How to Spot The False Prophet

Dear Evangelical Friends:

This is about Truth, if you cannot handle Truth, leave now because it’s all I know and see.  I am not against you, I am warning you against a false prophet.   Please don’t hate me for telling you the truth.  You are being taken, lied to, had, suckered, dragged along big time and thought of as quite ignorant for your belief which has been hammered into your head and used by those who are corrupted. Property Gospel Preachers and Politicians… And Evangelicals, God have he work cut out for him.  

FAKE NEWS:  We understand the Mestopheles First Bank of Hell is soliciting loans from Deutsche Bank for the construction of new hotels to accommodate Donald T-RUMP and all his associates as it’s a gimme they’ll be attending…  Donald recommended them for their blind eye with his loans co-signed by Putin  ( that explains a lot) and their excellent work with the NAZI’S during WWII, funding Auschwitz Summer Recreational Camps…

NOT SO FAKE NEWS:   After Adolf Hitler came to power, instituting the Third Reich, Deutsche Bank dismissed its three Jewish board members in 1933. In subsequent years, Deutsche Bank took part in the aryanization of Jewish-owned businesses; according to its own historians, the bank was involved in 363 such confiscations by November 1938.

During the war, Deutsche Bank incorporated other banks that fell into German hands during the occupation of Eastern Europe. Deutsche Bank provided banking facilities for the Gestapo and loaned the funds used to build the Auschwitz camp and the nearby IG Farben facilities.

In 1999, Deutsche Bank confirmed officially that it had been involved in Auschwitz. In December 1999 Deutsche, along with other major German companies, contributed to a US  $5.2 billion compensation fund following lawsuits brought by Holocaust survivors.  The history of Deutsche Bank during the Second World War has since been documented by independent historians commissioned by the Bank.

Open Your Mind
Unfortunately, there is a certain amount of brainwashing and posturing that goes along with most religious thinking, the conversion from reality to your program, and you may not like what I have to say till you read it all and open your mind.

I am a researcher, a believer in my spirit helped by GOD’s prime wish.  No, I am not anyone who claims divine interruption, intervention, healing, communication, or acts of incredible savings and money making plans, I will not even cure the common cold or allergies and certainly not some of the fake and fraud miracles our TV sooth sayers make you think they can heal and promote.

Furthermore, I do not have God’s Cellphone number ( Thats Pat Roberts bullsh*t lie that worked for years)  and the Acts of the Fake Prosperity Gospel Preachers who steal your money because your stupid enough to give it to them over a mis-intreated parable from the good book and used for their personal benefit.

But, I do have a sense of whats right and whats truth and that is guided by a loving God, for whom I have a simple relationship with.  He created me in his image as the book says and to live a life that follows that belief.   I simply seek the truth and validate by several communitive means the truth as the only path, I am one who delves into things that effect and affect the human spirit.

I investigate crooked politics, food fraud, lots more than you think because it’s our sustenance and there are those who cheat…like the sixteen billion dollar a year Olive oil business, fake religious themes and circuses created that have become scams

And the people who attack our lives, whether it be military, religious or financial terrorism… human frailty when it is religious driven…  situations dictate my only guidelines and the billions upon billions of dollars get scammed each year under the guise of salvation.  

I take stand against these frauds because those that need that compassion and funding the most for the essential things in life like food and shelter never get to see it.  If you want to help the poor do it direct not through a religious sales person mostly found on TV babbling along with bullsh*t.

T-RUMP Gets Involved For Votes by Zombies — The Evangelicals,
How convenient, T-RUMP is mentioned in the photo here being prayed for by Prosperity Preachers…  In the real press, the ones that tell the truth, T-RUMP is being incorporated into the hood, thats why we called it “ROBBING THE HOOD”… He takes from the poor and middle class and gives it to the rich… and you people back him by your vote.  Thats makes you just a guilty.  

A Chief of the Sioux Nation explained…  
“ He who sings the song of the liar is just as guilty as the liar”

Politics and Pastoring share a lot in common.  Strange, weird characters, weird acts, voodoo, some, most, have  bad hair days trying to look the part of the holy ones and lots and lots of lies.   It’s really simple,  if you are a believer in God don’t make a fool of yourself by paying homage to a fake, a fraud, a liar, draft-dodging false prophet by supporting this one particular man in the former White House who never went to church except when it was a photo-op and he botched that on real bad, he fooled nobody… and hurt innocent people. 

Look with your eyes and brain, thats why God gave you one, not for useless rhetoric of 
Obedience that will eventually hurt you when you find it was not real and made up.

T-RUMP never read the Bible, he thinks Deuteronomy is a sexual act…his claim is a just that,  a lie, literally proved he doesn’t know one end from another and certainly with 3500 lawsuits, impeachment trials and the Dogs Of War in the Fifth, Ninth Circuit courts and three states chomping at the bit when he get thrown out of office for corruption.  And half of
NY ’s Fraud Departments in the Circuit and C
ourts is waiting to nail him if he loses and cannot pardon himself.

He has hurt metaphorically, financially and socially many people and never apologized to anyone.

Sadly, many Christians today are lacking in a foundational knowledge of truth. It is not because opportunity to ascertain truth is not readily available. Neither does it stem from the scarcity in the presentation of the gospel. In fact the gospel message has never been dispersed in the magnitude and brilliance that it is today.  And there are those who do not play fair and honest, too many.

Technological advancements have propelled the preaching of the gospel literally around the globe through mass media including satellite television, international radio broadcasts and the worldwide web.  Two simple proverbs explain it all

  • Proverbs 13:11—
    Dishonest money gains dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.
  • Proverbs 22:16 —
    hoever oppresses the poor for his own increase and whoever gives it to the rich, both will come to poverty…


LIE NUMBER ONE:  The fake property preachers promise huge returns investing in God’s stock
I checked with the Federal Reserve and there was no listing under God as a bank.  Furthermore he mentioned he is not into lending, rewarding, bribing, paying interest, sustaining, exchanging and has nothing to do with money…  He just demands and issues truths, however if you are stupid enough to give your money to whoever claims they represent him, they will enjoy it immensely…

LIE NUMBER TWO:  Less than ten percent winds up for the poor.  Read on,  just another fraud against simple minds to take your money and it’s a good one netting billions…  I always ask one question, can you tell me where Gods Bank is, the address those billions go to?  The money is not for Gods paycheck but theirs

LIE NUMBER THREE:   God does not live off you, God does not need your money,  He does not charge For giving You a heart, compassion, love, helping others, being A good friend and a worthy citizen…Thats all free… All you have to do is use it.   The Lord said, I made you in my image… This is all you need to know… He lives In your heart, not your wallet… 

However in my most personal recent event invoking God, in July, 2020, the Doctor called it a three stent heart attack, God however did say a good Kosher Corned Beef sandwich and a Kosher Dill with a Celery Tonic soda would be appreciated.   I’ll call Burning Bush Home Delivery and get it done.

LIE NUMBER FOUR:   Your money will do Gods work.  Money is a tool of man, not God, in the bible Mammon is mentioned not as a God gift but Mammon /ˈmæmən/ in the new testament of the bible is commonly thought to mean money, material wealth, or any entity that promises wealth, and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain.

LIE NUMBER FIVE :   And when you fall for this scam you have blown the truth… you are a false idolator, and you violate the love of Jesus if you so believe…Jesus never said take from the middle class and give to the rich…  Politics and preachers, not exactly noble blend when the entire constitution is based on something that starts with  “ We The People”  and separates the Church from the Government”.  

The separation is the basis of our country, anything else is anarchism. It does not start with we the idolators need money.  Thats the real reason behind all the drama…the money, Mammon the God of Money.

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