And last but not least, on the subject of things not spoken about  the water cooler is sex and the Hollywood scene, a bunch of actors banging on other actors, and the divorces which make headlines.

My segway is the game of thrones, the porcelain god, good crap application and usage, when it comes to thrones how can we leave out the magnificent incredible earth moving gluteal muscles which are a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks:  The Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus of the Kardashian Girls... Magnifico, Giganti, Cushioned Mounds ! 

The three muscles originate from the ilium and sacrum and insert on the femur.  The Maximus muscle group of the Kardashian girls exemplify the highest accord in buttock artistry as they show their secrets in this article on lubrication and husband happiness. 

These are not just average asses, these are works of art supported by hours at the gym, with trainers, insertion technicians and massage therapists.  I offered my expertise as an ass massaginist in that manner butt was turned down.  First we’ll examine the Kourtney Kardashian plan. 

You won’t see on this site articles on the Kardashians latest trend in pedicures.  Kourtney, the one who is always with and without her part time reality star husband, Scott Disick, alcoholic and total asshole is endorsing an alternative medicine, a rectal health enema with special lubricants.

It may take a Village to bring up a child, but a bunch of talentless large asses finds suck-cess in the pop culture scene.  It’s just their style, sometimes (OK often) one of them from their Borg Collective Brothel makes weird news.  

Kim Kardashian would have no part of it since she has much larger buttocks.  She declined the offer to let her anal canal receive the 19.95 lube and oil change.   Especially, after seeing a firehose hanging on the wall, and sizing up the situation.   Hmm, she didn’t seem that way in her video on the internet.

Her massive Gluteus Maximus made the tabloid news. It is actually rumored to be or will be down-sized due to the implants shifting.   Yes, “ Assplantation, Bootie Botox or Bootyfieing”  is common in Hollywood, for those getting the ass-bumps and visible dimples that come with age.  Kourtney decided to go ahead, telling viewers: “It’s a great alternative way to get toxins out of the body”.   About as toxic as her acting on television. 

Kourtney later posted on her Twitter account: “ I love oil enemas! I recommend them to all of you me when I say life changing”!   Hopefully she’ll get a sponsorship as a spokesperson for Standard Oil 10W-30, get to wear NASCAR type tight clothes with an open ass flap type port for access and receive product direct in 55 gallon drums.

NOTE **  The show had one of their highest ratings ever when the sisters discovered this pseudo medical treatment.  Some deep personal inspection, probing by Kourtney’s on again-off again sometimes husband Scott Disick thought it was a great idea as he was doing some followup work involving close inspection and observation of her procedure, followed by, a round of careful and loving tenderness as she has a temper that goes with the now very slippery slope.

Back to the other assholes....



As some of the folks have stated, when it comes to shit, no one can match the shit produced by Donald Trump.  So draining the swamp and making it a cesspool might be an advantage.  After all who knows shit better than Donald Trump.  He’s not just full of it, he is a sustainer, motivator, spreader, and rated expert 9 level in shit flinging.

Let the truth be told, about draining swamps.  With all the good folks quitting Trumps empire since they really have gotten to know him, I wish them well.

And for those being fired for committing to T-Humps lifestyle on the government’s dollar and getting caught,  we have a problem. Only he can rob the country, and he does and anyone else gets fired. And so far with Price and Pruitt for starters the list will grow.

It left a residual emptiness of thought, challenge, diversity, smarts,  knowledge, those fit for the job, intelligence, cooperation, insight, juris prudence, fairness, partisanship and hugs. 

It’s quit simple, even for some Evangelicals and the GOP Base morons to understand.   Those he selected on the basis of paybacks, being a good comrade, donations, and ass-kissing got preference over those who could do the job.  

Thats how fake presidents act.  Mr. Big as he likes to be called is as tough as can be from all the draft dodging for ingrown toenails ( not the other foot problem, an ingrown toe set in his mouth) and served his country well in a military school.

Comments from the other cadets ranged from he was a real obnoxious pr *ck to he had the shiniest shoes in the dorm.

Now some of the Trump swampers are being found out as incompetents  low-lifes, scumbags, wife-beaters, liars, crooks,  cheats, traitors, thieves, security risks and dumbass siblings, with screwball thinking, poor gamesmanship, and finally the swamp may get drained simply because they are drinking the polluted water and it is filthy.  And in the process the good people have left of their own accord and the swamp is shrinking.

He’ll have no other trouble finding suitable friends amongst the swampers  cesspool after all this is Washington.  Heres are few of the symbionts.  it means they are similar to real people but they are droids and don’t function well.


The cesspool which replaced the swamp of fish, alligators, venomous snakes, snapping turtles, Paca’s and pythons, with scumbags so low, requires a lot of work.

I have written about the swamps for years and admittedly Washington was a swamp for an awful long time.  I started writing ( thats what I call it)  just about at the start of the Bush 43 era and met several people who affected my life who were incapable or insufficient intellect based to be in a position of anything.  

A Cowboy Pick-up Truck President, a shrewd, cunning, and lying Vice president, a female political hack running for VP whose voice gives me the creeps, a bat-hit crazy couple playing with religion, homophobia and scamming the government, and leaders of non-leadership quality.

The cesspool on the other hand is worse than any swamp ever could be.  The good people who left Trump, I do not blame for getting out of dodge because when the doo-doo hits the fan, there will be hell to pay.  Most left because of chaos, shame, stupidity, blamesmanship, sucking sound leadership and lies.  

However I will say one nice thing about Donald Trump.  He is a fine dresser and ties a great Windsor knot on his ties, much better than most. The Windsor knot, named after the Duke of Windsor, also referred to as a Full Windsor or as a Double Windsor to distinguish it from the half-Windsor, is a method of tying a necktie. The Windsor knot, compared to other methods, produces a wide symmetrical triangular knot. 

James Bond famously mistrusted any man who tied his tie with a Windsor knot. He saw it as "the mark of a cad," according to author Ian Fleming. Of course, Bond himself often wore a Windsor. He was a cad, after all. But there’s more to it than that.  Just like Donald is a lot more than a cad.  He is the epitome of scumbaggishness.

I propose when we finally hang Trump as a traitor to this country, the normal hangman noose be substituted for a Windsor knot hangman noose.

Those hacks, politicos, politicians, faux news (Fox) reporters and fronts who are devoted to themselves and who put their insane, personal, perverted,selfish,or stupid views ahead of the American public’s best interest, their believers, and in some cases humanity. Like a good used scumbag, the trash is the only place they belong.  

Our sincere thanks to Donald Trump  and a few past celebrities for bringing some of these cretans to this realm,and putting them in positions of importance, namely their ass-kissing ability and adoration at his bidding.  Talent was a no cost option as so far many of them have already blown it out of moral and ethical proportion or with the title comes a certain amount of what we call blow-jobbing.  His choices will go down in history as the Cesspool that replaced “the Swamp” collection.   


•  Pres. George Bush43

 •  Sara Palin

•  VP Dick Cheney  

• Michelle Bachmann and Husband 

•  Sen. Mitch McConnell

  •  Sen. Trey Gowdy


• Jeff Sessions  

 •  Rudi Giuliani

•  Sara Huckster Sanders

•  VP Mike Pence 

•  KellyAnn Conway 

•   Stephen Miller 

• Scott Pruitt

• Michael Cohen

•  Steve Bannon

•  Betsy DeVos

•   Sean ‘Bullshit” Hannity 

  John Bolton

•  Vladimir Putin

Jay Sekulow