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  • Sen. Josh Hawley, a one year Senator from Missouri, climbed out of the sewer and was the first Senator to say he would object to election results.  He has condemned the Capitol violence but was also pictured raising a clenched fist towards Trump supporters. He has defended his actions and decried the decision by his publisher, Simon and Shuster, to cancel a forthcoming book.  He is a liar and fairly stupid.  Hawley also objected to criticism from Joe Biden which Toomey echoed on Sunday.

  • The President-elect invoked Hitler’s propaganda minister, saying the  GOP Senators were “part of the big lie …  History tells us it was Hitler’s  minister of Propaganda Herr Goebbels and the great lie.  You keep repeating the great lie, no white lies allowed, repeating the lie, over and over loud and often”   Guardian columnist and former US labor secretary Robert Reich wrote that Cruz and Hawley “should be forced to resign”.

  • “Knowing Trump’s allegations of voting fraud were false,” he wrote, the two Republicans “led the move to exclude Biden electors – even after the storming of the Capitol – thereby lending Trump’s claims credibility.
  • The United States constitution says ‘no Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress’ who ‘shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against’ the constitution, ‘or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof’. 

  •  We recommeded he stop screwing sheep and ger a real life