Thats where God is explains the core elements of his plan to the Israelites.  According to scripture, God spoke to Moses and explained the basic ground rules in the Ten Commandments.  He said:

•  I am the Lord your God
•  You shall have no other gods before me
•  You shall not make for yourself an idol
•  You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God


In essence, though this is very clear, somehow it always seems to get twisted a little. In an earlier part, I've talked about the Separation of the Church and State and my belief that they are two entities and when they collide, they create more problems than the good they serve.  

Abortion issues, faith based spending etc, education are personal and family, moral issues all best suited and fit under worship rules and not government rules. 

Because this combination brings out the worst in people and we call them “False Gods”  Lets look at the cornucopia of false Gods devised by and for the Romans who had not only the traditional stone, mud, brick and mortar Gods but also adorned walls with special cursing Gods. They also had a few “living type Gods”.  

Few of their chariots had St. Michaels statues on them as he hadn’t been invented yet.  The hit song “Plastic Jesus On My Dash” was still a long way away since dashboards nor plastic was available.  Probably the most significant item tied to the chariot for protection was the head of one of your enemies on a spear.  Now, “ That was the big mojo in those days".  Looking back at the Roman Empire, we almost see parallels that draw us little closer to the rise and fall of that empire because we forgot, confused, reorganized our moral priorities to suit us.  

The second chance Moses had after the "Great Golden Calf Scandal" proves at least in Biblical lore that God was very clear that he writes the law and folks are expected to obey it.  The first time.  Fairly unforgiving, he did give Moses a second shot at it, realizing he was a good employee and his heart was in the right place. His heart was where it belonged, in his chest. 

Even God had a few screw-ups like the Egyptians.  It is thought, Moses accidentally tripped, or was he tripped, dropping the third tablet cutting the Fifteen Commandments to Ten for brevity.  Cool, Moses broke the third tablet and man was off the hook for five.  Thats why he was so popular.   

The Lord settled for ten on two tablets according to the way Mel Brooks tells it but unfortunately “ They were the ones that concerned public servitude”.  That might explain the Washington politicians of today. So the Lord answered with five more but seem to be forgotten in DC.   (DC = Dedicated Crooks)

•  Number 11 “Thou shalt not steal from Public funds”
•  Number 12 “Thou shalt not falsely create thy own image”
•  Number 13 “Thou shalt not take bribes”
•  Number 14 “Thou shalt not keep Concubines, Male or Female for mortal pleasures”
•  Number 15 “Thou shalt obey the same laws thou rights thyselves for the plebeians”.

The Commandments as defined were not suggestions and the major, major one in my mind is expressed four times in Exodus so the numbskulls hopefully can get it right. 
You will find the explanations interesting reading. Somehow this does not always work and the deluge lately of false Gods is overwhelming by the underwhelming.  

If 11 through 15 were still active, Washington would be a large mass, like a volcano pit and even today some scholars believe that was volcano ash LOT saw, not a pillar of salt.  If it was salt, which was like money in those days, I’m sure he would of smashed her into pieces and sold her at the next campground.

Much has been written on this subject from a religious standpoint, after all that’s where it came from, but I will try to bring it down to earth.  Someone promising allegiance to one form of religion over another, with resulting gain or consequence is a False God themselves... read lines three and four about idols and self gain.  

What amazes me the most:  Is the written word of the commandment literally predicted all those things man would do if left to his own idolatry.


I am the Lord your God.   This is relatively simple; the Lord is the boss, the main Kahuna, the big guy, the one and only, incomparable and unique, singular and so forth, he signs the checks.  Anything that changes that scheme is a false God.

You shall have no other gods before me.  This reinforces the first line, that carbon copies, similar products, plastic dashboard pieces, golden calves, discounted viewpoints, and products like Chinese made Jesus statues. 

What, Moses didn't qualify for a statue?  The guy drove the desert for forty years and no recognition.  This also includes prayer for snakes, monkey worshippers, rat worshippers, idols, brass, bronze, ceramic, and plastic statues, and multiple forms of Gods made from but not limited to clay, porcelain, wood or stone carvings, or stains, images that show up in bacon, the bark of trees, your egg in the morning, leaky paintings and window glass or anything else sold on eBay to folks with large bankbooks and short on brains.

You shall not make for yourself an idol.   No homemade stuff, no copying great works for yourself, I refer this specifically for those pretending to be the big guys right hand man on earth though they might deny, their "Golden Cadillac’s" are surely similar to the "Golden Chariot" he drives.  

Add adornments with Golden TV settings, Gold Rolexes, Gold Pianos...more than just the "Streets of Gold".  In reality, most of it is cheap gold colored paint. Facial adornment and longer hair, fake suits made to look like cassocks and so forth.

Got to love it. It was reported one of the Evangelicals took $23,000 dollars of donated money to buy an antique commode, which is like a chest of drawers for her office. I guess the stuff at Staples or Office Depot weren't good enough. And if that was another kind of commode, it brings new meaning to sitting on the throne. 

Going by Webster some of the commodes held chamber pots.  In another instance, I remember being at the airport one day when one of the TV demi-Gods flew into St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport and parked their G3 at the FBO.  I was honored, he was parked next to my white Piper 160 Cherokee with the plain brown tweed interior.

I got a chance to see the inside of that aircraft sneaking on with the ramp kids, and if the most Holy needed earthly transportation, he could borrow this one.  Ermine, white carpets, gold fixtures, and silverware, the finest things that your tithe money can buy. 

Hallelujah! Incredible opulence. I asked when did God land here?  The ramp kid said:,  He’s not God, he only pretends to be Gods helper. They don’t even tip. “You take care of us, they don’t”.  I felt humbled,  I had remembered to tip the ramp kids this year and they knew one looks out for another.

You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God.  Endorsementation using God as the healer.  Various products and services “approved by the Lord” for use by those who haven’t quite figured it out yet that God has all the tools and doesn’t need any of these worldly trinkets. Especially those offered on TV and on the web.  Special oils, prayer cloths and other essentials.

Some of these things would make a witch doctor proud.  There should be a museum of these fake objects way too numerous to mention here and many are accompanied by threats to ones salvation if you don’t contribute. 

Plus if you are fooled into ordering something, you will wind up on a list that guarantees you will be hounded to death for money with literature emails and letters.  

This best one investigated on TV did serious harm to those using Godly endorsements for their prayer cloths and divine bottles of "Holy Water".  

The last jerker using the little vials of Holy water got caught by the Paparazzi filling the bottles from a tap behind his office and the dumpster was filled with letters and envelopes. What’s wrong with that?  

Well those letters and envelopes were supposed to been sent to Bethlehem to be blessed first.  He is still there peddling his ways and bottles of water.  

Rex Hubbard, Peter Popoff still does and the late Oral Roberts used this money maker for great success.  Oral finally made it to heaven and is currently cleaning the commodes there with his little bottles of water.

The big guy needs to get better Code Enforcement help and a little muscle.  But these are only the religious false Gods, what about the people we put on pedestals and chase relentlessly in imitation of physical excellence. It’s called Sports.  

What about those sports figures? We seem to  place them real high on the list.  We want to walk in their shoes and we do. They are called Reeboks and cost over 150 dollars plus. More with some custom models. All endorsed by guys who can throw a ball through a hoop with great accuracy. 

And the peer pressure is so great lids will harm other kids and steal their sneakers or worse, kill them. It has happened.  Innocent children murdered or beat up for a pair of shoes, Boggles the mind.  How does a culture support these things. It’s a million dollar industry and we all pay for it. Something is wrong and that something is False Gods.  We have seen with the use of drugs and enhancement agents, off the field shenanigans, off the field betting.

There are worse things.  Corruption. Do you remember? 

•  Skating star Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan
Salt Lake City bribes the International Olympic Committee to get the 2002 Games
•  Pete Rose betting-on-baseball scandal
•  Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, athletes yes, role models no, some boxing stars, these are athletes, not Gods.  I'm glad to see Kobe and Tiger seemingly mended their ways and are returning to their personal professionalism. But their actions are not Godly, there are cheats, liars and some pretty good illusionists in this game. They are not what they appear to be which leads us to our biggest category, the Politicians.

Our politicians are no better, probably falling in somewhere between hell and rapidly rising hot water.  It has turned our Congress through lobbying in to the single most corrupt organization in the world.  A vote against health care because the Senators "donations to their reelection funds" come from the health industry is not only a conflict of interest; it is a conflict of morality. In my language is still called a bribe. 

These men we look up to are the false GODS. What they say and what they do till they get caught are two different things and they get rich doing it.  We call them patriots. They make decisions based on what’s good for them and their career.  They do not serve us.

One of the best examples of greed and selfishness is exemplified by the Health care issue. The health care industry runs the country. It too, is corrupt beyond belief. The orbital cost of health care is based on a system of padding the bill, and beating the system.  We are becoming drug addicts.  

TV is the medium, if you didn’t have the disease, you’ll have it after the commercial.  Not to the drugs of leisure but the drugs produced by the myriad of pharmaceutical companies and quacks pretending to be doctors and phony infomercials.  Not surprising is the list of things that can kill you in these drugs. It is longer than the list of the things that make you better.  Just watch TV at dinnertime. It's instant disease by the power of sub-luminal insertion.  Then watch the lawyers chasing the drugs for the harm they did. 

The commercials appear to be heavenly created. Flowing fields of flowers, beautiful scenics of mountain ranges, Gods opulence in a myriad of colors shades and hues.  And you visit the other God, your doctor and he tells you, “take two and call me later tomorrow”.  Your plumber had more warmth when he fixed the commode. 

Now we have the needed medical surgery and it is only exceeded by plastic surgery in the elective department. At the same time we spending the dollars to look pretty, we are getting older, getting fatter, peripheral artery disease, coronary artery disease, neopathy, skin disorders and diabetes and we worry about the lemmings.

The promise of greater health comes with the bottle…. Another false God.

I have seen a lot of abuse and misuse of both of these foundations of our culture. The grey mass forming where some would merge the laws of the land and the laws of GOD is not new, it is the reason for our existence. The reason those pilgrims left the old world and ventured into the unknown for a better way. 

Mans freedom's, and beliefs, in some cases led to the great declarations of our time.  The Magna Charter literally established a middle class, the Declaration of Independence let to the establishment of the United States. 

But there is a dark side.  Religion has brought us the Inquisition, the Pogroms, the Crusades, all challenged free belief. Today the theocracies, the FAR RIGHTEOUS in our world like the Taliban, ISIS, ISIL,  all seek to control.

I'm not just picking on the followers of the Catholic Church, it's a very hot topic now as some groups intend to sue the Vatican to the world court. It will play out when it does.  

But the pain of thousands needs to be answered and it is found in all religions.  All religions have extreme factions in one way or another.  Muslims have ten or eleven extreme movements, but so do the Christians.

My beloved Florida has more Youth Ministers, Choir leaders, and pseudo Christian pedophiles per capita in the jail for molesting minors than many other states, and they are all over the map in the various Christian denominations, sects, specialties, beliefs, dialects, languages, or D&B ratings.  All of them have participants but unfortunately one group dominates the field. 

Thinking out loud, it's about time they let the Priests marry.  It's a strange belief that has "those coaching marriage have had nothing to do with it".  The answer lies in the book, the Da Vinci code. After reading it and seeing the excellent movie by Tom Hanks, one understands the secrecy, and mystery of the Church and it's goal to subjugate women.

The usual Church answer is that if the Priests were to marry, they would not be able to service the spiritual community as they would have marriage duties and devotions of their own.  Every other religion has enough staff to handle things in time of need and the simple answer is it would bring more into the realm and they might have to pay or provide for them.  Follow the money.  

Again the thought comes to mind and that is the counseling Priest give to those getting married… what experience does the Priest have? 

What exactly is a “person of faith”?  It depends.  If we define it simplistically: “ A person of faith is one who is guided by a set of rules and ideals that supposedly creates a path of ultimate righteousness in their daily walks in life”.  It is their personal guarantee to you of their beliefs.

There is more than one explanation or level for a person of faith. And even the delivery, the phrase and the cause of the belief has it’s own interpretations.

  • One kind believes that our lives, the earth, the moon, the stars and ultimately the universe are controlled by a deity referred to as God, Jehovah, the Lord, or Allah based on your religious conscription, birth and training.  Rules are explained in the Torah, the Bible in all versions and there are a lot of interpretations of the Bible, or the Qur’an  Without this Supreme Being, there would basically be nothing. 
  • The second person of faith is one who believes in humanity in relation to his God. This is accepting the humanity as not perfect.  It has its limitations and that there are things he does not understand nor can change.  He realizes these higher-level human traits he is gifted with, combined with logical thinking, will guide him in his endeavors. After that it is out of his hands but not out of his reach. He can ask for help or a sign.
  • The third person of faith is the Politically Declined Person of Faith.  Or the “Person of faith for convenience in political or social up—manship”. They are easy to spot, they remind you about every half hour,  “That they are a person of faith”.  They are the faith enforcer, chosen by divine intervention to save you too, and God’s ordained and official broadcaster. 

You mean you hadn't noticed it. Unfortunately their devotion is not by action, or deed, for which they would be recognized as a good person,  but by their ongoing public statement,  "I am a person of faith".  They want you to side with them simply because you are a good person, you should buy their goodness, and they don’t have to prove it.  So naturally, the faith issue popped up in politics as it denotes “good people” in a daily ongoing race through the city landfill of garbage and filth called ‘politics’.

The “person of faith” is the latest tool of those who can’t stand basically the shifts in politics in this country.  Their side did not win the last election and accept the changes that were voted in.  So the holy divinity is invoked and the curses and needles in the dolls begin.  It doesn’t affect them, as they are a person of faith.   Many of our pre-election runoffs are in states where the Evangelical Right Wing, the foundation of the Republican party, a real screwball group of God-loving Christians seem to think this is the United States of Jesus. 

With Obama, “He’s not my President” takes on new meaning,  They accuse him of not even being an American. by the “Birthers”, who deny he is a citizen, by the “Mucslimsites’, bashers who claim he is a Muslim, he is Christian, and the hate by association slant from comments made by supreme nutcase and R- Congresswoman “Bat-shit Crazy”  Michele Bachman who during an interview on Hardball criticized President Obama because she is very concerned that he Barack Obama may have anti-American views”. 

We are of the left or right, conservative vs liberal, Republican, Independent or Democrat (get RID of them all ) and a hundred combinations, like fiscal conservative, matrix holistic methodologists, moderate conservative radicals and fiducialisticly ignorant troglodytes.  Tags force people to take sides and like Congress tags have a very low approval rating.  Tags discourage people from learning about the issue and the truth.  You are simply something you hang a hat on. 

It's time for earthly action by earthly people since I think God has been overworked and the requisitions are falling on tired ears. He is saying "You work it out this time, you used up all your free E-passes".  In just this past year, we have had many, noble persons of faith, suddenly go faithless.

  • Pre-faith is the mode of operation when they want something from you. Like your vote, and your money.
  • Pro-faith is the use of faith on an ongoing basis where it enters into everything they blab about defining, the Godly walk they are on.
  • Post-faith. Post faith is when one of these crooks gets caught and suddenly found faith. Just like those on death row. Faith really is worn on the sleeve at times.  
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