It must be from the grease that accumulates in the air from the pressure cookers that do the chicken.  But everyone I have been in and looked at needed a good cleaning, and you feel grease on everything you touch.  And it was witnessed by the inspectors.

2012 - 2021 - IT’S STILL THE SAME THING  —  I apologize, this chain is really screwed up, at least in my area.  Five years later.  I know some places can have a bad day and thats why before I do a negative review I give them three or four chances. Different locations tell us if it is a management area problem.  After eight tries to get good food, I gave up.

Help doesn’t show up for work, new young unskilled people on shift, long hours, boring work, it happens but when a chain in an area goes consistently bad in three locations you start looking at the management team and district supervision.

Countryside Mall Area KFC In Pinellas County, Florida, KFC must stand for Killed the Fried Chicken! Four different times we were disappointed. The Colonel, if alive, would really take a good look at what he feeds you rather than the corporation worrying about what the Colonels picture logo and public image are about. He went from suit to apron or some ridiculous public relations act like that and they made a whole big media blitz about that. 

Fix the food stupid and people return! It's about the food, the food, rule one in corporate success. Now it’s all about grease, dirty tables, help from hell, and food quality went from a ten at one time to a three perhaps worse.  The chicken pieces for the money were the wings, thighs and legs, little or no white meat and not worth the price nor the quality of the package. The floors and tables had that overall greasy feel you get when you are waiting for the order and we decided take it home as it was cleaner.

On a whim and a real desire for KFC, I used to be a big fan of theirs, I sent my secret shopper to get a bucket, potatoes and gravy and rolls. I also said could they put a breast or two in the package. I got a tub of mashed, some gravy, rolls, five wings, one unknown part, two mediocre breasts and a package of bits.   It all looked pathetic, I removed the what appeared to be "double breading to make it look bigger'. With the skin and the rest of the garbage parts in one pile, the meat in another and realized several things. 

This was not a good ratio, not healthy and not fresh. The food had to of been stale since the insides had shrunk severely from the outside. The wings had the feather tips on, which most places dump as unfit to eat, the wings and parts were undersized, and the breast looked half the size of what I had been given in the past.   The "new" bits got dumped in the lake behind my house as the pieces were dark, old looking, ice cold and totally uneatable. The carp and bigger coy loved them.

INSIDER INFORMATION —  My cousin at one time had a middle management position working for the Colonel when she worked for them. They had strict policy's of food longevity and quality. If it wasn't sold in x-amount of time it was scrapped. This food is just not acceptable. The quality of the products they are getting from their vendors has diminished as prices go up and that small bucket was 23.00 dollars US. 

So I called my cousin and asked her what gives... She said not the same people, same ideals, food costs drive the retail, management cuts, drive the quality down and when three places in a 15 mile region are all bad, you have a local management problem in addition to corporate troubles. They asked her to do things she was not comfortable with and left.

Again the common denominator was poor service, poor food and that relates to bad management both in the stores and area management. If you see the ground moving, the Colonel is disappointed with his current team...