The new song in the WhiteHouse, obviously will be “Scaramucci, Scaramucci can you do the Fandango”.   Can he reel in the Don and can they make music together?  Obviously not, being a billionaire doesn’t mean your smart, intelligent or a team player. He is best described as a self centered Scumbag.  

Scaramucci who looks like the Joker in Batman took the podium**, in the White House briefing room on Friday afternoon in a breezy debut that seemed intended to smooth over the brusque relationship that Spicer and Sanders have had with the White House press corps.


He is the best Con the Don ever put forth, little substance, communicates (could be lies) extremely well with lots of personality.  We’ll call him Don Corleone Scaramucci.  

Unfortunately the New Chief of Staff Don Vet-to Kelly decides to get rid of the new Don and throws him out of the White House which the Mooch turned into a Sh*thouse in only ten days. The press gave him more time than TRUMP and that had a lot to do with it.   And the going joke was what do you call a frozen pizza on a stick... a Wop-Sickle...

My problem is figuring this out. The biggest In terms of importance and rank liar and bullshitter in the world is TRUMP.  No contest, he is the biggest.

How or why did this rich investor cause DONALD DORK  such fear the Mooch could upstage TRUMP?   Impossible some said so why did Trump ditch him?   Cowards do things like that, and TRUMP is a coward.

Just last week, Scaramucci also made a point of denying any friction with the chief of staff, Reince Priebus. Reince denied that , saying, I don’t clean floors and toilets.  We call that   “Birds of a feather”  and in reality just like bird droppings, similar birds do crap together.  During the press briefing, he noted that he had even offered Priebus a top job at his firm, SkyBridge Capital, after the 2012 election.  

Scaramucci described their relationship as “  little bit like brothers, where we rough each other up once in a while” while still maintaining a close friendship.   Just like Cain and Abel, Adolf and Benetto, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulton   One official, speaking on behalf of Priebus, told NBC News that Priebus “was not trying to block (Scaramucci’s) hiring, he was only trying to slow down the process.”  Like shooting the tires out on his limo.  Three days later Priebus resigned.

Priebus will be around a little longer, about a week, in transition,  he’s the best suck-up T-Rump has besides Mike Pence and verbal blowjobs come to Pence ad nauseam. He follows T-Rump better than Christie did and thats a challenge. But he resigned and the President accepted to be replaced by Kelly.

Scaramucci, a 53-year-old Long Island native is now a billionaire, and is the co-founder of SkyBridge Capital.  He took the job once held by Mike Dubke, who resigned in May.  Multiple White House officials told Politoco that Scaramucci was chosen despite resistance from Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and others.   Well said deadman.. 

In fact, The New York Times reported that Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned because he thought hiring Scaramucci was a “major mistake.” NBC News is reporting that Steve Bannon said Scaramucci will get the job “over my dead body.”  

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