Here’s an old expression: You can fool some of the people some of the time,  but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time unless... it appears they are the GOP Evangelical base

This is suggested reading for the super Evangelical supporters of TRUMP, you have no clues as to how this one man is destroying your world as a fake prophet, if you believe in this false prophet then you are the problem.  

At one time ‘Dumber than a Rock” meant something, it has been exceeded. You put yourself ahead of common sense supporting an individual who goes against all the good things and beliefs an Evangelical should have.  He and his followers are not really going to make it to heaven.  You talk the talk but don’t really walk the walk.  He is the false prophet God spoke of as a test and you are failing miserably.


For those not familiar with the constitution, especially some Evangelicals, I present the Preamble to the Constitution, fifty some odd words that declare what the Constitution was written for.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure Domestic Tranquility, provide for the Common Defense, promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.

It says nothing about the US becoming the US of Jesus. Or anything else for that matter.  In its origional form, God was not involved.   It was about, " We the People exclusively.  We have to take that back”.

I have nothing against people of any faith as long as their beliefs are honest and honest means having resourced, understood and clarified without a doubt as to authenticity of their belief, and not swayed by corrupt individuals. 

For some this is a tough choice due to pressure, camaraderie and information coming from those just too ignorant to challenge anything and easily twisted by some cunning linguists.   Let me define ignorance as I see it:

Ignorance stems from the word “ to ignore".  Ignoring truth makes the individual ignorant.   I very harsh in my judgement of these people because what they do is misconstrued, a theology that is hurting all Americans. And it will take years, a decade perhaps to fix all the wrongs, TRUMP has brought about and given them the table for his support.  He just sold out the rest of us.

My strongest belief is in a Constitutional paraphrase, it is not a law, it was stated as a directive by the “Separation of church and state” is paraphrased from Thomas Jefferson and used by others in expressing an understanding of the intent and function of the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States which reads: 

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.. 
I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof', thus building a wall of separation between Church and State."


The Federal government is corrupt, and Donald “draining the swamp” will make things better.  In some cases, the swamp is real but it was not Obama nor the cabinet the  swamp was made by the GOP,  with gerrymandering, corruption, bribes, collusions, false statements, and most important not doing their jobs and obstructionism.   

Clear blame goes to McConnell and Ryan, playing politics at its worst.  They are the “Swamp” Mainly the GOP, the Good Opposition Party,  a mass of obstructionists and liars.  You re being used and will get nothing from this deal, he is a false prophet and you are gullible.

It was Congress thats corrupted, and wholly owned and controlled both the house and the Senate by the GOP.   Are you Idiots?  He got rid of the good people from Obama on the team, most quit TRUMP  and councils and replaced them with his cronies and scumbags and left the Congress a bunch of crooks to do his bidding.  And ruining so many good things like the checks and balances to our lifestyle and environment that Barack Obama had put in place to protect us.


Not the real reason we all immigrated and are here.  One religion cannot take any preference over another.  This will never become the United States of Christendom since there are so many different Christians, like designer clothes,  all different, not the United States of Jesus since there are beliefs in other manifested deities.  Many dislike the other groups.  They quote Jesus in one room and crack jokes about other faiths in another.  

My Presbyterian friend always asks,  “ Why do Baptists not have sex while standing?  ANS: It would look like they were dancing!

When elected you take the oath to protect the Constitution of the United States.   Religion is not mentioned as it’s really a simple answer there are 4800 various religions in the US.  And if each one says they are the closest to Gods vision, which one is right?   Because Moses is entitled to equal time, so is Mohammed and 4800 other religions deserve equal time. No one religion is over the other.  Religions come from one God and are misinterpreted 4800 plus ways.

Man wrote the bible and the corrupt Vatican has rewritten it thirteen versions as the rules and regulation supported more than the heart. It supported the wallet. And lately, pedophilia, corruptness, and a lack of transparency are surfacing.

They hate the government for rules and regulations which goes against they’re thinking.  Some times called Stupid People, people of lower intelligence  regretfully cannot back down from something they believe or do because it will make them look stupider.  

Take TRUMP, he has never apologized for any of his lies, scams, corruptness, misogamy, womanizing, groping and paying prostitutes for some bizarre services.   But the Evangelicals love him since the miss the point it’s not Trump who is sinning, they just haven’t figured it out yet they will be the sinner.


THE PROSPERITY PROGRAM, as known to the FBI Banking Industry and Congress is a PONZI scheme.  Your money goes in and they keep it, this is not Robin Hood,  it’s hoods all right .  If you tithe them, you will be told you get it back through the 10 fold scam. Thats not what the bible said and even Trumps stock market is not that good.   You will get back a nice letter asking you for more and are now a member of the devout inner circle frickin suckers list.  

It is an aboration of the bible and about a fake scheme with actors, nothing more than self-appointed preachers, parsons, pontificates, and Doctorates, Bishops and  doing all this fake sh*t on TV.   Hard to believe people are so naive to believe the tooth fairy swindle and all these smooth talking cons are all Doctors and Bishops.  

Think, does God need your money, he built the world, he can do anything why does this jerk on TV want my money? 
doesn’t need 220,000 dollar cars, 65 million dollar airplanes, 3000 dollars suits and multi-million dollar houses, thats your money the con pastor, he’s (or she”s) taking your mother or grandmothers money and keeping it.

Even the groups of accountants and lawyers are corrupt that service these organizations with credibility.  

Scams need props.  If you believe on TV some of these emotional people who drank the Holy Water in the tube or wiped themselves with the blessed rag or read someones book he copied from someone else’s copy and suddenly from nowhere they got a check for 20,000 dollars, you need a psychiatrist.  

They are shills, the whole scene is phony,  it’s been disclosed on many shows (BBC) how they exploit the flock. The HOLY water was taped being filled from a tap behind that fakes house. (BBC)  The mysterious knowledge base by the actors on stage were staged by hidden mikes and interviews.

Contrived penalties  (Hell-or - Heaven based)  The Famous Oral Roberts “ God will call me Scam," when he said God would take him if the kind folks did not send in ten million dollars.  That crook finally got taken away, like dead, but I believe he went downstairs, not upstairs, and his fake Son and wife will wind up with him.  Even the Oral Roberts University, another wind blown job threw them out too.  Don’t worry if you trust their bullshit, they are still on TV somewhere.  But have been proven to be liars and crooks.  

Beliefs in false Gods that ask you send them who claim to be Gods Messenger any money.   God doesn’t use money, how foolish, he uses plagues and burning bushes.  Occasionally, just once he used rain for forty days and nights.

And tell the fake pastors and charlatans  to go pound sand in their new  sandals and robes to replace 850 dollar shoes and 2500-3000 dollar suits.

Beware the money-driven messenger, and if you are stupid enough to send them money and you believe the fake endorsements and winnings on their TV shows, by shills they pay off, you deserve to get screwed.   God did not and does not usually include naive and weak as part of free thinking.

And most important of all those who vote for frauds, crooks, thieves, those who betray the divine word, those who advantage over others because of position, title or wealth.  Those who use the word as a tool for personal benefit and disobey the simple good Commandments.  They are sometimes called politicians... and deserve equal time with the fake prophets.

I do not believe a word, absolutely nothing,  from TV Evangelicals, who I have devoted a lot of research on, almost ten years coordinating a few thoughts here and there with Senator Grassley who really never completed those investigations.   It is a 850 million dollar a year business for the charlatans.   That tells you how many folks are naive, ignorant or stupid enough to believe in them. 

Finally when I decided to go on the offensive against bad people, I found collusion, a very popular word today.  Simple scumbag politicians and scumbag preachers share the same DNA and both need to rot in hell.  The common denominator, the Evangelicals support both house’s of treason.  Thus their new name is Devalgelicals.

To get what’s happening to the GOP and, to America, you need to understand the theology of the extreme and misinformed Evangelical heartland.  We don’t have a political problem. We have an Evangelical poor thinking at times, like in the voting booth, problem.  

Brought on by political popularism and secular thinking corrupted by the fakirs of the faith, the TV Evangelicals and the secondary corruptors, our fake Politicians. I started to think there was nothing wrong with Evangelicals as long as they kept their beliefs to themselves... That theory went up in flames.  

Believe what you want, tooth fairies, flying reindeer, elves, devils and boogymen, the big bang, cavemen living 30 million years later than the dinosaurs or any of the off the grid beliefs, whatever, it doesn’t matter to me till you cross the line and start effecting my rights and beliefs with your insane beliefs.

The Ten Commandments were a guideline for good living, not making a good living out of it, and quite simple making the first three commandments, a no competition clause.  It says clearly three times in a row, don’t plant false interpretation and truth.  Don’t use Gods word for your benefit, don’t adorate other principle or fringe cults or false prophets.

Pretty darn clear aren’t they.  So how did these evangelicalisms run the train off the track? Oh, they are not the only folks with stranger than accepted moral concepts, we call beliefs... we have fakes.  

The Republican Party has fallen into the grip of an Evangelical-led group of quasi pretend religious  political Senator and Congressmen fundamentalists who are either true believers, ( I doubt it,  I really doubt it, or they would not be taking bribes from the NRA, screwing around behind their wives backs and sexual harassment  of the employees ) spending their days lieing, playing politics and accomplishing nothing but scandals.  

Most believe in keeping their vote for their personal greed,  or who know how to cater to them for a vote.  ( Basically Scumbag Hypocrites)  And they and their supporters go against the basic tenets of good religious beliefs by supporting a man like TRUMP.  If they were the believers they claim to be they would be shunning Trump, but they don’t thus we have a new category of voter. 


From the mid Twentieth Century forward, Billy Graham, and many other evangelicals convinced a huge swath of America to convert to born-again faith. While the evangelical camp grew the mainline denominations shrank.   We call it the age of redemption by contribution.

The fine print of conversion to a hot literal faith included a directive to not to trust facts  (the way those liberals did)  but to look for special information which was visible only to the faithful.   Hocus Pocus - Carnival talk for Bullshit, the main tool of the T-Rump bandwagon copied from Dr. Goebbels of the Nazi party.

This way of thinking led inadvertently to an us-or-them view, revealing those with whom you disagree to be not just wrong, but lost, or even willfully evil.  This is T-Rumps motis-operandi  by negating the FBI, Judges and other investigative agencies with his insultive and degrading twits. 

When politicians operate from this mindset, the agenda is no longer political. It’s a holy war whom we must placate by being saved through a revivalist born-again formula.  

This pits the true believer against not just science but any information that comes through non-approved channels.  Sometimes called brainwashing or propaganda, again bullshit works for me and if Cranial Rectal Dyslexia or Sh*t for Brains was accepted into Medicare and Medicaid, we would have an epidemic on our hands surpassing any other disease. 

Their theology has trained millions of brains to choose between God and truth. The folks that believe in a literal Bible don’t believe in evolution, they believe in the big bang, don’t believe in global warming, in gay rights or, we now know, even in increasing the debt limit.  These are not theological issues per se but the spirit of sectarian warfare is at the heart of the bitter refusals to be swayed by mere facts.

Delusional religion has become delusional politics. The evangelical establishment teaches a literal return of Christ to judge — and kill — the unbelievers.  This is extreme stuff, and that spirit of retributive extremism has jumped the tracks into our politics. That is why we are where we are.  As long as this theory exists, fine if you are naive enough to believe it.  Just stay out of the voting booth.  I have never seen a political party called the ‘Dumbasses’ but some here will qualify.

And it’s a fact that the media, today’s mainline denominations, the more moderate members of both parties and the general population seem to find too embarrassing to address honestly. Certainly we have not heard the last of the group of mostly white right wing evangelicals and expect more self-inflicted chaos.  

Sure there are extremes on all sides. But one party is not being dominated by people who believe that Noah loaded dinosaurs onto the ark and that the earth is 6000 years young.   The other party is dominated by leaders ready to destroy the good name, faith and credit of our country out of theological spite, spurred on by false claims that our president isn’t a real American or a Christian against President Obama, which was their hallmark supported by Donald Trumps LIES. 

The GOP base. A fanatical religious element is dominating our political life these days. Our Evangelical-led right isn’t interested in policy. They are an apocalyptic cult led by the none-too-bright.   They see themselves as the Knights Templar, and  they won’t quit. The answer isn’t dialogue but to marginalize the impact of religious delusion.

 Lieing, deceit, contradiction, corruption, distortion, distraction, stupidity, egotistic unsafe values, lack of talent, bravado and sheer bullshit are the hallmarks of this administrations leader, and worse, many too many ignorant followers believe in Donald Trump... and call themselves Evangelicals, simply put, I prefer fools...  people of faith and belief is my preferred title for those of honesty and compassion.