President Donald T-RUMP is struggling to find a compelling rationale for his reelection ahead of the final presidential debate, firing off wild, scattershot attacks against an expanding list of perceived political enemies.

The man is off the rails, and the train is cascading down the mountainside.  220,00 Americans are DEAD and this lunatic never mentions a word.  He is  a third grade bully and will have to be taken downand I really do not care how it is done. 

On a day of vitriol and stunts, the President's base-stoking narrative of anger and personal persecution targeted Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Lesley Stahl of "60 Minutes," the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Supreme Court and Dr. Anthony Fauci. At an evening rally in Pennsylvania, he even took a shot at "Crooked Hillary." He also intensified pressure on Attorney General William Barr to launch criminal probes into Biden.

I truly believe Barr is seeing the light at the end of the tunneling, thats the hole T-RUMP is digging,  it might be a huge train coming right at him, so he better not be drinking brandy and smoking cigars till he can get out safely.  

But Trump's quest for distractions simply underscored how he is ignoring the true and most dangerous adversary facing America -- the pandemic that has buckled his false reelection narrative of a nation on the rebound and has left millions out of work. His frantic efforts to save his presidency lacked the focus of his populist, nationalist economic arguments in 2016 -- and an opponent in Hillary Clinton, who he was conveniently able to cast as a villain for his outsider message.

"You guys aren't even open yet. What the hell is going on with your state?" Trump said at the rally, accusing Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf of keeping the commonwealth shut down for no reason. After reducing its case and death numbers from its initial bout with the virus early in the year, Pennsylvania is now seeing its cases of Covid-19 rise again, all across the state.

He is saving lives you schmuck! Your frickin Nazi Bundt Rallies will kill more people…. Heil T-RUMP !

Even China, A Country With No Love of T-RUMP Hides Money For Him…
And while T-RUMP slams his opponent as soft on China, the latest New York Times report on his own tax records reveals that the President has extensive interests in the country and even maintains a bank account there.

The Chinese account, the newspaper said, is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management and it paid $188,561 in taxes in the country from 2013 to 2015. Earlier Times disclosures have shown how the President has paid almost no US federal tax on his fortune for years. T-RUMP insists he has paid millions to the Treasury.

T-RUMP Demands Action From Barr 
Earlier, in a phone call to Fox News, the President called on Barr to open a pre-election probe into his false claims that the former vice president is guilty of corruption in Ukraine — the country that Trump tried to coerce into interfering in the election to damage Biden in an abuse of power that got him impeached.

"We've gotta get the attorney general to act. He's gotta act. And he's gotta act fast," Trump said in the interview. "This is major corruption and this has to be known about before the election."   The demand was the latest indication of how T-RUMP has no compunction about using the powers of his office -- meant to be reserved for the American national interest -- to try to damage his political foes in full public view.

Barr did not accommodate the President and might be looking to save his own ass shortly…if T-RUMP wins or loses

Biden Has A Clear Path To 270
Another riotous day at the White House unfolded with T-RUMP  who is desperate not to be the first President since  Bush 41 ousted after a single term, trailing Biden in enough swing states to cost him the election.  CNN Poll of Polls averages across 10 key battleground states suggest tight races heading into the final two weeks of the campaign in seven states and Biden ahead in the other three. 

Crucially, the averages suggest Biden holds a sizable lead in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, which could form a path for him to get to the magic number of 270 electoral votes.  In Pennsylvania, Biden averages 52% support to Trump’s 43% in polling conducted between September 20 and October 5. In both Wisconsin and Michigan, the averages show Biden with 51% and Trump with 43%.

Trump's hopes in Pennsylvania took a further blow with Monday night's Supreme Court decision that means mail-in ballots -- mostly preferred by Democrats -- can be counted in the Keystone State for up to three days after Election Day on November 3.  He called the decision “ridiculous” and "very strange." ( Only in his world, normal in other worlds) 

Across multiple states, voters are not waiting until November 3 to make their choices. Early voting records are tumbling everywhere.    More than 675,000 absentee ballots have been returned in Ohio, nearly double the figure at the same point four years ago.   More than 2 million voters have already cast ballots in North Carolina, a state where Trump tried to raise doubts about the legitimacy of early voting. 

More than 27% of registered voters have already cast their ballots in Texas, and New Hampshire has seen nearly double the number of absentee ballots returned in all of 2016.   It is not possible to deduce exactly which candidate may have the advantage in early voting. The eagerness of voters to make their choices does reflect strong support for democracy even in the most extreme circumstances. And it makes one thing clear: The election is beginning to be decided right now, and the capacity of either candidate to change its dynamics is increasingly limited.

Still, Trump is putting his hopes in the kind of late surge that helped him beat Clinton in 2016 and is scheduling a flurry of swing state rallies to try to build momentum, even though the events will put his supporters -- and people they will later meet -- at a higher risk of contracting Covid-19.

ATCH 08-27-2020