First, Do not get the impression I am against any, belief, religion, faith, denomination, sect or following.  I am neither an atheist nor an agnostic.  I am Jewish by birth and belief, somewhere between reform and conservative,  I do believe in my way of faith by the only real answer to a person’s first faith, the birth proxy.  Who or what your parents believed in usually celebrates your initial beliefs. 

I am one of those who believe in religion but use a more direct route to GOD.  I do not follow Bablification, I do not need others to tell me how to do it.  Good religion is buried in your heart, never changing, helping others, serving mankind, and if your heart is good and honest, you are godly driven.  

My mother worked forty years as a volunteer helping other people with all sorts of medical and psychological problems, and it’s in my DNA.   It’s all about service to mankind, not sending money some con so the liar can buy a new airplane.  These are cons and should be prosecuted and the idiots who support them will eventually have a nice conversation with God, if they really believe, because they put a fake God ahead of truth.

But we are moral and easily converted, as it will happen down the road other beliefs are imposed, suggested, tried, or have found their path to your heart.  For those who believe in TV Ministries, you are termed Bablically Declined.  If you believe the TV thats you will be saved by some mortal professing a secret knowledge or friendship with Christ and or God, you are suffering from a lack of common sense and you should be declared incompetent in religious thinking. I have a problem understanding how people can be that naive, a nice word for gullible and stupid.

Perhaps they convinced your mind that purgatory is real and you suffer from guilt, or maybe you haven't been on your knees enough. And the cure is always the same, send in your donation.  Money is the physical property, of the key to salvation.  Unfortunately sending a stranger money, especially one who has some bullsh*t story to go with the request is the key to blasphemy and stupidity.

In many cultures of the world, the Money God, (in the Hindu world is called “Mammon”) is not a good GOD.  Mammon /ˈmæmən/ in the New Testament of the Bible is commonly thought to mean money or material wealth and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain.  Jesus used the term Mammon, “You cannot serve both God and Mammon," ...

These TV celebrities are quoting words and not believing honestly in their own heart.  It’s a pity almost a billion dollars a year goes to the wrong things, the TV and the poor still starve...

If you think by sending in your money to some TV religious actor, you will get redemption, at least get a plastic bag to place over your head so when you bury your head in the sand so you won’t clog your nose. Your exposed nether end will send a message to others as to where you used to stand and the end you thought with. 

Bablification * is the telling of stories, rumors, innuendoes, stories by dubious writers and wizards and establishing a base of believers who send in money with no forethought and sometimes hope translated as greed.  It’s a simple thing they are just fools and ignorant.  

The Babeller is one who can talk the talk,  but doesn’t walk the walk nor live his life that way, his goal is your money, he just babbles and plays the righteous game usually wearing some expensive cloak like this cute 500 dollar number featured here available in multiple colors at 

I leave room for those who claim a gigantic spiritual upheaval took place in their life transforming them overnight as significant.  Well, maybe someone in the electric chair will get to Jesus faster that way.   When we research the story, we usually find out that, imagination and guilt eradication to some are real.  Churches are full of redemption, thats why people go there. To some them, fear and guilt are great motivators.  Prisons and the electric chairs are super recruiters for the faithless. 

TEXAS: As one woman said after being on death row for fifteen years, (after disassembling her husband, into 28 pieces with a very sharp axe) , and about to be lit up,  screamed “ But I found Jesus Christ, my Savior”.   The local church was in attendance behind the fence and was also chanting “ She found Jesus”.   At ten past midnight the warden came to the podium and announced “ Good news, I can tell you she’s with him now”.  

I go after those who use religion as a tool for deceitful personal gain like some of the “ Prosperity preachers”.  Or those who use intimidation to force people to believe their way with threats of punishment, terror or even death like the Taliban.  Neither one is acceptable to me.

What exactly is a “person of faith”?  It depends.  If we define it simplistically: “ A person of faith is one who is guided by a set of rules and ideals that supposedly creates a path of ultimate righteousness in their daily walks in life”.  It is their personal guarantee to you of their beliefs.  About 99% of it is bullshit.  I predict and believe those telling you they are a person of faith missed the point, It’s their deeds not their mouth that makes them a person of faith.  They feel saying it makes them more believable.  When someone lays down that line on me, I simply ask, do you want me to believe that?

Ignore the books banned by the Texas School Board, also known as the burn in hell fundamentalists... the extremely ignorant church ladies and a man or two who are fundamentally so correct they should be incarcerated into a well built nuthouse.  Fundamentalist extreme wacko Christian thinking is an assault on freedom of speech. 

What we read , see and question, is protected by the first amendment  Freedom of Speech.  The Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter - I Loved the movies and the books...  The Catholic Church powered by the POPES, would rather never of seen the book, a best seller, “  The Da Vinci Code”,  which delves into the conversion of Paganism to Catholicism during the turbulent period of time of the Priory of Scion and the Knights Templar.

And scores some really good points about the fallacies and wrongdoings of the church.

It's a fascinating read. I had to read it twice, saw the movie with Tom Hanks and started to define a line between reality and creative writing.  And it reinforced my suspicions that the Catholic Church is the biggest scam ever created.  From the top on down and I mean the top.  It should be called the Order of Pedophilitry.

And Harry Potter, banned by the Texas Board of Education from its libraries.  10 on that board are Evangelicals belonging to one church.   Harry Potter encouraged more children to read, all 600 pages, than anything else those brain-washed board members suggested, the majority being their own cult approved, gospel laden feel good trash.   

How in anyones rational mind can they condemn a book about spirits when their own beliefs are all in a book about fairy tales, not written by God and assembled by man from stories, and cleverly re-written thirteen times by the Popes.

Who doesn’t like to read a good banned book every now and then?  Here are the Books those Christians banned.

Native Son...     Of Mice and Men...     The Pentagon Papers...     Sophie’s Choice...     Slaughterhouse-Five...    
To Kill a Mockingbird...     Ulysses...       The Color Purple...     Death of a Salesman...     The Catcher in the Rye...
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire...     Howl...     The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn...     James and the Giant Peach...      Brave New World...     Lord of the Flies...    Gone With the Wind


The humanoid inhabitants of the earth are a worldwide society of people who follow some really strange customs which cross all faiths with doctrine usually found adapted from some form of the "written word’”.   

Nevertheless all the works we base religion on, “ The written word” were created, altered, updated, corrected, abridged, unabridged, mis-interpreted and recreated to suit someone or somethings false doctrine usually a Pope or other Church leader.   

The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Quran have also been subject to interpretation.  Truth sometimes takes a back seat,  If you can’t handle truth, be gone with thee.  The King James Version has been abridged by no less than thirteen Popes and ISIS has their own version or the Muslim faith.

This piece is not a condemnation of religion nor meant to offend anyone. It is about truth, reality and tolerance. I do care what you believe, if... you believe it with an informed healthy heart, not prejudicial to anyone else’s beliefs, and you are not being manipulated by some external force.  And I would never try to change your thinking, you are the only one that can do that.  Fear in some cases is what moves some to do stupid things.  

Just like when you grew up, you found out, "There was no Easter Bunny".  There were only the temporary pets  (Cute Bunnies and innocent Chicks) that died shortly after being brought home to reinforce some ridiculous custom. That custom of animal adoption and subsequent mutilation, lack of care, starvation, suicide and murder was imported way before PETA, the ASPCA, and the Animal Control thought it was a bad idea. It has a Pagan background. 

Easter reveals rich associations between early Christians and the practices of the pagan religions.  The excellent but quasi-ficticious book and movie 'The Da Vinci Code' is all about this transition. Traditions practiced today evolve from pagan symbols, from the ancient goddess Ishtar. Which leads us to Easter.  

Easter, the most important of the Christian holidays, celebrates the Christ resurrection which occurred  at the time of the vernal equinox, historically a time of pagan celebration. It just "happens" to coincide with the arrival of spring. 

Easter is named for a Saxon goddess who was known by the names of Oestre or Eastre, and in Germany by the name of Ostara. She is a goddess of the dawn and the spring, and her name derives from words for dawn, the shining light arising from the east. Our words for the "female hormone" estrogen derives from her name.

  Ostara was, of course, a fertility goddess. Bringing in the end of winter, with the days brighter and growing longer after the vernal equinox, 

Ostara had a passion for new life. Her presence was felt in the flowering of plants and the birth of babies, both animal and human. The rabbit with 31 day gestation (thats one month!) and sexually mature at five months, was her sacred animal.   So much for the loving kindness and care for the Godly creatures,  those pets who realistically became a form of sacrifice, unintentional but people really don’t care.  Rabbit tastes like Chicken. 

Christmas lights are a conspiracy of the electric company to raise the electric bills at the end of the forth quarter so the executives of the company can get their end of year bonuses.  Really, decorating ones house, in many cases trying to outdo the neighbors, is surely a sign of religious reverence.  My close friends house’s have a simple light in the window and the money and time is spent feeding and helping the poor.

Lets face it, building landing zones and glide slopes for Santa makes little or no sense for two weeks when the rest of year you have the worst lawn on the block, dirtiest garbage cans and five cars strewn all over the grass and never spent a minute helping neighbors or Charities.

Lets take all that electrical wire, led’s, blow up Santa’s, and reindeer, volunteer and spend that money on the poor, help paint a seniors home in need, even help those housing for the needy, medical care, and a little food for the poorest in our country who have risen in numbers to 18%. Then I would say religion was doing it's job.  Right now much is a joke with millions of dollars being siphoned off by the "Prophits", the TV preachers, and all the stores selling those lights.

Then you found out around eleven there was no "Santa".  Probably when the fire department used the ladder truck to get "Uncle Fred" out of the chimney.  Must of been, “ ncle Fred" trying to leave since Mama was kissing him when Dad came home.  So much for that song, "I saw Momma kissing Santa Claus".  So much for the nasty letters those folks from the credit card company sent in February that Dad got after the divorce. 

And my pet peeve the Christmas tree.  In a world where the earths surface is warming, glaciers are vanishing, the deserts growing, the oxygen levels down and the forests vanishing for the sake of greed... we kill young trees specifically grown for the Holiday.

Which is a fabrication anyway and then around January the tree is laid to rest unceremoniously at the curb to be trashed.  The other side are the Israelis who plant trees and turned a desert into fertile land.  

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed most commonly on December 25 as both a religious and cultural celebration around the world.  A feast central to the Christian liturgical year, the celebratory customs associated in various countries with Christmas have a mix of pre-Christian, Christian, and secular themes and origins.

•  Popular modern customs of the holiday include gift giving, especially bringing gifts to children, who now submit lists for the parents stupid enough to go along with their kids wishes.
•  Also completing a wreath, music and caroling, an exchange of Christmas cards, church services, a special meal, and the display of various decorations, including trees, lights, nativity scenes, garlands, wreaths, mistletoe, and holly.  
•  But the real aspect today of the festival involves heightened economic activity, the holiday has become a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses.  Follow the money, always follow the money.
Fact, they don’t even know when Jesus was born, around the early to mid fourth century, the Western Christian Church had placed Christmas on December 25, a date later adopted in the East, although some churches celebrate on the December 25 of the older Julian calendar, which, in the Gregorian calendar, currently corresponds to January 7, the day after the Western Christian Church celebrates the Epiphany.   


The outline and guideline for all religions comes in the form of books. The King James Version, the most printed version is not the original Bible. There is no such thing as the literal original Bible because the Bible is a collection of writings by several different people over many, many years, many hundreds of years after the events might have occurred.  Then it was changed…again.

The “Bible” as you find it in many Houses Of Worship is really the abridged or “ easily regulated” and sometimes regurgitated version rewritten suited to the particular sect or facet of gospel that agrees with that group.  Subtle changes depending on which gospel, by whom, and revised by whom, and sales versions (big print, translated into modern English, un-babled etc.) may differ based on what the economics will bear.  

Remember, this is a collection of those stories first told by story tellers without copy machines or tape recorders. Actually scribbling them down on paper cloth. Some say thousands of them. Those who didn't quite have an elaborate language or written recording system. XEROX was not born yet.  If you had been alive in the days of the testaments you would find a lot of information had been left out concerning mortality, morality and mentality.  It would be a lot more gory than today’s version.  By the way it was rumored that when one story teller was being recorded by the scribe, the scribe ran out of ink.  He said “Hold that thought Chief, I’ve got to find another squid”. 

Right on, it's a book of stories and parables written by man, edited, changed to suit certain Kings and Popes, upon fear of death in man's image, not Gods. In history there are eight primary versions; And many, many, sub-versions and alterations. 

  1. Septuagint - 250 A.D. Written in Greek 
  2. Vulgate - 400 A.D. First version of the Bible which is canonized. Council of Carthage in 400 A.D. and the first written in Latin
  3. Luther's German Bible- 1534 A.D. 
  4. King James Version - 1611 A.D. This is the most widely used versions however it has large number of errors given that none of the writers had a decent understanding of Hebrew. 
  5. Revised Standard Version - 1952 A.D. Literal translation into American English which used the earliest possible text for revisions.
  6. New International Version - 1960 - 1970 A.D. This is a very good contemporary English version.
  7. The Youngs Literal Translation is as close to the originals as you can get, translated by Robert Young in 1898 A.D.

Whenever questions would arise regarding biblical prophecy the people needed to go to the church elders who in turn would refer to their  "Book of Scriptures"' for answers. These inquisitions became somewhat burdensome to the church who were too busy beheading, begetting and pedophiling.

In an effort to alleviate the many inquiries  King James wanted the people to have their own copy of the scriptures. He then commissioned scholars, scribes and elders to translate the scriptures in to different languages to accommodate the masses from which the King James Version, "The Holy Bible" was derived.   

The title should be "Bablification for Dummies" and would sell like hotcakes on right now.  Here are the codes for the various versions of the Bible.  You may only select one!

  • KJV -  The King James Version (KJV) is excellent, but you must use a dictionary as you read because it uses language typical of the time it was translated (1611).
  • NASV -  The New American Standard Version (NASV) is believed by many to be one of the most accurate translations and is an excellent study Bible.
  • ASV -  The American Standard Version (ASV) is also excellent and highly accurate.
  • NKJV -  The New King James Version (NKJV) is high on the recommended list.
  • NIV -  The New International Version (NIV) tries to make the text as easy to understand as possible and is an excellent reading Bible, but not a good study Bible. To study?  To make further interpretation of the already interpreted. 
  • JWB -  Nobody in the conventional Christian Church with all it's versions, seems to like anything the Jehovah's Witnesses do thus this opinion was in the source material.  Love thy brother seems to take a back seat and religious beliefs border on prejudice and their own form of hate. 

Thus the quote…by Catholic elders   "The New World Translation, 1950, the Jehovah's Witnesses Bible should be avoided because its is actually corrupt, being a sectarian paraphrase rather than a true translation of the Holy Scriptures”.  My Thoughts:  No brotherly love here….Even amongst Jesus lovers.

Loved the movie and the book.  The Catholic Church powered by the POPES, would rather no one ever would have seen the book, a best seller, “ he Da Vinci Code”,  which delves into the conversion of Paganism to Catholicism during the turbulent period of time of the Priory of Scion and the Knights Templar.  It's a fascinating read. I had to read it twice, saw the movie with Tom Hanks and started to define a line between reality and creative writing. 

A murder inside the Louvre and clues in Da Vinci paintings lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years -- which could shake the foundations of Christianity. The book does get very close to reality about a subject that might not be real to some and the basis of belief to others. 

The theory that true lineage of the faith is passed down through the woman,  just as it does today amongst the Jewish faith,  really upsets the Catholic Church.  The coven just won't buy it because it would kill business they carefully construed oner the years.  Best use of fear motivation on the planets, sorry the Baptists came in second.

The good old boys club who have rejected women for years in the church would turn upside down if it was true that Jesus's lineage is alive and well and passed down through a woman.  Does that mean they would have to give all that money back they have been taking for years and stuffing it in the Vatican?  Never happen, they will quash and quell any attack against the “Gold old boy's club"


Catholic website  tells it,  as they believe. "As Catholics were responsible for writing the New Testament under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Catholic Church doesn't "interpret" the Bible".    We explain it.  Sure they do.  I suppose rewriting the bible thirteen times by different Popes help explain it. It explained how money comes in...

 Protestants can only “ Interpret”, because they are not the author guided by the Holy Spirit, and therefore, can only guess at the possible meaning of a chapter, passage or phrase, just as anyone can only guess at any author’s intentions in any other book.   

As the author, the Catholic Church is the only proper authority to consult in matters pertaining to the Bible". The original Douay Version, which is the foundation on which nearly all English Catholic versions are still based, owed its existence to the "religious controversies of the sixteenth century”.  

Many Protestant versions of the Scriptures had been issued and were used largely by the Reformers for polemical purposes. The renderings of some of the texts showed evident signs of controversial bias, and it became of the first importance for the English Catholics of the day to be furnished with a translation of their own, on the accuracy of which they could depend and to which they could appeal in the course of argument.     

My Thoughts:  Thats a nice way of saying the Kings and Popes killed anyone and everyone if the current edition of the Bible did not suit their interpretation… Can’t we all get along?

The first book, the  "Old Testament” misses the point, it merely sets the stage,  and then the "Greatest Story Ever Told" went to George Stevens who wrote, directed and produced the film in 1965 with Dorothy McGuire and Charlton Heston. 

Note: This was not as most answered incorrectly on quiz shows a film by Cecil B. DeMille, he did "The Robe" and "The Ten Commandments", God was the scriptwriter, Cecil was the screen-writer.

The creative writing skills come into play, with the addition of the REDEMPTION part and without redemption little is offered to the buyer, thus the second book or sequel comes with many, many paragraphs of promises and self-improvement motivational spiel.  Maybe, this is the true meaning of the word “ Creationism".  The creation of a better product for the world, simply by trading on words and stories. And the familiar sales pitch, you hear it all the time, Newer and better.

After many many versions, the Bible helped solidify the context of religion. Many feel those who crafted later versions did so in the effort and intent to repeal the religion using Pagan Gods and practices and to adjust the religion to their thinking. Many of the customs come today from these Pagan rituals and practices.  

About the same time in hundreds of years another version of religion developed.  Islam is the religion articulated by the Qur’an, a text considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God and by the Prophet of Islam Muhammad’s teachings and normative example. 

Islam literally means "submission to God.  The words Muslim, the word for an adherent of Islam, and Islam are grammatical derivatives of the Arabic verb meaning "surrender, submit" 

Muslims believe that God is one and incomparable and that the purpose of life is to worship God. They regard their religion as the completed and universal version of a primordial, monotheistic faith revealed at many times and places before, including, notably, to the prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus. 

Islamic tradition holds that previous messages and revelations have been changed and distorted over time.  Religious practices include the Five Pillars of Islam, which are five obligatory acts of worship. Islamic law touches on virtually every aspect of life and society, encompassing everything from banking and warfare to welfare and the environment.

The majority of Muslims belong to one of two sub-denominations, the Sunni and the Shi'a.  They hate each other. And probably never will assimilate or live side by side unless one or the other is eliminated.  Blood oath and retribution have fueled this fire for centuries.

  • 13% of Muslims live in Indonesia
  • 25% in South Asia, 20% in the Middle East
  • 2% in Central Asia
  • 4% in the remaining South East Asian countries
  • 15% in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The remainder in China and Russia, Caribbean. Converts and immigrant communities are found in almost every part of the world. 
  • With about 1.57 billion Muslims comprising about 23% of the world's population, Islam is the second-largest religion in the world and arguably the fastest-growing religion in the world.

The problem today is the increasing "Islamophobia" or "tagging'. Grouping people by those who cannot differentiate between a peace loving Muslim, the 2nd largest religious population in the world and the extremist fundamentalist orders like the Taliban, AL Qaeda or ISIL, ISIS, or some have also started referring to the group as “ apish  or "Daesh" a seemingly pejorative term that is based on an acronym formed from the letters of the name in Arabic, "al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi Iraq wa al-Sham". In their world referring to them as Daesh will probably get your head cut off.

We are not a theocracy in the Western world, we separate the church and the state.  Sometimes not enough and it causes great pain.   Yet we share the same tendencies to go to extremes in our beliefs. Christianity is not innocent either.  Modern day Catholics and Protestants in their battle in Ireland are only a vestige of whats been going on for years. Two days ago (5/28/2014) a bomb went off in Northern Ireland.

Basically, no different, and the product produced was bloodshed. Both sides believing in Christ and thinking their Christ was better than the other guys Christ. So they kill each other to prove a point.

The Taliban sees law, the Shari'ah, as Gods will and not subjective to interpretation. Your believing peace loving Muslim, takes a literal interpretation of the Qur'an and the extremist is an absolution of that law.  No different with the Sunni and the Shi'a.  And the results are the same. 

The warped aspect of the belief leads to what is normal today. Suicide bombers, death, murder, and maiming.   It is almost impossible to explain the motivation of the extremist. For if one is a believer of Islam, he is not capable of these things.  The extremist shows little understanding of the meaning of the spirit Islam brings.  

Hate is not taught in the Qur'an. Only obedience.  And the extremist viewpoint is fear based. The best way to describe this is primal law without any kind of individual protection. Literal slaves to a religion.  It’s like the Taliban who are carefully planning their New Years Celebration for the year 427.  

There are those who believe some Christian Fundamentalist groups are as strict in their teachings. You see the law stops them from what is really possible.  Abuse, carnal relations, pedophilia, and even the administration of proper medical aid seem to have no bearing on the color of the cassock. Nuts are nuts no matter what the belief.

Women are mere property forced to obey under the Taliban and ISIS or ISIL , and one cannot begin to reflect the depth of female deprivations and sufferings. They treat women worse than they treat animals.  While they declare the keeping of caged birds and animals illegal, they imprison their women within the four walls of their own houses. 

Women have no importance in their eyes unless they are occupied producing children, satisfying male sexual needs or attending to the drudgery of daily housework.  Common in that part of the world is the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), also known as female circumcision, and is the ritual removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. Typically carried out by a traditional circumciser using a blade, with or without anesthesia  FGM is concentrated in 27 African countries, Yemen and Iraqi Kurdistan, and found elsewhere in Asia, the Middle East, and among diaspora communities around the world. It is conducted from days after birth to puberty and beyond; in half the countries for which national figures are available, most girls are cut before the age of five.