We have evolved and involved.  In contrast to the world’s most well known cave dweller, KNEAN DERTHALL who had to amuse himself with sticks and stones, we have all these electronic devices today not as our learning or expanding life tools, but as our pacification tools. 

We use them as distractions or for our channeling to forget all the things we find upsetting our way of life.  They are a right of passage, no one can exist with their cellphone it would appear.  It’s almost like the Scientologists had invented it, a tether to the mind, to channel our thoughts and tweets (twits) and make us into nit-twits. 

Babies have nipple shaped devices they can suck on for pacification and as we older, though not too much wiser, have cell phones.  Many of us still like to enjoy 

The cell phones help us make it through traffic.  Unfortunately those who cannot multi-function like seeing and talking at the same time, many though, die in traffic from our cell phones just crossing the street.  But the driver has another viewpoint...

It’s true, the cell phone eliminates all those boring hours behind the wheel and you have connectivity.  After all you have the right of way especially if you drive a Caddilac or Mercedes, you paid more for that road, you bet.  And what’s more convenient than the phone right there in your hand to dial your body shop to get those nasty pedestrian brains and plasma off that shiney new detail they did yesterday.

Actually driving and twitting or texting, might be an Olympic sport this coming Olympiad.  Teams will compete on a downhill type course seeing how many twits and tweets they can create while careening down the mountain.  Some ads on TV expounding banking on cellphones are pushing just that. 

Texting adds to the real body count of car accidents and if you don’t have enough texting while driving, with the proper software you can have shooting and killing games added to your phone. 

We call them smart phones. Insurance examiners and accident investigators call them job-security. Intelligent people call them dangerous.

Texting is a new language developed by the NIMROD’s, the National Institute for Mis-spelling and Rising Order of Dopes. 

And kids without years of driving skills can text behind the wheel faster than you think, granted only they know the NIMROD approved shortcuts and we parents don’t have a clue.   

The one good thing about texting is it has cut down on the amount of masterbation and oral sex while driving as you might need your hands for direction of the erection or a good head hold.  Remember the call of the texter...

Honk if you love Jesus, TEXT if you want an immediate interview!

And one other point: When I interviewed potential job applicants, I ask them about their personal computer usage at work,  their literacy, familiarity, and time spent, and do they text a lot, are they a gamer, which ones do they like, and are they very good at it.  Some loved to brag, they usually don’t get the job... most programs date and time things received and if it’s during work hours, it was on the company dime.

Worsening social changes. We have become oblivious to the manners of the world, we are glued to our phones, and we don't smile at people anymore, or say good morning or hello to strangers.  We can't, our minds and ears are in our cell phones.  We can’t seem to live without that communication connection. 

Kids come home from school and turn on the idiot box or the computer.  No play outside, no fresh air, nor exercise other than better finger skills on a Play Station and rampant obesity from that sugar infested lack of exercise.  Is this the best we can do?  Obesity?  Just look at what lack of supervision can do for kids.  The diabetes potential in minors is on the rise and another Game Boy will be great in his hospital room.

With TV, it's worse, worthless and wasteful. That’s because we usually are tuned to the sports channel, soap operas, racially, gender, and politically correct sit coms, non- reality shows comprised of Hollywood’s latest trash and emulsified gossip, which dominate the airwaves. 

From the Girls Who Have Gone Wild, the endless search for the finest explicit bi-sexual mammary glands in the world, to the TV love affairs with instant marriage, and infidelity shows like Cheaters you don’t have to wonder if this has a lasting effect on the children today.   Is this the best we can do?  Its like the FCC hired Lindsey Lohan as its administrator.  Have we become the latest version of the Roman Civilization?  We know what happened to that one.

Take our favorite family of  “The Dysfunctional and Rich, The Kardashians”. The show started as a daily report on a frolicking group of three large buttock based party hookers,  two junior apprentice hookers plus MOM, liberally showing most of their anatomy, literally partying and screwing their way across the hearts and minds of the US. 

The show is built around tons of fake suspense, poorly acted drama, tons, of booze, lots of buttock and cleavage shots, more eye makeup than Tammy Baker, and absolutely no talent whatsoever.  Their strength lies in party planning, usually for themselves.  Watch as three sisters, a heartbroken brother who recently found love with the largest buttocks on TV, drunken future husbands, a parade of characters who would make proud acclamations from the Lost Island, and a Maniacal Mother Matriarch.

Their wise and resourceful mom, Kris Jenner AKA “the Head Madam”, directed them with the support of former step dad former Olympian Bruce Jenner.  

He added superb intellectual and emotional support (crying on cue, often) as the almost  male figure on the set.  It was rumored that Kris secretly has strap-ons with electric balls...

Unfortunately his age showed and he looks like he had his hair done by an overworked funeral embalmer till he decided he needed a makeover.

More often than not he comes across as one of the three stooges in a house full of witches.  Tough job and it wore him down.

It was  explained when the short on cojones father figure started coping with his gender change and the pressures of society today, like what to wear, in their own personal style,  he might have been more accepted.

He didn’t come out of the closet,  he frickin bulldozed through the walls, and the world was stunned and many admitted he looks better as a woman than a man.  Now if the head Madam Kris decided to become a man, boy would that sell on TV.  Let the battle of the strap-ons begin.

And if you tune into cable news you won't get much of the truth either. You'll get opinions, more often than not. The truth manages to elude. Usually breaking news is bad news, so that’s a turnoff.  So our smart phone and the internet combine to form the latest buzz words like “SOCIAL NUTWORKING” where you can text till your fingers fall off and you can be part of a large club called Face book or you can Twit your life away as one of the NitTwits.  Your phone can house games and emails and more games. 

Let the world know through internet competition when your level of expertise achieved shooting fifty guys with a 30 round clip. The reward?  “A new level of play”.  They get tougher when a higher level challenges you, but hours wasted will make you better. You’ll be the envy of a larger group of morons. What do we actually accomplish from these games?  Bragging rights, self-indulgence, wastes of time, hand eye coordination, no wonder we are training a nation of idiots.  

My training was different, real bullets. It’s a game called WAR.   I had a sergeant tell me once, “And you go from a civilian boy to a soldier and a man when the first bullet whizzes over your head”.  Want real action…enlist, the other side has good players too.

When I read that kids in Kazakhstan are smarter than our kids I shudder. But it is true they are.  Unfortunately our kids are distracted. We have games and real life right here in the streets of America that are similar. Games imitate life. Every day more and more of these kids are playing out these games in the streets with real drivebys, car jacking, and gang violence. 

And that’s just the top selling game.  Sports games, incredibly like the real thing will restart in a new season and the pundits will predict the future. After all in sports you call it competition. In life you call it survival.  Time to speculate and critique the teams looking for the edge and opinions.  Just like in the days of another dynasty, the Roman Empire, boy did they like their games.

In the old days of the Roman Empire, Play station and Game boy worked a little different. You bet on the Lions, the Gladiators, or the Christians. My money and 100% of those attending probably bet on the Lions.  A truly great movie, “ Gladiator" finds in the end, the leader needed pacification to control the masses. 

Yes, the components of honor, bravery, revenge, love, loyalty, good-looking gals, ambition, glory, are woven into the movie script. But the theme, the gladiatorial games were for keeping the masses entertained. In Roman times the games were big time entertainment. No HBO or Showtime. The plebeians ate it up. The Lions got their fair share, they just ate.  The comment from one of the Lion keepers was “Lions think Christians taste like Chicken”.

But in the end, the bad son of the good Caesar, Commodus  had the right idea to keep the masses busy and distracted till he meets his end, “ Mano a Mano” Spanish for hand-to-hand in the gladiatorial ring with Maximus. Played by Russell Crowe and he is great in the part. 

Commodus had an entire mens room named after him. Many will speculate that having the throne named after him while alive memorialized Commodus upon his death. 

That’s why we call them Commodes.  And as history tells us like many of the empires, not just the Romans, many things come to an end with a ROYAL FLUSH.

The Roman Empire was dying; it was not of the people anymore. Sound familiar?  So we have all these distractions today. Sports are big and so are the devices we observe them with.  

I actually sat and watched a game on a sixty-five inch 4K TV…I thought I was there, totally immersed.  It’s the fall of an empire because of the same things we are faced with today including but not limited to politics, partisanship, greed, bribes, payoffs, lobbyists, back door deals, assassinations, assignations and finally a sharp knife which left twenty-three wounds worth to be exact.  

Sounds like an ordinary day in the Senate. Served Caesar right when he accused Brutus of not picking up his half of the tab at dinner the night before when he asked him “ET TU”, Brute, then "Pay".  He was stabbed 23 times.

We have a lot we can learn from the Romans. Those games were brutal and so are the games our kids are growing up on today.  A young man in Chicago shot in the chest when confronted by the police and paramedics refused to name who shot him though he knew who did it.  Minutes later he died, keeping to a no-snitch street rule and taking the killers name with him. Six school children dead from gunshots in Chicago in less than six months. 

So where are we going, maybe back to the caves, and start over, we definitely are on the wrong path.  As the former leaders of the world, we are being challenged by competition, drawn into conflict we cannot seem to get leverage on and losing more and more prestige each day.  The answer will be in change, the change in attitude toward our children.  

The future lies with our children. Based on comparisons with the world’s children we have the best laptops and creative cut and paste plagiarists money can buy.   Our kids can't pass f-cats but can text faster than anyone in the world, can't pass other tests and can’t spell, write a check, or reconcile a bank balance, or get a sentence right.  School is a means, but without the jobs and production in this country, they will be meaningless.  

No child left behind, became a joke of test passing, and the loss of cultural building subjects like history, art, the sciences, economics and social studies. But we can text... and U. SUR no abt it! 

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