The president is on self destruct,  but he will destroy you when he goes down
 anything coming from him, nothing coming from rallies, tweets, twitters for Nit-Twits, his Allies, Acolytes and Sycophants can be trusted. 

The fact checks CNN, politico, WP, NYT and Samantha Guthrie’s magnificent performance as a truth finder, no Bs, fact checker on T-RUMP showed his T-rumps Appearances live and at rallies are full of lies, mis-directions, fake conspiracy’s,  QAnon denials, Supremacist Support, very similar to the lies he told at the town meeting

I take that back
 the town meeting, we verified similar to the lies and pure Alternate Universe sh*t he lives in and has been handing us for four years
 almost blew my fact checking computers, the lies came too fast
 Brian Stelter got it all

Special recognition of Savannah Guthrie Host of The T-RUMP Town Hall

President Donald T-RUMP and former Vice President Joe Biden weren’t on the same stage on Thursday night but two simultaneous town halls managed to clearly lay out the stark differences between the candidates.

Trump and Biden were both forced to answer tough questions as the President vied for an elusive campaign reset while trying to defend his response to the coronavirus pandemic, his embrace of conspiracy theories and his stance on White supremacists under tough questioning from NBC's Savannah Guthrie.

The separation of the two candidates on different networks Thursday night — each in their own sphere with their own moderator -- created an even more stark contrast between their personal styles and approaches for voters who flipped back and forth between the two channels.   

From the very beginning of the NBC town hall, T-RUMP was an antagonistic participant, interrupting and criticizing the premise of questions from Guthrie -- sometimes before she had even finished asking them -- and often offering falsehoods as part of his answers. 

That dynamic immediately created a contentious back-and-forth between T-RUMP and Guthrie that ratcheted up the crackling tension of the NBC event, as she interjected to fact-check his answers or ask if he was serious about his statements.

Media Analysis By Brian Stelter - Must Read
Whenever President T-RUMP ventures off Fox and gives an interview on another major network, something is instantly apparent: His information diet.  I would argue it is an unhealthy, poisoned info diet -- and CNN reporter Daniel Dale's fact-checks would back me up.

Whether healthy or not, almost everything about the Trump era can be understood through his sources of info. It was obvious during his Thursday night town hall on NBC, when Savannah Guthrie repeatedly pointed out that he was misinformed. And he responded with vague assertions like "I read it someplace" and "I've heard many different stories" and "people are saying."

Here's the thing: When Trump calls his friends on Fox and other right-wing channels, his evasions and excuses slip right through. Facilitators like Maria Bartiromo and Mark Levin don't second-guess his stats and smears because they subsist on the same info-diet he does. When Trump gives a rare interview outside his pro-Trump media universe, his falsehoods and flimsy sources are instantly exposed.

Thursday night was Trump's first time taking tough questions from a TV interviewer since his coronavirus infection — and from a former litigator no less. It was one of the finest moments of Guthrie's career. During and after the town hall, she was widely praised in journalism circles for prodding Trump with followups and pushing back at his distortions. And she was attacked in a statement issued by Trump's campaign, which tells you everything you need to know. More on Guthrie’s questions below, but I want to zoom in on Trump's answers first... 

From Tucker’s lips to Trump’s lies

Trump's mixed messages about masks are a direct result of his poisoned media diet. On Tuesday night "Tucker Carlson Tonight" sowed doubt about masks and Carlson said, in typical Tucker-speak, "someone has been lying to us, many people, actually." The show ran a banner that shouted "PEOPLE THAT WORE MASKS STILL GOT CORONAVIRUS" and distorted the meaning of a small study so that Carlson could ridicule government experts. "Almost everyone" in the study, "85%, who got the coronavirus in July, was wearing a mask, and they were infected anyway," Carlson said. "So clearly this doesn't work the way they tell us it works."

Carlson "misrepresented" the study, as PolitiFact explained here. But the host doubled down on Wednesday night, and Trump brought it up several times on Thursday, including at the town hall. "Just the other day," he said, "they came out with a statement that 85% of the people that wear masks catch it." That's a gross distortion of Carlson's original distortion!

Guthrie interjected: "They didn't say that. I know that study. That's not--"
"Well, that's what I heard," Trump said, "and that's what I saw. And regardless
” That's how it always goes with Trump: "What I heard" and "what I saw." He brought up the 85% figure again a little bit later, and Guthrie was ready: "I looked at that report, it's not about mask wearing, it was neutral on the question of masks." 

Trump then tried to reach an agreement with her, in what looked to me like an attempt to reach out to the "suburban moms" he's been pleading for support from: "Savannah, Savannah, we're on the same side. I say wear the masks, I'm fine with it, I have no problem. We're on the same side." Read Dale’s fact-check here...

Holding T-RUMP Accountable For His Retweets
Trump consumes information from television, from articles printed out by his aides, from phone calls with allies, and from Twitter. He has a long history of retweeting sketchy Twitter accounts. His social media behavior reveals a lot about his info-diet. 

At the town hall, Guthrie called him out for retweeting "to your 87 million followers a conspiracy theory that Joe Biden orchestrated to have SEAL Team Six... killed to cover up the fake death of bin Laden. Now, why would you send a lie like that to your followers?” 

Trump's answer was a dodge: "I know nothing about that." Guthrie responded, "You retweeted it!" Then he tried to excuse his behavior, saying "that was an opinion of somebody. And that was a retweet. I'll put it out there. People can decide for themselves. I don't take a position."

His shrug of an answer reminded me of the famous Fox News slogan “we report, you decide," except Trump doesn't do any reporting, he just shares crazed conspiracy theories with his followers and then says they "can decide for themselves."

Guthrie Channels The American Voter

Oliver Darcy writes: "A good barometer for judging a Trump interview is whether the anchor asks the president the questions and follow ups on the minds of voters sitting at home and watching. This sounds simple, but often fails to happen in interviews with Trump, as he does his best to roll over the person asking him questions. Guthrie, however, excelled and did not let T-RUMP off the hook. 

When Trump, for instance, declined to take responsibility for promoting a deranged Bin Laden conspiracy theory by arguing that he only retweeted 'an opinion of someone,' Guthrie responded by channeling what most people watching were probably thinking. 'You're the President!' she exclaimed. 'You're not someone's crazy uncle who can retweet whatever.' Those moments, which occurred over and over, made Guthrie’s interview worth watching."

Trump’s Horrifying QAnon answer

Oliver Darcy writes: "Trump not only refused to condemn the QAnon conspiracy theory, but he claimed (again) to be ignorant of the movement, much to the disbelief of Guthrie. Then, after claiming not to know much about QAnon, the president actually praised the virtual cult for being 'very strongly against pedophilia.' NBC’s resident QAnon reporter Ben Collins noted, 'Outside of a straight up endorsement, this is about as about as close to a dream scenario for QAnon followers as is humanly possible.'"

Meanwhile, over on ABC

This seemed to be the biggest news from Biden's event, per CNN's Maeve Reston: Biden "reiterated once again that he is 'not a fan' of court packing but said that his position will depend on how the Supreme Court confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is 'handled...' Pressed by ABC's George Stephanopoulos if voters have a right to know about his position, he said, 'They do have a right to know where I stand. They have a right to know where I stand before they vote.' 'So you'll come out with a clear position before Election Day?' Stephanopoulos asked. Biden replied, 'Yes. Depending on how they handle this

Top Reactions

  • NYT's Nate Cohn: "It is exceptionally jarring to switch between the two town halls tonight. Like two different planets.”
  •  Variety’s Brian Steinberg: "I don't know what NBC pays @SavannahGuthrie but execs should give her a whopping bonus this year because she might just get them out of one of the company's biggest messes in years..."
  • Snap's Peter Hamby: "Two days of How Dare You, NBC! takes conclude with an avalanche of applause tweets for @SavannahGuthrie. News cycles can be really dumb these days
  • NYT’s Annie Karni: "Savannah Guthrie spent most of the NBC News town hall tearing into President Trump with a series of quick-paced, conversational questions that managed to put the president on the spot and successfully reveal his evasions in a way that few of his interlocutors have managed..."
  • Bloomberg’s Ryan Teague Beckwith: “  just switched over from the T-RUMP to Biden town halls and it's like switching from 'Ancient Aliens' to PBS NewsHour."
  • ED-Opinion
   “ She Kicked His Ass”

Looking Back At The Town Hall Turmoil...

  • I’m not sure anyone will remember this kerfuffle in a day or two, but, for the record
  -- I heard a sense of relief among both NBC and ABC News execs that the town halls, while "dueling," both went well...
  • Jeremy Barr’s headline for WaPo afterward: "Savannah Guthrie grilled Trump like few others have, taking the heat off NBC for its town hall..."
  • Beforehand, “ SNBC head Phil Griffin strongly disagreed with NBC News President Noah Oppenheim's decision to unilaterally move forward with the town hall during that time slot," Politico's Marc Caputo reported...
  • At an afternoon rally in NC, T-RUMP attacked "Concast" and NBC at great/awful length...
  • MSNBC did not even show a countdown clock for the town hall in the minutes leading up to 8pm. Right afterward, Rachel Maddow greeted her viewers by saying "Well, THAT happened..."



  1. President Donald T-RUMP has returned to the campaign trail with all of his usual campaign dishonesty.  Trump made numerous false or misleading claims at his Tuesday rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, his second falsehood-filled rally since he was hospitalized with the coronavirus.   As he did at his Monday rally in Sanford, Flrida, T-RUMP senselessly claimed that Biden supports policy positions that the former vice president does not actually hold.

  2. Trump lied, for example, that Biden's plan would "destroy protections for pre-existing conditions." Trump is the one trying to eliminate Obamacare, including the protections the law created for people with pre-existing conditions. Biden, conversely, is running on a pledge to preserve and strengthen Obamacare, including those protections for pre-existing conditions.

  3. Trump also warned that Biden will "outlaw" private health insurance plans. But Biden has vocally rejected proposals to eliminate private insurance, instead proposing a “ Public option" that would allow people to voluntarily opt into a government insurance plan.

  4. Biden’s childhood  —  Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. But Trump said: "They say he was born in Scranton, but he left, he left. He abandoned you.”   Trump's allegation is misleading to the point of absurdity. Biden didn't make his own decision to leave Pennsylvania. His family moved from Pennsylvania to Delaware, where his father had found a job, when he was 10 years old.  Meanwhile T-RUMP left NY  ( We think because he was hated there, for all the people he screwed and sooner or later some would have liked to put a hit on him
) Rudi “ Ghouliani ”  had an $800,000 hit by the Sicilian Mafia years ago.    

  5. The Pandemic  —  T-RUMP offered another dishonestly rosy assessment of the state of the coronavirus pandemic. He claimed that we are "rounding the turn on the pandemic," not explaining what that means. And he said, "My plan: we're gonna crush the virus very quickly. It's happening already. It's happening."
    It's not happening. The number of confirmed US new cases and hospitalizations is surging; there were 52,406 new cases on Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University data. At the time T-RUMP spoke, 33 states were seeing increases in cases this week over last week.

  6. Manufacturing jobs  —  T-RUMP falsely claimed that,  “we added nearly 600,000 manufacturing jobs.”  This would have been an exaggeration even if you stopped the clock in February. (At that point, before the pandemic-related crash in March, 483,000 manufacturing jobs had been added during the Trump presidency.) But now the claim is flat wrong. As of September, 164,000 manufacturing jobs had been lost since T-RUMP took office.

  7. T-RUMP also falsely claimed that President Barack Obama had declared that " you'll never produce manufacturing jobs." That's not what Obama said. At a 2016 town hall event, Obama did say that some manufacturing jobs were gone from the US for good — But he also boasted about how many new ones were being created in the US.

  8. NATO  —  T-RUMP made a series of false claims about NATO.  He claimed that he was responsible for securing an extra "$130 billion a year" in military spending by other countries. Actually, NATO says the increase is $130 billion total between 2016 and the end of 2020, not $130 billion per year. (NATO does give T-RUMP credit for the increase, but it’s worth noting that spending has been rising since 2015, before T-RUMP took office.)
    Trump said that before him, NATO members "weren't paying their bills" and "were delinquent." That's not how NATO works. While the alliance has a target of each member spending 2% of GDP on defense, failing to hit that target doesn’t create bills or debts.

  9. And Trump claimed that "Obama used to send them pillows." This appeared to be Trump's usual reference to Obama's military aid to Ukraine, not about contributions to NATO itself -- but it's inaccurate regardless. Obama did decline to send Ukraine lethal aid, but he sent armored Humvees, counter-mortar radar, night vision equipment, drones, and other military supplies.  

  10. The border wall  —  For the second consecutive night, T-RUMP claimed that Mexico is paying for his border wall. "And Mexico is paying for the wall, by the way. You know that. I've been saying it. They hate to hear that. But they’re paying," he said.   This is simply false. The US government has paid for the wall -- in part with billions of dollars Trump has controversially seized from other programs. The White House declined to comment on Tuesday when we asked for an explanation of how Mexico is supposedly paying.
    Trump vaguely said at the Tuesday rally, as he did at Monday's, that Mexico will effectively cover the cost of the wall because of a "charge" he will impose on cars crossing the border. (He called it a "border tax" on Monday.) But he has not released any details of any such proposal, and, again, the White House declined to explain on Tuesday.

  11. Minnesota and the National Guard  —  Trump celebrated how the National Guard quelled violent protests in Minnesota after the killing of George Floyd. He lamented, though, that it took “10 days” for the state to call his administration. TRUTH:   Minnesota’s Democratic governor, Tim Walz, activated the National Guard himself -- and he did so two days, not 10 days, after the first protest violence. u can read a full timeline here.

  12. The presidential debate and the phrase “law and order" Trump told a story about how Biden supposedly refused to utter the words "law and order" at their first presidential debate. (Part of the story: "Remember I said, 'So tell me, say the words law and order, say it, Joe, say it.' He couldn't do it, he wouldn't do it, he wouldn't do it.")
    T-RUMP then acknowledged that Biden did say the words “  Law and order,” but he suggested that this doesn’t count because Biden added extra words at the end.  TRUTH: This is ridiculous. Biden said at the debate that "everybody's in favor of law and order." He then added, “Law and order with justice, where people get treated fairly."  Trump is free to argue that Biden adding "with justice" renders the words "law and order" meaningless. But it’s false to suggest that Biden refused say the words “law and order" at all.

  13. CNN and its cameras  —  Returning to one of his favorite rally lies, T-RUMP called CNN “ are " then said he saw the light on CNN's camera go off -- insinuating that CNN had stopped recording because of his jab.   TRUTH:  Trump’s claim was, as usual, pure fiction. CNN does not turn its cameras off when he insults CNN. And CNN photojournalists at his rallies do not even use a light that would show T-RUMP whether or not they are recording or broadcasting live.

  14. Veterans Choice  —  Trump repeated another of his favorite rally lies, declaring that "we passed VA Choice." Obama signed the Choice bill into law in 2014; it was an initiative of two senators Trump has frequently criticized, Bernie Sanders and the late John McCain. What T-RUMP signed was the VA MISSION Act of 2018, which expanded and modified the Choice program.  T-RUMP has made this claim more than 160 times.

  15. President Donald Trump’s refusal to tell America the truth about the pandemic in a bid to save his political skin, on display at a potential super-spreader rally in Iowa on Wednesday night, is fostering a vacuum in national leadership and crucial public health mobilization as a winter of sickness and death looms.

  16. T-RUMP is touting his own recovery from Covid-19 with a cocktail of expensive experimental therapies available to almost no one else in the world as proof there is nothing to fear from a disease that has killed more than 216,000 Americans.

  17. The President, 19 days before the election, is trying to pull the wool over voters' eyes by arguing the pandemic is almost over, in the hope they won't hold him to account for his poor management of the crisis. On Wednesday, he used his own rebound — And the symptom-free experience of his son Barron, who also tested positive -- to yet again downplay the virus.

  18. "Open your states!" Trump said at a rally at which Air Force One formed a backdrop.”The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself," he said, and again wildly claimed that his own strength meant he probably didn't need the cutting-edge therapies he was given in the hospital at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  “Maybe I would have been perfect anyway,” T-RUMP said.

  19. Dr. Fauci  — The government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who T-RUMP has repeatedly attacked in recent days, said Wednesday that although he was glad the President had recovered, his case should not be seen as indicative of everyone who gets infected.   “ It’s sort of like saying somebody was speeding in a car at 95 miles an hour and didn’t get in an accident, so I can go ahead and speed and not get in an accident," Fauci told "CBS Evening News."

  20. In the real world, rather than Trump's fantasy version, the pandemic is getting worse quickly. Average daily infections are at more than 51,000.  Yesterday over 60,000, the disease that the President says should no longer “ dominate” American life is killing more than 700 citizens a day. The high baseline of cases that is the legacy of the failure to better suppress the virus is leaving epidemiologists in despair at the suffering that will inevitably follow as the weather cools and people move indoors.

  21. The darkening picture would surely have dominated the second presidential debate on Thursday night. But the event was canceled amid a drama over the President's own diagnosis with the disease two weeks ago. Instead, T-RUMP and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will hold dueling town halls on NBC and ABC.

  22. Trump's tactic of minimizing the crisis is rooted in his quest to maximize turnout from his most loyal base voters, whom he and his conservative media allies constantly target with misinformation about the virus. His rallies and public acts send a visual message that life is back to normal, even as polls suggest that clear majorities of Americans disapprove of his handling of the crisis — one of the dominant issues of the election.

  23. Trump is not just risking the health of his supporters. People who get the virus at his rallies also can pass it on to others in wider society. But the President’s  word is still law among the voters who have disregarded reports that previous T-RUMP rallies and events have spread the virus and are flocking to his events in a remarkable show of support for his reelection bid.

  24. Stupid Answers Defend the Ignorant, It Is Rampant Amongst the Trumpeteers  

    đŸ˜„     If I’m gonna get sick and die I guess it’s my turn,” one rally goer, Brenda Stxxxxxx, told CNN’s Jim Acosta in Des Moines on Wednesday night.    —  √ Nice Bravado, great positivity, good luck, have a nice death
any particular flowers ?

    đŸ˜„     “I feel like, yes, the Covid-19 is kind of dangerous and it can be for some people, but for the most of us, we’re gonna go on with life,” Stxxxxxx said.   —  √ 217,000 didn’t win that bet and they were not even playing
 like most losers at the games they all claim they won in Vegas.

    đŸ˜„     Another rally goer, John SXXXXXX, told Acosta that while he didn’t want to give anybody the virus, he believed infection totals were inflated and that,  “I figured the sooner we all get it the sooner we’ll be done with it.”  
      —  √ Unfortunately it might just be permanent for the losers

  25. The latest T-RUMP rally in Des Moines, in front of a packed crowd that largely spurned masks and ignored social distancing, took place in a state where the virus is taking a deeper hold.
    Note: To T-RUMP supporters in Iowa, you have one of the highest testing positivity rates — 18.8% — 

  26. Still, the sentiments of Trump's supporters point to an important question: Has society got the balance right between fighting the pandemic and preserving as much of normal economic and social life as possible? Lockdowns and restrictions have inflicted a terrible impact on employment, family and cultural connections, and the country's mental health and morale.
    A generation of school kids is at increasing risk of a learning deficit that could set them back years.
  27. Trump has also taken to pointing out that European countries feted by the media for doing a better job than he has in containing the virus are now facing steep escalations in cases. Those nations, however, did experience a respite in the summer, are starting from a lower baseline of infections than the US autumn spike and saved significant numbers of lives with a more stringent approach.

  28. And the fatalistic view of some Trump supporters also fails to acknowledge the tragedies suffered by more than 217,000 families who have lost loved ones -- many of whom did not have to die. It disregards the threat of hospitals being overwhelmed this winter, leading to agonizing choices for doctors and front-line workers, who are at extreme risk of taking on fatal virus loads themselves.

  29. Reconciling these national, societal and moral dilemmas would in normal times land on the desk of the President: It's what he's elected to do. But Trump's obsession with his own political prospects is leaving such questions unaddressed. His absence is also exacerbating a leadership vacuum elsewhere; for instance, in the failure of his administration, House Democrats and suddenly thrifty Republican senators to agree on a new Covid-19 economic rescue plan.

  30. An engaged President, reminding a weary nation of the need to commit to another round of restrictions on American life during a grim winter until vaccines become available, could save tens of thousands of lives.  If Trump's wins reelection on November 3, it seems highly unlikely that he will feel a greater sense of accountability to make a more genuine effort to combat the virus. And if he loses, it seems unlikely he will be in the mood to commit to using his remaining weeks in power to tackle an issue that led to his loss.

Biden: 'What In The Lord's Name Is Going On?'

😇   Biden, who is leading T-RUMP in national polls and in many swing states, may eventually be called upon to pick up the pieces, and he has anchored his campaign in criticism of the President’s performance. "The rest of the world is wondering, what in the Lord's name is happening?" Biden said during a virtual fundraiser event on Wednesday. 

“What we’re living through today is not normal," the former vice president, said, according to a pool report.  "If the American people elect me, we're going to have an enormous task in repairing the damage (Trump's) done. We have to be beating the virus, rebuilding the economy and figuring out how to restore American leadership around the world.”  

😳The President’s negligence is not just having an immediate political impact. His constant undermining of social distancing measures and masks — the only current ways of limiting the virus — risks making a bad situation much worse.

Apparent hiccups with several trials being conducted by big pharmaceutical firms on vaccines and Covid-19 therapies are reemphasizing the importance of preventative measures. There was one optimistic sign on Wednesday, however, when the government’s top infectious disease specialist, Fauci, predicted a safe and effective vaccine would be widely available by April, That’s almost six months from now, and then a question of safety and public acceptance of the vaccine.  Distortions and lies from T-RUMP and crew have turned people off to vaccines

But the President’s dismissal of public health recommendations that are needed until then is causing despair among public health experts and front-line medics.

It's just a matter of time before we now see this terrible fall and winter surge. And this is going to be a horrible winter. We may see numbers that dwarf what we saw in March and April or during the summer, and I think we probably will," said Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of Baylor Medical School’s National School of Tropical Medicine. 

"And we're also going to see a rise of mortality. This is going to be one of the most troubling times in our modern history in terms of the public being frightened, homeland security being affected, people worried about going outside, as the deaths mount," Hotez told CNN's Jake Tapper on Tuesday.

In a time of national peril, the White House is looked to to set priorities, to bring states together, to explain to Americans the extent of the challenge and to chart a route out of the emergency. 

đŸ‘ș But Trump’s Coronavirus Task Farce Is Invisible
As CNN's White House team reported Wednesday. Its leader, Vice President Mike Pence, is out campaigning — and investing in Anti-Fly Hairspray, old shellac head had an admirer at the debate, a fly who adored him, where he proved once again he would make a great President, equally as good as Donald filling the room with sincerity, and bullsh*t.  He lies as good as T-RUMP and his family members, holding events that are almost certain to spread the virus. 

The group's most visible doctors, such as Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, haven’t appeared in public with the President for weeks. Only Dr. Scott Atlas certified “ Herd Mentality” jerk off and Donald ass-kisser like Pence can be seen.  If you need to hide the truth muzzle the doctors, scientists and those dedicated, not a quack, written off by over a hundred people in the know for his screwball solutions he plays the President with.

At a time when other global leaders, including France's Emmanuel Macron, Canada's Justin Trudeau and Britain's Boris Johnson, are leveling with their people about the difficult days to come and desperately working to get new spikes of infection under control with new restrictions and partial lockdowns while trying to save their economies, Trump falsely told Americans Wednesday that they were "rounding that final turn."

đŸ‘șT-RUMP Announces Jobs Doing Great
 Really, What A Frickin Liar

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is emerging as an existential threat to the nation’s small businesses — despite Congress approving a historic $700 billion to support them — with the potential to further diminish the place of small companies in the American economy.  Note:  it would have helped if there wasn’t a lot of fraud and corruption and many got the money needed by the real needy. Thanks Mnuchin, you screwed up again

  • The White House and Congress have made saving small businesses a linchpin of the financial rescue, even passing a second stimulus for them late last month. But already, economists project that more than 100,000 small businesses have shut permanently since the pandemic escalated in March, according to a study by researchers at the University of Illinois, Harvard Business School, Harvard University and the University of Chicago. 

  • The carnage has been even higher in the restaurant industry, where a large amount of restaurant operators have gone out of business, and over fifty restaurant chains are in trouble financially:  Some you might believe deserved to go under and rightfully so,  their food stunk, crap, corpo guano, sh*t and old

    ‱ Jack In The Box  ‱  Luby’s Cafeteria  ‱   Fuddruckers  ‱  Pizza Hut Express ‱  Chipotle  ‱  O’Charley’s  ‱  Steak and Shake,  ‱  Cheese Cake Factory  ‱  Red Robin  ‱  Olive Garden  ‱  Roy Rogers  ‱  Boston Market  ‱  Perkins  ‱  McDonalds  ‱ 
    ‱  Burger King  ‱  I-Hop  ‱  Taco Bell  ‱  TGI Fridays  ‱  Marie Calendar  ‱  and Kona Grill
     This list is those that will either totally close and those cutting as much as 60-70 percent of their slower locations. Thousands of workers, lots of kids and younger help have no jobs now

  • Disney is laying off 28,000 US employees as the pandemic chews into its parks and resorts business. The cuts account for a large chunk of the division’s 100,000-person US workforce, and most will affect part-time workers.  

  • And three major airlines Delta America United are dropping 50,000 workers on furlough.  Jobs came in at 20% below expectations 640,000 of  800,000 and that does not count how many will be lost at the same time.  

  • When T-RUMP ads tell you he managed 10 million jobs in the economy, he doesn’t count the 26 million we lost. He has a problem with math and truth.  We know he can’t count but he can lie a lot


đŸ‘șT-RUMP Announces The New Youth Gestapo
 The Youth Command

Meanwhile, President T-RUMP criticized what he called “ The liberal indoctrination of America’s youth” during a Constitution Day speech, and said he wants to create a “ National Commission to Promote Patriotic Education”  I guess T-RUMP might want the Proud Boys as Mentors

As history is repeating itself Adolf Hitler thought National patriotic Indoctrination was essential too
 and established the Hitler Youth Corps and the Gestapo
  Nice uniforms
.The Hitler Youth were used to break up church youth groups, spy on religious classes and Bible studies, and interfere with church attendance.  Then he turned to Birth control so only true Aryan blood would propagate for the master race.

After the debacle of the Boy Scouts, pedophilia and abuse and their untried participants  I think parents are better off educating their children, close to home and not with another brain-fart from Herr Hitler and The White Supremacy boys, besides he’s running out of ideas since they took his “ English Version of Adolph’s Mein Kamph away from him”
 being his grandfather was German
 and a name change fro 

A Real Hero Speaks - Captain Chelsey “ Sully” Sullenberger III
The pilot vaunted for his grace under pressure as he landed an airliner in the Hudson River called President Donald T-RUMP "completely unfit" for office and urged people to "vote him out" in response to a report in The Atlantic magazine that the President disparaged US service members killed in battle and chose to skip a ceremony honoring veterans.  T-RUMP has repeatedly questioned why Americans who served in Vietnam went to war
 He is a documented DRAft Dodger.


Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger III, whose heroic deed in 2009 came to be known as the "Miracle on the Hudson," unleashed a series of social media posts Friday criticizing Trump and linking to the article, which the President has angrily denied and called "a disgraceful situation."

“For the first time in American history, a president has repeatedly shown utter and vulgar contempt and disrespect for those who have served and died serving our country," Sullenberger wrote on Facebook.  "While I am not surprised, I am disgusted by the current occupant of the Oval Office. He has repeatedly and consistently shown himself to be completely unfit for and to have no respect for the office he holds,” he added.

I was a pilot for 32 years and this man deserves the respect of all Americans as one who didn’t just save lives of those entrusted to him but made sure the FAA took a strong look at training and upgrades to their PIC thinking. 

The Blamer

đŸ‘ș Editor:  We Are Leading The World In Death  —
It is one man’s plan to desensitize a nation, split sides, make lies and distortions common so badly as to create choices and false narratives to support a megalomaniac Authoritarian dynasty of T-Rumps while ignoring the needs and thousands of innocents 217,000 10/16/20 who have perished and another 200,000 Americans are in danger.

More have died from COVID-19 than from WWI - WWII - KOREA AND VIETNAM
 combined.  Yes, Donald T-RUMP did not cause the virus, the crime is he created lies and false narratives and news, distractions and the result was to ignore it and blow it off, while his real goal was re-election.  

He did nothing about it except to con and lie to the American public.  And still does today and everyday. Doing nothing cost 136,000 American lies because of his lies and doing nothing to help, you can expect another 200,000.  Are you on his list, a vote for T-RUMP is a vote for death.

Death is a final vote by those who lost their lives due to his incompetence, negligence, stupidity and arrogance, and his lies and hunches promulgated and purposely misleading the publics safety for political gain. His speeches have been filed with lies and false approvals by invisible people who don’t exist. They are in his corrupt and broken mind. 

🏩  Why, You Think He’s Rich — 

  • He owes way more than you think, almost 421 million dollars to unknown lenders.  It might be an Egyptian connection

  • He stole enough money, and he has Putin co-signing his notes at Deutscher Bank and you will be hearing about and if he is not re-elected he will be facing charges by four major agencies and three state attorney’s. 
  • Also he has directed almost twelve million dollars to his resources, golf course and hotels after taking an oath he would not.  
  • He has abused Air Force on trips, nothing more than golf dates to the tune of $184,000,000 dollars. ( Thats just for golf)  For golf, unbelievable
   He donates his paycheck for 500,000 and steals millions, clever
  • The proof is all over the place,  now being led by the IRS, they never got answers so they went ahead and joined a huge foray all at convicting him for grievous acts.

đŸ‘șNot A Good Track Record


  • He will create a hailstorm of corruption, vote cheating, distractions and the White Supremacists and Nazi gun totes,  NRA douch bags and other dissidents on his team will become even more dangerous
 lieing the world has not seen
till now.    
  • And the solutions are getting narrower
 He has to lose severely in November, if not, nothing will be left of the country.
  • He destroyed the; DOJ;  FBI;  CIA, The Banks, The Fed Reserve; and the Supreme Court, we are almost an Authoritarian Government and he grew the National Debt by eleven to fourteen Trillion Dollars. Your kids will love that, he took from the middle class and gave it to the rich

  • Four more years of T-Rump will destroy the United States as we knew life here, fought for and died for. 
  • He will kill the land and the parks, turn us into the Russian side of Germany so polluted it is still not safe to live there.
  • And his push to open schools with no regard for the Children’s health will add more death and pain to that already caused by him.  Over five hundred Children are sick and 150 have died.  Just another lie, parents believed him and payed the ultimate price.
  • He is responsible for what is now seen by some as termed Negligent Homicide and is being pursued. Almost 218,000, lately more children in the US infected after T-RUMP told us they are not affected.
  • Health experts have repeatedly stressed: More testing for Covid-19 is key to safely reopening the economy. “This is how other countries reined in their outbreaks — testing, plus doggedly tracing and isolating people who are infected.    But in the US, President T-RUMP gave “ dangerous and deluded advice” to "slow the testing down, please."
  • And now, in a nation with about a quarter of the world’s recorded cases of the disease, testing declined for several weeks. “ We are in a lethal pandemic and, right before our very eyes, there has been a deliberate decrease in our attempt to measure and control the outbreak
 That is killing people estimated 400,000 by February


The ACA and Obamacare - Threatened BY Supreme Court

  • Against this dystopian backdrop, T-RUMP and his administration just can’t stop talking about his nonexistent health care plan.  It’s going to be great — “ Everybody’s going to be taken care of”
 if they are not dead by then
there will be insurance for everybody 
 no one will lose coverage 
 “ there will be no cuts” to Medicaid 
 and “  No one will be worse off financially.” 
  • If you believe one word from that lieing bastard then you just escalated from dumber than a rock to a real live frickin idiot
the man has lied 21,000 times,  why is this lie any different, he’s be found out and is losing, it took a long time but dumb people are harder to convince.  
  • Those repeated promises President T-RUMP and his administration have made about his phantom plan he has talked about for four years, same for infrastructure, education, etc.   We’ve all seen the T-RUMP administration take obsessive steps to kill the Affordable Care Act — all while Obamacare has gotten more and more popular with the American people.  
  • You see they wanted to make sure the Supreme Court hearing was after votes were cast because they know openly arguing to gut the coverage of preexisting conditions might hurt them politically, given that 43% of US households report having at least one member with a preexisting condition, according to Gallup.
  • With the latest Juror who is a staunch anti-abortion, anti-Obama Care, anti-Roe vs Wade, we are in a position to lose  health insurance for 23 million in Obama Care and 100 million to pre-existing conditions. Then we will have a 6-3 court and women’s rights, gay rights and marriage, and Roe Vs Wade will go down the toilet.
  • But after the votes are cast, your personal health care concerns are completely expendable on their altar of ideology. Look at a family photo to see who might be affected — it might even be you.  And any one with COVUD-19 will be considered pre-existing

  • Maybe that's why Trump has ramped up his baseless, health care hype in recent months, feeling the heat of the election. In July, he told Chris Wallace, “ We're signing a health care plan within two weeks." Big news, right? Two weeks later, there was no plan. He tried the same frickin lie again this week in an ABC, a painful, semi-coherent ramble about the plan just around the corner. 
  • Let's be honest, because the President apparently cannot. THERE IS NO T-RUMP HEALTH CARE PLAN.  And even if they try to desperately patch something together before the election, something both the President and his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows  ( another liar and coward scumbird )  alluded to this week   “It’s more of an executive action with a legislative component that is more visionary,” Meadows said
 Washington Two-Step Bullsh*t
  • Several of Trump’s top health care officials testified to a Senate Appropriations subcommittee Wednesday that they were unaware of any plan.

đŸ‘ș  The Affordable Care Act  -  For 10 years, since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, conservatives have been claiming to support “ epeal and replace." It's catchy and alliterative and total nonsense. Because they still haven’t put forward a plan.

Now with a presidential election less than 22 days away, Republicans are getting scared that voters might notice that their phantom “ Plan" is all repeal and no replace — in the middle of a pandemic with massive economic uncertainty — while people with preexisting conditions could find costs skyrocket while their lives hang in the balance.

We need the Evangelicals and the base GOP to get off on truth as they have failed as Christians
and Americans,  by supporting the modern day version of Authoritarianism Donald T-RUMP.  He is the false prophet the Bible speaks of

And as compassionate human beings
 repent and redeem ones self and remove, the T-RUMP,  the first commandment speaks of falseness,  and came from God, T-RUMP came from hell and almost 220,000 have died by November or sooner
 innocents, and you supported him, you are just as guilty. And thats direct from GOD
 no interpretation needed
 A vote for him guarantees a seat in hell

đŸ‘ș  Who Pays The Bills — Corruption and Mitch McConnell
With help from the corrupt speaker Mitch McConnell Our gross national debt went up eleven trillion dollars from Obamas low 16.4 to current T-RUMP at 27.0  and we are rapidly approaching 30-33  trillion which will take two decades and a series of recessions to pay off.  T-RUMP just used your money, for the Tax break and gave it to the rich who have made billions during the pandemic and people dying of starvation, losing houses, savings and insurance. It is true  and has endangered Social security Medicare and Medicaid in addition to other programs.   

But you failed in your world, it was McConnell and the GOP Senate, you should have gone after, Mitch the obstructionist and you fell for the lies and help kill a country, it’s not just your country, its mine too, my country. Your frickin stupidity and voting for T-RUMP  has caused death and destruction, racial hatred, fires, protests and some anarchy
  Now you have an ecology in taters, parks in ruins, water is polluted, stream and rivers not safe from runoffs and many will eventually suffer. 

No one can be that ignorant to see who he really is
 I guess I’m wrong, we must be a nation of fools
 the GOP and the Fake Evangelicals
 all fools without a reason for their cause except greed and their own failures.


 đŸ‘șQuestion:  How do we know the President is lying ?
 Just look at his eyes, he’s reading a script, and his lips are moving

đŸ‘ș “ The President Who Believes 
 “ Look At The Great Job I Did” 

What is needed from T-RUMP and his administration is a plan to tackle the most relentless national challenge since World War II, consoling words to memorialize the 217,000 Americans who are already dead and the nearly double thousands destined to follow, and the rhetoric to summon the will to triumph over this invisible enemy. Not T-RUMPS line of speech, he is more the screamer Adolf Hitler entertainer, same lies

This is a President who has demonstrably failed to beat back the virus and has long since stopped trying to lead the country out of the darkness. He resorts to boasting about inconclusive steps he took months ago — like limiting travel from China -- that have no relevance to the current moment, and he complains he's not getting enough credit for his performance. It was the part that came from Europe that is killing everybody, you were on the wrong coast and did nothing you ignorant moron.

Trump’s unwillingness to face up to the coronavirus nightmare that is staring the rest of the nation in the face leaves the impression that the man who vowed in his 2016 Republican National Convention speech "I alone can fix it" long ago ran out of ideas on the virus. 

He appeared to be what he is — a President who is flailing after being cruelly overtaken by events.  He has no winning strategy for the country so he has to create diversion and he, T-RUMP leans into racist rhetoric and downplays police violence against Black Americans, he will claim mail fraud, birther statements against Harris.

But more and more, it seems like T-RUMP has played his best card — his demand several months ago for states to open up and revive the economy — which has been exposed as a backfired gamble as the pandemic races across Southern and Western states.  Estimates of death back at the 400,000 dead by February.

And his go-to strategies of inciting divisions, stirring cultural warfare and sowing confusion with misinformation don’t seem to be working — at least if the polls are right.  The President did his best to talk up his “ transition to greatness,” but the idea is so divorced from the awful reality of the last few weeks — with the average daily rate of new infections hitting higher numbers daily — that his words only served to display his own considerable remove from reality.

T-Rump is unfit, unqualified, he has no morality nor compassion for anyone other than himself, he is one sick bastard and needs to go one way or another, he has endangered the country and is responsible for a myriad of deaths by negligence
 And his following needs to wake up
 they  claim a strong Religious support, keep praying.

Bottom line is that Donald J. T-RUMP is just a lying scumbag and full fledged traitor to this nation and should be dealt with.  I am really getting sick of him, he is destroying everything thats good about our country.  Sacrifice, the people who have given their lives for a more perfect union and to promote the general welfare, he has broken those words.  We call those who do things against us traitors

Swamp Nothing!  We Call This A Cesspool  

We Marked The T-Rump-Pet-Teers

     “The Jesus Pardon”

NOTE:  AFTER A LOCAL PHONE CALL TO GOD  —  We Jewish people dial direct, it’s a local call, others need to use long distance, since we have no middle man, so we call direct. 

We asked God if
 the self-proclaimed chosen one can offer salvation to Mike Pence for being the biggest sycophant in history for extolling the lies and bullsh*t of Donald T-rump” the fake Messiah, and a further question:  “ Was Donald’s Claim to be the next chosen one legitimate”  and then can he get a pardon for Mike or will it fail?  

GOD SPOKE  —  Burning Bush Area Code 235  #254-3212
The Lord said, mark my words on a tablet
 NO, he can’t do either, because he is not being honest and does not have the blessings.  I’ll let Jesus know, heaven is out of the question

Knowing Donald lies but Pence swears for him. He is just as guilty as T-RUMP.  I will deal with him personally
 Maybe we can feature him and his secular dowdy wife on Naked and Afraid on TV in the Sudan

  Just like the sh*t Donald puts out every day
 the rest of the stories are real
 Hell is going to be a very busy place soon
The COVID Virus just sent an e-mail quoting itself

đŸ‘ș  Time To Name T-RUMPS Advisors
 Delusional Friends

So when we hang them, with their lies and distortions, we’ ll get it right on their death certificates
Be so kind as to name the bastards that told you that!    

PART ONE:  You based 36,000 Deaths on bogus information, then another 100,000 that you made up from your delusional friends who scare me, intelligence wise they are just as dumb as he is or as fake as he is, I make no claims in the field of delusional intervention other than the damn truth
 the only reason they agree with you is fear, people are afraid, you have power and totally corrupt capable of anything that could hurt them.
But T-RUMP is not well, he could be the poster boy textbook for a seriously damaged brain, thought process and lack of intelligence.  Part of his problems are “ Delusional friends”, those mysterious entities, folks with great advice, who are always invisible, in no form and have no names.  Think of it as taking advice, instead of your dentist you are consulting the Tooth fairy who is invisible. When he needs to back a lie he can call on his invisible friends to back him up.  They simply don’t exist anywhere other than his minute brain
  Want to know his friends    SEE THE HALL OF SHAME

đŸ‘ș  Don’t Tell Me Or The American Public You Are a War Fighting President 
The only war you fight is with your hemorrhoids
 You claim you are a war President fighting COVED-19.  He definitely is the only schmuck in the United States who thinks so.  

He is a chickenshit draft dodging coward during Vietnam calling our troops losers, Hitler was draft dodger, and T-RUMPS grandfather was a draft dodger an illegal immigrant
what President surrenders to a virus

And turned it over to the Governors.  This is a federal epidemic.  A coward in his job, irrational and ignorant, but also not capable of a forward thinking thought process.  He is whether you think it or not a con and very unskilled and ignorant as he has proven His actions or lack thereof have resulted in 217,549 American deaths.

And he turned the COVID-19 Task Farce over to Mike Pence another chickenshit loser
 who did nothing but lie

ATCH 08-27-2020