— The Old Ways Need To Be Modernized — 24 Simple Steps on The Ladder

  1. Revisions to the Constitution For Todays World -  Rules for five thousand do not protect 330 Million lives
  2. Re-Establish Church vs State  — Our Evangelicals kept T-RUMP in Power and caused great losses based on a lie
  3. Term Limits PERIOD, enough career crooks, we need people with a passion for truth
  4. Life sentences only work for the lawyers, money,  and we the people pay for it, kill someone, pay the price…
  5. We need strong penalties for corruption, no retirement funds for the guilty,double for elected officials
  6. CONGRESS should not judge their own Membership  — Illegal moves need to be addressed by law and civil courts…
  7. This would eliminate those who think they are above the law  it, and eliminates the Washington two -step…
  8. Congressional Members involved in Bribery and Collusion, Lieing and Cheating go to jail 
  9. Proud Boys and other internal terrorist groups disbanded and treated as what they are …terrorists
  10.  Mis-information conspiracy liars not permitted in Social media or arrested and jailed, their words incite people, give them pencils and paper and the burn whatever they write, off to jail for conspiracy 
  11. Hang or firing squad is the only cure for Domestic terrorism period… no exceptions or lies accepted…
  12. Save the redemption theories and singing Kumbaya for weekends
  13. We need to establish no one is above the law.  Corruption has to be dealt with fiercely and quick.
  14. We need to bring back the death penalty to enforce the rules against further harm.
  15. We have allowed the garbage in our society to avoid the garbage truck, time to get rid of garbage. 
  16. We need politicians in a structure of equality, no more crooks like Mitch McConnell controlling what a Senate 
  17. We need to take the pardon powers and other ridiculous laws off the books…you want to promote a pardon, it would be by vote by a civil committee, or better a jury, not by past alliances or shady deals made.  Most pardons come when a jury convicted the person previously  Ex…ur open faced traitor Lt. Gen Flynn pardoned by T-RUMP.
  18. Taking of bribes would be a dismissel event — end the NRA
  19. And dealing with foreign nations would be open faced and transparent. By authorization by Congress, not ghost trip like Rudi Giuliani goes on for the president.  Or the former President actions with PUTIN
  20. I was a republican for forty years and went Independent.  It was not the GOP what I signed up for anymore. It had gotten corrupt.  Again, same for the NRA, they were not about the hunting and outdoor competitive shooting sports, they were making money making fake fears and became lobbyists… stealing membership dues for their personal greed. They are under indictment in NY.  The amount exceeds 65 million dollars all supported by President T-RUMP and the GOP who accept their bribes, they re now in bankruptcy,  a T-Rump trick and will walk away.
  21. Since lying seems to be allowed, cheating and stealing is acceptable and being outright phonies and crooks is overlooked, and thats just your Senate.  Wait till we get to T-RUMP…  Simple solution came from biblical times, they had their tongues cut out,  it worked in biblical times. In todays world it would take tongues and fingers
  22. The most dangerous corrupt collection in the world backed by a former corrupt DOJ and the one-eyed Supreme Court.  This is not the country I served for.  Now with COVID-19  I’m afraid nothing is left but pieces.
  23. Tariffs, availability, sources, I cannot deal with China, inferior products gotten worse. My attention to building things right and restoring pride and workmanship…is not flexible.
  24. Simple votes in Congress, no more party line corruption, no more parties for all I care… There are some good politicians but they are outweighed by acolytes and sycophants, fear and cowardice.