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 Veterans of the Vietnam War 

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April 5, 2016 

Appeal for Assistance

INTRODUCTION - A SECRET WAR:   After forty years, we Lao veterans of the Vietnam War and our families have made new homes away from our native land, but our spirit remains intact.   We take pride in our heritage and the sacrifices of our forefathers while we take to heart the toll of the “Secret War” in Laos and the fall of our country.

Let us not allow these adverse catastrophic events overcome our bravery and diminish our will.  Let us transform the contributions of Lao veterans during the American led “Secret War” in Laos into a springboard to promote the welfare of Lao veterans and their families while heightening the level of awareness in the American public about the sacrifices we have made. 

Motivated by: the sentiment of patriotism; the honor of serving our country fighting as surrogate soldiers of the U.S. government;  loyalty to the motherland and the U.S; and unity among the Lao people of all ethnicity, we shall build our fortress in our adopted homeland by agreeing to form:

The United Royal Lao Armed Forces  and  Special Guerrilla Unit
 Veterans of the Vietnam War 

DOCUMENT PURPOSE:    On behalf of the United Royal Lao Armed Forces and Special Guerrilla Units Veterans of the Vietnam War who are organized and led by the most senior still living officers of the RLAF /SGU and is advised by former senior American military officers and several former ClA case officers, all of whom participated in the “ Secret War” in Laos submit this request to: 

The American people to support us by asking their U S Congressional District Representatives to cosign House Resolution 210 affirming and recognizing the Khmer, Laotian, Hmong and Montagnard freedom lighters and people of Cambodia and Laos for their support and defense of Freedom and the American Armed Forces and Freedom during the Vietnam War, 

April I5, 2015:  Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, Rep. Glen Grothman of Wisconsin, Rep. Robert Brady of Pennsylvania, and Rep. Edward Perlmutter of Colorado submitted this resolution, which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

CRITICAL TIMETABLE:    l963. President John F Kennedy issued National Security Memorandum 249 because he had determined that it would be politically inadvisable to widen the allies efforts in Southeast Asia through overt American military intervention against the North Vietnamese Army in Laos, and that any allied military action to that effect would need to be implemented in clandestinely and covertly employing non-American surrogates. 

President Kennedy authorized the recruitment, training, equipping, direction, resupply and payment of Lao citizens as American combat surrogates under the direction of the US Ambassador to Laos and officers of the ClA.  

The United States government, beginning in l96l and lasting through 1975, recruited, trained,  resupplied, and paid Lao citizens, under the direction of the United States Ambassador to Laos and Officers of the Central Intelligence Agency, to act as surrogates in place of United States or allied military units in combat against the North Vietnamese Army throughout the Kingdom of Laos. 

The Lao surrogate army was organized by the Central intelligence agency into Special Guerrilla Units (SGU) led by Royal Lao Armed Forces officers in each Military Region of Laos.  Except Military Region 5.

As a result of our valiant fighting and the sacrifice of 50,000 of our own lives in the “Secret War in Laos, these Royal Lao Armed Forces and Special Guerrilla Unit veterans were able to direct and indirectly save many thousands of American service members during the Vietnam War. 

When the new Lao communist government formed, about 36,000 of the Royal Lao Armed Forces and Special Guerrilla Unit veterans were sent to re-education camps where actually they were Prisoners of War.  Those veterans were labeled as servants, lackeys, and puppet soldiers of the United States. 

Their Iives were horrible as they were forced to perform heavy manual labor, such as, filling the craters caused by US Air Force bombing. Many died in captivity, but some escaped and made their way out of Laos and eventually to the United States, with the help of the I 975 Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act.   Subsequently, the Hmong Veterans Naturalization Act of 2000, that included Lao and Lan Theung as well as Hmong veterans, provided a path to naturalization for Lao veterans. 

CONCLUSION :   To all Lao, Hmong, Lao Theung, or any other minorities, formerly citizens of the Kingdom of Laos who are veterans of the Secret War in Laos conducted during the Vietnam War on behalf of the United States Government, who are now a citizens of the United States,  this letter is addressed to you for the purpose of requesting that you join us, the United Royal Laos Armed Forces and Special Guerrilla Units Veterans of the Vietnam War to unite all Lao veterans into one force to win recognition from the US government for our contribution to the Vietnam War.

We will never obtain the recognition and benefits we seek if we remain many disunited groups seeking recognition and benefits from the US government. No one smaller group but can achieve our goals but one large, united group, working together may be able to persuade the US government to recognize and help us.  We must unite. 

This letter is addressed to our American friends, especially US veterans of the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Iraq and Afghanistan,  we appeal to you, as fellow brothers in combat, to assist us in any way you can to gain recognition for the blood we shed on behalf of the US government, and for all the American lives we saved on the battlefield and by giving up our lives to keep the North Vietnamese Army in Laos, fighting us instead of going to South Vietnam to fight and kill you. 

We joined in the fight against the North Vietnamese communist invaders of both the Kingdom of Laos and the Republic of Vietnam and after much suffering in communist prisoner of war camps we escaped and immigrated to the United States, We were permitted entrance into the United States and most of us have now gained American citizenship. We very much appreciate that and now hope for your support for this request.

This letter is addressed to all members of the United States Congress, especially the House. 

On July 24, 2014 the Senate passed the Senate Resolution 462, authorized by Senator Marco Rubio, unanimously. Now, we ask The House, especially the Foreign Affairs committee under the Chairmanship of Representative Ed Royce of California district 39 to make H. Res. 210 pass the Foreign Affairs Committee. 

But, immediately, we need Representative Matt Salmon of Arizona District 5 to bring the H. 210 for a hearing. We are ready to testify when time comes. For all the above, we believe we have earned this small benefit for our loyalty to your cause and for the blood and tears we shed on your behalf.

As of now there are 39 cosigners in which I2 are Foreign Affairs Committee members.   Please cosign at your first convenient and do not wait until this House Resolution arrives to the full floor. We hope you will see the justice in helping us now. 

Respectfully submitted:

Khao lnsixiengmay  SGU Col. Former SGU GM 33 Commander MN         Thomas Leo Briggs  Former CIA MR 4 MD 

Chantho Vorasarn  Major G2 RLAR HQ FL                                                James K. Bruton USAR LTC (Ret) VA 

Houmphanh Boungnasiri  Former SGU Col. BN 121 CO CA                        Eli Chavez Forter CIA MR 3 NM 

Nookoon Boonthisan SGU Col  Former SGU GM 43 CO TN                        Col. John Hurd Former CIA MR 3 Mt

Bounleuang Inthisane  Former SGU GM 15 MN SGU Col                            Jeffrey Parker Col. USAF (Ret.) MN 

Phengsy Phouminh Col. Former Artillery BN CO MN                                    Frank Wisniewski SFA Chapter XXXVIII KY 

Vanthong Chittananonh Col. MR 3 SGU WA                                                   Jeff Arnold Former SFA Chapter XX MN 

Phoumy Phanhmahavorg SGU Maj. Former SGU BN 312 C WI                  Jerry Smith SFA Chapter LXXIII WI 

Boualy Thanonglith LTC Former SGU G CA                                                    Mark Hanrahan VVA Chapter 448 WI

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