming back, but the market does not mean you are getting rich.  No one explained that to you… 

  8. The 1-2% rich folks get rich based on the winners, not all stocks are good and many like entire and the list is two pages long with very popular named retail stores are in bankrupsty and closing. The stock market is not an indicator health, it is an indicator of wealth of the rich owners and cronies and you cheer him,  how did God create such ignorant people?

  9. Our Most vulnerable businesses are already failed and failing.  Retail sales stores on expensive plazas and malls, then the restaurant trades on almost all levels will be take out ( ala Checkers who might have been in the best position as Take out is their business and anyone associated with the leisure industry, travel, hotels, conventions, etc

  10. But check our Gross National Debt and the possibility your kids will be looking at deficits in the 30-35 trillion dollars numbers in the SEE GROSS NATIONAL DEBT  (JUST CLICK AND STAND BACK)  and  seeing a real mess as this situation will take ten to twelve years to rectify… T-RUMP is dominion the next generation, grabbing what he can now and not caring.   It already has a name ‘The T-RUMP DUMP.  Too lazy we are at $26,700,000,000 in debt at $3,000,000,000, in interest so far.

  11. Great economy, bullsh*t, he tells you the market, the market does not put food on your table, pay the rent, the car payment, health insurance.  The poor are dying, from poor medical aid, financially bleeding to death, no medical aid, loosing homes, getting evicted  and T-RUMP and his buds don’t care.  

  12. 20 million out of work is the worst in history other than the depression. COVID-19 has done damage and no leadership multiplied that disease to 190,000 DEAD AMERICANS, kids not in school and that lying bastard tell us things are great.

  13. Our politicians don’t care, they get all the insider news, during the pandemic and fake tax cuts, our rich have accrued 4 Billion dollars in breaks and profits during the pandemic and should give it back to the poor. 

Sometimes I go back to my professors almost sixty years ago for their wisdom or lack thereof.  I did pay attention, in high school, Wingate HS.  The worst school in Brooklyn…I am self taught owning the title of the greatest truant Wingate HS had ever seen. 

I took over…my education came from two librarians, one in school, the other at public library near my home  (Little TV then)

But I aced my tests, graduated two years early because of a RA - Rapid Advancement Program for advanced students.  I just turned sixteen and two months.  

And one professor and I quote him, said,   “ A day of reckoning comes along when the words stop, it is the beginning of the cycle of Democracy.  The 29 crash might repeat itself, if it does come, the market will mean little in anarchy,  possibly more important who has the most guns…and bullets… 

We Have Stood BY and Applauded Corruption and Bribes and called it Patriotism

  1. To which modernizing it — I add — And the most bullets thanks to the NRA’s diligence in bribes, stealing, pandering to the GOP with millions in bribes.  Your  dollars never went to Ducks Unlimited  or any kind of related environmental usage but it went to Schmucks Unlimited of the GOP corruption and are now under federal indictments and corruption by the Great State of NY.

  2. The chief executive of the National Rifle Association and several top lieutenants engaged in a decades-long pattern of fraud to raid the coffers of the powerful gun rights group for personal gain, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday by the New York attorney general, draining $64 million from the nonprofit in just three years.

  3. In her lawsuit, Attorney General Letitia James called for the dissolution of the NRA and the removal of CEO Wayne LaPierre from the leadership post he has held for the past 39 years, saying he and others used the group’s funds to finance a luxury lifestyle.

  4. She also asked a New York court to force LaPierre and three key deputies to repay NRA members for the ill-gotten money and inflated salaries that her investigation found they took.

  5. James accused the NRA leaders of flouting state and federal laws and signing off on reports and statements they knew were fraudulent, while diverting millions of dollars away from the NRA’s charitable mission to benefit themselves and their allies.   FULL STORY AND UPDATED DOCUMENTS 

More Creative Falsehoods From The Greatest Liar…

  1. HE LIES - and cheated as usual  Truth is he lost the Popular Vote by three million — but bribery and promises snagged the Electoral Vote  Snagged a win, and now the entire T-RUMP syllabus is explained when one who studies all the of the events surrounding THE RISE OF THE THIRD REICH, and finds out based on Adolf Hitlers game plan, how close      T-RUMP really comes. Total control and domination through aggressive tactics.  

  2. HE LIES - Irony, they cheer when he promotes hatred and smears toward people and then they call themselves Evangelicals. Jesus must be doing backflips popping out of his sandals.  Just a bunch of cultists with weak backbones believing anything they are told. 

  3. HE LIES - He has never asked for forgiveness from anyone or anything a day in his life.  As one columnist said when Donald gets down on one knee pretending he’s praying he’s probably looking up someones skirt. 

  4. HE LIES - He in his mind is faultless and the chosen one. He blames everyone but himself and is surrounded by several simpleton GOP base liners in need of mental care.  

  5. HE LIES - He claims he picked the best.  His advisors are sycophants and one is ( Stephen Miller) worse, a White Nationalist Team Leader and a promoter of racial hatred who writes his scripts.   He is the Goebbels of the NAZI era working for T-RUMP.   

  6. HE LIES  - And there are too many parallels, it’s threatening and scary, the parallels T-RUMP presents are almost a game plan that was written and used by Himmler and Goebbels, actually in some cases even they manipulated Hitler.  A very dangerous thing to do but they were on the same page. Hitler was just as crazy.  He was the False God the Lord warns of in the first of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.  He and Himmler created the ARYAN Faith.

  7. HE LIES  - LOVED, No Hated by your own family.  It seems his relatives don’t like him in books and tapes by his niece and his sister, word is out he cheated on his college entrance exams, he had others take his tests for him. His sister claims she did his homework.   And then there is the problem of the draft board.   Next…

  8. HE LIES  - President Donald Trump’s older sister Maryanne T-RUMP Barry described him as a “cruel” man with “no principles” in tapes that were secretly recorded in 2018 and 2019 by his niece, Mary T-RUMP. The recordings, which were published by The Washington Post late on Saturday, are the first to emerge from one of the president’s siblings criticizing his character.

  9. HE LIES - They show Mrs. Barry, a former federal judge, delivering a critical assessment of her brother’s handling of the presidency and provide the basis for some claims made by Mary T-RUMP in her recent tell-all memoir which casts her uncle as a dangerous narcissist.

  10. HE LIES  - “All he wants to do is appeal to his base,” Barry said in one recording. “He has no principles. None. None. And his base, I mean my God, if you were a religious person, you want to help people. Not do this.”  “His godamn tweets and lying, oh my God,” Barry said. The lack of preparation. The lying. Holy sh*t.”

  11. HE LIES  — Mary T-RUMP told The Washington Post that she recorded 15 hours of conversations between her and Barry in an effort to demonstrate she had been misled about T-RUMP family patriarch Fred T-RUMP Sr.’s will.  In July, Mary T-RUMP published “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” and she has said she is supporting Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden.
  12. HE LIES —  In another recording, Barry said she worked to help get her brother into college, including by doing his homework for him. She also makes an allegation that appears in Mary Trump’s book: That Trump did not take his college entrance exams.    “He got into University of Pennsylvania because he had somebody take the exams,” Barry said in the recording.  “SATs or whatever,” Barry said. “That’s what I believe.”

  13. HE LIES  — Breaking News  WASHINGTON – The DRAFT DODGER  —  Two daughters of a New York podiatrist say that 50 years ago their father diagnosed President Donald T-RUMP with bone spurs in his heels as a favor to the doctor’s landlord, Fred T-RUMP, obviously for free rent.   The New York Times reported Wednesday:    Problem…the doctor never met or saw Donald T-RUMP, more magic…diagnosis by phone and free rent…

  14. HE LIES  — When he talks about how great he is, I want to commit a violent and permanent act against him… we don’t want him buried in A MILITARY FACILITY like Arlington, he never served and cheated, a bonfied Draft Dodger… Maybe a swamp in Florida.  Maybe in a landfill on the Russian steps for the bounty money the Russians paid the Afghans…
  15. HE LIES   — Conservatives have rallied around President T-RUMP  “ What Republicans used to call the core of their agenda—limited government— it should be changed to GREED, T-RUMPS philosophy,  Our politicians have grown rich and greedy and indifferent to human suffering and he has stolen from America.  During the pandemic somewhere estimated at four billion dollars. Wonder why the GOP Senator scumbags are so silent

International Chaos

  1. HE LIES  — The One China Deal is Dead, and a no Deal… More bullsh*t  and we are in a verbal and military buildup war with China and no trade agreements. In fact it has grown wider and more militaristic.  Just ask Wal-Mart and their stores full of Chinese products.  And the folks in Hong Kong who saw the one China Deal get cut by a Chinese bayonet.

  2. HE LIES   —  USMCA to NATO allies contributing more money, his approach has made more enemies than friends and in return our leader gave the enemy Putin the Crimea, Russian Naval bases in the Black sea, Syria, no aid for Ukraine and the list goes on.  Must be interest on his loans…. We are no longer believed in as a partner as long as he is alive… Those NATO allies shed blood from their troops to support the crap our politicians failed at.

  3. HE LIES   —  No more love letters from Kim Jung Un,  “ Squarehead” KIM is happy, T-RUMP bought him time to create a huge nuclear arsenal now and the means to deliver it in threats.   Now his ego is world leader talk… more lies… It was ll a big Photo-session and now more than ever China will be Squarehead Kim’s ally, not the US. Talk says that T-RUMP, the great deal maker got screwed and got walked all over again and again played by a kid…

  4. HE LIES   —  Please edit the defeat of ISIS, they are alive, well and killing and now… his treaty with the Taliban…oops, they are killing too.   His moves in Afghanistan have blown up and US personal attacked, more bullsh*t…  More lies and more lies, never stops…  He accomplished nothing except a retreat…

  5. HE LIES   —  President T-RUMP has shown his ability to advance America’s strategic interests”,  the problem is he never got the cart out of reverse, he has messed up everything he has touched with his lips…

  6. HE LIES   —  We have serious international problems and his administration with Pompeo at the rudder will steer us up the creek, problem is with pompous Pompeo’s mouth, the creek will be long gone and dried up. They hate him in China.  He is a boorish insulting pig…  ( Chinese Writer) 

  7. HE LIES   —  His obvious and oblivious handling of the COVID-19 with cooperation with our allies and countries overseas is the worst frickin disaster in the history of the world besides the World Wars and certain Police Actions. He closed down China but left the backdoor open to New York where the real problem entered the New York area from  Europe in greater numbers and started the first pandemic epicenter in the city.  He paid no attention to the warnings say in many ways it was harmless. Tell that to 193,000 families and potentially 420,000 by January…


ATCH 08-27-2020