“ For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing”
He just explained the Republican Party when it comes to Partisanship and TRUMP


One good thing about TRUMP,  If you are in the media, you got work.  As long as you don’t get hurt at a rally or run into his stormtroopers like at Charlottesville.  There were some very gnarly motivated scumbags there.  Remember the proverb  ‘Scumbirds of a feather flock together’.  And Washington is the Scumbird aviary capitol of the world.

“ Lord, Give us this Day of Continued Daily Bullshit, keep it Alive and Well”  for the false God does support the media with lies and falsehoods with tweets and follow ups from him and word of dumb praise from select equally guilty morons who work for him because no one of righteous beliefs...would

The Fake Cabinet, Staff, PR People, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Rush ‘ The Druggie’ Limbaugh pretending to be journalists but really shock jocks, and garter belt sluts, they are haters and one day they too shall pass from this world, hopefully their ticket punched and delivered in person by a real person with a Louisville Slugger Custom Bat. 

It would fail normally if we had men of substance in the Senate.  With the cooperation of the REP, the Republican Eunuch Party, a party of political eunuchs, men without balls ( too few ladies) and tomorrow the bullshit of today will be old news... more fake news from a fake President and they will say nothing.  It’s not respect, they are scared of him. 

“ America has a history of paranoid politics, infused with the belief that there is some hidden conspiracy to betray the Republic”. But these forces used to be peripheral, voiced by marginal figures.  Today the rampant bullshit comes straight from the WhiteHouse by one sick man who should be permanently removed.


Under T-RUMP we are experiencing a switch to an Authoritarian Government - a form of government in which state authority is imposed onto many aspects of citizens’ lives.  And the major loss’s involve, truth, honesty, respect, humility and desecration of a more perfect union.  This was and is the policy of Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Putin and in various forms.

The added a twist, they exterminated six million people to achieve their goal.  And a war that killed estimated 58 million by the AXIS powers.   Trump has already destroyed much of what we believe in as the core of our existence in this country is freedom.

It is total destruction on all fronts brought upon by an ignorant self-embodied, wannabe dictator and narcissistic power crazy, ill-suited, sick man who has to be removed.  Impeach, assassination, trial,  jail, the methodology hardly matters.  He is destroying 250 plus years of what the United States of America stands for.

If he colluded, collusion, conspired, composted, or smoked crack with the Russians, arrest Donald J. Trump as a traitor and destroy his twitter account by making him write an apology for every lie he put on twitter.  Thats almost 8000 lies alone he’s told in 900 days.  That should take him to the grave.

Former AG Jeff Sessions should be chained to the border fence and the mothers of those babies be allowed to throw dirty diapers at him till he finds Jesus...  He claims to know him...  Two children have died and we have 14,000 folks in detention camps.  just like NAZI Germany.

The GOP will still for a while be in power in the Senate. They do not run nor own this country and never will and the Blue Wave in the house was a Tsunami and the next logical step is working to get rid of the Republican Senate. 

It will take a world wide catastrophic event  like  a super monsoon or hurricane and/or a possible invasion by aliens to unseat those politically corrupt frauds.  My suggestion is a point system of rewards with financial payments for each Republican-not Senator taken to jail.  Captured alive = 5 Points  DOA  Dead on arrival = 6 Points.  Burnt at the stake and televised = 7 Points.  

Arrest Mitch McConnell as a traitor and that obstructionist scumbag has thwarted every good thing Congress had a chance to pass. Those white haired GOP KKK cowards, remnants of a bygone era bullsh*t artists have outlived their terms and usefulness,  just like the lock-stepped Gestapo following T-RUMP like they followed the Fuehrer and Himmler.  

Vote to eliminate all those jerks in the Senate, some are traitors and send them to the Gulags.  I can’t believe those who quote Lincoln and Reagan and especially in the Senate have not stood against T-RUMP.   But most have doubled their income at the cost of the economy slipping potentially three trillion dollars under T-RUMP into our deficit, we are already half way there. 

He is killing the present and that will kill the future.   They will regret the next time they are up for reelection just as the house learned Election day supporting a leader who thinks he was declared divine and absolute is wrong.  His cabinet is a joke, do nothing, accomplish nothing, complete nothing and f*ck up every thing.  

And at a conference on 1/02/2019 in the situation room, eight stand-ins looked kind of stupid. And with any kind of talent, anyone with smarts is bailing and be forced to bail because an idiot can survive only if he is surrounded by other idiots called yes-me and yes-women.  I would describe this Cabinet Meeting Photo-Op as PLASTIC and TOILET BOUND. 


Three years ago I warned about Donald Trump and today, day after the election we found out many Americans have found out now we have to take back the country.  I knew him from NY.  He was known as a scumbag there just like his father and not as loved as he would tell you.  And where else can you get those Ivanka shoes, overpriced  and stylish made with Chinese slave labor.

Banks will not  lend him money,  he defaulted and took bankruptcies three times on one project, for millions and screwed them. He has had over 3500 lawsuits for non-payment and fraud, most unsettled since he has lawyers on retainer and keeps refiling.  

His money comes from overseas, quite well hidden, Germanys Deutsche Bank, Russia, Saudi Arabia and others who use him in exchange for laundering cash.  Go and look at who owns millions close to a billion dollars of condos in the Trump towers.  They are public records.  The joke was there were so many spies and Oligarchs living in the towers they had to print menus and street signs in the local area restaurants in Russian.  Hmmm didn’t know the Russians sang ‘ I love NY-SKI’.  

More Russian Oligarchs AKA business men own multi-million dollar condos in TRUMP towers than those at the Russian embassy.  It’s called laundering the dirty money stolen in the USSR by the Putin gang of Russian Oligarchs (see the related term “New Russians”) who are business partners of Putin, the richest in their country and TRUMPS dream who stole the money of the former Soviet Republics.
Putin is so rich, he could probably buy Switzerland. 

The rapidly accumulated wealth during the era of Russian privatization in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. The failing Soviet State left the ownership of state assets contested, which allowed for informal deals with former USSR officials (mostly in Russia and Ukraine) as a means to acquire state property. Oligarchs involving hundred of millions in money laundering and Saudi Arabia through his son-in-law, Jared another piece of work. 

It runs in the family, Jared Kushner dad, Charlie spent jail time for corruption.  Charles Kushner is an American real estate developer.  He founded Kushner Companies in 1985. In 2005, he was convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering, and served time in federal prison. After his release, he resumed his career in real estate. 


It’s a start, think what has happened to his enemies and how he uses that government power against them which is an act demanding impeachment.  He thinks he was elected as the Fueher, Emperor, or Living God, delusions he shares with Hitler.

I only say that because as I perused more and more of a history of WWII,  I studied and wrote many papers on the Third Reich.  Hitlers strategy all evolved around “ Nationalism” and the German people having nothing else offered, unfortunately blindly supported him and went for the program. If not they were shot, gassed or the death camps.

I see the GOP base and the Evangelicals as the modern version of the NAZI party supporting a fake God.  I don’t think impeachment is good enough, he should be treated as a traitor and we have a lottery as to how to get rid of him.  

Hmmm, Prison guards had a joke, the old stove question...  gas or electric ?  For the uninformed it meant the Gas Chamber or the Electric Chair.  I detest the word assassination because in my readings mostly good people were assassinated.  In his case to save a country and its core beliefs, after all he has pulled off,  it would be acceptable to me.  I have no problem, these are capitol crimes and they deserve the consequence.

I am Jewish, my family generations back, my elders were in the concentration camps, I have seen their tattoos, they knew fear, prejudice, oppression and death. He is the closest thing to Hitler and thats not a joke, it’s the same game.  The “ Art of the Deal”  is the same as Hitlers “Mein Kamph”.  I never lost sight of the Holocaust and I will  ‘Never Forget”.  I am not alone,  I am in good company. 


“ For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.  Humor is the weapon of unarmed people: it helps people who are oppressed to smile at the situation that pains them.  God must have been on leave during the Holocaust.
― Simon Wiesenthal

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” 
Elie Wiesel

“If we bear all this suffering and if there are still Jews left, when it is over, then Jews, instead of being doomed, will be held up as an example.” 
Anne Frank

“Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.” 

― Yehuda Bauer


THE PLAYBOOK - The former German leader and Donald Trump are partners in crime and time.  Trumps playbook is a carbon copy of Hitlers tactics and in some ways word for word with Hitlers playbook, words, chapters and verse.  

He has initiated what Hitler did by destroying the press,  Adolf Hitler’s stooge Dr. Goebbels after becoming the propaganda minister for Germany saw to that.  Newspapers and Radio, both fell quickly. 

When the SS guards with guns and the permission to shoot the current occupants knocked on the doors many left on the spot.  After that, if they resisted, they left feet first.  Goebbels wasn’t fooling around.

TV was not yet invented in Adolf’s day, but today the biggie is supreme media scumbird Herr Rupert Murdock taking over with FOX news, using all the papers he owns, and sports broadcasting.  

His regime is the perfect component of a lying Presidents propaganda as they have as many scruples in reporting as TRUMP has in tweeting which is none.

He is calling the real press, fakes, and enemies of the state.  They are the last line of truth.  They report the fake news because Donald spews the filth and lies and then disembowels himself from it, then and only then calls it fake. 

The use of --  disembowels --  might cause discomfort in the alimentary canal of my Ex-English teacher and cause her to drop her jaw in disbelief.  But in defense, when you spew that much “SHIT” and then you deny it, what other words could or would you use? 

Next he went after the Federal Police the FBI, The DOJ, with his twitted derogatory remarks, challenged Police that are not under his control, and using them and the FBI and attempting to use them as his personal agenda against all challengers, political or personal which is illegal.  Just as Himmler and Goebbels did.

The Secret Service are the family protectors just as Hitler had his unit, the Stosstrupp-Hitler (SSH), was set up specifically for Hitler’s protection.  Air Force ONE as the Official Golf Mar-a-lago Shuttle Bus and personal rally vehicle costing millions of additional dollars to carry his fake lies and bullshit all over the country.

He actively sends twitts and stupidity defaming the FBI and the DOJ.  Adolf and Goebbels did the same but taking them over with the SS and the Gestapo was easier, he just killed those in charge, like Reich and devoting time recently to ruining the Supreme Court.  

The object is to remove the power of the two pillars of the three of our system leaving only the executive branch to make the decisions of government.  That was how Hitler did it, with the night of the Long Knives, murder, and assassinations of those who might oppose him. 

He is not the Fuehrer, not the dictator though it appears he acts that way.  In that case we need to stick him in a bunker and blow it up, or hang him by his draft-dodged heels like Mussolini.  If you take the time to study history ( again my passion) you find connections we have not exposed.  Soon, and it’s scary.


POINT:  There were other similarities between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump, lots more.  Adolf Hitler did receive the Iron Cross in WWI for minefield running as a courier, but he shared one thing with Trump, lots of stories and little truth.  

Trump received a commendation from a military academy he attended for the best shiny shoes where his father made donations. Private Adolf Hitler was awarded for dodging bullets except one for which he received the Iron Cross but was never promoted.  The world would be a better place if the French soldiers took better aim...

POINT:  They were both Draftdoggers with Hitler running from the Austrian Army and then being captured and tried by the Austrians.    He escaped incarceration.  He then joined the German Army ( or get shot) He never rose above the rank of Private First Class though he did receive the Iron Cross in running through minefields, possibly a new Olympic sport. 

LORD TRUMP excelled in being hated by his classmates though he claims they loved him.  But with news surfacing all the time it was just announced by the children of the doctor who got TRUMP his deferments for the draft five times, the bone spurs were faked.  The news update is the five deferments and three additional letters the President received claiming bone spurs. 6 A total scumbag coward son-of-bitch move.  My friends, not as lucky as other I worked with, five I know of never came home from that war.  

POINT:  Both Hitler and Trump had an interest in Architecture,  big projects like the TRUMP TOWER, Golf courses, Hotels,  properties,  and Hitler working with Albert Speer assisting was going to build the new City of Germania, The Capitol City of the Future Reich.  Hitler could afford his projects using slave labor, Donald uses Russian or Saudi money. 

POINT:  Neither Adolf Hitler nor Donald Trump ever acted in any heinous crime or directly were involved.  Evidently it’s a technique scumbags use all the time to alienate themselves from prosecution.  It’s always someone else said this or that, but he never said it, or got a stooge like Cohen to do the dirty work, clear signs of a coward.  

Trump has a lot of imaginary friends with imaginary statistical information ( about 100% false ) and that constitutes 98% of his lies.  It’s always someone else who did it or knew about it  [what, when or where is not important, neither is the truth ] but like in the case of Cohen it’s named TRUMP but he’s not on trial.  

HITLERS PLAN:  Hitler was no different, but it was at his direction, that he was never mentioned about the death camps, or the gas chambers, he was always mis-directing the German people with lies.  And his best friend for a while was Mussolini was no better,  known as “ l Duce",  ( English version: The Douchbag)  From the beginning he was a heel.  And thats how they hung him, by the heels.  

Hmmm, Donald has bad heels, bone spurs so he claimed. Fake news, his Dr. came clean, TRUMPS medical were faked to the draft board. They both lived in reality TV worlds but their effect on people is and was very real.  With Hitler millions died and with TRUMP millions will be in deep financial trouble and he will walk away till someone does something. 

POINT:  Both men had women troubles, Hitler mysteriously having two not one murdered by faked suicide.  And TRUMPS classic oral, mental, vaginal attacks on twenty-two women will get handled after he leaves office.  It too is related to the seventeen investigations his name is on. Many states are changing laws about statures of limitations.  Just ask Cosby what that means...


The gulf between President Trump and the country's top intelligence chiefs was on full display during a Senate hearing. The heads of the intel agencies, including Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel, strongly contradicted many foreign policy claims made by the President which is understandable because he lives in an alternate universe with fake news and fake people who give him fake answers to fake questions.  Imbeciles think like this...and he is The Presidential  Imbecile Extrodinaire.

ON ISIS...  Trump says the terror group has been defeated; the intel chiefs say it’s resurgent

ON NORTH KOREA...  Trump says the nuclear threat is over; the intel chiefs say it’s unlikely the North will completely give up its nukes

IRAN...  Trump  says pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal was the best way to stop Iran from developing a nuke; the intel chiefs say they don’t believe Iran is working to build one

CLIMATE CHANGE... TRUMP once called it a “ hoax”; the intel chiefs say the possible “ irreversible damage” caused by it may create significant security challenges in the future as people compete for resources.

ON RUSSIA...  Coats also warned that Russia and other foreign countries will likely use new tactics to target the 2020 elections.


(CNN) Kevin Sweeney has resigned as Pentagon chief of staff after serving the defense secretary for two years.  I have concerns about this.  Four of our predominant thinking Generals working with Trump are no longer working with Trump. 

And now the supervisory and support folks who these Generals rely on are leaving too.  To me this is ominous as team play and trust are the essential part of our defense policy and Trump is tearing that apart.

Sweeney, who retired as a rear admiral in 2014, served under former Defense Secretary James Mattis, who announced his resignation December 20 on the heels of President Donald Trump’s plans to withdraw troops from Syria. 

"Because you have the right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects, I believe it is right for me to step down from my position," Mattis wrote in his letter to the President.

Trump said he moved Mattis’ departure date up to January 1, two months earlier than originally planned. Mattis is the latest senior administration to leave Trump's Cabinet. Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White announced last month that she’s leaving her post, a move that coincided with Mattis stepping down. 

Off the record, from inside the bee hive, many Generals when asked about Donald’s ability to command in the military role agreed in the best Brooklyn English.  “ He hasn’t got a friggen clue”.


    Victims of the Night of the Long Knives   

Adolf Hitler, Ernst Röhm, Gregor Strasser and Hermann Göring in 1932; Röhm and Strasser would be killed in the Night of the Long Knives, which in large part was provoked by evidence fabricated by Göring and Heinrich Himmler purporting to show that Röhm was planning a coup and for them to get closer to the top of the regime.

Once again assassination was a German form of teamwork.  We call it political palate cleansing.  Their personnel department was in a broom closet with MG42 machine guns and Hitler had the only key. 

Victims of the Night of the Long Knives  -- The Nazi purge in which Hitler and the Nazi regime used the Schutzstaffel (SS) to deal with the problem of Ernst Röhm and his Sturmabteilung (SA) the brownshirts of the original Nazi paramilitary organization), as well as past opponents of the party – numbered at least 85 people murdered. It took place in Germany between June 30 and July 2, 1934.  

Other victims included close associates of Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen, several Wehrmacht German Army generals, one of whom, Kurt von Schleicher, was formerly the Chancellor of Germany.  And their associates; Gregor Strasser, Hitler’s former competitor for control of the Nazi Party; at least one person killed in a case of mistaken identity; and several innocent victims killed because they “knew too much.”  The total number of victims is heavily disputed between historians; some estimates put the number in the hundreds.



The latest salvo in that war came on New Year's morning -- not traditionally a time for recrimination -- in a presidential tweet that denigrated retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal.   Trump tweeted, "'General' McChrystal got fired like a dog by Obama.   Last assignment a total bust.   Known for a big, dumb mouth. Hillary lover!”  This tweet followed an interview that McChrystal gave to ABC's Martha Raddatz on Sunday in which he described Trump as both immoral and dishonest.

McChrystal had led Joint Special Operations Command during the Iraq War and had turned it into one of the most efficient killing machines in history.   McChrystal later resigned as the commander of the Afghan War in 2010 following disparaging remarks that some officers on his staff had made to a Rolling Stone reporter about top officials working for President Barack Obama   ( Not uncommon a thought and the only problem was it leaked)

Trump is known for being a counterpuncher, so on one level it’s not surprising he reacted this way to McChrystal's withering criticism.  But when you step back, the degree to which Trump is battling America's generals is startling, considering how he began his presidency. 

T-RUMP came into office besotted by military brass and his adoration was over the top supported by some fine military commanders on the highest level.   Obviously that didn’t last when they soon realized they were not working in the best interests of our great nation and they were working for a graduate of the Hitler Academia. 

In German:  it’s Adolf-Snotsinfarten gruppen un shitzen-enpantsen.  (Trump you can go shit in your pants, I quit)


  • Retired four-star Gen. James Mattis as his Secretary of Defense 
  • Retired four-star Gen. John Kelly as his Secretary of Homeland Security, then Chief of Staff
  • Retired three-star Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn as his National Security Adviser.  ( Arrested, indicted, pled guilty, awaiting sentence)
  • Retired three-star Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster assumed the role of National Security Adviser.
  • Soon, close to retirement four-star  General Joesph Votel Head of Central Command and former Head of SOCOM



Now, two years later, Trump is eager to tear down these same generals. After Mattis announced his resignation with a letter distancing himself from Trump's key foreign policy positions on December 20 and said that he would stay in the job until the end of February to allow for an orderly transition, Trump instead pushed him out at the end of December.

The differences between Trump and US military leaders are more than simply stylistic, although Trump’s lack of decorum and rudeness are certainly at odds with the military’s honor-based values.  Simply placed and overheard I have encountered from many military friends under oath not to use their names, “ He’s a prick”  also scum-bucket, idiot, moron, useless and so forth.

The military tends to want to sustain overseas military commitments, which they see as vital to securing world order, whether that is to defeat ISIS, or to contain a nuclear-armed North Korea, or to prevent Afghanistan from reverting into control by the Taliban.

Trump believes he was elected to end foreign entanglements and that alliances like NATO are “ ripping off” the United States, while US military leaders are keenly aware that NATO allies have been fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with them since the 9/11 attacks.

The policy differences between Trump and the military were underlined by Mattis's resignation, which came as a result of Trump announcing a total withdrawal of the 2,000 US troops in Syria. Mattis appears to have resigned because this decision was made in an arbitrary way and without consulting allies. 

The Kurds who have been fighting ISIS in Syria on behalf of the United States risk being left defenseless on the battlefield by this move, which potentially subjects them to attack by superior Turkish forces that regard them as terrorists.

When Mattis announced his resignation, Trump tweeted, “ Then President Obama ingloriously fired Jim Mattis, I gave him a second chance. Some thought I shouldn’t, I thought I should."  It is true that Mattis’ term as head of Central Command was wound up early by the Obama administration, but far from merely giving Mattis a “second chance,”.  Obama was not a good War President and Mattis is respected as one of the best minds in the business of killing enemies.

He was quite eager to install Mattis as secretary of defense. He told reporters in mid-November 2016 after he had interviewed Mattis for the job, "He's just a brilliant, wonderful man. What a career! We're going to see what happens, but he is the real deal."

A similar trajectory to how Trump treated Mattis also happened with John Kelly. In late July 2017, Trump tweeted "I am pleased to inform you that I have just named General/Secretary John F Kelly as White House Chief of Staff. He is a Great American...." Over time the bromance fizzled -- as it so often does with Trump -- and Kelly, no longer on speaking terms with the President, left as chief of staff at the end of December.

McMaster was also eased out by Trump following comments he made at the Munich Security Conference in late February, in which he described the recent American indictments of Russian officials for interference in the 2016 US presidential election as "incontrovertible" evidence that they had interfered in the election, something the President has always been reluctant to admit.

Then tweeted, “  General McMaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the Russians and that the only Collusion was between Russia and Crooked Hillary, the DNC and the Dems. Remember the Dirty Dossier, (FAKE) Uranium (NOT ESTABLISHED), Emails ( ARE YOU KIDDING) and the Podesta Company!  ( NOTHING ABOUT NOTHING) ”

In November, Chris Wallace of Fox News asked Trump about retired Adm. Bill McRaven’s comments that Trump’s attacks on the news media were “the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime."  Trump 
Told Wallace that McRaven was a “ Hillary fan,” and when Wallace pointed out that McRaven was the architect of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011, Trump asked, “ Wouldn’t it be nice if we got Osama bin Laden a lot sooner than that, wouldn’t it have been nice?"   

This was a bizarre comment to make about what is arguably one of the greatest intelligence and special operations victories in American history.  Trump has now made a sharp break with Kelly, Mattis, McChrystal, McRaven, and McMaster, some of the leading American generals and admirals of our era.  Why Trump, even given his policy disagreements, would pick a war with the military leaders he once so publicly admired is a puzzle that future historians will surely try to unpack.

T-RUMP was retweeting a post from Laura Ingraham, noted FOX lowlife like Hannity, sharing a story headlined “ Media Didn’t Like McChrystal Until He Started Bashing Trump.”  The commander in chief's name-calling comes after McChrystal said during an interview Sunday that Trump was dishonest and immoral.

McChrystal:  ”I don’t think he tells the truth," McChrystal told ABC's Martha Raddatz on "This Week." When asked if he thought Trump was immoral, McChrystal responded, “I think he is."  “What I would ask every American to do is, again, stand in front of that mirror and say, what are we about?" 

McChrystal continued. "Am I really willing to throw away or ignore some of the things that people do that are pretty unacceptable normally just because they accomplish certain other things that we might like. If we want to be governed by someone we wouldn’t do a business deal with because their background is so shady, if we're willing to do that then that's in conflict with who I think we are."   "And so I think it's necessary in those times to take a stand," he said.

McChrystal also criticized Trump in November for his attacks on retired Adm. William McRaven, the leader of the Navy Seal unit that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011, who also has leveled sharp criticism at the President. Trump called the four-star admiral "a Hillary Clinton backer and an Obama backer" and said it would "have been nice if we got Osama bin Laden a lot sooner than that."

"The President is simply wrong," McChrystal told CNN's Jim Sciutto on "Newsroom." "He's uninformed, and he is pushing an idea that I think is not helpful. But I really think it's symptomatic of the crisis in leadership that we have in the nation today."

McChrystal wrote in a November column for CNN that "America is facing a leadership crisis," calling T-RUMP  "just the most bombastic example of this phenomenon, which has been playing out for decades."

McRaven responded to Trump's attack on McChrystal with a statement to CNN on Tuesday.

"Stan McChrystal is one of the great generals of this generation and the finest officer I ever served with," McRaven said. "He is a deep strategic thinker, tactically brilliant, with unparalleled personal courage. His leadership of special operations forces in Iraq and Afghanistan unquestionably saved the lives of thousands of American and allied troops, as well as countless civilians.  No general I know has given more in the service of this country."

In his Sunday interview, McChrystal also reacted to James Mattis' resignation from the Trump administration as secretary of defense earlier this month. Mattis wrote in his resignation letter that Trump had the right to have a defense secretary whose views "better aligned" with the President's.

"If we have someone who is as selfless and as committed as Jim Mattis, resigns his position walking away from all the responsibility he feels for every service member in our forces, and he does so in a public way like that, we ought to stop and say, okay, why did he do it?" McChrystal said. “ e ought to ask what kind of commander in chief he had that Jim Mattis, that the good Marine, felt he had to walk away.”

Of all the roles of the presidency, commander in chief was perhaps the one that candidate Donald Trump most relished. His take-charge style, his hat and slogan, his command presence on the stage, his early experience at New York Military Academy and his boasting that,   “I know more about ISIS than the generals do” demonstrated his inclinations.

And many Americans, including service members and veterans, believed that he would be a strong and effective commander in chief.  Yet as president, Trump's actions and behavior have led service members and veterans to question whether he really understands who a Commander in Chief is, or what he does.

I served under eight presidents. I applied for West Point as President John F. Kennedy confronted the Soviets in Berlin, went to Vietnam under President Richard Nixon and came home on a stretcher, worked in the White House under President Gerald Ford, and eventually retired as NATO supreme allied commander under President Bill Clinton. I ran for the presidency myself out of deep concern as the ill-considered Iraq War unfolded under President George W. Bush.

My heart is with the men and women in uniform, as well as our veterans. It is that affinity that brings me to these observations.  Trump may be a disaster at home; but he’s even worse overseas   Is there a single good thing that has occurred when Trump has gone abroad?  President Trump believes he honors and respects the military. He praises our men and women constantly. "I don't think anybody's been more with the military than I have, as a president," he told Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday." 

He has appointed numerous generals to serve in his administration ("I have generals that are great generals") and gained pay raises and hikes in defense spending.  He fired the VA chief. He has a snappy salute and appreciates a good military parade, like the one he saw in France last year. He wants to be loved, respected and admired, no doubt.

But there is more to being Commander in Chief. He commands us, but he also represents us.  The military is mission-oriented and values-based. The mission is protecting the United States, securing our freedoms, advancing our interests. 

The Commander in Chief sets the directions, makes the big decisions and inspires us to carry out the mission. And in his person and character, he represents the men and women who serve, as well as the veterans. He is actually our chief recruiter, too. We are loyal, regardless of which party is in power or who is in the Oval Office.

We can’t be bought.  We believe in selfless service, telling truth to power, choosing the harder right over the easier wrong. We honor noble sacrifice.

For Trump, trouble began on several of these fronts before he was even in office. He dismissed the service and sacrifice of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and, by implication, all those who had suffered as prisoners of war. "He's not a war hero," Trump said while campaigning in Iowa. "I like people who weren't captured."

He engaged in a back-and-forth with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Gold Star parents whose son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, died in combat. After Khizr Khan pointed out in an emotional speech at the Democratic National Convention that Trump had "sacrificed nothing, and no one," Trump suggested that "Hillary's script writers" were responsible for the speech and said that Khan had "viciously attacked" him.   

And there were the references to what "his" generals would do and be. "I see my generals, generals that are going to keep us so safe," he said on Inauguration Day.

Didn't he understand that good leaders are big-hearted, that they don't bully and quarrel with those they outrank? And doesn't he respect that generals are loyal to the Constitution and chain of command -- you can't "own" them?

In the first military operation of his tenure, which Trump personally authorized, Navy SEAL William "Ryan" Owens was killed.  Trump seemed to slough off the blame onto his predecessor, and his own secretary of defense, retired Gen. Jim Mattis.

"Well, this was a mission that started before I got here," the president said on "Fox & Friends," referring to the Obama administration before turning on his own team:   "They explained what they wanted to do, the generals," he said. "My generals are the most respected that we've had in many decades," he added, "and they lost Ryan."

Good leaders accept responsibility, especially when things go wrong. Commanders in Chief do that.

He apparently didn't know how to console the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, killed in an ambush in Niger, and ended up in a partisan spat with a congresswoman who had heard Trump tell Myeshia Johnson "something to the effect that 'he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but I guess it hurts anyway.' "

Commanders in chief don’t do that.  Posturing and electioneering were evident in the call for a parade in Washington, since canceled, and the rush to deploy active-duty forces to the border to stem "an invasion" from the south.  We don't want to be used that way.

The president hasn't yet visited our men and women in a combat zone -- not Afghanistan, Iraq or even along the DMZ in Korea. And last week, when he failed to visit the U.S. cemetery at Belleau Wood in France, where so many Americans gave their lives -- it was raining, and a long drive from Paris -- the criticisms exploded.   

Did he not understand that the troops and veterans want the president to see them where they work, to share in their hardships a little, and appreciate their sacrifices and risks?   "I've had an unbelievable busy schedule, and I will be doing it," Trump said in the Fox interview on Sunday. I was in the ops center with the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam, when President Nixon braved the rocket zone north of Saigon to see the troops. Yes, even Nixon

But if Trump struggles with his role's rites and rituals, there are deeper issues with his command. His blustering and combative diplomacy on Korea, cozying up with a potential adversary who has consistently worked to undermine the United States, and his pattern of insulting friends and disrupting allies are all deeply unsettling to the middle-grade and senior officers who plan and execute U.S. policy. 

They need steady, consistent, reliable leadership. The bobbing and weaving may work in a small family office, but he is now leading one of the largest, most structured organizations in the world -- and certainly the most powerful. It needs a steady hand, not just at secretary of defense, but also at the very top.

What actually drives Trump's policies and actions as commander in chief? On what basis does he make the decisions that could separate us from our families, and send us to war? By all reports he doesn't like to read, doesn't suffer long briefings, doesn't want to study, doesn't seem to want much of the experience of the generals closest to him.

We honor the chain of command, so we trust him with the most central issues of our time -- war, peace, the nuclear button. But Russia is still bullying, North Korea is still polishing up its nuclear force, China is strengthening its position in the South China Sea, and Iran and the Islamic State are still there in the Middle East, while our oldest allies are cringing and disheartened.

In his campaign, Trump promised that only he knew how to lead America. In the field of national security the jury is still out.
Wesley K. Clark is a former NATO supreme allied commander. The retired general is a Centennial Fellow at Georgetown and a senior fellow at the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations.

The top US general in the Middle East has said he disagrees with President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria.  
Gen Joseph Votel told CNN that IS militants were still active in Syria and US-backed forces were not yet capable of handling the threat alone.  The commander told the Senate last week that Mr T-RUMP did not consult him ahead of announcing his Syria pull-out plans.  He is the latest US official to break with Mr Trump over his Syria policies.

During his Friday address from the White House Rose Garden, the president said he would have an update on Syria within the next 24 hours.  “We have a lot of great announcements having to do with Syria and our success with the eradication of the caliphate,” Mr Trump said.   

But the general leading that battle has expressed a different sentiment.  “[IS] still has leaders, still has fighters, it still has facilitators, it still has resources, so our continued military pressure is necessary to continue to go after that network," Gen Votel told CNN earlier on Friday.  "When I say, 'we have defeated them,' I want to ensure that means they do not have the capability to plot or direct attacks against the US or our allies."

Mr T-RUMP announced in December that "after historic victories" against IS, he would be immediately withdrawing US troops from the region.  His surprise policy shift led to the resignation of Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, further shocking US lawmakers and allies.  Gen Votel said: “It would not have been my military advice at that particular time."

The US had led a coalition against IS in Syria along with Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters, with around 2,000 troops on the ground.  Mr Trump's abrupt announcement last year sparked warnings from within his own Republican party as well as US foreign allies that a hasty withdrawal could help the resurgence of IS.

At the Munich Security Conference on Friday, UK foreign intelligence agency MI6 chief Alex Younger said despite defeats, IS fighters are regrouping.  Mr Younger also expressed serious concerns about dispersing IS militants returning to Europe.

An August 2018 US report noted there were still as many as 14,000 IS militants in Syria and even more in neighbouring Iraq. There is a fear they will shift to guerrilla tactics in an attempt to rebuild their network.