So His Lordship Donald Trump Supreme Ruler and God-like who thinks he rules the US one day accidentally gets fatally clobbered by a horrific golf cart crash at Mar-a-lago.  He made a right turn, didn’t signal and got rammed by a garbage truck.  He dodged work at the office to fly to Mar-a-lago to play golf.  Something about a wall... he should have been working... 

Not investigated yet, but Mitch McConnell is convinced the truck was driven by an immigrant illegal employee who was not documented. The Evangelical crowd was awestruck.  Yet, for some reason, there was a lack of people attending, all five of his siblings did attend his funeral because it was followed by his Last Will reading.  Most of the “ Evangs” couldn’t afford the airfare since their income tax refunds were smaller.

Roger Stone, recently gagged a second time, Paul Manafort, should have been shot and Dr. Corsi were in attendance, all hoping he put a pardon for them in his Last Will.  If not they won’t get out of jail free cards. However they did stream it to the 21 jail cells of Trumps former allies who flipped on him.

Outside the gate 258,000 Americans were cheering... “ Go to Hell, Go to Hell” 

So Trumps soul ( it was dimming during the elevator ride) appears in Heaven and asks the Gatekeeper for a pass. The Gate keeper tells him politicians and nobility of his stature are treated differently by rules in a directive straight from the big Kahuna.   He gets a choice, the Lord offered a special trial phase for Trump. You can try Hell for one day and try Heaven for one day.  Then we’ll honor your wishes and carry them out.

The gate keeper leads him to an elevator and pumps the button down 666 floors, and sure enough he is greeted by LUCIFER who takes him on a tour of Hell.  He is absolutely blown away, Championship Golf courses just like he made, incredible Hotels and Towers, Clubhouses, Pools, Saunas and Hot Tubs filled with Hot gals.  

A royal magnificent Clubhouse and he sees all his associates and friends dressed to the nines, who greet him with great succulation and adoration.  They reminisced about so much money they made off the middle class and the poor.   Dinner was Maine Lobster, Cordon Blu and Ribeye Steak, ( He chose a Porterhouse, well done of course, with catsup, he likes it that way) and the finest wines ever.  Some even stolen from the last supper and brought out from long time storage, quite a celebration for him.

Next morning he played eighteen holes and played scratch golf, several birdies, best game he ever played to the seventeenth.  Then he went three under par for the course with great shots when he birdied seventeen and eagled the eighteenth with an incredible forty foot putt.  

He spent the night in the palatial hotel and was visited by two of the local Russian showgirls and they showed him everything including how the shower worked.  By noon the day was over and Lucifer took him to the elevator, shook his hand and told him, President T-RUMP “ Let me know”.

He thanked Lucifer and told him he had a great time... “ and he would be back”... 

Upon his arrival in Heaven, the Gatekeeper directed him to the Heaven blessed clouds where all those in Heaven were singing, dancing, eating magnificent healthy Vegan Gluten-Free meals, happy-happy soft drinks and exotic teas, good vibes and lots of harps. Truly a pleasant place, restful and lots of good easy listening peaceful music and love.

After the day was over the Gatekeeper then asked TRUMP to make a decision.  Trump replied, “ It’s very nice here but there are many great bigly things I liked in hell, so I’ll go to hell”.  OK, then the Gatekeeper took him to the elevator, wished him luck, and pushed the down 666 button.

The door opened and Lucifer was not dressed as before, he looked different, he had on this funky looking outfit, like red pajamas and there was fire and garbage, lots of garbage, carnage and waste, and all his friends were blackened by the smoke, it was hot as hell, and he was given a bag to fill with garbage so he can take it to the fires, and burn it like the others, it all looked the same clear to the horizon.

He screamed,   “ Lucifer my friend, what happened to all those things I saw yesterday”.

Lucifer replied... yesterday we were campaigning,  today you voted




So many lies, and falsehoods, like raw onions it brought tears to your eyes, a passionate lecture of eighty-two minutes of corroboration with inclusive TRUMP 100% pure unadulterated bullshit and self bravado.  He has to tell you how great he is since no one else dares.  

And well covered for truth from the press, no need for me to get involved. He bores me, his speeches are boring, he is so self indulgent he applauds himself.  

Saving grace for the evening were the hero guests invited and worthy people of self sacrifice and courage who saved the night.  It was worth hearing their stories of valor, unselfishness and the American spirit.  I had a vision of the Yin and Yang.  Good and Bad, Love and Hate, Benevolent’s and Scumbags, Givers and Takers...  The exact cowardly difference between these people and the Draft dodger.

I was especially moved by the survivor from Dachau and the soldier who landed on Omaha Beach and later rescued that same man from the Death camp.   The irony is Donald J. Trump, is a  Vietnam Draft Dodger, the selective service records are posted here, and the fake letters  his Dad arranged, (five fake letters from an Orthopedic surgeon claiming bone spurs to get him out of the draft).  A true cowards way out, and his Daddy Scumbag was his teacher.

Trump claims he is his own man, self made, really?  I guess those millions he got so his DAD could avoid taxes don’t count,  Poop doesn’t fall far from an ass.  In the annals of the military other than being a spy or traitor nothing is lower than a draft-dodger.  And with millions he was hiding for Daddy not exactly self made.  Enough was written on all channels that it was another flop...   just like the speech to the nation from the oval office, many wish the next one is from a prison cell.



Washington (CNN)It’s a high bar given the wild swings of his two years in power, but Donald T-RUMP seems more untethered to any traditional notion of the presidency than ever.  A profound question when Trump entered the Oval Office was whether his unruly, improvisational nature would be tamed by the magnitude of his new responsibilities and codes of presidential behavior framed over more than two centuries.

Or would T-RUMP  a rambunctious, ego-driven outsider who never follows the rules, change the office itself by establishing precedents that his successors would eventually use to justify their own flexing of presidential power?   It's too early to assess Trump's long-term impact on the office of the presidency, a judgment that will be shaped by how his rule ends, after one or two terms, and the final conclusions of the Russia investigation.

But two tumultuous years, and six consequential weeks early in 2019, suggest that many of the normal codes and conventions that governed the presidency for decades are suspended in the time of T-RUMP.  Republicans pay the price for Trump's wall crusade

He has lived up to his promise to his voters to disrupt the Washington establishment and the Western global consensus. Now, thwarted by a new Democratic House and the arcane checks and balances of the Senate, Trump is claiming new executive power to reconcile his hardline vows on immigration.

Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to fund his border wall represents one of the boldest grabs for presidential authority in generations and caps what is now a lengthening record of contempt for the regular political order.  His straining against norms is not confined to his duels with Congress.

Trump's verbal torching of the institutions of his own government like the Justice Department and the FBI appears to be becoming more intense as Robert Mueller's special counsel probe grinds on.

One of Trump's most enduring strategies is his willingness to stake out easily disprovable positions if they support his political goals -- another way that he is unencumbered by the constraints of many of his predecessors. In a new manifestation of his resistance to objective fact, he is now openly trashing the data collected by his own agencies when it doesn't support his hunches on what he claims is an "invasion" of undocumented migrants.

He’s even insisting he's already building his border wall -- reflecting the potential political price he may pay for failing to honor his top 2016 promise.   "I use many stats. I use many stats," Trump told a reporter who challenged him with official government data on drug trafficking last week. "Let me tell you, you have stats that are far worse than the ones that I use."

Awkward silence.  Trump's assault on the international system -- a step no President since the end of World War II would have dreamed of taking -- is widening. He's undoing trade deals, nuclear pacts and pressuring estranged alliances that underpin decades of US power in pursuit of his "America First" creed."

Europe’s feelings were summed up by the stony, embarrassing silence when Vice President Mike Pence brought greetings from Trump to an annual national security conference in Munich at the weekend.  In his jarring news conference on Friday, Trump blasted away at the institutions that mold a free society -- including constitutional principles, the freedom of the press and the independent judiciary. He even publicly envied China's record on extra-judicial executions in an open rebuke of traditional US values.

And Trump has several times, that we know about, prized the counsel of Russian President Vladimir Putin over that of his own spy chiefs. He bristles when he's challenged on his world view as the roster of ex-administration officials shows.

One T-RUMP ally, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour Monday that the buzz around the White House is that Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats may be in danger after contradicting Trump's national security policies in a recent congressional hearing.   "There's a feeling that maybe there needs to be a change of leadership in that position," Ruddy said.

If Trump sacks Coats for insubordination, it will be a fresh example of how the President appears more untethered from personal, political and behavioral guardrails than any commander in chief in modern history.

Trump's coming second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appears as much motivated by his personal desire for a political win -- or a Nobel peace prize -- as any sign that their first meeting made much progress towards denuclearization.

His administration, which has shed staff at a historic clip, now looks more and more like the top-down, family business staffed by loyal retainers that characterized his real estate empire.   As his trampling of Republican anxiety about a national emergency showed last week, Trump's not much worried about putting his own party in unpleasant political spots.

His emergency declaration is in itself an expression of contempt for congressional power and is different than previous emergency declarations since he plans to spend money already allocated by lawmakers for other purposes to build a wall they refused to fund.

And Trump, who once said he knew more about ISIS than his generals, is not partial to military advice that contradicts his own views -- such as the Syria withdrawal plan that has alarmed top military commanders.

T-RUMP: 'I want to go faster'   Trump's explanation for choosing a national emergency last week to build his wall might have undermined his legal case for bypassing Congress in what may be a new effort by the courts -- one of the few roadblocks to Trump during his first two years in office -- to frustrate the President.

But his remark was revealing about a presidency rooted as much in personal gratification and a desire to spark outrage as a long-term ideological program.   "I wanted to do it faster. I could do the wall over a longer period of time, I didn't need to do this, but I'd rather do it much faster," the President said.

Other presidents have declared national emergencies. Some, such as Richard Nixon, have been erratic and incoherent in public. Franklin D. Roosevelt, seen as one of history's best presidents, made ambitious power grabs. Barack Obama dodged Congress with his "pen-and-phone" strategy of executive orders. Theodore Roosevelt made the presidency an extension of his boisterous and restless temperament. Andrew Jackson harnessed the power of flaming populism and Trump has professed to admire Old Hickory.

But it's hard to find a historical precedent for a commander in chief as volatile, publicly egotistical and apparently oblivious to constitutional norms as Trump.

Now that most of the restraining influences -- like James Mattis, the former defense secretary, or Rex Tillerson, the ex-secretary of state -- have left the administration, there are few internal limitations on Trump.

"Donald Trump doesn't have a containment vessel," said Timothy Naftali, a presidential historian at New York University. “ t is a perfect storm for the presidency."   What the leader says goes For Trump’s critics, America is heading down a dangerous autocratic path: It hardly seems likely that the President, with a taste for going it alone on a national emergency, will rein himself in.

Yet the fact that Trump, despite never cracking a 50% approval rating in most polls, remains a viable political force and may have a route to re-election, suggests that a substantial block of millions of Americans like what they see.

To T-RUMP voters, the President is hacking away a political system and governing structure they have come to believe does not represent them, after long years of economic hardship and endless foreign wars.  His complaints that foreign nations are bleeding the US dry are popular among voters tired of foreign engagements -- a feeling that is also traceable in the Democratic base as the 2020 campaign begins.

Trump's relentless base-pleasing strategy has intimidated his fellow Republicans, further loosening checks on a presidency that until recently benefited from a pliant Congress dominated by the GOP.

Republicans, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, appear to have concluded that the way to avoid a primary fight is to embrace Trump -- testimony to the power of the President with the base.

"When the leader says do something, there's become the tendency to do it," former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, now a senior CNN political commentator, said on "New Day" on Monday.

"There has been more allegiance to the leader than I am sort of used to," the Ohio Republican said. "When I was in Congress there were times when we just told the leadership, 'We don't agree with you and we are going to do what we have to do.'"

Still, it's likely that some Republicans will peel away from the President when a resolution to terminate his state of emergency comes up in both chambers, though few observers predict a veto-proof majority.

Relying exclusively on a vocal, if engaged, minority will pose complications for Trump's re-election hopes.

And the fact there will debate on the state of emergency at all suggests that from now on -- with Democrats running the House -- Trump will not have things all his own way, especially as a new oversight operation by committee chairs gears up.

"We have got to keep in mind that not every institution has been Trumpified," said Naftali. "The American people went to the polls in November and they voted in a Democratic majority in the House. That is a big deal."


(CNN) Donald T-RUMP used his first televised Oval Office address to look the American people in the eye ( Many tried to change the station but it was on all channels and caused extreme eye stress, headaches and diarrhea) and do what he had done more than 7,000 times, closer to 8000 in less than three years: lie, distort and deflect.  

It was the performance we all should have expected based on his false premise that a security emergency exists on the border with Mexico.  It was boring and stupid sounding.  

IT WAS A FRICKIN DISASTER,  a political foo-pah, a disgusting display of no confidence, another bad acting job, his sincerity is non-existent, the man is heartless and a fake.  TRUMP attempting sincerity is frankly a joke.  Bad actors can’t really hide their shortcomings from the audience.  It was full of lies, innuendos, and blame for everyone except himself.  He is a failure of the highest and promotor of the most egregious threats against our country.  It appears it was another Lil Stevie Miller F*ck up.  Remember the blessed ones favorite remark,  “ When surrounded by assholes how can you not expect a shit storm”.


Hope fully my forthcoming book in 2020 will tell it all... to date he has recorded 8,000 lies and false innuendos, fake numbers and  basically just a bag of horseshit and we are awaiting the magic 10,000 lies which is the new worlds record exceeding Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Stalin and Mussolini combined.  Sometime in 2020 we will bring out the “ Fart Of The Spiel”.  

Are American voters really that dumb?
Do they believe  a liar like T-RUMP tells the truth? 
Is lieing acceptable?
Is getting screwed acceptable?  
Did they realize the tax breaks he gave the middle class were at the cost of their deductions?  
Did he tell the middle class how they were going to get screwed?  

Well, April Doomsday 15 will be a disaster for many and you have no one to blame.   Wear your MAGA hats proudly!  It was all a scam and how many of you lower and middle class really got screwed from it, other than the twenty dollars a week on the average. 

NOTE:  Please don’t cry when you find out this year you owe the IRS.  And you will owe that money to the IRS because the trade off was you lost critical deductions.  I warned you so many times, it pathetic you are that naive and believed in a man like T-RUMP.  

•  The tax bill written and submitted by Paul Ryan House Speaker was Paul Ryan’s bill,  he tried to pass for all the time he was in Congress.  It got turned down many times. I believe six or seven, Its nothing but a bill that Ronald Regan passed and it failed, and Bush tried and failed and we had a down DOW to a 6000 point worst recession since 1929.  It’s loaded for the rich at the expense of the lower and middle class and you were not included.

•  Do you really believe all those fake ads by PACS on tv?Unfortunately the GOP base and Evangelicals do. They believe the fake ads when the media is used by the Russians,  and financially able PAC groups paid for my the rich who benefit from the fake tax breaks.  T-RUMP paid them.  

•  Did you really believe the Tax Breaks were for you?
T-RUMP paid the rich with, billions of dollars which went to the top 2% because they were for their corporations which made more profit and were supposed for profits and tax breaks to trickle it down to the employees.  Instead the big shots got raises, the shareholders got the money, and the workers got tinkled, not trickled on.

Then the second gift, the IRS breaks for the upper class and they got a double ice cream cone with sprinkles. The lower class if lucky got a cup of yogurt if they had a debit card.

•  Did you really believe it would trickle down ?
It never worked for Reagan, it was called “ Trickle down”, a failure and also never worked for Bush, so we had to change it to “ Tinkle down”.  Thats enough to p*ss a few off... especially when you were the one p*ssed on. And Bush, not a financial genius dropped us into the worst recession we ever had besides the crash of 29.

•  Did you believe T-RUMP will rid the nation of the National Deficit which climbed to twenty two Trillion this week?
T-RUMP gave you twenty dollars, but your kids will inherit an additional three trillion dollar deficit, double that if he gets reelected.

•  Do you believe in Trumps foreign policy which has made more enemies than friends and corrupt friends of the President?
A loss of respect and leadership in the world, more enemies than friends, treaties and coalitions absolved and when the hostilities begin you won’t see our allies leaving their blood on the field.