Note: We have included him with the scumbag list since he is Donald’s BFF.

Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian statesman and former intelligence officer serving as President of Russia since 2012, previously holding the position from 2000 until 2008.  He was BornOctober 7, 1952 (age 65 years), Saint Petersburg, Russia

Previous officesPrime Minister of Russia (2008–2012)-  Presidential terms: May 7, 2000 – May 7, 2008, May 7, 2012 –

Now we have a new scumbag motivator of popularism using the similar techniques used decades ago.  His name is Donald Trump and he uses the same game plan, Hitler, Lenin, Trotsky, Mussolini, Stalin and others adapted.  

Destroy the government agencies by injecting lies over and over again, claiming everything is fake and only he is believable. Destroy the Press, the only bastion of truth, destroy the FBI and the intelligence agencies, form your own government of lackeys and people of low substance but high dollar value.   It’s a Leninist and NAZI format ( Goebbels rules of propaganda: Tell a big lie, tell it often, tell it loud and the people will believe you.  Fortunately those who used it in the past, eventually wound up dead. This is good.

In Russia today, the rich Putin team of crooks is called the OLIGARCH, The Russian oligarchs (see the related term “New Russians”) are business Oligarchs of the former Soviet republics who rapidly accumulated wealth during the era of Russian privatization in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. Their wealth came from what they could steal.  

Putin is probably the richest person in the world since he stole the most...  many, many billions sit in Swiss banks.  Trump is a pauper compared to Vlad... his BFF.

In the US you could compare most of the Oligarch to TRUMPS cabinet.  No paupers on Trumps team, money buys you his love and a seat.  His manipulation of the tax codes will make his friends and him very much richer.  His shift, all loyal rich people of dubious quality and so far nothing of good merit are there because and he said it, if you are rich, rich cabinet members will make America rich and their skills and will trickle down.  You gotta be frickin kidding me.

📢   The Poem Putin sent to Donald Trump...before Helsinki

Your twits and tones won’t break my bones and names will never harm me
But nukes, troops and cruise missiles might possibly alarm me.

Your claims and bravado from one who never gave his country service,
I laugh, your much bragging and self adornment falls short of a Whirling Dervish
Spew all the junk, the flim and flam, please claim fake all that you can,
Since my superb hackers  simply delete all your spam...
 Be aware, my friend, I was trained by the KGB,  And we got all the hacks free by the DOD
So be kind to me and kiss my ass, for a scumbag like you,  I’m way above your class.

                                                                 Your Fiend, 

       Vladimir Putin

1-We don’t need a weakened government but a strong government that would take the utmost responsibility for the rights of the individual and care for the society as a whole.  Or I will shoot or poison those who oppose me.
2-We shall fight against them, throw them in prisons and destroy them.
 (Bullets or NX) 
The path towards a free society has not been simple.  There are tragic and glorious pages in our history, the tragic part always solved by 1-2.


•  On 1 September 1960, Putin started at School No. 193 at Baskov Lane, near his home. He was one of a few in the class of approximately 45 pupils who was not yet a member of the Young Pioneer organization. 

•  At age 12, he began to practice Samba and Judo. He is a Judo black belt and national master of sports in Sambo which is a Russian-Soviet martial art and combat sport.  The word “  SAMBO” is an acronym for SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya, which literally translates as "self-defense without weapons". 

•  Sambo is relatively modern since its development began in the early 1920s by the Soviet Red Army to improve their hand-to-hand combat abilities.  It was intended to be a merger of the most effective techniques of other martial arts.

•  System Spetsnaz is the Russian Military Special OPs Version.  It is also the mainstay or part of the Russian Spetsnaz technique, differing from Sambo which is more portrayed as a sport version. The SS hand to hand profile which is a highly efficient and most dangerous form of hand to hand.  It combines a simple throw with devastating bone breaking combinations.  The Israeli Army trains in a similar way with a style called KRAV MAGA.  The styles are similar and training is available. The course on DVD for Systema Spetsnaz is about $700.00 dollars.  Both are taught in the US.

•  President Tump has claimed ( and made a symbolic threat) how tough he was having completed over three rounds in Military School in boxing.   The  rounds are three minutes in duration.  In my estimation as a fan of MMA, I would give the smaller  Putin about 21 seconds, 18 of which it would take for Putin to catch up to him running away.

•  He wished to emulate the intelligence officers portrayed in Soviet cinema.  Putin studied German at Saint Petersburg High School 281 and speaks German fluently.  He also understands English well and he takes notes.  Trump doesn’t and can’t remember what he said yesterday.  Thats why there is so much fake news. 

•   Putin studied Law at the Leningrad State University (now Saint Petersburg State University) in 1970 and graduated in 1975.

•   His thesis was on “The Most Favored Nation Trading Principle in International Law”.   While there, he was required to join the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and remained a member until December 1991.   Putin met Anatoly Sobchak, an assistant professor who taught business law (khozyaystvennoye pravo), and who would be influential in Putin's career.


In 1975, Putin joined the KGB and trained at the 401st KGB school in Okhta, Leningrad.

•  After training, he worked in the Second Chief Directorate (counter-intelligence), before he was transferred to the First Chief Directorate, where he monitored foreigners and consular officials in Leningrad.

•  From 1985 to 1990, he served in Dresden, East Germany,  using a cover identity as a translator.  Masha Gessen, a Russian-American who has authored a biography about Putin claims, “ Putin and his colleagues were reduced mainly to collecting press clippings, thus contributing to the mountains of useless information produced by the KGB."

•  According to Putin’s official biography, during the fall of the Berlin Wall that began on 9 November 1989, he burned KGB files to prevent demonstrators from obtaining them.

•  After the collapse of the Communist East German government, Putin returned to Leningrad in early 1990, where he worked for about three months with the International Affairs section of Leningrad State University, reporting to Vice-Rector Yuriy Molchanov.

•  There, he looked for new KGB recruits, watched the student body, and renewed his friendship with his former professor, Anatoly Sobchak, soon to be the Mayor of Leningrad.

•  Putin claims that he resigned with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel on 20 August 1991, on the second day of the 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt against the Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

•  Putin said: “ As soon as the coup began, I immediately decided which side I was on”, although he also noted that the choice was hard because he had spent the best part of his life with "the organs".

•  In 1999, Putin described communism as “a blind alley, far away from the mainstream of civilization”.


Re-engined for better mileage, and upgraded with new electronics.


The current presidential state car is an Aurus Senat limousine, which replaced a Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard Pullman.  The car is equipped with many life-saving, offensive, and defensive measures, and is built to the Federal Protective Service's standards. The Aurus Senat was developed in Russia by the NAMI as part of the "Kortezh" project. The Senat was publicly presented for the first time at the Fourth inauguration of Vladimir Putin in 2018.   NOTE: And they made it clear and announced it is bigger than the BEAST that Donald Trump rides in - Russian upsmanship and Putin played it to the hilt.