The T-Rump Version Of Hitlers Fascist Playbook

Surround yourself with like thinkers. The incredibly stupid cabinet choices, mostly ass-kissers and sycophants like Pence surround T-RUMP. They were chosen by donation, and loyalty rather than talent.  His staff and his mentally ill diminished thinkers called supporters all prove one thing.

Birds of a feather do flock together.  Even the Fox News “reporters” pretending to be journalists but really shock jocks, and garter belt sluts, are all signs of racist and fascist haters who will lie and back T-RUMP because that what they get paid for.

T-RUMP would fail normally if we had men of substance in the Senate.  With the demolition of the GOP and the formulation and cooperation of the REAPER,  MITCH McCONNELL the REPUBLICAN EUNUCH PARTY, (REP)  a party of political eunuchs, men without balls ( too few ladies, rarely helping) and tomorrow the bullsh*t of today will be old news… more fake news from a fake President and they will say nothing.  It’s not respect, they are scared of him. The ignorant morons who are their constituents believing T-RUMPS bullsh*t would vote them out.

Most racists, fascists and haters are cowards.  “ America has a history of paranoid politics, infused with the belief that there is some hidden conspiracy to betray the Republic”.   But these forces used to be peripheral, voiced by marginal figures.  Today the rampant bullshit comes straight from the WhiteHouse by one sick man who should be permanently removed. We renamed it “ Das Blanca Sheistenhausen”, the White Shithouse

Under T-RUMP we were experiencing a switch to an Authoritarian Government - a form of government in which state authority is imposed onto many aspects of citizens’ lives.  And the major loss’s involve, truth, honesty, respect, humility and desecration of a more perfect union.  This was and is the policy of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Lenin, Putin Assad, Maduro and in various forms today such as Duterte and Bolsonaro who call themselves Presidents.

They the NAZI’S added the elimination of humans to basic fascist methods, they exterminated six million people to achieve their goal.  And world War two that killed an estimated fifty-eight to sixty-eight million by the AXIS powers if you add China’s losses at the hands of the Japanese.  Trump has already destroyed much of what we believe in as the core of our existence in this country is freedom.

It is total destruction on all fronts brought upon by an ignorant self-embodied, wannabe dictator and narcissistic power crazy, ill-suited, sick man who has to be removed.  Impeach, assassination, trial,  jail, the methodology hardly matters.  He is destroying 250 plus years of what the United States of America stands for.  And we may have sustained a critical blow to our core and the future might be unlike our wonderful past…

Old Fuehrer Vs New Fuehrer

—  The former German leader and Donald T-RUMP are simi-cons, partners in crime and time.  As I have said, T-RUMPS playbook is a carbon copy of Hitlers tactics and in some ways word for word with Hitlers playbook, words, chapters and verse.  We call “ The art of the deal” T-RUMPS fake book, “ Mein Crap”.  We renamed it the “ Farts in my Spiel”.

—  He has initiated what Hitler did by destroying the press,  Adolf Hitler’s stooge Dr. Goebbels after becoming the propaganda minister for Germany saw to that.  Newspapers and Radio, both fell quickly.   When the SS guards with guns and the permission to shoot the current occupants knocked on the doors many left on the spot.  After that, if they resisted, they left feet first.  Goebbels wasn’t fooling around.

—  TV was not yet invented in Adolf’s day, but today the biggie is supreme media scumbird Herr Rupert Murdock taking over with FOX news, using all the papers he owns, and sports broadcasting is just another scumbag in my book. 

—  His regime is the perfect component of a lying Presidents propaganda as they have as many scruples in reporting as T-RUMP has in tweeting which is none.  Owning TV time with rallies not speeches is another tactic.

—  He is calling the real press, fakes, and enemies of the state.  They are the last line of truth.  They report the fake news because Donald spews the filth and lies and then disembowels himself from it, then and only then calls it fake.

—  Next he went after the Federal Police the FBI, The DOJ, with his twitted derogatory remarks, challenged Police that are not under his control, and using them and the FBI and attempting to use them as his personal agenda against all challengers, political or personal which is illegal.  Just as Himmler and Goebbels did.

—  You take down, destroy, or neutralize the Department of Justice, the FBI, Homeland Security,  other groups under their control leaving the control in the hands of the Executive by hiring a scumbag like Barr.   He has attacked the Supreme Court and lower courts by filling them with right wing conservatives. Now you control the cops and judges with the stooges you put in place.  Just as Hitler did

—  Backed and supported by other scumbags like Mitch McConnell, who is a staunch conservative with little or no moral capacity for those who need a hand up, and totally corrupt game player and should be hanged.  One day hopefully these people will be rounded up and hanged, nothing is more fitting for all the pain they have thrown on the people stupid enough to have elected them.

—  Gerrymandering, voter fraud fake news, PAC fake news reports, just about anything that the prejudiced low life can create and support and has been controlling the Chickenhawks and Eunuch-Cons in the Senate for way too long.

—  The most dangerous dictators and authoritarians all used a technique called DEVIATION,  a detour, diversion, departure, divergence, excursus and its simple,  but an effective technique. 

—  You come up with a new crisis or lie and that keeps the press off balance because they have to fact check everything and by the time it’s checked there is a new problem on the screen.  Then he calls it fake news.  The owners of Tabloid magazines print lots of the real Fake News.  Think of it as comic books for dumbass adults.  Basically it means if truth doesn’t work, baffle them with BS.  It seems a percentage of the GOP base and the Evangelicals has been baffled way beyond the realm of pure bullsh*t.

—  The object is to remove the power of the two pillars of the three of our system leaving only the executive branch to make the decisions of government.  That was how Hitler did it, with the night of the Long Knives, murder, and assassinations of those who might oppose him.  With Barr, he had the DOJ in the palm of his hands and Barr is next on the list to be investigated by the Congress.  He polluted the Muller report.  He works for T-RUMP not the plebeians… this is the McConnell plan, Barr is just another bookend.

—  Trump’s intelligence information comes from the tabloid mind of an absence of truth.  In fact one of the conspirators mentioned and pled guilty by the Mueller report was the Tabloid Giant American Media Inc., the country’s largest tabloid publisher whose chairman is a close ally of President T-RUMP  controls almost the entire supermarket checkout rack after new acquisitions announced on Friday.

—   The Secret Service are the family protectors just as Hitler had his unit, the Stosstrupp-Hitler (SSH), was set up specifically for Hitler’s protection.  Air Force ONE as the Official Golf Mar-a-lago Shuttle Bus and personal rally vehicle costing millions of additional dollars to carry his fake lies and bullsh*t all over the country.  

Ironically Hitler was the first official in Europe to use the airplane a Junkers 52 to travel around the country.  

Those trips are not government business, they are political rallies to those sick bastards who need a dose of TRUMPISM to feed their dumb minds.  

Insecurity al la demented and fragile like a box of chocolates, till you crack one open you have no clue as to whether there are any brains there.  

—  He is not the Fuehrer, not the dictator though it appears he acts that way.  In that case we need to stick him in a bunker and blow it up, or hang him by his draft-dodged heels like Mussolini.  If you take the time to study history ( again my passion) you find connections we have not exposed.  Soon, they will come forth, and it’s not pretty, it’s scary. Today 8/22/2019 he told us he is the “ Chosen One”.  Again, Hitler’s playbook…


  1. The Similarities Are Incredible, Both Had Hair Problems, The Forward Sweep Similarities

  2. Neither Smiled Too Often, Neither Wrote The Book They Claimed To……

  3. Hitlers Book  “  Mein Kamph” Were Notes Sent From His Prison Cell To Himmler Who Then Had It Ghost Written Into Book Form For The Fuehrer…   T-RUMPS Book Was Written And Edited By Tony  Schwartz And Donald Took The Credit

  4. Both Made Big Promises But Were Never Completed, Hitler Promised The Autobahn, All Over Europe And T-Rump Promised The Wall From Coast To Coast Along Mexico  Both Failed…In Fact The Allies Used Hitlers Roads For Navigational Bombing Routes

  5. T-Rumps Wall Keeps Out The Loose Donkey’s, Pronghorn Antelope and Jaguars,  Gila Monsters  And  violated laws including the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Wilderness Act 

  6. In Hitler’s end game food was so scarce in Germany anything with four legs was food… 

T-rumps Book:  “ The Art of The Deal”  Was Ghost written for T-RUMP…
 “ The Art of the Deal”  is a 1987 book authored by Tony Schwartz and credited to Donald Trump.  Part memoir and part business-advice book, it was the first book credited to T-RUMP  and helped to make him a “ Household name”. But just Like Hitler, most of the book was self adoration and bullsh*t,  but thats T-RUMP, two peas in a pod.

Adolf Hitler  
Adolf Hitler did receive the Iron Cross in WWI for minefield running as a courier, for dodging bullets except one for which he received the Iron Cross for bravery but was never promoted.  The world would be a better place if the French soldiers took better aim… They only grazed him…With Hitler running from the Austrian Army and then being captured and tried by the Austrians. He escaped incarceration.  He then joined the German Army ( or get shot) He never rose above the rank of Private First Class.

  • Served in WWI as a message carrier and received a Medal for bravery, but no promotion
  • Originally, he was an Austrian draft dodger, till the German Army found him out and he complied
  • Not into Religion, he burnt down Churches, all the churches
  • He burnt most of the books in Germany
  • Made the local police part of the Army of Germany after killing their Head Officials
  • Closed non-NAZI newspapers
  • Ridded the Judge’s and put his people in charge
  • Created one Radio Channel for all of Germany - Something like the “ Himmler - Goebbels Hour”…
  • Killed Six Million Jews in the death camps  (Underestimated and being revised)
  • Embraced Japan and Italy to form the AXIS powers
  • Started a new NAZI - ARYAN Religion of Nordic base with the other psychotic Himmler
  • Committed Suicide with Eva Braun and his favorite Dog, we mourned the dog…
  • Worldwide casualties from Hitlers War…  REVISED IN 2016
    ttle and Civilian Deaths  60,000,000 plus 25,000 wounded - ADDEDA REVISION - An estimated total of 70–85 million people perished, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion). The tables below give a detailed country-by-country count of human losses. World War II deaths fatality statistics vary, with estimates of total  ranging from 70 million to 85 million. China may have had 50 million.\ 

Donald J. T-Rump
T-RUMP excelled and received an award for bowling, shiny shoes and was on sports teams. His rich Daddy donated heavily to the school so the idiot could graduate.  His marks are locked away, one professor had indicated at Wharton T-RUMP was the dumbest student he ever had.  And to the Doctor who said he had Bones Spurs and ineligible for the draft seven times, he died recently and his children exposed the phony draft scheme by his Daddy in exchange for rent on Daddy’s property.

T-RUMP has a lot of imaginary friends with imaginary statistical information ( about 100% false ) and that constitutes 98% of his lies.  Like his taxes, his school records, both HS and college are heavily guarded like state secrets and kept hidden.

T-RUMP excelled in being hated by his classmates,  though he claims they loved him.  But with news surfacing all the time it appears they thought differently of him.  One commented, “ That pr*ck”

  • Served in Military school on the bowling team with fake bad feet - Draft Dodger
  • Received various commendations for his shined shoes
  • Father arranged his fake bone spurs with a Doctor to secure Draft Dodging
  • Father contributed highly to his schools, his school records are secured hidden justs like his taxes.
  • He is a Misogamist with 22 women coming forth
  • Having sex with porn stars while wife was pregnant
  • Rumors of perversion with Russian Prostitutes
  • In three years he has lied to the public 17,400 times plus
  • He has destroyed the integrity of the FBI and the DOJ
  • He has thrown nine Generals under the bus…
  • He drained the swamp, we lost hundreds of good people
  • He replaced it with a Cesspool of incompetents
  • He has dropped us out of treaties on health, global warming and war allies in NATO
  • His tweets are those of a moron berating over one hundred people with lies and distortions
  • He is against prejudiced against Muslims and Blacks
  • His business record shows numerous conflicts, bankruptcies and failures ( Over a billion) 
  • He has destroyed by Presidential Decree everything Barack Obama established
  • He has not made good on his election promises
  • He has desecrated National Parks and Lands
  • He is supporting Coal and polluting our rivers and streams by removing safety measure Obama imposed
  • He has strong support by ignorant GOP base voters and Evangelicals, and possibly the entire Russian and Chinese Hacking bureaus plus other haters of America in the middle east.
  • He has totally botched the Coronavirus Pandemic and blames everyone else… Estimated 100,000 Americans will die.



Both Hitler and T-RUMP had an interest in Architecture, big projects like the TRUMP TOWER, Golf courses, Hotels,  properties, and Hitler working with Albert Speer assisting was going to build the new City of Germania, The Capitol City of the Future Reich.  Hitler could afford his projects using slave labor, Donald uses Russian or Saudi money.  Both used architecture as a tool and for legacy purposes.

Their Hands Never On The Trigger
Neither Adolf Hitler nor Donald T-RUMP ever acted in any heinous crime or directly were involved.  Evidently it’s a technique scumbags use all the time to alienate themselves from prosecution.  It’s always someone else said this or that, but he never said it, or got a stooge like Cohen to do the dirty work, clear signs of a coward.  Same with the killings, get someone else to do it.

It’s always someone else who did it or knew about it  what, when or where is not important, neither is the truth  but like in the case of Cohen it’s named T-RUMP but Donald is not on trial.  

Hitler was no different, but it was at his direction, that he was never mentioned about the death camps, or the gas chambers, he was always mis-directing the German people with lies. 

And his best friend for a while was Mussolini was no better,  known as “ l Duce",  ( English version: The Douchbag)  From the beginning he was a heel.  And thats how they hung him, by the heels.  Surprisingly Hitler was more a facist, being a NAZI was a political statement.  And it was Mussolini who persuaded Hitler to build the Autobahn.  Few knew that.

Women Problems
Both men had women troubles, Hitler mysteriously having two not one murdered by faked suicide.  And TRUMPS classic oral, mental, vaginal attacks on twenty-two women will get handled after he leaves office.  It too is related to the seventeen investigations his name is on. Many states are changing laws about statures of limitations.  Just ask Cosby what that means…

👺  Herr Hitler Also Knew More Than The Generals

Victims of the Night of the Long Knives - Adolf Hitler, Ernst Röhm, Gregor Strasser and Hermann Göring pictured in 1932…  Hitler is the one on the left, not smiling. Maybe he knew something…  Röhm and Strasser would be killed in the Night of the Long Knives, which in large part was provoked by evidence fabricated by Göring ( thats the fat bastard on the right mit lederhausen ) and Heinrich Himmler purporting to show that Röhm was planning a coup and for them to get closer to the top of the regime. this is how Hitler took  over, he killed people, T-RUMP fires or denigrates people.

Victims of the Night of the Long Knives  numbered at least 85 people murdered.  It took place in Germany between June 30 and July 2, 1934. 

T-RUMP Thought he Could Bully The Generals…
T-RUMP came into office and his adoration was over the top when supported by some fine military commanders on the highest level.   Obviously that didn’t last when they soon realized they were not working in the best interests of our great nation and basically the President was a complete frickin idiot and moron.  Most stayed on to protect the country from Trump if he decided for example to nuke Puerto Rico or Brooklyn…

The following agreed, that he is unfit for the job and basically unfit as a human being.  We have all their documents on file.  They either resigned or were “Fired” but to a man, they held back on T-RUMP in a high regard… there is a code whereby Military personnel do not comment on politics, some ( actually many) suggested the high regard should have a rope attached to a high tree with a ladder or horse underneath and hang him at high noon.  ( High used four times in one sentence)  I have all their statements and will e-mail you if interested.

Retired four-star Gen. James Mattis as his Secretary of Defense 
Retired four-star Gen. John Kelly as his Secretary of Homeland Security, then Chief of Staff
Retired three-star Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster assumed the role of National Security Adviser.
Retired Gen. Joseph Votel  -   Head of Central Command and former Head of SOCOM
Retired Adm.  William H. McRaven  -  Ninth Commander of the United States Special Operations Command 
Retired Gen. Stanley a McCrystal  Joint SOCOM, Commander, ISAF and Commander, US Forces - Afghanistan.
Retired Gen. Wesley K. Clark - As Supreme Allied Commander and CINC of the US European Command
In addition  —  60,000 folks who signed the petition of incompetence of the President, most were psychiatrists…

TRAITOR Gets Off and Gets Back On the Guilty PleaRetired three-star Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn as his National Security Adviser — Who was arrested, indicted, pled guilty, awaited sentence, and a T-RUMP pardon as an agent for another country and T-RUMP Intervened.  And Pardoned him

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