If you can’t handle the truth, leave now, you won’t like this.

TRUTH:  World politics and economics doesn’t work the way we want it too. We are not the only players anymore. The Republicans continually offer trickle-down economics as a way of re-development in this country. They quote former President Reagan, so we assume they are of the same thinking and skill set of the late President.  Not so, many are liars and buffoons ekected because of party affiliation, lies and fake credentials. See the charts below.

These full-time shysters and pontificators know the buzzwords and cliché's ad nauseam. "The Party of Reagan", "The Eleventh Commandment" "Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev”. ‘ hey believe in quoting the Great Communicator, so we will assume the brilliance of the man, well accepted and loved for his patriotism and love of America, and his financial moves trickled down to who is referencing Reagan and it will work again in the same fashion.   Wrong. Big time wrong. History repeats itself, but the circumstance changes and endings can differ.

They wish us to think their ideas and ideals are rooted in success. It's psychologically pacifying to quote a better time and era and the mind is happy again, so they think.  And that's why these buffoons in Washington are always quoting Reagan. Truth is they don't have answers for today. They are firing blanks.  Big Blanks filled with Bovinus Escretmentorum. (Bullshit)

Why? its simple. Trickle down economy works when you have a path to trickle. That path, was also known as the middle class. Today without a middle class, trickle down is more like living on the ground floor of a two-story outdoor bathroom. More like Tinkle down economics.  Reagan’s Tax Plan and Bush 43 Tax Plan both went bust, failed, didn’t work and caused recessions. Just look at 2008 and the stock market went to 6000.  

Blame the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, as this is his tax plan not TRUMPS literally gleaned from the Reagan and Bush Failures and this is how it work....


😀  You promise bigger paychecks, and bonuses to the low and middle class workers. Those are the bones thrown to the middle and lower classes to support the bill. 
😀  You cut Corporate taxes.  You lower corporate taxes to create more Jobs ( misnomer, you create more robots, less jobs and better profits for the shareholders)

👺But, you eliminate State and City taxes as deductions.  
👺You raise healthcare and other entitlement programs to cover losses
👺You eliminate benefits in housing for the poor and disenfranchised. Higher corporate profits, the stock market prices will go up.  Just ask Secretary Dr. Ben Carson about raising government assisted housing benefits.

👺But According to recent data from NYU the richest 10 percent hold 84 percent of the value of the stock market; the richest 1 percent control 40 percent. I strongly doubt anyone’s going to give the tax cuts credit based on any movements in their IRA or 401(k) accounts,
👺 Implementation: Any tax change of this magnitude is a complicated bit of work, requiring the tax authorities at the underfunded IRS to quickly implement new systems and provide new oversight. 

👺 Those bonuses:  Profit-sharing and other public-relations efforts: A few big companies have been giving their workers bonuses, allegedly because of the tax cuts. That might help improve its impression, but it’s widely understood that companies such as AT&T and Comcast are getting big, permanent cuts while bonuses are a one-time thing. What will they do next year. Nothing, shareholders will benefit more. Rich get rich, poor get more company.

👺 Some key economic indicators: People notice higher interest rates on home, car and student loans, and rates are surely going up next year. Part of that is the Federal Reserve’s “normalization” campaign as they raise rates back to more normal, higher levels, but the anticipation of faster growth next year, juiced in part by the tax cut (the higher deficit spending noted above), is also nudging at least short-term rates up a bit.  Bigger checks to pay more interest.

👺 People think the plan won’t help them...  Roughly 4 in 10 (37%) say the tax bill will make their family worse off than they are right now. Only 1 in 5 (21%) say it will improve their family’s current status.  

👺 And will help the Trump family -   Nearly two-thirds (63%) believe the tax plan will make the Trump family’s life better while a meager 5% say the President’s family will be worse off as a result of the legislation.  And, no one truly knows the exact impact on Trump's finances because he continues to refuse any of his previous tax returns.

👺 Trump is a deeply flawed messenger -- on taxes.  The specifics of Trump on taxes don't look much better for the president and his party. Fifty seven percent of people disapprove of how he has dealt with the issue while just 1 in 3 (34%) approve.  People want to see Trump’s tax returns.  Trump has repeatedly refused to disclose anything about his own taxes, insisting that those documents say very little about a person's financial status and noting that he has filed financial disclosure forms already.

👺 Add all of that up and here’s what you get: A historically unpopular president trying to sold a piece of legislation that people believe helps him and his wealthy friends and doesn’t do much at all for them.

THE BAIT, The 2018 Midterms and The 2020 Elections
Is it possible that more cash in the average person’s pocket will change how they perceive the tax bill?  Sure! But, public opinion on major pieces of legislation tends to harden quickly -- and stay hardened.   Republicans, to their credit, are well aware of the gamble they are taking here. 

The overwhelming belief within the GOP ranks is that passing a tax cut -- even one that is not terribly popular (or popular at all) at the moment -- is a better gamble than not doing so.   Shear PR bull.  The Republican base needs to be fed and watered (?) and Republicans are convinced that this tax plan was their best chance to do just that.   Watered or did they just get peed on.

Remember the car industry, and the production of almost anything like washers and dryers, radios, TV, furniture, carpeting, clothing, shoes, tables, chairs and food, etc.   

Imagine, Buick and Caddilac, the GM bastion, the hierarchy of elegance in the automotive field now brought to you by CHINA.  While TRUMP brags, about coming home, the big corps are moving out.  The inventor of the Chinese JUNK, pun intended and calcified is bringing models in from China.

These were the jobs that supported the middle class. They are gone forever as greedy corporations went overseas and more money in profit funneled to the stock holders.  Rich got rich, the workers got pink slips. That's what held the stock market so strong while unemployment was going to bust open.

Today almost everything has the word China stamped on the back. So, when we as buyers spend money into the system, seventy-six percent of every hundred dollars goes overseas. 

Wal-Mart is the best example.   When we had Mom and Pops only forty two percent of the dollar went away. Literally a third of our economy dollars you spend vanishes each time you shop.  And every time the stock market goes up a few points.

Just look at the money dumped on wall street and that changed nothing except the bonuses are still getting paid. The stocks went back up, and the holders got bailed out by who?  Why the middle class. The top end gets as much as the corporation sees fit to pay the rest. What a gift. They lose the empire and we buy it back for them.  I am beginning to see the wisdom of some foreign political systems.  The firing squad.

We talk about jobs and new startups. What new store can compete against a Wal-Mart?  What new manufacturing plants can compete against China with no protection.  We are slowly being bled to death by the protectionism given to our trading partners. What tariffs, the tariffed product diverts to Mexico and comes into the country on the George W. Bush Highway. He even promoted an eight-lane highway stretching from Mexico to Canada. Genius talk from the guy that caused the 2nd greatest recession in the United States.

Here is how it worked.  We owe the Chinese a lot.  Eight years of war ran up the tabs very quickly.  TRILLIONS And of course, its money we can’t talk about as the former President Bush43 had made sure most of it is covered under the various need to know acts.   The wars in the middle east have cost us Trillions.   When we did find out we had the stock market collapse of 2008.   Interested Americans do need to know.  It’s called truth, not spin. 

But we don’t teach history, anymore so the next generation won’t know what these imbeciles did.  Hide the past you hide the truth and worse, a lack of preparation for the future. But there is the inevitable.  History and war repeats itself. Next year some will die; some will starve; some will be beaten down and enslaved and some will pick up a weapon and become the tool of destruction in revenge or use that weapon in a fight for independence. That’s just our reality and  life it seems is now based on strength and firepower.   From a chicken in every pot to an AR-15 in every closet and schoolbag.

Economics works the same way.  Lies, then promises, more lies and then when put into effect, disaster.  The biggest lies came from the NRA,  and When “Bush 41” spoke of the New World Order, many of the less informed individuals promoting and showing adoration for the NRA saw it as a good way to promote membership. They crossed the line with bullshit so oblique to common sense and the dumb believers went for it hook, line and sinker, plus the anchor from the Titanic.

Their mantra included Black Helicopters,  invasion supported by our military of jack booted foreign soldiers on our soil and images from the NAZI’s of WWII.  The portrayed  a bunch of goose stepping neocons ruling the world like the “Third or Fourth Reich”.  

Right after that speech, gun sales in the US exploded.  Gun sales, people killers specifically, and very efficient.  Black helicopters, foreign troops, all lies and our politicians did nothing since they were being bribed by the NRA who was spreading those lies and also getting paid by the gun manufacturers.

Had the dumb public read the papers on the New World Order (NWO) it was about financial shifts in the strength of countries of the world.  A balance of financial economic development created power and fair trading of the resources with an expansion into other new players such as B.R.I.C.  (Brazil, Russia, India, China)  It could also be C.R.I.B. better suited to these newborns.

So is world leadership not by force but by economics. While we are engaged in a war and nation building, which will stretch into decades and complete breaking of our financial system, the world is changing, picking up a lot of our slack, going through a quiet revolution, and we are not the only ones in contention for world leadership.   You don’t fight these economic battles with AR-15’s.

In fact we are slipping so fast and so far because of the last eight years controlled by the Bush-Cheney-Rove Empire, we may not recover, it took the entire Obama administration to bring us back to a norm,  and with the new lunatic in the Whitehouse, we will watch our morale fiber disintegrate   This is how Lenin did it in Russia.  This is history repeating itself, and we are aren’t doing a damn thing about it.  We will slip lower and lower on the leadership pole as four new financial nations emerge. I would also remind you that Japan and Korea are already there as players. 

If you asked me what is derailing America, I would answer the obvious, greed and selfishness were two important players. If you asked me what abetted the greed and selfishness, I would answer not paying attention, to the Ten Commandments and something the Founding fathers failed to address correctly for this time.   

Our founding fathers, not to be confused with some of our current crew of religious cassocked dressed fondling fathers had some strong ideas about the definition of a “perfect union”. Unfortunately "perfect union” meant something different to the “fondling fathers of today".  The Church took quick and forceful action... when it came into daylight what was going on.

They moved them like peas under the three walnut shells.  I called it Consecration, Conscription, and Commingling.  Translate Bless yourself, get a victim, and take advantage, because till now nothing came of it.  Under confession  you are forgiven and if not caught,  do it again. Under several POOPES ( Popes who ignored things) they got away with it. The Honorable Pope Francis took a different tone, as he is a Jesuit.  Obviously celibacy is a joke, they just left it to other means.

The founding fathers were intellectually sound and knew from their own experience what was good for us and what was not. After all they knew how it was done back home.  That's why they left mother England.  Experience is a good, make that the best teacher.  But the founders had little vision of a future corrupt legislature.  They left England because the government told them how to pray, when to pray and when you got roasted or you went under some kind of scrutiny like the rack.  Because the  Church was running and ruining the government which was already haves and have-nots.

Only Congressmen can sanction and remove other Congressmen.  For the common people to get rid of a real slime ball you have to vote him or her out.  A slow distorted false effort that almost never happens.   Rarely do they ever speak out against the crooks amongst themselves since, they too are the problem, part and parcel to it.   We call it the GOP, or Good Old Perjurers  doing the Washington Two-Step, and some claim it’s from drinking the polluted water from the Potomac.

With an acute wisdom they made the most important and critical statement of our democracy, the simplest one.  Our leaders in that time simply wanted the faithful, “ To uphold the Separation of Church and State”. 

Want to make it even simpler? Divide moral issues and legal issues into two categories. Let the State (Gov.) protect the rights and freedoms of all. Leave the others to their own moral means to solve their issues and mind their own frickin business.  That is the most important right of all.  The right to make your own decisions.  

That works if you don’t strive to eliminate anything protecting the individual, like the judicial system, the network of investigation, The FBI, and the rights of the individual by making federal laws involving voting rights, gerrymandering, abortion, income, right to work, discrimination and anything that makes an individuals right in jeopardy.  Thats our current administration, it’s all a farce.  Grandstand to the public and hide truths with slogans, hats, evangelicalism, and rallies.

Religion across the board, wachos in all religions have embraced politics as an Octopus embraces a fish. They seemed to have more hands in more places. Tell that to the South Carolina Catholic priest who threatened that he will not offer communion to anyone who voted for Obama because of his stand on abortion.  (The Vatican moved him out) It still goes on in many Churches.

That made the news, I got the same thing from neighbors, some who live 10 yards from me. Simply put the founding fathers willed that "States actions shall not impact on the religious freedoms we all have". I used to think it meant ALL OF US. 

Freedom for all regardless of how you do it. Some wade through the water, or sprinkle the water, the Baptismal water boarding, singing and dancing, snake handling, tambourine banging, smoke and incense, choral groups, junior choral groups, youth groups, responsive reading, bad choreography, foaming at the mouth, or glee clubbing hours of Hari Krishna and Kumbaya, that's all personal belief and well-structured by each religion for control. 

Millions and Millions of dollars spent on Houses of Worship with ornateness that would probably embarrass God himself, portray the Heaven on Earth. The competition for the right to be first has caused more death in the history of the world than any other reason. Mix the two with the Congress then taking the lead and we have war.   We are the righteous governed by madmen, sort of modern day crusaders.  Much of it started with King George the Second.

Believe in your beliefs. It's your call and you are allowed to do it.   After all it’s all in the name of Religion which is the cornerstone of belief.  Unfortunately,  religion has changed it’s definition, it seems in the hands of some, it’s the quest to get a closer seat (even front row) to the throne, either the financial one or the spiritual one.

The E-ticket to the streets paved with gold, seventy-two vestal virgins and other man-Made promises, more to your share than the next guy.  And the rules are more corrupt than the problems they solve.

Some folks don't settle for equality in this race. I cringe when those who profess their fundamentalist convictions, believe they should take precedence over the law and order, as prescribed in the Constitution and the laws drafted from it. 

That's why the Evangelical vote scares me. People should be elected on the basis of whats good for the country, not their personal religious agendas.  It's the reason gay rights, the abortion issue, and health reform will always be a problem and the mainstream suffers when they shouldn’t because of the stone walling.   

Evangelicals vote with their belief in mind and not whats good for the country.  They also suffer from a weakness in which they believe a whole bunch of bullshit as along as Jesus gets mentioned.  T-Hump is the greatest example with 3002 certified lies in 438 days in public scrutiny with innuendos and hate and they still believe him. Thats just sheer hypocrisy and stupidity.  Sometimes I think they got their voter cards at the dollar store.

Our politicians have to swear an oath to country first. Let’s keep the White house, painted neutral White. It's a nice non-offensive color. Lets leave out the purple robes, gold plated urns, vessels and gold-painted pianos, weird pointed hats, incense, old languages, weird rituals and fear management.  Thats for the Praise The Lord TV  crew to sucker people in.

Donald Trump administration (2017–present)
Further information:
Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections (Wikipedia)
2017–18 United States political sexual scandals  

Executive Branch

  • Paul Manafort (R) 2016 Campaign Chairman and his business partner Rick Gates were indicted on charges of conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money and making false statements, but have not yet been convicted.
  • Rick Gates (R) 2016 Deputy Campaign Chairman to Donald Trump (R) pleaded guilty to conspiracy and lying to investigators concerning his work lobbying with the Ukraine as well as tax and bank fraud(2018)
  • Foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos (R) (whose boss was Jeff Sessions) pleaded guilty October 5, 2017, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to making false statements to FBI agents relating to contacts he had with agents of the Russian government while working for the Trump campaign.
  • National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to resign on February 13, 2017, over conversations he had with Russian envoys about sanctions during the transition. On December 1, 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the FBI as a plea bargain in exchange for cooperation against another Trump transition official who directed his alleged communications with the Russian government.
  • Dr. William C. Bradford resigned from the United States Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy amid reports that he had made racial slurs directed at Barack Obama on Disqus and Twitter. Bradford had claimed that some of the comments were the result of identity theft and not his.
  • Tom Price (R) Health and Human Services Secretary, was forced to resign on September 29, 2017, after it was discovered that he spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on private flights.
  • Center for Disease Control Director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald (R) was forced to resign on January 31, 2018, after it was discovered that she bought tobacco stock, the leading cause of preventable death in the US, and creating a conflict of interest.
  • Taylor Weyeneth (R) Deputy CoS at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy resigned when it was revealed the 24 year old had no qualifications for the position and no related work history other than working on President Trump's campaign (2018).
  • David Sorensen (R), a White House speechwriter, resigned after his ex-wife Jessica Corbett came forward with abuse allegations.
  • Vivieca Wright Simpson, Chief of Staff to Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin (I) resigned after an inspector general report charged that she altered an email to make it appear Shulkin was getting an award during a trip to Europe in order to gain approval to use taxpayer dollars to pay for Shulkin's wife to accompany him.
  • On January 12, 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported that Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in October 2016, shortly before the presidential election, as hush money to deny having had an affair with Trump in 2006.
  • White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter (R) resigned from the position on February 7, 2018, following public allegations of spousal abuse from his two ex-wives, Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby.The allegations were supported by photographs of a black eye and a restraining order. 
  • The Washington Post reported that White House counsel Donald McGahn had known since January 2017 about the allegations Porter's ex-wives made to the FBI, and that Chief of Staff John F. Kelly had known about the allegations since October 2017, still promoting Porter after.Post reporter Aaron Blake wrote that this development made the allegations a “full-blown scandal". Kelly told reporters on March 2, 2018, that he sought Porter's resignation immediately after learning of the accusations on February 6 and regretted his handling of Porter's departure, statements that were at odds with earlier White House statements and congressional testimony by FBI Director, Christopher Wray.
  • On March 7, 2018, Tony Tooke, chief of the US Forest Service, resigned after a series of accusations sexual harassment and retaliation.
  • Legislative Branch - US Representative Timothy F. Murphy (R-PA), the married, anti-abortion congressman resigned just before an investigation could begin concerning his allegedly urging his mistress to seek an abortion. (2017)
  • Greg Gianforte (R-MT) pleaded guilty to assaulting a reporter and was sentenced to 40 hours of community service, 20 hours of anger management counseling and ordered to pay a fine. (2017)
  • Senator Al Franken (D-MN) announced that he would resign on January 2, 2018, after several accusations of sexual misconduct
  • US Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) from the 8th District abruptly resigned when confronted about sexual misconduct with his staff (2017)
  • Judicial Branch - US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski retired following allegations of sexual misconduct from several women, including former clerks.

Many, many others, like Sen. Ensign, a person of faith and on a few religious councils like “  Promise Keepers” forgot the part about sleeping only with your wife.  Sanford the Governor who serves on the frickin ethics committee moral ethics,side, started singing his favorite song is “ Don’t cry for me Argentina". He was on a committee involving  what a conflict of interest. 
Then we got Rep. William Jefferson, with $90,000 dollars in his refrigerator. He claimed they were frozen assets. Some said,   “Cold hard Cash”.  

My paper on that crowd stretched to ten names all of which were in Congress. Whereas those elected should be of the people, it seems they all took advantage of the people. They were faithful to themselves. And in one months research I found many more cloaked and cassocked pedophiles, music ministers, youth counselors and abusers, the list goes on and on.  

Florida is a haven for these monsters.  Our Lord is currently running an ad on Monster Magazine for a new personnel director, obviously the ones hired by the current director are really bad people.

And the two years we had to endure Palin, her “Love of the Lord and Alaska was her Mantra”  till the book deal came along...So the Chicago Times  sent a team to Alaska to check her resume...   Read the real whole story...

Funny how persons of faith always remind you “they are a person of faith”.  You mean you hadn't noticed it. Sometimes not by action, or deed, for which they would be recognized as a good person but by their statement "I am a person of faith" which tells you they are a good person, you should buy it and they don’t have to prove it. 

Faith redemption is a common hallmark of forgiveness for evil acts.  Thus if you are redeemed, I am more interested in what you were redeemed for and is the other half, the moral and legal issues satisfied.  History is a great tool in predicting the future.  The ancient LAO people said, The tiger wears his stripes on the outside, you know he is a tiger.  Man wears his stripes on the inside and you don’ know who he is.   Faither’s, are people without stripes.

Unfortunately, the jails are occupied by several who were persons of faith. I call them before's and afters. When arrested, they scream, I swear I didn't do it. When they get death row, they find the Lord.  Like the ax-murderer who made sushi out of her husband with 128 deft strokes of the ax.   She was a person of faith.  At the time of her execution, the local church pastor said you can’t execute her, she has found Jesus and the 100 or so folks from his congregation screamed outside the jail on the night of her execution.

The warden explained to the screaming crowd, I appreciate your support.   But Law is Law.  “ Be happy, she’s going to visit with Jesus, a lot sooner”.    It’s just an example of Faith Ups-manship. So the faith issue popped up in the T-HUMP elections since it was necessary to activate the righteous base of the party.  It seems they never made second base.  They talk the talk, but gibberish doesn’t count as walking the walk.

GEORGE BUSH 43  (King George The 2nd)
Probably so because we have heard too much faith talk from the White House for the eight years that were under Bush43 who stopped stem cell research on HIS personal religious grounds for eight years.  President Obama killed that Bush executive order 22 minutes after he took a seat in the Oval office.   It was the first order he killed.

How many died because of Bush43, and his quasi-reborn religious beliefs?   Unknown, but my wife was one of them and I am a Cancer Care-Giver and supporter of Stem-Cell Implantation.  My current patient and friend had six months on the time clock and working with her on diet, life style changes and her doctors, we celebrate five years and it’s looking even better. thank you president Obama. 

It's time for earthly action by earthly people since I think G-d has been overworked and the requisitions are falling on tired ears. G-d is saying "you work it out this time, you used up all your free E-passes".  In just this past year, we have had many noble persons of faith, suddenly go faithless.   In these last few months and years we have heard a lot of  “ thoughts and prayers”  the politicians version of “DOING NOTHING”.

It’s almost comical in a devastating way. He probably will be remembered in history as the funny President who on his watch brought us two wars, destruction of not only our economy, but the world’s, the most unfavorable opinion of us at any time in history, disregard for the citizen laws and the Constitution, wiretapping, torture, and again a lack of common sense. 

He stopped stem cell research, declared victories that were not and generally botched up everything with the worst choice of appointments in the history of this country.   Dick Cheney, Carl Rove, Gonzalez, Mike Brown, the list goes on.  But he is a person of faith. Now we really need God’s help but still we are unable to unwind the mess he put us in.

Schroder of Germany said; “We rightly criticize that in most Islamic states, the role of religion for society and the character of the role of law are not clearly separated; but we fail to recognize that in the U.S.A., the Christian fundamentalists and their interpretation of the Bible have similar tendencies.

Many Americans are disturbed by the religious rhetoric that President Bush too often used and by the fact that he wears his religion “on his sleeve.” Also, like Schroder, many Americans see the entire religious right movement as a potential danger to our democracy. Are they imagining things or does religion, at some finite point, become incompatible with a democratic government?

Prayer is like a closing tool for the intelligently bankrupt like Bush.  Everything that went wrong during this administration required divine intervention to absolve it.  Blame not the dumb planning, one-sided thinking, "cronistic" appointing, partisan delegating, poor officiating, and maybe overall the demise of  "common sense" prevalent in his administration.  His excuses, what excuses?  Here it comes, Laura and I, our thoughts and prayers  for _________________.  Fill in your particular need.

Prayer is used as an end around excuse tool. When you play the prayer card you end the game. You can then leave the room gracefully and turn the blame over to the divine big guy and you keep your votes.  After all, you are the “good guy” invoking G-D. It’s easy to say “we’ll offer prayer and do all the righteous things" so our part of the blame is relinquished.

Just look at the beginning of Bush’s downfall, KATRINA, his finest hour, and his lack of the three I’s,  a President must have: They are “ Integrity, Intelligence, In-Command”.   Short sighted personal photo-ops and congratulatory remarks to the team of BOZOS who did nothing right. This was insult to the intelligence of anyone with an IQ of 37 or above. 

He's telling us to pray while the government, on state, local and federal level is in a state of shock with no leadership. 
People were dying, starving, and no help in sight.   As with history, the Lord has always come through. For those caught in KATRINA, the real Commander in Chief (GOD) sends an emissary loaded with divine guidance and some choice words.  He was a simple man...