2016-17 CAMPAIGN

As we predicted, secret service nicknamed ‘Brunhilda’ is the new mouth for the press corp spewing the TRUMP line, not the party line, the T-Rumps line, since Sean Spicer is leaving his post as Donald’s press-yes man.  At this point in the Game of Thrones, basically the cabinet sitting on toilets in a huge circle, he is lucky for eventually the dragons will come and burn the whole friggen mess down.

In 2016, after mis-managing her father Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign, in which the bass player, TV political star and the toad load of evangelical Jesus freak bullshit blew out in the first round by voters who had blown him out two other times.  (Beware of false prophets)  He wasn’t that good a bassist either.

She signed on as a senior advisor for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, handling the Trump campaign’s communications for coalitions.  Many thought her going to work for TRUMP would be easy as one egotistical jerk to another is basically a simple transfer. 

She is doing a wonderful job as covering for the bombastic idiot in the WhiteHouse by simply explaining his really stupid comments with her stupider ones or playing dodge ball with answers stressing she hadn’t asked the President about it, so according to simple Journalistic questioning, the real question is, “What the F*ck does she do all day and why do we have these useless press meetings.

Unfortunately the coalition building went like a Southern Christian bible-thumping holy roller devout wedding in a biker bar.  She was promoted for loyalty, not talent, and recently promoted since TRUMP destroys more coalitions than he creates she became the White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary -  alias... Sara Nota-Wara.  A famous princess who also never answered a question till they fed her to a pack of wolves.

Working under Sean Spicer where she has learned a lot.  “How to correctly not answer a question, stall, lie, party line rhetoric which comes across as rehearsed bullshit, make up answers and maintain and accuracy mark of about 23 percent in truth and honesty on a good day”.  Not his fault thats what you have to do under TRUMP.

Prediction: She may be either the interim or permanent spokesperson when Sean finally blows out for medical reasons like a frickin heart attack or lightning strike, or wakes up and says why burn me to lie for him.  

Sean is too good a person to be in that role.  “Brunhilda”  (her nickname) is perfect for the job.   It will not take her long to become well hated.  She’s 60 percent there.

Many of the press corps have had bad dreams over her, some even imagining her being run over by a TV truck and redemption when filming it live.

Perhaps the Klingons or the Romulans will need a spokes woman of her demeanor in the future.  She is loyal, blatantly intimidating, tough, about as feminine as a fullback in the NFL, and fits wide screen TV’s perfectly.  

She thinks she’s being smart and cute and she does a good job defending the Liar-in-chief even though I think for an evangelical believer which she claims to be comes across as a crock of bovine fluid like extraction.  

A movie and stage critic thought she might be perfect for the movie role of the life of Brunhilda the Queen. (c. 543–613) who was a princess of the Spanish Visigoths who married the Merovingian King Sigebert I of Austrasia, part of Francia.

In her long and complicated career she ruled the eastern Frankish kingdoms of Austrasia and Burgundy for three periods as regent for her son, grandson and great-grandson. The period was marked by tension between the royal house and the powerful nobles vying for power. Just like working for TRUMP and the Trumpsters and other degenerates flooding the White house.

Brunhilda was apparently an efficient ruler, but this and her forceful personality brought her into conflict with her nobles, the church, and the other Merovingians. Just like Trump using her to punish the press corps.

Her bitter feud with Fredegund, who murdered Brunhilda’s sister Galswintha to replace her as Queen of the Kingdom of Soissons lasted until Fredegund’s death in 597. 

Fredegund had Brunhilda's husband murdered, and Brunhilda imprisoned for a period. It was continued by Fredegund’s son, Clothar II, who in 613 defeated Brunhilda in battle and had her executed by being pulled apart by four horses. We don’t do that today, we would use four HumVees in her case.

She is there for the job, no more no less and if she believes the bovine crap Trump dishes out and defends him, she’s doing her job but killing her career. Just like T-Rump. Somehow these liars persist and live on.  Thats the GOP, base. Ignorance at it’s best.

On May 5, 2017, she held her first White House press briefing, standing in for Sean Spicer who was serving on Naval Reserve duty. She continued to cover for Spicer the following week until he returned from reserve duty.  If the ship Spicer is on happened to hit a mine, it will get rid of one part of the problems in the press room, not his fault,  but a combination of really bad parts sloppily assembled.  Unfortunately if they do replace him with her, vying against Kellyanne Conway as holding the edge in mis-communication and mis-direction which is the cornerstone and basement of the TRUMP idiotology. 

Personal life - Sara Huckster Sanders is married to Bryan Chatfield Sanders, Mike Huckabee’s 2016 media consultant.  The marriage took place on May 25, 2010, at Nazareth Lutheran Church at Cruz Bay on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The couple have three children and she should stay home and take care of the kids and teach them all about opera.

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