EDITOR:  The damage Report is a daily update of the danger and stupidity by one person whom voted in place by idiots truly proves it takes idiots to find better idiots.  The man is a failure as a human being and his mistakes and lies have cost us 200,000 human beings we called Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers in Arms, C0-Workers, Patriots, Responders and Friends. 

IT IS ONE MAN’S PLAN to desensitize a nation so badly as to create choices and false narratives to support a megalomaniac Authoritarian dynasty of T-Rumps while ignoring the needs and thousands of innocents who have perished and another 200,000 Americans are in danger.

WE ARE LEADING THE WORLD IN DEATH… more have died from COVID-19 than from WWI - WWII - KOREA AND VIETNAM… combined.  Yes, Donald T-RUMP did not cause the virus, the crime is he created lies and false narratives and news,  distractions and the result was to ignore it and blow it off, while his real goal was re-election.  He did nothing about it except to con and lie to the American public.  

WHY, HE’S RICH  (He owes way more than you think)  he stole enough money, and he has Putin co-signing his notes at Deutscher Bank and you will be hearing about and if he is not re-elected he will be facing charges by four agencies and three state attorney’s. 

The proof is all over the place, and there are only two ways to get  rid of him.  Vote the Narcississtic Low Self-Esteemed bastard and his cronies out or carry him out…that will be the T-RUMP legacy…

IF HE LOSES THE ELECTION, he will create a hailstorm of corruption, vote cheating, distractions and the White Supremacists and Nazi gun totes,  NRA douch bags and other dissidents on his team will become even more dangerous… lieing the world has not seen…till now. 

It is time to think of reprisal PLAN B, and I’m doubting the effectiveness of taking the high road anymore, it hasn’t worked, it doesn’t work, with lowlife scumbags and imbecile level morons, you have to fight them on their level

The Blamer

T-Rumps Mantra Kills

👺  Death is a final vote by those who lost their lives due to his incompetence, negligence, stupidity and arrogance, and his lies and hunches promulgated and purposely misleading the publics safety for political gain. His speeches have been filed with lies and false approvals by invisible people who don’t exist. They are in his corrupt and broken mind. 

👺  And the solutions are getting narrower… He has to lose severely in November, if not, nothing will be left of the country.  He destroyed the; DOJ;  FBI;  CIA, The Banks, The Fed Reserve; and the Supreme Court, we are almost an Authoritarian Government and he grew the National Debt by eleven to fourteen Trillion Dollars.

👺  Four more years of T-Rump will destroy the United States as we knew life here, fought for and died for.  He will kill the land and the parks, turn us into the Russian side of Germany so polluted it is still not safe to live there.

👺  And his push to open schools with no regard for the Children’s health will add more death and pain to that already caused by him.  Over five hundred Children are sick and 150 have died.  Just another lie, parents believed him and payed the ultimate price.

👺  He is responsible for what is now seen by some as termed Negligent Homicide and is being pursued. Almost 200,000, lately more children in the US infected after T-RUMP told us they are not affected.

👺  Health experts have repeatedly stressed: More testing for Covid-19 is key to safely reopening the economy. “This is how other countries reined in their outbreaks — testing, plus doggedly tracing and isolating people who are infected.    But in the US, President T-RUMP gave “ dangerous and deluded advice" to "slow the testing down, please." 

👺  And now, in a nation with about a quarter of the world’s recorded cases of the disease, testing declined for several weeks. “ We are in a lethal pandemic and, right before our very eyes, there has been a deliberate decrease in our attempt to measure and control the outbreak… That is killing people estimated 400,000 by January.

(CNN) John Avlon Reporting Pandemics Don’t Care About Partisan Politics

  1. Robert Redfield — President Donald Trump’s director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a lifelong conservative — testified to Congress Wednesday that a Covid-19 vaccine wouldn't be ready before the election and probably would not be available to the general public until next summer, he was speaking as a scientist.
  2. But the truth is never what this President is looking for — and so a few hours later, he contradicted Redfield, saying, "It's just incorrect information. And I called him, and he didn’t tell me that, and I think he got the message maybe confused," adding, "No, we're ready to go immediately as the vaccine is announced, and it could be announced in October."
  3. The exchange essentially demonstrated Joe Biden’s point from his speech Wednesday on Covid-19 strategy: "I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don't trust Donald Trump."   This administration has been doing this propagandistic bait and switch while presiding over the world’s worst response to the Covid-19 pandemic: 
  4. The United States has 4% of the global population but 20% of the coronavirus deaths. But hey, Jared Kushner assures us we are living in a success story.  That little mini-T-RUMP is number three on my list…
  5. Against this dystopian backdrop, Trump and his administration just can't stop talking about his nonexistent health care plan. It’s going to be great — "everybody's going to be taken care of"... there will be insurance for everybody ... no one will lose coverage ... "there will be no cuts" to Medicaid ... and "no one will be worse off financially."
  6. Those are just some of the repeated promises President Trump and his administration have made about his phantom plan. And like some two-bit con man, he keeps saying it is just about to be unveiled, just a few weeks around the corner … just you wait.
  7. Well, we have waited for almost four years.  We’ve all seen the T-RUMP administration take obsessive steps to kill the Affordable Care Act — all while Obamacare has gotten more and more popular with the American people.  While they spout baseless happy talk about protecting preexisting conditions without a plan to do so, the T-RUMP administration is taking its quest to kill Obamacare to the Supreme Court, which will hear the case one week after Election Day. 
  8. You see they wanted to make sure the Supreme Court hearing was after votes were cast because they know openly arguing to gut the coverage of preexisting conditions might hurt them politically, given that 43% of US households report having at least one member with a preexisting condition, according to Gallup. 
  9. But after the votes are cast, your personal health care concerns are completely expendable on their altar of ideology. Look at a family photo to see who might be affected — it might even be you.
  10. Maybe that's why Trump has ramped up his baseless, health care hype in recent months, feeling the heat of the election. In July, he told Chris Wallace, “ We're signing a health care plan within two weeks." Big news, right? Two weeks later, there was no plan. He tried the same schtick this week in an ABC, a painful, semi-coherent ramble about the plan just around the corner. 
  11. Let's be honest, because the President apparently cannot. There is no Trump health care plan. And even if they try to desperately patch something together before the election, something both the President and his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows  ( another liar and coward scumbird)  alluded to this week   “It’s more of an executive action with a legislative component that is more visionary,” Meadows said… Washington Two-Step Bullsh*t…
  12. Several of Trump’s top health care officials testified to a Senate Appropriations subcommittee Wednesday that they were unaware of any plan.
  13. The Affordable Care Act  -  For 10 years, since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, conservatives have been claiming to support "repeal and replace." It's catchy and alliterative and total nonsense. Because they still haven’t put forward a plan.
  14. That's because their last comprehensive plan — proposed by the conservative Heritage Foundation and backed by GOP senators as an alternative to a Clinton administration initiative — was implemented in Massachusetts by then-Republican Gov. Mitt Romney and then became the basis for, you guessed it, Obamacare. 
  15. The individual mandate that T-RUMP hated so much that he gutted it, was originally presented as a mechanism to encourage individual responsibility — a conservative value before this President came along.
  16. The Affordable Care Act was never socialist or a government takeover of health care — but those facts still haven’t stopped the constant sloganeering that has made it part of a hyper partisan belief system impervious to facts. It has, however, made it impossible to get conservative consensus on what a comprehensive Republican health care plan would look like — especially with Trump’s pie-in-the-sky rhetoric on what his imaginary plan would achieve.
  17. So don't believe the desperate hype about Biden buying into Bernie Sanders' single-payer plan — it was one of their core policy disagreements during the Democratic primary campaign. Biden wants a public option — not Medicare for All. 
  18. There are plenty of other ways to improve the current system — including some that Republicans might like, such as medical malpractice reform. But they haven’t been proposing any of it in any comprehensive fashion.
  19. Now with a presidential election less than 44 days away, Republicans are getting scared that voters might notice that their phantom “ Plan" is all repeal and no replace — in the middle of a pandemic with massive economic uncertainty — while people with preexisting conditions could find costs skyrocket while their lives hang in the balance.

The T-Rump Health Care Plan Is Just Another One Of His Lies… 

We Need The Evangelicals And The Base GOP To Get Off On Truth

They Have Failed As Christians… And As Compassionate Human Beings

Repent and Redeem Oneself - Dump T-RUMP, He is The False Prophet…

  1. I address this to T-RUMP and the Evangelical fans, who are not true Christians. If you were a true Christian you would not be voting for a false prophet with direct association by his lifelong actions for the dark angel.
  2. The American Voter in 2016 was vulnerable, you fell for the TV reality show bullsh*t  without question, the GOP lies, and the campaign that fostered and fed a political racist storm orchestrated against one of the best Presidents we have ever had who cared about you. 
  3. Despite the lies and insinuations by the worst human that ever existed as President, Biden cares about you, the people…  He came from your roots, Donald came from 410 million dollars,  his Dad gave him and squandered it in six bankruptcies just like he’s doing with your money now.  
  4. With help from the corrupt speaker Mitch McConnell Our gross national debt went up eleven trillion dollars and we are rapidly approaching 30 trillion which will take two decades and a series of recessions to pay off.  
  5. T-RUMP just used your money and has endangered Social security Medicare and Medicaid in addition to other programs.   
  6. Understand simple logic as many of you have been mislead. T-RUMP just does not have the DNA to help you, he helps himself to what you have and will lose to him.  His big tax plan netted T-RUMP  three million in tax savings.  Using his fake tax returns probably a lot more we don’t know about. What did you get twenty dollars more in your paycheck? 
  7. But you failed in your world, it was McConnell and the GOP Senate, you should have gone after, Mitch the obstructionist and you fell for the lies and help kill a country, it’s not just your country, its mine too, my country. Your frickin stupidity and voting for T-RUMP  has caused death and destruction, racial hatred, fires, protests and some anarchy…
  8. Now you have an ecology in taters, parks in ruins, water is polluted, stream and rivers not safe from runoffs and many will eventually suffer. He doesn’t care, he did all that to hurt Barack Obama and you cheered… When the next kid comes down with lead poisoning or from the coal tailings, we’ll just send you the bill for trying to save his life.  
  9. No one can be that ignorant to see who he really is… I guess I’m wrong, we are a nation of fools… the GOP and the Fake Evangelicals… all fools without a reason for their cause except greed and their own failures.
  10. And we have not gotten into global warming and pollution…  Just look at the west, we were warned but did nothing and T-RUMP blamed Forest management. Tell him grab a rake, see if he can climb up 6,000 feet and rake the mountain.  He is so stupid and does not understand a ten year drought and the trees lose their sap. When that happens they cannot fight the flames. Nothing but dried wood.  He is about the dumbest person, even dumber than Louis Gohmert in Congress and Louie has been compared to smarter Amoebas.
  11. And now many of you are screwed and with no help from the government.  The rich got richer with the fake tax plan by Paul Ryan.  The obstructionism of House bills proposed by Mitch McConnell and the other GOP scumbags in the Senate made it simple.  It was for them and they got richer…close to forty  billion dollars… grossed the rich during the pandemic.
  12. Now the crime is murder… the modelers estimate 420,000 to die by 2021… political correctness is hiding the blame but we know who it is Donald J. T-RUMP.   The man is sick… and needs physical removal and if you agree with him, you are no better.  A vote for T-RUMP is a vote that you might never get to see another President if he wins.

September’s reading list - Disloyal: A Memoir

😧   A pair of forthcoming books from Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen and Peter Strzok, the fired former FBI agent who played a senior role in the early Russia-Trump campaign investigation, are set to cast a harsh light on the President in the coming days. 

😧   Cohen writes in his book that before Trump ever sought the Oval Office, he was preoccupied by its then-occupant, President Barack Obama, privately describing him as "a Manchurian candidate" who obtained his Ivy League degrees only by way of affirmative action as he publicly fueled the baseless "birther" campaign.   Trump’s disdain for Obama was so extreme that he took his fixation a step further, according to Cohen: T-RUMP hired a “Faux-Bama” to participate in a video in which T-RUMP ritualistically belittled the first Black President and then fired him.   I have an idea….

Our Traveler-In-Chief Likes to Spend Our Money And Drags The Family Along
😧   For years before he ran for president, Donald Trump complained incessantly about how much money was being spent on Secret Service protection for Barack Obama and his family as they traveled.

While campaigning, Trump insisted he would rarely travel or vacation—he would be too busy, he said. Instead, Trump has spent an enormous amount of time on vacation. He golfs far more than any previous president, usually at one of his own golf courses. 

😧   The bills for all that travel for Trump and his family, including his adult children, have piled up, particularly the costs for the Secret Service to protect the first family. Shortly after Trump took office, Donald and Eric Trump took a string of trips to visit one of their father’s business partners that cost taxpayers $230,000 to send the Secret Service along with the brothers. Bills like that have become almost routine: 

Last spring, Tiffany Trump decided to visit Cannes, France, and it cost taxpayers more than 22 grand on hotel rooms alone for Secret Service agents, on top of their wages and flights. The Secret Service has spent nearly $770,000 keeping up with Trump on golf trips—renting golf carts, setting up barricades to protect the president as he plays, etc.

😧   Lawmakers are considering legislation to move oversight of the Secret Service back to the Treasury, where it began as an anti-counterfeiting force before it was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security in 2003. According to the Washington Post, Mnuchin has agreed to a provision of the bill that requires disclosure of the presidential travel costs—but only if the figures come out after the 2020 election. Another protective move but it will come back to haunt him if T-RUMP loses…   According to a Government Accountability Office report from last year, just one month of T-RUMP travel cost $13.6 million in 2018—a figure that includes the total cost of protecting the president, not just Secret Service costs. It’s not a great look for a president who was so hypercritical of his predecessor’s comparatively thrifty habits.


It Was A Bad Town Hall
😧   President Trump doesn’t spend much time with voters who don’t already support him. As The Times’s Maggie Haberman puts it: “Trump, by only doing rallies and almost never doing town hall forums, has been insulated from the kind of voter interaction that usually help incumbents as they’re running. But he craves adulation and many of his aides enable it.”  The president traveled to Philadelphia for a town hall, broadcast by ABC, with voters who identified themselves as undecided. And he heard an earful.
“Why did you throw vulnerable people like me under the bus?” the man, Paul Tubing  asked.  Another voter, Julie Bard, asked why T-RUMP didn’t support a national mask mandate.  A third asked why he downplayed the virus. Others asked about racial injustice, Trump’s attempts to take away health insurance from people and his un-presidential behavior.

T-RUMP responded with a flurry of falsehoods ( Bullsh*t)  to defend himself. Fact Check: ALL LIES

  1. He blamed Joe Biden for the lack of a national mask mandate. 
  2. T-RUMP also said, “A lot of people think the masks are not good.” 
  3. At different points, he downplayed the virus and said that he had “up-played” it.
  4. He claimed he was beloved by South Koreans. (His recent approval rating there was 17 percent.) 
  5. He said all Americans owned stocks. (About half do, most (9()%) insignificant.)
  6. And he said the late John McCain, known in the Senate as an advocate for veterans, didn’t do enough for veterans.
  7. “This is a president who still hasn’t adjusted to the fact that 2020 is not the year he wanted it to be,” 
  8. The Times’s Trip  “When @JoeBiden debates Trump, he’ll be faced with what’s on display tonight: rapid fire falsehoods, free-ranging personal attacks, over the top claims of his achievements.”

Somebody Will Have To Bail The Mail Czar

😧   Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testified before the House Oversight Committee, repeatedly declaring that he would not reverse the sabotage he imposed on the Postal Service mid-pandemic, and with a presidential election 70 days away. 
A Times analysis of more than 28 million pieces of mail found that on-time delivery declined noticeably in July and August after Louis DeJoy, the postmaster general, put cost-cutting measures in place.  The mail has become a key part of the 2020 election, because an unprecedented number of Americans are likely to vote by mail to avoid visiting a polling place during the pandemic.  Only an idiot would believe this T-RUMP Acolyte Moron


😇  A federal judge has blocked the US Postal Service and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy from changing a wide swath of USPS policies or protocols ahead of November’s presidential election. Judge Stanley Bastian specifically said the changes would amount to “ voter disenfranchisement.” 

The decision mandates that all election mail, regardless of postage, must be treated as first-class mail -- a courtesy it has regularly extended for mail-in ballots and similar items. Additionally, the USPS must undo all of the changes it’s made in the last few months, including restrictions on late and extra mail trips.

😧   A T-RUMP administration official made a series of false accusations in an interview this weekend, including that career government scientists were engaging in “sedition” and that left-wing hit squads were preparing for armed insurrection after the election.  Name names of who said this and hang the bastard for this fake story…

😧    Meanwhile, a former business partner of Jerry Falwell Jr.  accused the Liberty University Evangelist of being a willing cuckold in a love triangle.  And you thought Evangelicals were real…believers, not when it comes to money and sex…These folks do not represent GOD, their GOD is money and stupid followers supply money and recruit other stupid followers.

😧    Practically buried under everything else was word that the T-RUMP administration will not comply with the Supreme Court’s order to resume accepting new applicants into the DACA program.  We did not think he would,  another reason to vote him out or assassination becomes more meaningful every day he breathes.

😧    We also learned that New York's attorney general, Letitia James, has officially launched a lawsuit against Eric Trump and the Trump Organization for an array of financial crimes including tax fraud, charges initially touched off by Michael Cohen's 2019 congressional testimony. It’s noteworthy that James has already successfully disbanded both the Trump Foundation and Trump University, both for fraud. She’s also currently prosecuting the NRA for bilking its members out of $65 million in a span of just three years.   SEE THE TRUTH

😧     A federal judge ruled that Chad Wolf is likely unlawfully serving as acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and temporarily barred the T-RUMP administration from enforcing new asylum restrictions on members of two immigration advocacy groups, according to court documents. 

👺His Staff Is A Problem, All In His Image,The Presidential Photo-op Crash

  1. We also have to look at those who helped perpetrate this denigration of the most powerful country on the earth.  Enough of the politically correct statements and start putting the blame where it belongs.  And we start with the cabinet, now named the CESSPOOL instead of the swamp.  
  2. The march on Lafayette Square was a denigration of our values of free speech. And no one in his cabinet or followers disagreed with it except our Military guys…
  3. While attacking legal protestors, with troops by several agencies including the calvary charge with twenty 1000 pound horses pushing the crowd it looked like something from an Orwellian move not America.
  4. He was followed in typical dictator form by rank by those that support T-RUMP,  he was accompanied by most of his staff,  William Barr, Jared Kushner, and others who are basically poster children who stand behind him at his TV conferences, which causes vomiting in sane humans.  
  5. Noticeably, most of the time, they are all white,  there are few blacks in this administration…  It is believed ( About as strong a belief the earth is round) that he is a closet racist and keeps Dr. Ben Carson around as a Doormat and for background shots.  
  6. Thats easily explained, he’s prejudiced, homophobic, mysoginistic, racially against, blacks, latinos and most immigrants, perverse, unacceptable moral behavior, psychotic, a low-life scumbag, degenerate and has more ethnophaulisms ( racial slurs) than Mestopheles.  He just lies when he tells you how much he has done for the Black population…
  7. It started with a haze of tear gas and police pushing back protesters, T-RUMP said he’d call up US troops to keep Americans safe from each other.  Safe from who, his ass maybe, being a coward provokes internal fears, not each other?  
  8. He did this moments after TV cameras captured in real time the scene of security forces wielding batons and shields — including a line on horseback -- on peaceful citizens exercising their First Amendment rights. The protestors fought back with dangerous wordy cardboard signs with two and three syllables, and were routed when calvary mounted troops charged. Using the calvary for unarmed protestors?
  9. T-RUMP declared himself the “ Law and order” President, vowing to defend the law, “ Including your Second Amendment rights."  Those rights are not right but protected by T-RUMP because they bribed him with 31 million dollars in his reelection fund while stealing 65 million for themselves, under NY state investigation as a phony charity.
  10. That was a chilling dog whistle to his armed supporters. Anyone who thought the T-RUMP presidency represented a threat to American democracy, anyone who ever thought T-RUMP could unleash a civil war, saw those fears closer to being realized on Monday night than at any time since he took the oath of office in 2017 with a speech warning about "American Carnage."  He is the frickin abomination that humanity saw with Hitler.  The new Fuehrer…
  11. T-RUMP promised a swift  strict rule-of-law response, called smatterings of violence that sprang from large protests “ domestic terror” and said he would bring “ Thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers” to help strictly enforce curfews on federal land in DC.  Thats called the 1807 law.  Putin was proud of him, Hitler would be too.

🏦Here Is TruthIf You Believe The Stock Market…Is Your Salvation… 

  1. Forget the reckless bullsh*t that T-RUMP is sprouting about the economy being great unless you are 1-2% of the rich living here. The rest of us schmucks do not live off investments the market affords.  
  2. We of the middle and low incomes are starving, losing homes and wishing we had bought a checker cab because of the huge back seat for sleeping in.
  3. Some have done well and beat Vegas odds. You here stories all the time, but thats not us, we work for a living and 20-30 million do not have jobs.  
  4. And those fake tax breaks you got were tainted with lies.  Now under T-RUMP we owe the world banks an additional TEN TRILLION DOLLARS in debt, so far.   Possibly by December it might hit 13-14 Trillion.  Totaling somewhere around 30 Trillion dollars we owe.  If we paid that debt the US is technically bankrupt.  T-RUMP did not raise taxes, he used clever manipulation to take money from good projects ( Health and Education) for his wall and borrowed the deficit from the world banks.

The stock market has nothing to do with the nations health or if you are middle class or poor and will not make you rich.  The numbers you see on the screen are the numbers reflecting the trade wealth of the companies involved.  And that means senior management makes money and huge stock holders make money… not you, all you have is risk… and you will like Vegas probably lose as the bigger stocks take over the smaller companies…

  1. lf the majors of the DOW thirty corporations like Amazon, Google and five or six others are keeping the stocks high at twenty-five or twenty-eight thousand,  they are heathy companies doing business covering some of the losers numbers. 
  2. Amazon as an example has crippled all the department stores, retail chains, strip malls and businesses and if you drove around you will see the closures.  Those closures represent people with no income since Congress ( MAINLY THE GOP) TOOK A VACATION while people are starving.  
  3. They are all rich have food and money, and richer since the pandemic by four billion dollars.   A combination of COVID-19 and BAD REALLY BAD Leadership is to blame. Some call it a perfect storm.  Many, most of those chains will not reopen, sixty percent of small black business ownerships will not survive but their money went to big business, airlines, corporations, in the stock market.  
  4. Over ten thousand fraud violations occurred. This is a typical T-RUMP and McConnell operation. No compassion, no help.  Congress is frozen and people are starving.
  5. Look around you, you can’t be that much of a genius if you see the lies and still remain loyal.  In Yiddish the Jewish word for such a person who believes that lieing asshole is a SCHMUCK, came from German translation of ‘Smek’ referring to the piece of skin removed and thrown away during circumcision.  SEE THE JACOBS POLITICAL DICTIONARY  
  6. Besides closed stores and malls, bars and restaurants, we have almost 16.8% unemployment, due to climb when checks don’t arrive.  Highest since the depression,  20 million plus out of work, evictions, kids can’t go to school, and people starving.  people thrown on the street evicted.  That’s not America.  And again more will die from Covid-19 due to his stupid, ignorant rhetoric and lies about what happening. There is no truth, just his endangerment of the people.
  7. It is not well the pandemic with the first cold spell will draw people indoors and thats a problem. The leaking ship that is the T-RUMP presidency has a hole in its hull the size of his egotistic job-approval rating.  Add a gash as big as the 16.4% (including misclassified workers) unemployment rate and it’s easy to see why some prominent Republicans are stepping away from a leader who has suddenly been transformed from a fearsome Twitter monster into the man mocked as “Bunker Boy.” 



👺  And the man who was shot in the back seven times, Donald T-RUMP compared police officers who use excessive force like the officer ( like seven shots at ten inches a way) to golfers who “choke” on important shots.  This startling comment coming from the person ranked as the number one  CHEATER by everyone in the Golf Industry in the US in a game known for its honesty.  

👺  COVID-19 contractors double-dip government funds, receiving relief money and contracts: At least 700 vendors that scored hundreds of millions of dollars in federal COVID-19 contracts also received a total of at least $618 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans.  Tech startups tied to Joshua Kushner received millions in relief funds: A venture-capital firm run by the brother of White House senior adviser Jared Kushner saw some of its tech startups rake in at least $2.8 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans.    Embattled Las Vegas telemarketer got COVID-19 business loans: A Las Vegas telemarketer whose former companies were investigated by the FTC for possible “unfair or deceptive acts” received between $500,000 and $1.3 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans.  When do the hangings begin ?

Scumbag Crook Navarro And Ventilators

And why did Navarro that super smart schmuck pay too much almost four times the going price for Ventilators and who made the money on that deal….  Why is his ass still in Donald’s world.  Anywhere else in this world he would be dead or in jail… Congress better step up and fact check every deal Donald cabinet deals for fraud.

Citing “evidence of fraud, waste, and abuse,” a congressional subcommittee investigating the federal government’s purchase of $646.7 million worth of Philips ventilators has asked the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General to launch its own investigation of the deal.

New License Tag In “ Washington Ass-Kissing 

Saves Lives And T-Rump Appointments

The House subcommittee launched its review after ProPublica stories in March and April showed how a US subsidiary of Royal Philips N.V. received millions in federal tax dollars years ago to develop a low-cost ventilator for pandemics but didn’t deliver it. Instead, as the coronavirus began spreading around the globe and US hospitals were desperate for more, Philips was selling commercial versions of the government-funded ventilator overseas from its Pennsylvania factory. Then in April, despite having not fulfilled the initial contract, the Dutch company struck a much more lucrative deal to sell the government 43,000 ventilators for four times the price.

Under this new deal, ventilators that the Obama administration had agreed to buy for $3,280 each suddenly cost $15,000. When the deal was announced in April, neither HHS nor Philips would say how the more expensive ventilators differed from the cheaper ones.

It turns out that they were “functionally identical,” according to investigators with the House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, and the “waste of taxpayer funds” may have reached $500 million.

👺  Paula Reid CBS Calls The Liar Out  — 

Washington  (CNN) President Donald T-RUMP abruptly ended a Saturday news conference after a reporter Paula Reid CBS challenged him on a lie about veterans health care he has told more than 150 times. 

T-RUMP, speaking at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, ( You too can be a member for 350,000 dollars)   had claimed again that he is the one who got the Veterans Choice program passed — adding, “ They’ve been trying to get that passed for decades and decades and decades and no president’s ever been able to do it, and we got it done.”

In fact, former President Barack Obama signed the Choice program into law in 2014. The law, which allowed eligible veterans to be covered by the government for care provided by doctors outside the VA system, was a bipartisan initiative spearheaded by two senators Trump has repeatedly criticized, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and the late John McCain of Arizona. 

What Trump signed was a 2018 law, the VA MISSION Act, that modified and expanded the eligibility criteria from the Choice program. Rather than tout that bill, T-RUMP has claimed over and over that he created Veterans Choice itself — after others had failed for “50 years."  Bullsh*t and more bullsh*t…


👺Question: How do we know the President is full of sh*t ?
                      Who else in this world could cause a toilet paper shortage…

       Question:  How do we know the President is lying ?
                 Just look at his eyes, he’s reading a script, and his lips are moving…

       Question:   How can we tell if he is not lying ?
                      Obviously at his funeral, tickets will be in demand

At a T-RUMP Rally 9/13/2020:    When Asked, … Why are you not wearing a mask?

The gentleman with the red T-RUMP free hat you taxpayers funded…he  explained when he wears a mask, he doesn’t hear well.  Very well, maybe he doesn’t listen because answering would make him appear naive…

And Jesus, his savior will protect himNot quite so, Jesus prefers saving children as they have not sinned.   

But COVID-19 has infected over 500 children and killed 150 keep supporting the child killer… so much for that program…

I am trying to figure out whether he’s partially deaf, has a wax buildup,  just not a good listener or he is suffering from 
T-RUMP related Cranial-Rectal Dyslexia.  Hopefully he’ll wake up before NOV 2nd. 

The uneducated don’t understand. The mask is so we don’t contaminate others, sort of a bi-lateral safety net if we all do it for each other.  Because not all people show the signs of the virus, it’s called a-typical.   While much of the focus has been on isolating patients who show symptoms of active disease, several new studies suggest that carriers showing mild or even no symptoms may be helping spread the virus. In other words, so many people were “stealth carriers.” They had the virus without knowing it and likely a major factor in the spread of the virus. 

But T-RUMP people are not fully kind and compassionate enough to understand what working together for a common cause means, many are single white uneducated males, some even waiting for the coal mines to reopen.  We know for a fact, they weill not reopen unless Mr.Mestopheles, the guy that runs Hell gets low on fuel. Thats explains the statement… if you reelect T-RUMP there is a good chance in hell you’ll get to meet him…

They guy on the right is a full fledged T-RUMP-peter and spews the party line  “ Claiming the COVID-19  is a tremendous hoax perpetrated by the Democrats.  Wow, clear signs of anger problems, needs some serious help, this is not a well attitude with deep imbedded personality grievances that T-RUMP plays to.
DO YOU THINK WE BURIED 200,000 PEOPLE FOR A HOAX - YOU NEED HELP… The Gremkin-Fleming Institute for Missing Crainial Genes offers free first visits and 15% off further shock treatments or lobotomies for the T-RUMP-peter patients suffering from Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia.  But be quick, the line is long for the lobotomies as many of the T-RUMP-peters are coming out of the ether and figured they have been had…and lied to.   

Let’s Talk Money Before We all Go Bankrupt 

Our National Debt may be found at  We have been lied to, the middle class and lower class have been literally screwed out of every dime they had and it went to the rich. And the GOP base and the Evangelicals helped him into office. When he took over in 2016 he promised to eliminate the debt in eight years. We said it would never happen.

OBAMA - The real truth is the GDP rose from $14.4 trillion in Q1 - 2009 to $16.8 trillion in Q4 - 2016, a cumulative increase of $2.4 trillion or 16.6%.  And that was some of the lowest in history by former President Barack Obama.  Real GDP per capita rose from $46,930 in 2009 to $51,523 in 2016 (a record level), an increase of $4,593 or 9.7%.

If you Are on Heart Medicine, please take it when you see the debt clock, and read the rest of this mess, and the stock market has nothing to do with it.  T-RUMP’s fake tax breaks and his work in collusion with Mitch McConnell, and Traitor Paul Ryan, another scumbag in the Senate planned and used that money but gave tax breaks to his rich friends just like how he got rich robbing the banks in NY four times with some believe fake bankruptcies and fake declarations for credit which the entire T-RUMP herd is under investigation for.

In economics, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is used to calculate the total value of the goods and services produced within a country's borders, while Gross National Product (GNP) is used to calculate the total value of the goods and services produced by the residents of a country, no matter their location.

You voted for him, that makes you an accomplice.  Our current National Debt is 26.709 Trillion dollars and T-RUMP promised we would have no debt if he was president for eight years.  From Obama at 16,8 to T-RUMP at 26,7 the financial genius, Donald T-RUMP a graduate of the Wharton Business School added ten trillion dollars to your kids futures.

Oh, lest I forget, Donald is under investigation for other people taking his exams and his sister doing his home work for him. The University of Pennsylvania is doing the investigation.

There is a prospectus of another six to eight Trillion dollars additional because of additional poor leadership and what it might take to repair, for-stall, improve, rebuild our country.  It would take decades, not years to repair.  T-RUMP pushes the Stock market for the rich, for voter pledges and money and the US is basically broke… we are up to our ass in debt thanks to him…

EDITOR NOTE:   Due to our computer blowing up from reading the lies in the dated matter we could not verify whether it was a T-RUMP promise of debt elimination in the 10,000 lies group or the 11,000 lies group, as it was mentioned in both. Today 08/24/2020 he has 21,000 bonfied, certified and recktum-fried ( redneck Hot Sh*t)  lies to the American public.  The man has no truth in his veins, he is a chronic liar.

👺  We Should Offer Something Else, Resign Or Be Removed…

What is needed from T-RUMP and his administration is a plan to tackle the most relentless national challenge since World War II, consoling words to memorialize the 168,000 Americans who are already dead and the thousands destined to follow, and the rhetoric to summon the will to triumph over this invisible enemy.

This is a President who has demonstrably failed to beat back the virus and has long since stopped trying to lead the country out of the darkness. He resorts to boasting about inconclusive steps he took months ago — like limiting travel from China -- that have no relevance to the current moment, and he complains he's not getting enough credit for his performance. It was the part that came from Europe that is killing everybody, you were on the wrong coast and did nothing you ignorant moron.

STATEMENT:   And  his usual name calling and lies coming out more frequently.   At one point he suggested that hundreds of thousands of people would be dead by now had the former Vice President Biden been in charge when the COVID-19 struck.  Are you for real?  You truly are a scumbag…and murderer.  You must leave your brain in the fridge at night.

In another extraordinary twist the White House stepped up what is now a full frontal assault against the government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been telling the truth about the dire turn taken by a pandemic that is now infecting twice as many people per day as it was several months ago. 

In a USA Today op-ed, Trump’s top trade adviser and anti-China polemicist Peter Navarro wrote that the respected scientist “ As a good bedside manner with the public, but he has been wrong about everything I have interacted with him on.”  Coming from Scumbag Peter Navarro, a Tump acolyte, and fellow pr*ck is understandable.  Just take it as the usual blow-job rhetoric schmucks T-RUMP likes hanging around who are on their own worthless pieces of sh*t … and could screw up a wet dream…

 👺  “ The President Who Believes … “ Look At The Great Job I Did”  

Trump's unwillingness to face up to the coronavirus nightmare that is staring the rest of the nation in the face leaves the impression that the man who vowed in his 2016 Republican National Convention speech "I alone can fix it" long ago ran out of ideas on the virus. That speech horrified Trump's critics because of its dystopian vision. But at least T-RUMP looked strong, and was dictating the political winds.  Like the proverbial “ Fart in a Spacesuit”  his rhetoric backed-up In his wandering monologue. 

He appeared to be what he is — a president who is flailing after being cruelly overtaken by events.  It seems unlikely he can come from behind against Biden unless he can find a way to suppress the virus, or at least give Americans hope that some semblance of normal life can resume soon.  

He has no winning strategy for the country so he has to create diversion and he, T-RUMP leans into racist rhetoric and downplays police violence against Black Americans, he will claim mail fraud, birther statements against Harris.

But more and more, it seems like T-RUMP has played his best card — his demand several months ago for states to open up and revive the economy -- which has been exposed as a backfired gamble as the pandemic races across Southern and Western states. 

And his go-to strategies of inciting divisions, stirring cultural warfare and sowing confusion with misinformation don’t seem to be working — at least if the polls are right.  The President did his best to talk up his “ transition to greatness,” but the idea is so divorced from the awful reality of the last few weeks — with the average daily rate of new infections hitting higher numbers daily — that his words only served to display his own considerable remove from reality.

T-Rump is unfit, unqualified, he has no morality nor compassion for anyone other than himself, he is one sick bastard and needs to go one way or another, he has endangered the country and is responsible for a myriad of deaths by negligence… And his following needs to wake up… they  claim a strong Religious support, keep praying.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace interviewed President Donald T-RUMP  fact-checking him in real time about various assertions including that Joe Biden wants to “abolish" the police.  Another frickin lie, by the greatest liar in man’s history on the earth exceeding Hitler and Goebbels.

In the interview, the obvious mentally sick and demented T-RUMP made, estimated fifty lies… manufactured bullsh*t and accused Democrats of running major cities “ poorly “ and then went on to repeat his campaign’s ridiculous bigly frickin lie that Joe Biden wants to rid the country of police.  

Wallace one of the few FOX employees who is trying to be honest on FOX, said, ”Sir, he does not,” Wallace shot back.   Wallace is showing some right stuff and thats a big deal for FOX Faux Fake News.  

In journalism we call it truthTrump doubled down, saying Biden had "signed a charter" with Sen. Bernie Sanders, a reference to a 110-page document with policy recommendations crafted by allies of the former vice president and his former rival for the presidency.  Old news"It says nothing about defunding the police," Wallace pointed out. Trump wasn't having it, responding, "Oh really? It says abolish, it says. 

Wallace said T-RUMP “  Went through” the charter and “ Found a lot of things that he objected to that Biden has agreed to, but couldn’t find any indication — because there isn’t any — that Joe Biden has sought to defund and abolish the police."   

Bottom line is that Donald J. T-RUMP is just a lying scumbag and full fledged traitor to this nation and should be dealt with.  I am really getting sick of him, he is destroying everything thats good about our country.  Sacrifice, the people who have given their lives for a more perfect union and to promote the general welfare, he has broken those words.  We call those who do things against us traitors… 

He is, as one, of his own Christians Pastors called him  “ The Anti-Christ” .   I’m Jewish and respect the opinions of my close Christian friends, as we share ideas and attend each others house, my Temple, their Church when the message is about honesty and truth.  No fire, nor brimstone, threats, snake handling, or other BS, these are intelligent people, not wackos or lost converts to cultism and stupidity and we share common dreams of peace and helping those in need in our community.  It is a good coalition,  “ Division, is a word that is not in our vocabulary” 

👺  The Big Lies — Not True — What We Don’t Know Will Kill US

Since President Donald T-RUMP falsely asserted that 99% of COVID-19 cases “ Are totally harmless."  The remark came and he added  “ Now we have tested almost 40 million people. By so doing, we show cases — 99% of which are totally harmless — results that no other country can show because no other country has testing that we have”. 

The true death rate from the disease has been very difficult to pin down. But it is likely to end up at 1%, 2% or less, no one knows BUT read on there is a real crisis brewing that is starting to gain a hold. With millions in contagion,  a small percentage is in the hundred of thousands.

We do not know enough about this spore which has the ability to survive a lot of things.  Now it is in children and worse after effects month later do show up in some and the antigens supposed to be in you during recovery fail within ninety days…

Lying again about the pandemic, T-RUMP made 200 false claims from early June to early July  There is also increasing evidence of long-term health effects including breathing difficulties and organ damage among people who have suffered from the disease — even among younger patients, who T-RUMP correctly says are less likely to die of Covid-19.  

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday, responding to a question from CNN, that T-RUMP wanted to “  Sweep the facts” of the virus under the rug.   Whenever the President has tried to avoid the problem, saying, “ This will go away, this won’t affect many people”  it’s gotten worse,  the New York Democrat said.  

“I’ve been right probably more than anybody else,”  T-RUMP told Fox’s Wallace…  
ED—Excuse me: You have never been right,  I guess thats why half the world compares you to the village idiot and thinks you are an egotistical sick buffoon.  On Sunday, the commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration repeatedly declined to defend the comment. "I'm not going to get into who is right and who is wrong," Dr. Stephen Hahn, chickenshit member of the White House COVID-19 task force, told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.” Stephen grow some balls and stop kissing ass.

Swamp Nothing!  We Call This A Cesspool  

We Marked The T-Rump-Pet-Teers

     “The Jesus Pardon”

NOTE:  After a local phone call to God ( We Jewish people dial direct, it’s a local call, others need to use long distance, since we have no middle man, we go direct)  

“ We asked GOD, “ Can the self-proclaimed chosen one offer salvation to Mike Pence for being the biggest sycophant in history for extolling the lies and bullsh*t of Donald T-RUMP” M.I.C”. ( Messiah-In-Charge)

Further:  “ Was Donald’s Claim to be the next chosen one legitimate”  and then can he get a pardon for Mike or will it fail?  

GOD SPOKE:  Burning Bush area Code 235 #25432
The Lord said, mark my words on a tablet…(Apple of course) NO, he can’t do either, because he is not being honest knowing Donald lies but he swears for him. He is just as guilty.  But we have to first stick Donald on a cross, use rusty nails, and then set it on fire,  and after a few hours,  I’ll call the Mestopheles Fire Department to clean up the mess since they do fire so well… Then we’ll deal with that other fake,  Pence who is as big a liar.   Maybe we can feature him and his secular dowdy wife on Naked and Afraid on TV in the Sudan…

Yes this is fake real fake news   just like the sh*t Donald puts out every day… the rest of the stories are real… Hell is going to be a very busy place soon… The COVID Virus just sent an e-mail quoting itself….I’M BACK!!!!

     Time To Name These Advisors So when we Hang them We get it Right 
Be so kind as to name the bastards that told you that! You based 36,000 Deaths on bogus information, that you made up from your delusional friends who scare me, intelligence wise they are just as dumb as he is or as fake as he is, I make no claims in the field of delusional intervention other than the damn truth.  

If they were some of the quack conspiracy nutcase’s that hang at Breitbart and FOX, let us know who they are, a good scare, like sewing their lips together, a mock hanging might sway them away from making up stories that harm other people.  36,000 have died from their lies, thats not a joke and I have no problem will arresting or prosecuting some of them under negligent homocide. 

But T-RUMP is not well, he could be the poster boy textbook for a seriously damaged brain, thought process and lack of intelligence.  Part of his problems are “ delusional friends”, those mysterious entities, folks with great advice, who are always invisible, in no form and have no names.  Think of it as taking advice, instead of your dentist you are consulting the Tooth fairy who is invisible. When he needs to back a lie he can call on his invisible friends to back him up. 


Because in Journalism on any level you are taught to verify, verify, verifyAnd mysterious friends and quotes are usually lies and bullshit.   From the day I was a stringer, we had to turn in any names, phone numbers and 2nd source if available to validate news.   

T-RUMP has many mystery friends, but never names them… but FOX news does not count as they lie sometimes create the lies for him and make up the sh*t they spew. 

Totally approved and paid for by Rupert Murdock, Americas best
 HATE MONGER and friend of the Donald.  Frumpy’s friends are imaginary truths he thinks we are stupid enough to believe… unfortunately if you are a GOP  baser, addicted FOX news geek,  or Evangelical he could be right, you are dumb enough to believe Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy should be nominated for Sainthood and Rudolf the Reindeer declared a martyr…

He claims he is a war president fighting COVED-19.  He definitely is the only schmuck in the United States who thinks so.  He is a chickenshit draft dodging coward and surrendered…  what President surrenders?  And turned it over to the Governors.  This is a federal epidemic.  A coward in his job, irrational and ignorant, but also not capable of a forward thinking thought process.  He is whether you think it or not a con and very unskilled and ignorant as he has proven His actions or lack thereof have resulted in 130,549 American deaths.

  What The Future Holds

Where Do we Start   T-RUMP even with his removal, has destroyed the government as we need it since the good workers, those who know whats happening,  have been removed and replaced by slaves and morons.  The biggest hump will be getting some of those folks who did a good job back and infuse them with some of the shinning stars of the Democratic prelims.  Fighters, visionaries and educated.  We need those people he empowered, idiots who had no talent, capacity nor knowledge for their position eliminated as they were the cesspool.  

What will happen to those who supported him… their resumes will be worth less than dirt.  And for many of those not speaking out, they are acolytes and deserve to be ruined.  Sent to jail, or hanged for treason, these last four years went beyond forgiveness.

Experts are talking, not the liars and schmucks on FOX news, real experts in economy ten years minimum are not part of the current bunch or thieves working for T-RUMP.  

How do we fix the 20,000 lies — and regulations, removal of critical bills, treaties and the messes he has created that will destroy our country.   Many of those protective laws are not rewritable, nor updatable and that will need rebuilding of Congress.  And if there is a new team and you are not part of it, get the f*ck out.

And win back the friends and allies —  who will once again believe in us. We have a real serious problem. We simply lost the voice of freedom, and trust in the world, we are not partners that can be trusted anymore by most of the free world.

US power, influence and historic leadership of the Western world, a special burden of responsibility is often seen to rest on the shoulders of the man in the Oval Office.  T-RUMP is a paper tiger…  a toilet paper tiger… who caused a shortage

Yet T-RUMP is protected in his bubble of unknowingness by a conservative media machine that attacks anyone who contradicts his comments.  Whereas T-RUMP kills them with name calling, insults and harassment filled with lies.  

To me T-RUMP is a murderer, his lies, hunches and pandering for personal gain have led to the deaths of many of the 185,000 people who did nothing wrong… and he did nothing right…

  Unbelievable… That We Have Such A Moron For A President…

EDITOR:  For forty years I have listened, recorded, challenged, and tried to understand quotes from our exalted officials and people of importance and power,  and never in my life have I heard something that is so ignorant, stupid and definitively targets the author as a friggen moron…questioning his ability to think beyond the third grade… as a human being.  

T-RUMP Quote:  “ The US Would Have Half The Number Of 

Covid-19 Cases If It Did Half The Testing”

     Liar, And A Deadly Testing Battle
Misleading over tests, The administration's questionable commitment to addressing the nuts and bolts of the emergency have been evident in its repeated promises and failures to scale up the kind of massive testing effort that could help pry open the economy without the risk of a major resurgence. 

T-RUMP appears to have convinced himself that the lack of tests that his own experts and governors say are needed to trace and isolate new infections to stop a resurgence are mere distractions.   “There are big believers in testing, and then there are some governors that don't feel as strongly about it at all," Trump, said Monday. 

ED NOTE:  What do the Governors know about testing, thats just more bullsh*t and name those who said it out loud so they can be voted out.  Guaranteed they did if true were all GOP acolyte scumbags just like DeSantis…

Such comments make it seem unlikely the President has read the multiple think tank studies or expert opinions that millions of tests per day are needed to beat the pandemic or is interested in guidance that contradicts his pre-cooked view of the pandemic being close to its end.  ( You want him to read, thats above his pay grade, he has third grade reading skills)

T-RUMP prefers to boast about the true fact that the US has tested more people than any other nation, which he did again early Wednesday morning.   "The only reason the U.S. has reported one million cases of CoronaVirus is that our Testing is so much better than any other country in the World. Other countries are way behind us in Testing, and therefore show far fewer cases!,” T-RUMP tweeted.  

Editors Notes: Not True — 
His fake sincerity and more lies is undermined by the reality that other smaller countries have tested far more people per capita. The US has tested 16.4 tests per 1,000 people, according to the a new Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development report, below the OECD member average of 23.1 tests per 1,000 people and trails Spain and Italy. America does, however, lead the UK and France.

T-Rump Fact Sheet… Not Good News

“ More than three and a half years into his presidency,” argued Garry Kasparov, T-rump, facing an unprecedented crisis in the form of a deadly pandemic has shown himself to be a dangerous pathogen.    T-RUMP has spent his time in office weakening the nation’s systemic immune system — or institutions that hold him in check — and setting the US up for a disaster when those institutions are needed more than ever."  So who is Garry Kasparov…

Garry Kimovich Kasparov (Russian)  born Garik Kimovich Weinstein, 13 April 1963 is a Russian chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, writer, and political activist, whom many consider to be the greatest chess player of all time.  Garry Kasparov has an IQ between 185 and 190.  The result over 140 points is considered a genius level. According to scientists, only 0.5% people on Earth have this high IQ.  We would love to know T-RUMPS IQ.  Somewhere around 100-110 based on observations from scholars.   About eighth grade… in reading and creating thoughts… thats why all his collegiate records are under wraps but they may be fake too… SEE

This is Fake Make Believe News But There Will be 319,000 People Out There

 And It Can Turn Real Sour, Real Quick, In Some Minds He Really Has To Go…

Formerly The NAA-NAA Group
(National Assassination Association for the 
Normalization and Advancement Of America)


ATCH 08-27-2020