I wish the country well for the next four years.  I have always written satirically in an attempt to show the lies, corruption and stupidity apparent in our political system and I have to drop in a laugh or two or this page would be filled with tears.  Unfortunately nothing is funny now.  

A few hours ago I took great pleasure in erasing over four years 110 articles, 45,000+ words, halved my stress pills  and literally recovered a drive on my computer.  18 Months of election talk every day, research took a toll on my sociality, judgmental thinking and not liking what I saw.   After a short sabbatical, and a bottle of Jack Daniels, I will recover from the shock of the demise of sanity.

One way or another it will be over, but only the sides will be determined, the real battle is yet to come, our fate is sealed, what’s been promised will not happen and that will lead to anarchy.

In the interim, it will not change any of the rhetoric, in fact I expect a new class of repercussion, revenge, the blame game, down and dirty, more of the same and if the media is smart, it will ignore those grandstanding for no good or the country will fall lower and lower into the abyss and we will lose our identity.

More to come. In the interim, I’m looking back at some of the kooks still running loose. I think Bush and Cheney really got away with murder, Sarah Palin and her sister in kind Michelle Bachmann should have been displaced and sent to an institution and others will soon fall to the pen. 

The obstructionist Republicans at the helm now will find out how holding back the country by deceit lies, innuendos and plain old sabotage will have a tough road to fix what they sowed.  

On the other hand heroes in that rhelm will be recognized, the heroics of world leaders whom I admire, I will sing praises for.

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