👺 Baptist Evangelicals in Colorado Defy Mask Order And Increase Gatherings

(CNN)   As the US enters what experts say will be another Covid-19 surge, a federal judge ruled two Colorado churches don’t have to limit how many worshippers come in and don't have to require them to wear face coverings. Remove him or her from the bench… now, guilty of promoting illness

Colorado set guidelines earlier this year for places of worship that include ensuring all attendees wear face coverings. Guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say places of worship should "encourage use of masks among staff and congregants." 

But following a lawsuit against state and federal officials by Pastor Robert A. Enyart of Denver Bible Church and Pastor Joey Rhoads of Community Baptist Church, Judge Daniel D. Domenico sided with the churches and found the state’s restrictions violate the Constitution.

Dead Duck Theology

The judge said that while the state may have made the decisions in good faith, “  The Constitution does not allow the State to tell a congregation how large it can be when comparable secular gatherings are not so limited, or to tell a congregation that its reason for wishing to remove facial coverings is less important than a restaurant’s or spa’s,” according to court documents.   This is not about constitution, state law this is about saving lives…

Dear Pastor Enyart:    “ We have a right, even an obligation to worship God, and that’s without government interference,” Enyart told CNN following the judge’s decision. “The government has put artificial limits on how many people could attend.   Government Response:    Because their plan is keep as many people alive which people are not doing or

Facts For Imbeciles and Others With No Common Sense
The court battle comes amid a time where infections, spreading,  hospitalizations and ONE HALF MILLION NEW CASES LAST WEEK:  Deaths are trending upward across the country.  At least two other states have linked Covid-19 outbreaks to churches.   In West Virginia, the governor said this week at least 18 active outbreaks were traced to church services in the state.  “ We all know that church is a place that absolutely this killer can really thrive. We're singing, we love to see all those that we love and that are in our church family with us," Gov. Jim Justice said Monday.

ED NOTE:   Dear Weak Minded People  — Both Baptist and Pentecostal …in this example…  Your belief sends you to one of the most dangerous places to contact COVID-19,  and thats in Church, which is a place that COVID + Stupid Attendance = Death.   … the final answer to the question… In ten days to two weeks more than half the attendees can be contaminated… and spread expotentionally four times…

Please excuse me, for my language and tone but you create spreaders, you are part of the problem of spreaders, and we the people have a right to defend ourselves and control how many innocents will get ill or die because of your crack-head level naive beliefs.  Yesterday 93,000 Americans went positive and if you track the locations, they are paralleling each of Herr T-RUMPS Bundt Rallies.    

AND THOSE HERR T-RUMPS RALLIES… We might be reaching a half million deaths by the turn of the year. 
This is not about worship, you can have worship in your bathroom for all I care, fear does cause digestive tract problems, but don’t drag people into a situation they may regret by telling them they have to go to church.  This is a virulent spore, affecting different people by a multitude of different ailments and new disclosures are scary.

If you had a real relationship with God, you could be religious in your garage or living room…  No singing,  no spreading germs, no out-loud screaming, no talking in gibberish or tongues as prayer, response and amens produce spreading, no intense hugging and kissing, no choirs creating mega spore city, and worse no good deeds, just pau for religious play, a lack of good deeds will not get you to heaven.  Thats where the points are…  Not how much you babble… does not count…

Ignore the rules and you will meet Jesus a lot sooner than you might have planned.

And judged by your deeds not your fake following.  God listens supposedly to all claims but like anyone he knows bullsh*t when he hears it…  Jesus was not an insurance agent, and if he was your insurance coverage you are in deep doo-doo…better stay away.  Get really ill and find out how those PPOs and extended benefits by TV actors, really do not work.

THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL…  You are  just a bunch of weak naive scared people… I understand…you deserve better from your pastors and TV Celebrity Prosperity bullshitters who just want your money.   

Get sick, by not those looking to stay safe, that you do not have the rights to harm innocents… and when there is no bed for you in the hospital, enjoy the hallways and tents or if it gets as bad as predicted you might be on the triage short list…


ATCH 10-27-2020