SECRET SERVICE CODE NAME: “SEAN SPHINCTER” Most things he says when he doesn’t dodge an answer are BS anyway so the SS just calls him “Sean Sphincter” a name given to him by college classmates. (True)

Sean Michael Spicer  ( Born 9-23-1971) is the White House press secretary and former communications director for President Donald Trump.  Spicer was communications director of the Republican National Committee, from 2011 to 2017, and its chief strategist, from 2015 to 2017.

On December 22, 2016, Spicer was named as Trump's White House press secretary, and two days later, he was also named White House communications director.  He assumed both positions with Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017.

On January 21, 2017 the press corp had enough rope to hang him from the White House balcony.  Spicer’s first official statement as press secretary was criticized for providing what became called "alternative facts" regarding the inauguration's attendance numbers.

He quickly assumed the role of Donald’s explainer and did a horrible job of explaining horrible lies with more horrible lies.

In one statement, he also claimed that the inauguration was "the most watched ever"  but subsequently stated that he was referring not only to live attendees at the ceremony or those watching on TV, but also viewers who watched the inauguration online. However, no conclusive figures are available for online viewers, so the claim is unverifiable.

Update:  It was verified by the US Parks department that it physically (by imaging the actual crowd with drone cameras and high viewpoints with video) was not the largest and added to Mr. Spicer's reputations as the only one who could out bullshit Kellyanne.

Spicer is the son of Kathryn (née Grossman) and Michael William Spicer.  He was born at North Shore Hospital in Manhasset, New York and grew up in Barrington, Rhode Island.  His father was an insurance agent and his mother is the department manager in the East Asian studies department at Brown University.  He is of Irish descent.

Spicer attended Portsmouth Abbey School,  and Connecticut College  graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in government.   In college he wrote a letter to the student paper, The College Voice, urging that new campus anti-smoking rules not alter existing accommodations for smoking during examinations, then submitted an angry complaint after they rendered his byline as "Sean Sphincter" for which he received further ribbing from the campus satirical publication "Blats". The incident was later cited as the beginning of his contentious relationship with the media.

In 2012, he received a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary and communications director, walked into the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in a dark-blue suit and a blue and gold rep tie and began his descent into his new daily psychosis. 

He began his daily briefing, the ninth of his tenure, by discussing the severe weather in Louisiana before moving on to Donald Trump’s “listening session” with local sheriffs, his intention to commit more resources to the army, and then a subsequent “listening session” regarding how to make improvements to the Veterans Administration.

Soon after, however, Spicer appeared to make the pivot from genial former naval public officer to his alter ego, a Mr. Hyde-esque Trump stalwart, his face contorted between anger and shell-shock. He discussed the controversial confirmation of Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for secretary of education, which required an unusual tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Mike Pence. 

The repudiation of DeVos, whose qualifications, views on public education, and disastrous confirmation performance were scrutinized by members of both parties, seemed to be interpreted as disloyalty to the Trump regime. “The fact that we had to get to the point where the vice president had to be pulled in to overcome the Democrats’ historic and partisan logjam of the president’s qualified nominee,” Spicer said, “is another glaring reminder of the unprecedented obstruction that Senate Democrats have engaged in throughout this process.” 

Betsy DeVos isn’t fit for Secretary of Education and should be relegated to a lesser program such as Secretary of Ronald McDonalds playrooms. She’ll put charter schools everywhere for the rich and the poor will get vouchers.  The poorer kids need the better education, better schools, even food benefits to stay on par with the rich kids.

Frankly speaking, her performance during confirmation sucked for lack of a better word... the people were right, her views and history are a blight on education. She is just another Trump elitist.

He continued: “The American people sent a strong message when they elected President Trump in November: their fed up with business as usual in Washington. Democrats in the Senate should expect that voters will remember how they stood in the way of the president enacting an agenda that put him into office.”

During the bizarre, shocking, and occasionally Constitution-bending initial fortnight of the Trump administration, few have appeared to suffer more, perhaps both publicly and privately, than Spicer himself. As a long-tenured creature of Washington, who has served in various capacities around Capitol Hill since the 90s, Spicer was a generally well-liked communications director at the Republican National Committee, with a quick wit and a sense of humor. 

One reporter who worked with Spicer described him as a  “very reasonable guy.” In the last two weeks, however, Spicer has been subject to a form of public torture. He has, in some ways, become Trump’s very own Baghdad Bob.

The day after Trump’s inauguration, Spicer baldly lied to the assembled press about the size of Trump's turnout, among other things, in a bombastic delivery that appeared part-Trump, part Sam Kinison—and decidedly unlike Spicer. He soon entered into a full-on feud with CNN’s Jim Acosta, trashing his behavior during a contentious press conference as “rude and disrespectful,” saying, to his face, “if you behave like that again, we will have you removed.” 

Then came the news that Trump did not approve of Spicer’s wardrobe. 

Followed by the worst gaff in the history of the Press Spokesmen, his reference to Bashar Al-Assad as worse than Hitler. Im afraid its too sensitive an issue for me being Jewish and comparing the T-RUMP regime fairly close in parameters with a Fourth Reich, a pet theme of Bannon.

Even Howard Stern is slamming Sean Spicer over his comments about the Holocaust, saying the White House press secretary speaks “fluent moron.”

Spicer claimed earlier this week during a White House press briefing that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, whose regime gassed millions of Jews and others during the Holocaust, did not use chemical weapons during World War II. The misstatement came as Spicer was attempting to compare Syrian President Bashar Assad — who’s accused of killing some of his citizens with chemical weapons — to Hitler.  The statements, Stern said Wednesday on his SiriusXM radio show, were “crazy.”

“When I heard this, I was like, Trump’s got to fire this guy, I think,” Stern, 63, exclaimed.

“Spicer managed to make Assad look good,” the radio host said. “He actually got him to look not so bad for using chemical weapons on his own people because the discussion became, Sean Spicer, how could you not know that Hitler marched his own people — Jews, gypsies, homosexuals … to concentration camps and turned on chemical gas. It was somewhat remarkable that a guy this high up in the administration wouldn’t know this.”

“The guy’s just not informed, and it’s kind of embarrassing — it’s just embarrassing. But it’s entertaining as hell,” Stern remarked.


And then came Melissa McCarthy’s brilliant spoof on Saturday Night Live of Spicer as a man in the midst of an existential crisis—a performance that reportedly ruffled feathers in the White House. 

“Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak,” a source told Politico. But truth is “it’s almost like the new president is a stage mom off to the side, telling Sean what to say and how to say it.

McCarthy’s portrayal of Spicer, however, resonated with journalists who have watched Spicer transform into an adversarial, apoplectic caricature of the press secretary as superhero villain.   Press secretaries around the District also immediately felt a wave of sympathy for Spicer’s circumstances. “President Trump seems to have indicated that getting along and having good relations with the press is somehow disloyal,” 

On Tuesday evening, Acosta broke the story that Trump was disappointed in Spicer’s performance and the White House was looking to unburden him of his communications director role in order to facilitate an improvement in the briefing room. 

Acosta noted that the president blamed his chief of staff, Reince Priebus, for selecting Spicer for such a visible role. This being Trumpland, Acosta also quotes an anonymous senior official saying that Trump supported Spicer “100 percent.”

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