I was going to make a poor attempt at humor by starting with “ Ghandi, Sitting Bull, and Stalin walked into a bar”.  Probably it would go over very poorly, like passing gas in a spacesuit.

We do not teach history in school any more.  Countries who do not teach their history are prone to making the same mistakes over and over again. They are prone to repeat the same messes they just went through.

I did a lesson plan for some of the children I mentor, help, care about and love their enthusiasm   I eventually did a one day in class I was presenting about three important people in the last century, and the topic was motivation, all about moving forward. Each was different, each had a differing set of values and each achieved greatness.

I was looking for something to relate to current conditions political conditions and how you relate to people.  I found the answer right in my own research, from learning how these people thought, why and how they executed their pans.

•  Mahatma Ghandjisi, ( the reverent Indian use of his name) Ghandi who motivated people with love and non-violence; and during his life before his assassination - he used the salt lands for this battle.

•  Sitting Bull,  The Sioux HOLY Medicine man, who defended his land against the US government -  Misnomer: He was not technically a Chief when the Battle of Bighorn happened but equally ranked. He was the visionary of the battle.  He became the leader and Chief of the entire Sioux Nation.

•  Ioseb Besarionis Doe Jugashvili,  a gentleman from the steppes of Georgia -   Oh, his street name was Stalin.  Stalin expressed a  different solution, he also was under tremendous pressure, all three were fighting for something, in a sense   survival and freedom from oppression .  

•  And the difference was Mahatma Ghandi and Sitting Bull had the backing of their tribes and religious beliefs.  Stalin had the NAZI hoards and slavery to contend with.



When talking about lies and this past election was overflowing and is saturated with them, I have to relate something every journalist, author or writer has to live with.  It’s called conscience.  

This is what we are telling or repeating, and it has to be the truth.  Something I learned from the Newspaper business as a stringer where you had to come in with two names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses to  corroborate your story.  That doesn’t exist anymore, it’s called FOX (FAUX)  news. 

And Roger Ailes, believed if we don’t have news, we’ll make it appear we do. Thats the basis of FOX NEWS, fair and balanced as long as his finger was on the scale.  He’s gone now but his fingerprints are still there.  He died when he fell down a flight of stairs.  And as with FOX news it is still polluted with scumbags who are in need of staircases.


While doing some research on the great motivational persons of the last century, the lives of three  men amongst eight or ten stood out to me at the time.  All moved and motivated hoards of their countrymen, at a time of need and while all three were engaged in war.  I will follow up on the others as time permits.

They contrasted differently because of circumstance, position and yet had the ability to move the masses by different opposed methodologies, this fascinated me.  Mahatma Ghandi and Chief Sitting Bull were leaders with similar paths and cause, freedom, respect and equality, Joseph Stalin was quite different but he did what he had to do, as a coldblooded tyrant.

Two ways to move and motivate the masses, three backgrounds, three destinations and all successful.  One to be remembered as the patriarch of personal dignity and freedom, one remembered as a fierce warrior and leader his people needed to survive, and the other as both a hero then and a despicably cruel tyrant, today.


We’ll start with Chief Sitting Bull. On to better things, the simplistic life style of the true Americans, the Indian Nation, and in one particular case the Sioux, is one of the largest groups of Native American tribes and First Nations peoples in North America.  

The term “Sioux”  can refer to any ethnic group within the Great Sioux Nation which differ in some small customs, like accents, in the majority of the nation’s three major language dialects.  They are 180,000 strong. They are Lakota,  Dakota, and Nakota.  The ones I have contacted and met were warm, friendly, hospitable and devoted to their heritage and besieged with problems economically speaking and a youth generation questing for education and jobs.


October 21, 1946.  Preston Grover of the Associated Press of America asked Gandhi, during an interview in New Delhi, if he had any message for America. This was 1946.  He described the financial situation today.

Gandhiji (Indian spelling of reverence) replied, " Dislodge the money God called "Mammon" from the throne and find a corner for a poor God.  I think America has a very big future but in spite of what is said to the contrary, it has a dismal future if it swears by "Mammon". "Mammon" has never been known to be a friend of any of us to the last. He is always a false friend”.


STALIN’S RUSSIAN THEOLOGY SOLUTION:   He felt if you had a complainer with complaints, simply shooting the complainer solved the problem by elimination of the source, thus eliminating the complaints.  talon was frugal, if you had several complaints  you still only got one bullet.Putin eliminates his competition the same way.  Maybe one day someone will rethink Stalins fast and efficient method of eliminating problem politicians, I know where he should start.