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Robert Schullers lost empire...Located in Garden Grove, California, the Crystal Cathedral was the home base for the international Crystal Cathedral Ministries, including a congregation of over 10,000 members and the internationally televised  “Hour of Power."  

To find out more about this ministry that is “saving lives through a message of hope," we invite you to select an area of interest on the top navigation of their website.

At the Crystal Cathedral there are many opportunities for you to worship, fellowship, develop spiritually, and volunteer / outreach and most important of all…DONATE… We have the blood of Christ available in dram, ounce and half gallon sizes for those who really did bad, bad and need redemption.  We need the bread to pay the bills.

We invite you to join us for Sunday worship services in the Crystal Cathedral, with morning services at 9:30 & 11:00 am and an evening service at 6:00 pm.  The Crystal Cathedral, located in the city of Garden Grove, is at the crossroads of the Interstate Freeway 5 and the Garden Grove Freeway 22, just west of the Orange Freeway 57 at 12141 Lewis St. Garden Grove, CA 92840.


Robert Schuller admits there are three major problems facing this massive hunk of glass besides earthquakes, fires, and the other mother nature stuff.   

BANKRUPTCY -  They are like Hollywood and live that way.  Beyond their means,  Thats entertainment music plays in the background. And those kilowatts for the Hour of Power added up.

FAMILY FEUDS  - The family feuds over direction.  Like the Hatfield’s and McCoy's  the “feud” rose between the Rev. Robert H. Schuller and his son at Orange County's Crystal Cathedral arose over a disagreement about broadening the church's long-running television show, "Hour of Power," beyond a single personality -- a move opposed by the younger Schuller, pastors involved in the matter said Sunday.

The elder Schuller announced Saturday that he was removing his son, the Rev. Robert A. Schuller, as the show's only preacher three years after turning the program over to him. The show will now be hosted by different pastors, and even businessmen, from around the country and Latin America.  The son wanted the whole enchilada.

PARISHIONER DYNAMICS, and the THE CATHOLIC CHURCH - And the sale to either a land developer, or the Catholic  Diocese. The acreage is enormous around the church and another competing church is interested. The Catholic Church.  Offers have been floating around from 30 to 46 million with a give back clause, that means the buyer gets part of the land leaving enough for the church to stay versus selling it to the competition.

More coming, lots more…but first the grand play called “How can you have a rift on a raft for two"?


The Roman Catholic Diocese is exploring the idea of buying the Crystal Cathedral, which has been struggling financially for the last four years and is in bankruptcy. How does a place packed to the gills, great entertainment, big names, a symphonic level orchestra, personalities you recognize and other than an arrogant leader on occasion pissing off flight crews while flying have too many complaints.

The most common attack has come from those who contend that the money spent on building the Crystal Cathedral was not justified. It has been said that the $20 million spent to construct the Crystal Cathedral would have been better spent on such missionary concerns as helping the poor and the oppressed of the world. 

Before considering the justification for that accusation, however, critics should consider the millions of people who have worshiped at the Crystal Cathedral, Sunday after Sunday, over the years. On a per capita basis, it can easily be proved that less money was spent on this building than has been spent by most congregations on their respective facilities. 

In most cases with other churches, the buildings are only used once a week, and these congregations can easily be accused of inefficient expenditures, given how seldom their facilities are employed for either religious services or community events.

It is quite true that there has been great shrinkage in attendance at the Sunday morning worship services at the Crystal Cathedral. A sanctuary which was once packed with thousands each Sunday now only shows a few hundred at each of its two Sunday morning services, but there are sociological reasons for this decline. The Crystal Cathedral, located in Garden Grove, was once set in the midst of a middle class, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant community from which it received great support. 



This community has changed, however, and today Garden Grove is a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. Consequently, the Crystal Cathedral has lost a large part of its congregation, not because Robert Schuller's message is irrelevant to the needs of people in today's society, but because, like many churches, the community that it once served has changed.  This insight comes from a great writer Tony Campolo and to learn more  go to  

The good news is that the Crystal Cathedral responded by embracing neighboring Hispanic people with an array of specialized, needed ministries. Sadly, those ministries have not provided much income -- certainly not enough to keep the Crystal Cathedral out of bankruptcy.

The Diocese of Orange released a statement Wednesday morning saying that Bishop Tod D. Brown has authorized The Busch Law Firm and other diocese advisers to "explore the possibilities" regarding Garden Grove's glass cathedral.  The Roman Catholic Diocese is exploring buying the Crystal Cathedral, which has been struggling financially for the last four years.  This announcement comes the day after Chapman University put in a $46 million offer to put a health science campus on the cathedral's 35-acre property.  

The Diocese of Orange is looking into building a cathedral in Santa Ana to meet the needs of about 1.2 million Catholics in Orange County, which is the 11th largest diocese in the United States.  "While we continue to develop plans for a cathedral in Santa Ana, it is prudent to evaluate the opportunity to engage in the pending auction of this property and to mitigate the chance that it ceases to function as a place of worship, if acquired by others," Bishop Brown said in the release.

Brown said he has authorized his advisers to contact the cathedral's representatives to take the next step. He said his goal is to prevent the "loss of an important Christian ministry." The diocese has a duty to at least review the options, he said.

TODAY 2013

Until 2013, the building had been the principal place of worship for Crystal Cathedral Ministries, a congregation of the Reformed Church in America, founded in 1955 by Robert H. Schuller.   Crystal Cathedral Ministries filed for bankruptcy in October 2010 and in February 2012 sold the building and its adjacent campus to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange for use as the diocese’s new cathedral. The building, especially the interior, is currently being renovated to accommodate the Roman Catholic liturgy and is due to re-open in early 2019, at which time it is expected to be consecrated and formally renamed Christ Cathedral and become the seat of the Diocese of Orange.