It took a while for the Jacobs Secret Service to come up with a proper code name for the circle of advisors who feed information both to the President and the press from TRUMP under the guise of “leaks”.  

This elite group both serves and supports the balls of the new President in what he says on a daily basis to his Twitter account, informally but commonly called Nit-Twit One.  Thus we decided that with that much support needed this team was special and deserved a place and recognition of their own and it was decided somewhere under the desk in the Oval room in the White House and never seen by the public.

This team of elite spinners and twirlers have the unique ability to recover from any kind of low blows they may create by re-spinning the stories the following days.  The Ninja Blenders can’t compare in spinning.  These folks prove Dr. Goebbels theory tell lies, tell it often enough, and tell it loud enough and the common man will believe you.  Part one of the scheme of things.  These lies destroy confidence of the people, then you place the right people in the right place, his cabinet for example, surround yourself with this administration crew and then create your own party or part of government.

Earning a post to the Black jock straps isn’t easy but there are paths.  Lots of sucking up, like  Christie, Reince, marriage (Kushner) or attendance at Trump functions and associate lying like the new blowjob after Giuliani does at the press briefings which are more like denial sessions.  Of course there’s the plain old ass-kissing your way into a position like Carson and again Reince Priebus.  

Bannon is the key to radical Leninism to help Trump for the fourth part or superior branch of government he’s creating more powerful than the other three and that gets you an additional lunatic like Miller.   If you are too naive to see what he is doing, go back and study history. it was tried before.  It led to the second world war.

And the intelligent public rates them according to their statements.  Thats a lost cause, soon we will add scores....



MORE COMING (Some going, look for the Reaper) TO BE SURE

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