Mirrolures — In The Crank and Twitch Bait, Jigs, Spoons and Trophy Saltwater Arenas —  Mirrolures Are My Choice For Quality, Consistency, Superior Findings and Innovation…  You soon find out cheap lures, don’t  last, poor findings, you get what you pay for.  Bargain lures are just that, bargains and usually do not hold up.   

They rust, they lose their treble hooks , screw-eyes pull out, bent lips, weak joints, they wobble unrealistically  and colors that fade or wash out.  I said,  “ I always thought the only thing that can ruin a good lure is a bad knot, I soon realized cheap does a good job too !

The Mirrolure production plant is my Condo's closest business neighbor  -  Next door to my barber, I don’t need a sous -chef for a buzz cut,  and my breakfast joint when I’m lazy.   I live on a golf course, cutting across the pond a pro golfer could reach them with a good wood shot, and an approach maybe two strikes.  I can see them from the top floor I live on, but my game would take ten shots and every club in the bag in addition to six lost balls and a few dinged cars.  I admit I am that bad.

 At L&S Bait, they have always maintained the goal of providing a product that would allow their fishing partners the opportunity of setting records every time they were on the water.  Sounds crazy but it’s true they hold a lot of record fish tales, tails and pictures that prove it.

Unannounced  — This week I decided to drop in on their facility, unannounced,  I know their product line and how well their lures are made but never took the cook's tour of the place.  I did not even know if I was welcome, or they allowed people to see their  facility.  I felt the warmth of an Ocelandic Uncooked Cod fish.  Now I get along with all, most of the more professional retailers  of the fishing business and they know I write about a lot of things.  Including fishing and I handle the good and the bad.  Bad is all around.

Lots of  “ Nice things I expected after dealing with the arenas I venture into", Politics, Theology, Food Critic, Aviation Investigations, The Military,  but fishing is sacred to me and I write about the good it does when we get the kids involved and the environment.  It’s been tough with COVID and many ventures cancelled till we get a handle on it.  I miss the kids.

I pulled up to the service entrance and was greeted with,  “ What can we do for you,  sort of  “ State your business”     I explained I was a neighbor, a writer and a fisherman, very familiar with all kinds of lures and especially interested in their company based on their successes in the industry.  It makes a good story.   I must have come at a busy time. 

I was laughing to myself,  now having mechanical, electronic and design skills, I appreciate good theory, practice and process and I  I know how protective things have to be of their techniques, as they use some proprietary processes that I don’t  believe the competition uses.

After David,  one of the gentlemen who greeted me took me around and showed me the premises, I was blown away.  Now I have mechanical skill on machinery, race cars, and airplanes, partially shared with engineering electronic skills, computers and commercial photography.   I saw and assimilated the processes they use,  but this place is unreal.   I don’t think they run bus tours through there, it was very busy.

I can understand their reluctance to allow people to just snoop around.  I came away with some thoughts.  By the way, as a commercial photographer,  unless and only with permission from the owner, who wants pictures, I do not take any. Generally product shots are OK, some machinery is very custom and proprietary.

It is about as modern and productive as one could build a plant and there is no wasted space as their product line is diversified and huge in type, style, color and size.  It’s big and was going at a good pace.  What fools you is “ It’s a huge facility for tiny parts” , beyond immagination.  Even their shipping area as they deal and sell their product world wide and recognized for their quality I think was bigger than my condo over 1650 feet.

I saw molding machinery that I had never see before,  huge industrial plastic molders automated and consistent.  Several,  on line cranking out components, heads, tails,  body parts.  Numbers beyond normal thinking.  I saw a testing tank probably thirty feet long where lures are tested  and checked to see if they run straight and true, last thing you want trolling or casting is a “ Cockeyed Jenny”.  Impressive, thats quality control.

The process begins, not with the material that is used to make their hard body lures but with the mold process itself. This is the base, the foundation on which we build your lure choice.  

First, a prototype is constructed and tested by our research team. Refinement in the lure shape and characteristics have, at times, taken years to complete.    If, at the end of our field testing, the prototype has met all of the design criteria and has been successful in raising fish to strike, then it moves on to the mold and die room.   The overall shape of the lure and our natural baitfish scale pattern embedded on the inside of the lure, emerge from the molds in two clear parts. One for the front half (head), and one for the back half (tail).   

Next, a highly reflective insert is added along with a weighting system.  Some lures, the R series, have the added attraction of a sonic fish calling rattle placed inside an echo chamber.   The head and tail parts are then joined together. 

Artisans use airbrushes and various masks to recreate natural baitfish patterns. Some patterns will require as many as eight separate coats of paint plus an additional final MirrOclear® coat.     Every lipped lure is hand-tuned and tank tested. Anytime you tie on a MirrOlure® Bait, prepare to set new records. After all, our lures are known as The Record Setters.®

World Wide Company --  The parts in some cases that are injection molded in large quantity are then shipped to COSTA RICA, a country so stable there is no ARMY in Costa Rica, but I have visited it  courtesy of the Rangers and .gov.   For final assembly, extensive and quality hand airbrushed, painting, and their assembly plant in Costa Rica is owned by them  — Their employees.   It’s all about quality control from start to finish.  These lures are hand made, finished, quality controlled and perfect.  Every couple of weeks literally the parts go out and come back finished.   

It makes sense and seems to fit the process quite well though-out. Few personnel or labor problems, lots of smiling faces and happy workers.    Cost Rica is a fabulous country, again they have no Army, friendly people, incredible beauty, great fishing, two costs and inland, low cost of living, and reliable employees.  No prejudice, no labor problems and talented people. Brilliant —    In my research I found a unique book    The history Of    L&S Bait Company, 1937-2000 By Stephen L. Lumpkin

This definitive history of the L&S Bait Co. – the second volume in the History of Illinois Fishing Tackle – began as a simple continuation of historian Stephen Lumpkin’s first book,  The Jointed River Minnow. After several months of research, he determined that this book would be an enormous task that needed to chronicle the history and document all of the products of a company that was at times the largest fishing lure maker in the world.

The result of Mr. Lumpkin’s efforts is A Million MirrOlures. The reality is that L&S sold many, many millions of MirrOlures, and this 220 page reference book covers all of them. It sets new standards on books that are devoted to documenting the history of fishing tackle. 

It includes the Harold LeMaster story, the inventor of the Shiner Minnow that began in 1937, the start-up of L&S in 1946 in Kankakee/Bradley, Illinois, the story of the partnership between LeMaster and Phil Shriner, the beginnings of the MirrOLure, the start up of the Florida operation in Clearwater in 1951, and many fascinating facts about the 63 year period from 1937-2000. This is just the first part of the book. 

In Part II, the collector reference section of the book, Lumpkin covers all of the models produced (over 150 different models and sizes) and shows over one hundred and sixty colors produced during this time period. 

Dozens of incredibly detailed charts and illustrations help the collector identify product and learn more about when and for how long it was made. Over 500 full color, high quality photographs are a major part of this book and add to the overall impact of the fishing tackle made by an impressive and world class fishing tackle company still in business today.


What makes Mirrolures The Best —  Innovation and Quality, Consistency — 

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Big Game Offshore  Anglers Have Greater Selection —  
I had a chance to see L&S Bait Company’s growing family of lures for the dedicated big game angler.  Iland Lures® have earned a world-wide reputation as the finest, most productive artificial lures made today. Striking brilliance and incredible realism are the keys to their success. Their brilliance provides the widest possible detection range and a strike-provoking realism that attracts all species of gamefish. Several unique features, common to all Iland Lures® combine to provide outstanding performance. 

Eye contact is the final decision factor in predator aggression and black dots alone do not excite predators. The unique gold eyes in Iland Lures® are the result of extensive tests and development to provide eyes that intimidate, provoke and challenge. They provide that critical step beyond realism that means the difference between a slow days’ catch and a tournament winning performance. 

The exclusive use of lustrous nylon fiber skirts gives the Iland Lures® unmatched effectiveness and durability. No other material combines the far ranging brilliance, natural motion, indestructibility and lure stabilizing qualities that nylon does. Land Lures® stand up to repeated attacks from toothy predators, making cut-off skirts from Wahoo, Barracuda and King Mackerel a thing of the past. 

Here are just a few samples, you need to go to their website —  

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Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 7.59.31 AM