Sen. Lindsey Graham

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Changes Sides When Convenient  — 

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham  —  “On The Secondary Front” — The Coldest Trumpet Bastard In Congress  —  T-RUMPS moves and orders to open business, and with no rules and defenses in place, in addition the pressure he created has resulted in 100,000 additional Americans who just could not handle being out of work, the bills, lost homes, homeless, their business’s closed, starving, and living on the street.  
  • Depression and Suicides are at an all-time unrecorded high… Estimated at another 100,000 might be in trouble with PTTS.  Similar to PTSD (Post Traumatic StressSyndrome)  PTTS is Post Traumatic T-RUMP Syndrome 
  • Our country, the bastion of freedom in the world, is suffering because of one man who has become a pariah and lost the respect of the rest of the countries on the planet.  
  • His friends are leaders you would not allow in your house when you saw how many people they have killed and he is a rising star in the group of people who should be executed.  
  • Lest we Forget Lindsey Graham… A man of many faces and sides, changes both about twice a year.  He changes things faster than a day nurse in a diarrhea  clinic.
  • Says he hates T-RUMP to the press, hops on a plane and flies to Mar-A-Lago and plays golf with him right after.   
    NOTE: This fellows designation will be changed from Scumbird to Sh*t bird and it’s conclusive as he is so full of it…
  • Brings a new level to the usage of the word “Fraud”.