— 625,000 NOW DEAD IN BRAZIL 

— P.R.I.C.K Stands For People Regurgitating Intelligent Certifiable  Knowledge —   

Jair Bolsonaro International Member In Good Standing Of P.R.I.C.K.


“  T-Rump Mentored “ Presendente Ignorente” Jair Bolsonaro With Lies And People Are

 Dying At The Rate Of 4000 + Per Day And Getting Worse”  Since Reporting Is With Conflict

 and Political… With A High Percentage Being Children And Babies”… Hopefully Those In 

Brazil Will Wake Up And Hang This Murderer… Right Next to T-RUMP!

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 12.32.36 PM


04/16/2021  Its Worse the Latest P1 Morph is Deadlier  —   ‘Brazil has recorded more than 4,000+  Covid-related deaths in 24 hours for the first time, as a more contagious variant fuels a surge in cases.  Hospitals are overcrowded, with people dying as they wait for treatment in some cities, and the health system is on the brink of collapse in many areas.  The countrys total death toll is now almost 468,000, second only to the US and India.

But President Jair Bolsonaro continues to oppose any lockdown measures to curb the outbreak. 
He argues that the damage to the economy would be worse than the effects of the virus itself, and has tried to reverse some of the restrictions imposed by local authorities in the courts

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 7.45.56 AM
Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 7.45.32 AM

SIDEBAR:  I thought by now someone in Brazil would have taken things into control and put a bullet in this guys head.  South America has had its share of assassinations and if ever one was need it is now.  The morphed P1 is a deadlier version of the spore and children are not safe… But because of weak borders neighboring countries have seen similar spikes. 

Spikes have occurred in Central and South America and are  fast becoming major centers of the covid-19 pandemic as cases surge in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Chile, and, to an unknown extent, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

With 625,849 reported deaths, Brazil is now second in the world in case numbers, behind only the United States.   they are just about tied.   This week it passed the landmark of 4000 deaths in a single day and on some days reported more new cases than the US.The one thing they have in common is err T-RUMP.

In more severely modes, INDIA is facing a COVID holocaust with the collapse of there medical system and no oxygen.  The reported death are 4000 + per day, some say it a lot more ( Double) as they don’t have an accurate way count. 

Like China, India is not a green country and coal and wood burning pollution is home ground for COVID-19 as it kills the lungs.  That was Bidden’s main reason for going back to the table as the leader in making earth livable again.

Crimes Against Humanity  —  A True T-RUMP-IST!

(CNN)Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has called for Joe Biden's "personal engagement" in fighting deforestation in the Amazon rain forest, in a letter sent to the US President on Wednesday. 

In the letter, Bolsonaro said he is committed to eliminating illegal deforestation in the Amazon by 2030. However, he also said that "massive resources" will be needed and the support of "the United States government, the private sector and the American civil society will be very welcome."

The letter also confirms Bolsonaro's participation in a virtual climate summit convened by Biden on April 22 and 23. "I pledge my commitment to the pursuit of ambitious commitments and outcomes at the April 22nd summit," he said.

A senior administration official confirmed to CNN that the White House had received the letter. 

"The White House is in receipt of President Bolsonaro's letter accepting the invitation to participate in the April 22 Leaders' Summit on Climate. Brazil is one of the world's top 10 economies, and a regional leader; it has a responsibility to lead," the senior official said in a statement on Thursday. 

It follows the Brazilian government's announcement this week of a new official plan for reducing deforestation in the Amazon over the next two years -- a roadmap which some high-profile environmental advocates in the country have panned as insufficient. 

Deforestation has skyrocketed during Bolsonaro's presidency. In 2019, his first year as President, Brazil's National Institute of Space Research, which tracks forest loss by satellite, concluded that the Amazon lost 10,129 square kilometers to deforestation -- an increase of 34% from the previous year. This March, INPE recorded another 367 square kilometers of deforestation -- the worst forest loss in the month of March since 2015. 

Though the President has passed several executive orders and laws to protect the Amazon, he has simultaneously slashed funding to government-run environmental protection and monitoring programs, and pushed to open indigenous lands to commercial farming and mining -- acts which have cost him credibility among environmentalists in the country. 

Last week, a coalition of 198 Brazilian civil society organizations, including environmental and indigenous advocates, released an open letter asking Biden not to trust Bolsonaro on environmental matters and pleading for the US government to engage with local government and civil society groups instead.

RUSSIA’S VACCINE “ SPUTNIK” IS DANGEROUS  —  Washington — Scientists have backed the Brazilian drug regulator's decision to stop the import of Russia's Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, on the basis that batches they tested carried a live version of a common cold-causing virus. Top virologist Angela Rasmussen told AFP the finding “ Raises questions about the integrity of the manufacturing processes" and could be a safety issue for people with weaker immune systems if the problem were found to be widespread.

Russia’s Gamaleya Institute, which developed the vaccine, has denied the reports.

Why US should be “very worried” about Brazil’s COVID crisis  —  The issue centers around an “ Adenovirus vector" — a virus that normally causes mild respiratory illness but in vaccines is genetically modified so that it cannot replicate, and edited to carry the DNA instructions for human cells to develop the spike protein of the coronavirus.

This trains the human immune system to be prepared in case it then encounters the real coronavirus. The Sputnik V vaccine uses two different adenovirus vectors to accomplish this task: adenovirus type 26 (Ad26) for the first shot, and adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) for the second shot.

According to a slideshow uploaded online, scientists at Anvisa, Brazil's regulator, said they tested samples of the booster shot and found it was "replication competent" — meaning that once inside the body, the adenovirus can continue to multiply.

They added that this had likely occurred because of a manufacturing problem called “ Recombination," in which the modified adenovirus had gained back the genes it needed to replicate while it was being grown inside engineered human cells in a lab.  

Brazilian regulators did not evaluate the first shot.   On Monday, they denied a request from several states in the northeast of the country to acquire more than 30 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine. The federal government has ordered 10 million more doses from Russia.  

The timing of the import ban couldn't be worse for Brazil, which is battling a devastating wave of infections blamed on both government mishandling of the crisis and a highly-infectious variant of the virus first detected in the country.    

“ Potentially Serious Adverse effects” —  Rasmussen, a research scientist at Canada’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, described the problem as a quality control issue, rather than a problem inherent to the long-used adenovirus vector vaccine technology — which is also used in both the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.

If batches used in the real world were tainted, then "for most people this probably won't be a big deal because adenoviruses are generally not thought of as really important human pathogens," she said.

"But in people who are immune compromised... there could be a higher rate of adverse effects because of it, including potentially serious ones."

The bigger problem, she added, was the unfortunate impact on confidence over a vaccine that a study in The Lancet journal showed was safe and more than 90% effective. There have long been doubts about the Russian vaccine, however, since it was first approved for use in Russia - months before results from final-stage clinical trials were even published. 

If people aren't sure that the vaccine they're receiving is exactly the same that was studied in trials, then "I can imagine that some people might have their reservations about getting that vaccine at all," said Rasmussen.

We had hoped it be the year of the uprising and firing squad  —  His critics say his statements border stupidity and lies, as he imitates T-RUMPs idiocy who has no answers.   As T-RUMP would say, you don’t need science, you don’t need answers, you need good hunches.

 Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro gives a press conference at the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia on March 24.  But critics derided the 3-minute speech as a half-hearted attempt at a public-relations rescue on a day where Brazil set its own record for most coronavirus deaths recorded in a single day. 

The federal government appeared to commit another own goal the following day, with the Health Ministry announcing that it would require more information from municipalities reporting Covid-19 victim information.  That sparked immediate concern that the additional requirements would lower the number of Covid-19 deaths that were reported. 

Those concerns appeared to be immediately justified as Wednesday's reported death toll was nearly 1,200 fewer than the previous day.   By the end of the day Wednesday, the Health Ministry suspended the new reporting requirements after severe backlash from states and the public.   Absent a coordinated federal response, any restrictions put in place designed to stem the spread of the virus have been left to individual states. 

Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Minas Gerais are among the states that have implemented nightly curfews, even as the Bolsonaro administration filed suit in Brazil's Supreme Court declaring that only the federal government has the right to impose such restrictions.   The court this week sided with the states, however, calling Bolsonaro’s argument "totalitarian."

We simply called his actions stupid, ignorant, incompetent and suffering from being in contact with T-RUMP which delegates him to the rank of mass murderer,  devout f*cking imbecile and should be executed. 

This T-Rump Acolyte Is Number Two In The World, If You Believe A T-Rump Lie, Be Sure To Make Room For Those Who Will Die…

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil currently accounts for one-quarter of the entire world’s daily COVID-19 deaths, far more than any other single nation, and health experts are warning that the nation is on the verge of even greater calamity. 

The nation’s seven-day average of 2,400 deaths stands to reach to 3,000 within weeks, six experts told the Associated Press. That’s nearly the worst level seen by the U.S., though Brazil has two-thirds its population. Spikes of daily deaths could soon hit 4,000; on Friday there were 3,650, and fulfilled by 4000.

So many live in the jungles and are not easily accessible, and one who is ill could take down an entire community or village and it may not be recorded. Some believe the deaths are higher than reported again Jair Bolsonaro is not a highly regard good broker.

Having glimpsed the abyss, there is growing recognition shutdowns are no longer avoidable -- not just among experts, but also many mayors and governors. Restrictions on activity they implemented last year were half-hearted and consistently sabotaged by President Jair Bolsonaro, who sought to stave off economic doom. 

Like T-RUMP who killed 740,000 Americans — In Brazil,  T-RUMPS best friend, this week.  President Jair Bolsonaro who does what T-RUMP tells him to do went and put three million doses Of Hydrochloroquionone into his “ treatment”.   

Like T-RUMP, no masks, no rules,  no concern and the highest death rate in the world.  If T-RUMP is considered by intelligent people to be a completely  dangerous individual, this guy is number two. We the chosen ones refer to him as a schmuck with ear laps… the lowest form of schmuckism … sometimes the schmuck refers to the part of the penis thrown away.  This guy should have been thrown away 600,000 deaths ago.

Jair Bolsonaro was elected President of the Republic in the October 2018 race with 57,797,847 votes (55.13% of the Brazilian electorate). His political career began in 1988, when he won a seat for municipal councillor for the city of Rio de Janeiro. And known to have a BAD reputation.  But as we say every day, dumb ignorant and stupid voters elect dangerous politicians.  And they fell for his lies… and many are dead, words do kill… in some cases efficiently…

Bolsonaro Voted Into P.R.I.C.K

Because it affect Brazilian exports to the world.  Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday reiterated baseless allegations of US election fraud and continued to back President Donald Trump, as the American leader’s supporters invaded the US Capitol building.

Bolsonaro, a far-right former army captain, has long admired T-RUMP  and was one of the last global leaders to recognize President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.   On Wednesday, Bolsonaro said he had followed the storming of the US Capitol by T-RUMP supporters seeking to overturn the president’s election defeat. The breach forced lawmakers to evacuate and Congress to postpone a session that would have certified Biden’s victory.

Asked by a supporter for his views on the chaotic scenes in Washington, he said: “I followed everything today. You know I’m connected to Trump, right? So you already know my answer.”  “There were lot of reports of fraud, a lot of reports of fraud,” he added, in a video posted on social media, without providing evidence.

Bolsonaro also took the opportunity to repeat a baseless complaint that his own 2018 election victory was tainted by fraud and he should have won without a runoff.  Trump’s election loss was a blow to Bolsonaro, who has sought closer ties with the United States. Biden’s victory is likely to isolate Brazil on the global stage, and raise pressure on Bolsonaro’s handling of the environment and human rights.

In response, the president and his circle of advisers have urged supporters to resist mask-wearing and advocated the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, despite the evidence that they do not work, and could even be dangerous, when used to treat COVID-19.

RIO DE JANEIRO — Covid-19 has already left a trail of death and despair in Brazil, one of the worst in the world.  Now, a year into the pandemic, the country is setting another wrenching record.  No other nation that experienced such a major outbreak is still grappling with record-setting death tolls and a health care system on the brink of collapse. Many other hard-hit nations are, instead, taking tentative steps toward a semblance of normalcy.

And the news just got worse for Brazil — and possibly the world. Preliminary studies suggest that the variant that swept through the city of Manaus is not only more contagious, but it also appears able to infect some people who have already recovered from other versions of the virus. And the variant has slipped Brazil’s borders, showing up in two dozen other countries and in small numbers in the United States.

Brazilians hoped they had seen the worst of the outbreak last year. Manaus, capital of the northern state of Amazons  was hit so hard in April and May that scientists wondered if the city might have reached herd immunity.

The Angel Of Death Donald T-Rump Had A Hand In This, And People Die  

  • Brazil whose Dictator follows Donald T-RUMP and his mentor is to blame and should have been assassinated a long time ago.  T-RUMP went too far for that matter, he has half a million deaths ( 585,000 of a population of 331 Million Citizens)   and  the blood on his hands.  They took the three million does of Hydrochloroquionone that The FDA stopped in the US because Donald said it worked. It did, it just killed more people… Instead of going with established protocols.   Brazil has 211 Million Citizens and 304,000 have died so far.

  • But then in September, cases in the state began rising again, perplexing health officials. An attempt by Amazonas governor Wilson Lima to impose a new quarantine ahead of the Christmas holiday was met with fierce resistance by business owners and prominent politicians close to President Jair Bolsonaro. Simple explanation, in Brazil politics checkmates death of citizens.

  • It did not have to be this way. Brazil oversees an impressive public health system and has amassed vast experience containing disease outbreaks. Yet Bolsonaro short-circuited the vaccination rollout from the beginning. His government’s initial plan was to manufacture 100 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, but this was delayed. 

  • He then tried to scuttle the distribution of CoronaVac, a Chinese vaccine vetted by local research institutes, and backed by Bolsonaro's rival, João Doria, the governor of São Paulo. Now his health minister is scrambling to buy 100 million doses from Pfizer and 38 million from Johnson & Johnson, but the earliest these will arrive is in May. As a result, just over 4 per 100 citizens have received a shot as compared with over 24 in the United States and 20 in Chile, according to Our World in Data, a website run by Oxford University.

  • Most Brazilians are determined to get vaccinated, though the proportion has slipped over the past year. A recent 2021 survey by Datafolha, a national polling group, found that 79% of the population want to be immunized and just 17% say they will refuse a dose. This compares to 89% of Brazilians who wanted to be immunized in August 2020. This suggests that Bolsonaro's campaign of disinformation has had an impact. Not surprisingly, in both polls, the presidents supporters were less likely to say they would be vaccinated than the rest of the population.

  • The vaccination rollout has stumbled since it started on Jan. 17. Some states are having difficulty reaching high-risk populations, such as the elderly and poor, while cities like Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Salvador prematurely suspended campaigns because they are running out of vaccine doses. 

  • Progress pales in comparison to past efforts: The country vaccinated 100 million people against the H1N1 virus in just three months in 2010. At the current rate, all Brazilians wont be vaccinated until 2024. 

  • Governors and mayors are extremely worried that coronavirus cases are spinning out of control. Since the start of the crisis, Bolsonaro has obstructed local governments from implementing more stringent health measures. He has urged citizens to dismiss curfews, describing them as overblown and a risk to jobs. 

  • This week the country's premier health agency, the state-funded Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, announced that infections were skyrocketing and that intensive care units were at 80% capacity in 19 of Brazil's 26 states. Major cities such as the capital Brasília, Florianópolis, Fortaleza and Rio Branco have already reached 90-100% capacity. 

  • There is a sinister political logic to Bolsonaro's efforts to subvert the orders of governors and discount the recommendations of health advisers. By spreading misinformation and deepening polarization, he shores up his own base. With his popularity caving since the beginning of the year, sowing division is a way to rally his supporters. Bolsonaro seems prepared to take even more radical measures in the months ahead: At a cabinet meeting last April he publicly admitted that his efforts to dismantle gun laws would aid citizens in their  existence” against local government lockdowns.

    Brazil’s Bolsonaro Is Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity and ‘ Neglect

  • Criticism of the Bolsonaro administrations mismanagement of the pandemic, along with his dismantling of environmental protections in the Amazon, efforts to subvert firearms regulations and mismanagement of the economy, is gathering pace. Last year, a group of associations representing over 1 million Brazilian medical professionals filed a complaint to the International Criminal Court accusing the president of committing a crime against humanity by responding to the pandemic with “Contempt, neglect and denial.

  • More recently, Brazil's Bar Association denounced the government's lackluster response to COVID-19 to the Organization of American States. Advocacy organizations such as Human Rights Watch accuse Bolsonaro of sabotaging coronavirus prevention measures. And the World Health Organization has issued a series of alerts to Brazils federal government to take a more proactive stance, all of which have been ignored by the president, his health minister and closest advisers.

  • Calls for legal action are also growing. Brazil's attorney general recently requested that the Supreme Court launch an investigation into Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello's mishandling of the COVID-19 outbreaks in Manaus. Supreme Court Justice Ricardo Lewandowski and the Federal Police have initiated multiple inquiries into Pazuello. Thirty senators recently signed a petition to launch a congressional investigation into Bolsonaro's pandemic response. This latest effort is being held up by the recently installed president of the Senate, a Bolsonaro ally.

  • Brazil faces dark days ahead. Bolsonaro's missteps are also jeopardizing global efforts to fight the pandemic. The COVID-19 nightmare unfolding in Brazil is a searing indictment of pandemic populism. It is also a flashing light for other global leaders, including in the US to pressure Bolsonaro to get his house in order before it burns everyone else’s down.

  • Donald T-RUMP Is Not The Only Idiot In The World — But many Brazilians have little faith in a government led by a president who has sabotaged lockdowns, repeatedly downplayed the threat of the virus and promoted untested remedies long after scientists said they clearly did not work.  

  • SOUND FAMILIAR, that was Donalds MO  Donald called him,  a hero and 304,000 are dead and it rising almost too fast to stop. Based on the fact that two men of ignorance, neglect and personal interest such as greed and power can kill combined three-quarters of a million people and they are still breathing…   I’m puzzled, maybe just maybe we’ll start building Arks…