Old school political player, Senate Minority leader (a spinner, in my book he could be called a traitor) made the opening statement on the first days of Obamas 1st term that he was out to destroy the Presidents chances for a second term.  Almost  promoting any kind of lies and deceptions as the titular head of his party.   

We pay him to help the country, not ruin it.  His team lost, Americans are better than he thought they were and we saw right through his prejudice, period, his hopes of the South rising again dimmed and hopefully so does his political future. 

Over four hundred bills per year over eight years lie dead in the House because of him.  If this was Russia he would be deader than the bills.

When he has a re-election coming up, hopefully he is not really the one to carry the Republican banner in the Senate.  A new face is needed. Sorely needed.  Compromise and compassion fell the way of obstructionism and freedom of speech became freedom to lie.  

And it was a coal train owned by the KOCH Brothers.  Democracy in their minds is a CORP-OCRACY.  Big business dumped a large part of the 1.3 billion dollars into the election. They tried to buy it. Fortunately for the country the train wrecked and now the TEA PARTY has grabbed the locomotive, which became the base for TRUMP and the biggest abomination the country has ever had.

Thats why I go back to Einstein, when I see things that I don't agree with, and I will do that here often enough for you to believe me. Basically this is his definition of insanity, “Is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Thats fairly simple, to the point and makes sense to me.

People are getting tired of "NO" because thats the way an idiot thinks. We pay these people to represent us and work out solutions, not to stalemate a government and let the people suffer.

The other problem with No lately seems to be "NO TRUTH". It's not just a party of No, the truth is the victim here. Distortion, lies spearheaded by incompetents seemed to rise to a new level with the advent of the social media, the web and voices of bad choices like the Palin's and the Bachmans. Mostly lies and distortions, snips and snipes.

If we use the same political insight instead of the talent thats out there, we will achieve the same result. It's the Washington party mentality that leaks down through the system to the state and local levels.  And all parties have the same problem, the choice as to whether the person is there to serve the people or to serve themselves because the stakes are so big. 

It's embedded in the system and nothing will get better unless we change the system.  It appears our system is to serve the party and the politicians and not the people.

He would secretly like to replace President Obama with an ultra Conservative, preferably with a WHITE GUY.  And the collection of losers, birthers, celebrants, religiously biased nuts who think this is the United States of Jesus, and a mass of unqualified A-Holes all stepped up to the pump.  

And found out the TEA PARTY had bought the gas station and was pumping gas but the guy with the Zippo, was Cruz.  That was then, and now he has TRUMP to contend with. 

The Democrats had enough ammo on whoever won without spending a dime, till TRUMP came along and changed the whole game plan for the Republicans and Democrats.  

One by one the mighty best of the GOP, the Magnificent sixteen they were vanquished by you guessed it… money, lies  and TRUMP.   With free advertising by the media for his cause.  

And thats why one woman other than Palin“Bat-Shit Crazy” Michelle Bachmann opened her big mouth like she normally does and comes out with something either strange, hilarious, perverted or stupid. 

She didn't read the part about men only, this is the GOP.  When the GOP finest stepped forward they were in a circle it seems, and splendored in shooting each others balls off.  She was content to shoot her mouth off.  It appears she was well qualified in that respect.

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