Threading Needles, Opportunity And A Lucky Buy,
 — Knee Deep In Spools  —  


My partner and I from our other business hit the road some time in search of close-outs, auctions home sales, estates,  whatever, many times we score, curious and lucky I ran across a former sewing machine store, that had died off, you really think you will teach your daughter somewhat,  typical teenager to sew, she can’t even remember  to wake up.  

While they were busy auctioning the machines, I watched an $1800.00  embroiderer go for $256.00  I grabbed and asked the auctioneer how much for the cotton thread, I bought the whole rack and the thread that was in it cheap. I mean an excellent deal.  I kept half I could use and the rest went to charities that sell clothes, and do repairs.

But the “ darn” things were on expected bigger spools than  I needed, so made so went to the drawing board and I adapted them through my newest metal device — 
THE RE-SPOOLER.   Look familier, made from the same parts all my other gizmos are made from.

For XX.XX of dollars, I had enough thread to make a rope and raise the Titanic.   Some extras went to my charity, I bought needles and made kits.  I did not need all of them in a lifetime or for my kids classes.  

I had black and white in thousand yard spools for commercial machines.  I needed that re-spooler.   And it cost me nothing but an hour and a half of time. My junk pile and Black Flat Matt Krylon paint. 

I had more than a hundred spools of large capacity.   I can get four or so smaller spools off my respooler. from   I got spools growing out of my closet.  I gave extras and dupes to CASA House and other charities  for mending.  But then I figured a way to re-spool them but I needed spools, plastics are hard to find.  I have hundreds of smaller spools now that fit when I got a woody of an idea — 


Then I looked at wood and it’s a night and day.  I found the better answer, natural hard polished birchwood and finished beautifully from Woodpecker's a Hobby brand popular on Amazon.  Competition from other companies were rough looking un-finished raw edges and will snag your line.  Compared to others these are jewels. And a slice with a razor knife into the wood holds the ends.

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 7.31.24 AM

•  Wooden Spools 1-1/8 x 7/8-inch Pack of 25 Splinter-Free Birch Wood spools for Crafts and Unfinished Wood Ornaments by 
“ Woodpeckers"   Available  in larger numbers — Discounted —

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 7.39.46 AM
  • Being particular when it comes to choosing your unfinished wood is not being fussy. It's being smart. This smooth, splinter free, 1-1/8” wooden spool, takes easily to paint, glue and fabric giving you the freedom to focus on the task at hand- your fun! 
  • (Spools measure 1-1/8” tall, by 7/8” wide. Interior core is approximately 7/8” wide.)  They can also be used as- is to hold craft thread or twine.or embelished as desired — Perfect, no work.  No Binding great on all Bobkins.
  • WOOD PARTS BY CRAFTERS, FOR CRAFTERS, The company said it all -- We care because we share your passion. As crafting and woodworking enthusiasts, we're passionate about bringing you quality wooden products to assist you on your creative journey and help make your dreams into reality. And we love the creative inspiration (pics, videos) you share! Here's to ensure only happy, fun crafting!
  • I agree, a quality simple product that worked great.