James Orsen Bakker first saw daylight January 2, 1940,  and is an American televangelist, former Assemblies of God minister and former late host with his wife Tammy Faye Bakker of The PTL Club,  an evangelical Christian television program. 

She passed on after a long bout with cancer, seeing her husband going to jail, divorcing him, remarrying and finishing with her last days at peace.  

Jim Bakker is also known for building Heritage USA in Fort Mill, South Carolina, a former Christian theme park which opened in 1978 and closed in 1989.  He has written several books, including I Was Wrong and Time Has Come: How to Prepare Now for Epic Events Ahead.  Heritage USA was a scam with unaccountable money problems though they were taking in millions from believers.  Thats called fraud.


A cover-up of hush money paid to a church secretary, Jessica Hahn, for (alleged) rape led to his resignation from the ministry.  Subsequent revelations of accounting fraud brought about his conviction, imprisonment and divorce. 

Bakker later remarried, below, his wife’s name is Lori and he returned to televangelism, where he founded his new ministry Morningside Church in Blue Eye, Missouri and currently works on The Jim Bakker Show, which focuses on the end of days.

Their well-known explosion was all over the news back in 1989 with fraud and infidelity being the twin missiles that brought the rising stars in the Televangelism world down. 

In addition to defrauding the public to help fund Heritage, Mr. Bakker was caught having a threesome with a church secretary named Jessican Hahn and John Wesley Fletcher in a Clearwater, Fl. Resort.  Actually a hotel located five miles from my front door on Clearwater Beach.

The Bakkers were the founders of Heritage USA, which, back in its day, was a Christian Theme park and the third most popular theme park destination in the country, that featured, among other things, a life-sized version of the upper room, where the Last Supper was held. 

Although the Bakkers raised more than enough money to finish the Grand Tower, it was never completed, and to this day, nobody’s quite certain where all the money went, or why the church kept asking for more.  ( Errr, could be it was being stolen? )


Many times in the Bible the word "be-getting" or to "have been the father" is used. Unfortunately some of these TV "profits" have been caught doing a lot of after hours be-getting.  Either off stage with a hooker, or when caught filling water vials from a tap, cheating, begetting and stealing from the flock. 

You know them from their fall from grace as the Jim and the late Tammy Bakker, the Popoff's, and the Swaggarts, lots of begetting there.   One of the most tragic stories is that of Jim Bakker a former restaurant helper turned evangelist and his wife Tammy Fay Bakker who died at 62 from a long bout with cancer.

Hey, Jim Bakker did a little begetting right here on Clearwater Beach, about six miles from my home with a Ms. Jessica Hahn.   Turns out she was good enough for Playboy, a knockout after a little plastic work was done.  At least he had good taste.  That did not make Mrs. Bakker happy, but why risk a good income, she forgave him and as soon as he went off to jail divorced Jim and she married Jim’s friend and co-worker. 

Thats what happened to Jim Bakker.  Jail.  The problem was he was legally, morally, and spiritually begotten to the late Queen of Mascara, Tammy Fay Bakker. (Begotten - past tense of begetting)  

What ever the reasons for the begetting, thats not what brought them down, it was the use of money they got as donations that didn't arrive at the promised land. He promised hotels and rooms and they used it differently.

PTL's fund raising activities between 1984–1987 underwent scrutiny by The Charlotte Observer newspaper, eventually leading to criminal charges against Jim Bakker. From 1984 to 1987, Bakker and his PTL associates sold $1,000 "lifetime memberships", which entitled buyers to a three-night stay annually at a luxury hotel at Heritage USA. 

According to the prosecution at Bakker's later fraud trial, tens of thousands of memberships had been sold, but only one 500-room hotel was ever completed. Bakker "sold" more "exclusive partnerships" than could be accommodated, while raising more than twice the money needed to build the actual hotel. A good deal of the money went into Heritage USA's operating expenses, and Bakker kept $3.4 million in bonuses for himself. 

The $279,000 payoff for the silence of Jessica Hahn, a woman who was mistakenly supposed to be a Bakker staff member, was paid by Tammy Faye's later husband, Roe Messner.  Hahn was actually a one-time acquaintance of Bakker, set up by a "friend" in 1980.  Sort of a "Hooker by Crooker" relationship.

Bakker, who apparently made all of the financial decisions for the PTL organization, allegedly kept two sets of books to conceal the accounting irregularities.   They were not religious in nature...

Reporters from The Charlotte Observer, led by lead reporter Charles Shepard, investigated and published a series of articles regarding the PTL organization's finances.

On March 19, 1987, following the revelation of a payoff to Jessica Hahn to keep secret her allegation that Bakker had raped her, Bakker resigned from PTL.   

Bakker acknowledges he met Hahn at a hotel room in Clearwater Beach, Florida, but denies raping her.  She was young and at the time and perhaps he promised her some of the “  Holy Land experience” in the future.  

Most of us in the more critical theatre believe she was young, not entirely that bright and fell for the spiel and grace Jim offered and got banged.  

And he got caught, pants down doing the bebanging by religious folks called Begetting.  And getting caught at the subsequent three some with her.  She was well endowed and even better after the Playboy crew did their polishing.

It’s been three decades since the world found out about the 15 minutes she spent in a Florida hotel room with televangelist Jim Bakker.  But Jessica Hahn says it’s only been in the last two years that she’s finally confronted her anger about what happened, and how it’s affected the rest of her life.

She says she’s angry at Bakker, founder of the onetime PTL empire near Charlotte, for using his power and his image as a man of God to manipulate her, then a 21-year-old church secretary, into having sex.   “He just believed that everybody should serve him because he was serving God,” she said of Bakker.

She’s also angry at herself for being in the hotel room. And for reacting to this experience and the sudden media glare by making “maybe not the best choices” over the years that followed – including posing nude three times in Playboy.

Hahn said. “I really grew up with the Bakker's (on TV), thinking, ‘I’d love to be in that family.  They’re always singing and happy.’ I loved her. I loved her makeup, the stupid makeup. That’s what we did in church: We wore a lot of makeup and big hair.”   Hahn said,  "she felt guilty when she talked with Jim Bakker’s one-time wife during her last days".

These days, Hahn keeps a lower profile than she did for many years. But she has ventured into social media in the last year or so, writing Facebook posts she calls “pretty dull and sweet.”   Yup!

Asked about the sexual harassment charges against Trump, Hahn said he’d like to see “solid proof” that the allegations weren’t politically motivated. “Accusations sometimes are too freely thrown out there,” she said. “Sexual harassment is not a game. The office of the president is also not a game. Respect and truth need to be applied on both sides.”   Never happen!   Obviously,  she is still stupid... T-RUMP has no idea what truth is...

When Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died in September, Hahn tweeted about her affection for the media tycoon in whose magazine she posed nude decades ago: “Rest in peace Hugh Hefner. I will always love you and will never forget you. You changed my life forever.   Thank you. Hug God for me.”   ( Well Hug somebody...)

She acted in a few movies, “things that were silly,” and worked on some sitcoms – Hahn dated Ron Leavitt, co-creator of TV’s “Married ... with Children” for 15 years, until his death in 2008. “But,” she added with a laugh, “I’m not the greatest actress.”  (We know that)

“God is still the first and most important thing in my life. The only person I really talk to,” she said. “My faith is strong. ... I still believe in God more than ever.  It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t his mess.”  (  Right,  but you support T-RUMP  and an old Sioux proverb says,   “ Which is worse the liar or the teller of the liars tales”. )

Following Bakker’s resignation as PTL head, he was succeeded in late March, 1987, by Jerry Falwell.  Falwell another bablical bullshitter was the Supreme Ayatollah of God’s mirth till Pat Robertson came along who stole the show with his utterly incredible bullshit. The level of which superseded the Brontosaurus.

Later that summer, as donations sharply declined in the wake of Bakker's resignation and the end of the Bakkers' popular PTL Club TV show, Falwell raised $20 million to help keep the Heritage USA Theme Park solvent, including a well-publicized waterslide plunge there.  most of which he kept.

No, I know what you are thinking. A miracle. Nope, he slid down the slide, no walk on water routines, no parting of the pool, just slid his fat ass butt down the slide like most mortals leaving a huge wake due to a huge profile. I have seen better water shows at Sea World, similar, whales sliding in a pool.


The fall of television evangelists Jim and Tammy Bakker has provoked a religious controversy with few equals in modern history. In the midst of the PTL scandal, evangelist Jimmy Swaggart has launched what some ministers see as "a Pentecostal inquisition," with Swaggart playing the role of "grand inquisitor."

At stake is the future of the Assemblies of God, a comparatively young movement founded almost 100 years ago  in Hot Springs, Ark., which boasts 4.3 million adherents nationwide and until now has been one of America’s fastest-growing Protestant churches. But some clergymen warned last week of a denominational split.

Swaggart, the country’s most watched televangelist and, like Jim Bakker, an Assemblies of God minister, is striving to purge his church of what he sees as “ alse doctrines,” “ orcery” and "fads" -- all alleged hallmarks of PTL, which stands for " Praise the Lord" and " People That Love." Some think it meant  “ Pastors Love Loot”.

The lawyer for the evangelist Jim Bakker yesterday accused the television preacher Jimmy Swaggart of trying to take over Mr. Bakker's PTL Club ministry, an attempt he said had led to Mr. Bakker's resignation and confession of a sexual liaison.

Mr. Swaggart denied the accusation on television last night, calling it ''absurd'' in an interview with Larry King on the Cable News Network. ''I don't know what I would do with PTL if I had it,'' Mr. Swaggart said.

Mr. Bakker's attorney, Roy Grutman, said earlier yesterday that Mr. Swaggart had spread rumors and given a newspaper ''exaggerated and distorted'' information about Mr. Bakker's affair, which occurred seven years ago. 

Mr. Bakker and Mr. Grutman earlier said that there had been an effort to take over PTL Club, but they would not say who was behind that effort. The PTL Club - the initials stand for Praise the Lord - includes 500,000 members, a cable television network and a park.

Later yesterday, the Rev. Jerry Falwell said he had talked ''at length'' with Mr. Swaggart and was satisfied Mr. Swaggart had no designs on PTL. Mr. Falwell, the founder of Moral Majority, and replaced Mr. Bakker as head of PTL.

On March 19, 1987, after the disclosure of a payoff to Hahn, Bakker resigned from PTL.  Although he acknowledged that he had a sexual encounter with Hahn at a hotel room in Clearwater, Florida, he denied raping her.   Bakker was the subject of homosexual and bisexual allegations made by John Wesley Fletcher and PTL director Jay Babcock, which he denied under oath.   Rival televangelist John Ankerberg appeared on Larry King Live and made several allegations against Bakker, which both Bakkers denied.

Some friend. Who says Evangelicals don't eat their own?  Falwell called Bakker a liar, an embezzler, a sexual deviant, and "the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity in 2,000 years of church history."   In 1988, Falwell said that the Bakker scandal had “ strengthened broadcast evangelism and made Christianity stronger, more mature and more committed”.   he should talk... his son is no better, and plays politics with T-RUMP, one lies the other swears.

Bakker's son, Jay, wrote in 2001 that the Bakkers felt betrayed by Falwell, whom they thought, at the time of Bakker's resignation, intended to help in Bakker's eventual restoration as head of the PTL ministry organization.  Kettles and pots each calling each other black. So common amongst crooks.


TODAY  —  Three Strikes…Tammy…Jessica and now Lori…
Most of Bakker’s audience receives his program on DirecTV and Dish Network. Bakker condemned the prosperity theology that he took part in earlier in his career and has embraced apocalypticism.

His show has a millennial, survivalist focus and sells buckets of freeze-dried food to his audience in preparation for the end of days.   Elspeth Reeve wrote in The Atlantic that Bakker’s doomsday food is overpriced.  

A man named Jerry Crawford, who credits Bakker with having saved his marriage, invested $25 million dollars in a new ministry for Bakker in Blue Eye, Missouri, named Morningside.  Production for The Jim Bakker Show moved to Morningside in 2008.  In 2013, Bakker wrote Time Has Come: How to Prepare Now for Epic Events Ahead about end-time events.

•   In an October 2017 video, Bakker said that “God will punish those” who ridicule him.

•   He has said that Hurricane Harvey was a judgement of God, and blamed Hurricane Matthew on then-President Barack Obama.

•   Bakker predicted that if current President Donald T-RUMP is impeached, Christians would begin a Second American Civil War.

•  He compared the 2017 Washington train derailment to the sinking of the RMS Titanic and stated the Amtrak train derailment was a warning from God.

•   He also claimed that he predicted the September 11 attacks of 2001, stating that he “ saw 9/11 in 1999 before New Year’s Eve" and that there would "be terrorism" and bombings in New York City and Washington, DC"

•   A few days after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, he stated that in a dream that “ God came to him wearing a camouflage, a hunting vest, and a AR-15 rifle strapped to his back” and claimed that God supported Trump's plan to arm teachers.

•    Following the death of Billy Graham on February 21, 2018, Bakker attended Graham’s funeral and paid his respects, stating that Graham was the greatest preacher since Jesus, and also remarking that Graham had visited him in prison.

•  Ed Brayton called Bakker a false prophet in an article on the Patheos website, and Geoffrey Grider called him a false teacher on the Now The End Begins website.

•  On the Stand in the Gap Today radio program, Pennsylvania Pastors Network president Sam Rohrer criticized Bakker’s civil-war prediction. His TV show received criticism as a "spiritual abuse", and critics stated that it has "no business" being on TV screens.

Still a bullshitting neurotic scumbag and a T-RUMP supporter... and his supporters are possibly the dumbest so it works both ways