The president’s conservative defenders, AKA, the real SWAMP on Capitol Hill were silent or sought to separate themselves from his remarks.  

They are scared of him and most of the party people, cowards all.   Thats part of the problem, the ball-less eunuchs of the Republican Party led by ‘ missing balls’ MITCH MCCONNELL.

So where does Fake News come from.  These articles and excerpts of interest by a variety of great journalists, and much lesser talented ones like myself are about topics we cover and care about with an abundance of occasional personal comment thrown in.  

I am privileged to know some of these great writers, cartoonist and creative commenters,  and to bring their world to you.  I try to add some humor, insight, disagreement, predictions to the fray.  The truth is what he calls fake articles whenever he leaks some stupidity and gets called on it, then it becomes fake news.


I make no claims to be the author of specifics in these articles, but I verify through sources what is truth, and will defend their thoughts and mine with my being and insight.  I am a conglomerate collector of stories and put them together on subjects and topics I am interested in and agree with.  In Intel in the service, getting facts was critical to force protection and saving lives. In my civilian life writing and photographing required the same integrity.  

Our motto is when you want the best in FAKE NEWS make sure you get it from a FAKE President, Donald J. TRUMP...It takes a fake president to create theses lies and a third grade level carrier for his intellect, nothing too complex, to allow a shell game like NIT-TWITT to carry it.  

Twitter is perfect as he likes to see his lies and gibberish in print. He is the biggest nit-twit on twitter and the planet and it appeals to what we call low-income crainial housing.  It takes a village of seriously weak minded people who believe his lies to support his off the wall hatred and they think it is good for the country.  

When their health insurance is declined, or not available, premiums soar through the roof and preexisting conditions will not be considered, and the minimum wage jobs don’t put food on the table, they will come out of the ether.  

Don’t take offense, I said it many times I would never denigrate the Office of a Real President, not a narcissistic, neurotic, sick, power hungry, individual, playing a reality game,  nor any law-biding competent Cabinet members, members of Congress, or the Senate if they were doing their job... unfortunately, so many are not... and thus they are fair game to being brought to the surface and dragging the bigots and haters of a true democracy out of their holes.



Truth is not virtuous anymore, mistruths, alternate reality is the common language. The committees that used to seek truth namely, the Oversight and Judicial Committees are politically worse than what they are looking at.  The useless corruption on these committees need to be jailed and or removed based on the lies they created in their fake investigations.  

I could name more co-conspirators, Sen. Grassley, Nunes, McConnell, McCarthy, deserve to be treated as traitors, as they have sold out their Oaths to Serve the People and the Constitution.  The corruption is right out there in the open.  Plenty more to choose from.  They serve themselves.

  • New Washington Post reporting that President Donald Trump may have taken unprecedented, and potentially illegal, measures to conceal the contents of private conversations with President Vladimir Putin.
  • These include the growing counterintelligence risks posed by actions that aid and abet Russian intelligence operations.
  • The full panoply of Russian actions -- from election interference to the manipulation of those whom Putin considers high-value American assets -- pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.
  • And Trump's efforts to keep meetings with Putin under wraps only exacerbate this threat. Despite the President and his team’s denials regarding allegations that he tried to conceal the contents of his meetings with Putin,  destroying or taking the note from his translator is a bombshell.
  • More to the point, Putin will feel like he can manipulate any narrative about the meetings. He may even try to spread theories (whether warranted or not) that there was an intent to conceal evidence of a crime -- whether criminal or counterintelligence related -- because that undermines the credibility of the President himself.
  • Absent our own records of the meeting, we have nothing we can use to counter any Russian misinformation about what happened.
  • Even worse, giving the Russian government sensitive information that US officials do not have -- information on what was discussed in meetings between Putin and Trump -- also represents a major operational risk. 
  • The Russian government likely has more knowledge than our own administration does on key bilateral policy discussions, including Israel, which Trump acknowledged that they discussed.

A POEM BY AL JACOBSON From My Book Of Poems About Assholes

To Donald with Love From Vlad 

Your twits and stones won’t break my bones, and twitter names will never harm me
But nukes, troops, ships, and cruise missiles might possibly alarm me.

Your claims and bravado from one who dodged his countries service,
I laugh, you’re bragging, self adornment falls short of making me nervous...

Spew all the junk, the flim, flam, and the twitts,  
Go back to playing with those porn queens t*t’s

Please keep twitting and claim fake if thats all that you can,
Since my GRB’s  very superb hackers  just delete all your spam...

Be aware, my friend, I was trained by the elite KGB,
And we got all the hacks free by perusing the DOD

So be kind to me and keep kissing my ass...
For a scumbag like you, I’m way above your class

In the midst of all your trials, tribulations and talk of defense,
You nether-lands are well protected by your stooge Mike Pence 

And to think you can be my friend and imitate me, thats your quirk...
A simple coward pretend bully like you will always be a simple third grade jerk...

Have a bigly day....         
Your Fiend, Vladimir 


Please take those NRA envelopes ( we call them bribes) supposedly to prevent the elimination of firearms by changes to the second amendment which is a lie perpetrated by the NRA and feed the families of those who have suffered a loss at the hands of guns and mass murderers.  Instead they take the money and do nothing about gun control.  And now the NRA was working with a guilty Russian spy... the plot thickens.


What a scumbag to denigrate John McCain a dying national war hero?  Worse, by a draft dodging corrupt piece of sh*t.   He has insulted the life and career of one of our most famous war heros who went on to serve our country in the Senate till his dieing day.  

Even when our hero died, the real scumbag showed himself, his butt-kissing of a North Korean demagogue, and a Russian KGB professional just goes against the hundreds of thousands of innocents who paid the price of freedom for him and his scumbirds he calls friends. 

He truly deserves a funeral, not exactly a full one with honors, maybe state wise with parades of garbage trucks and overflights by mosquito control helicopters, some of those Black Ones from the NRA and marching bands and a swift burial in the garbage dumps of New Jersey plowed over and circled with golden urinals so many he has hurt will have a chance at redemption.

There is no season on those who betray the trust they were given by the people, no one is above the law.  Those who write our laws should, must be made aware of the laws, and be held to a higher accountability.  


There is no Republican Party anymore, it was a party of cowards anyway controlled by McConnell and McCarthy.  It is now the party of Trump which is so close to Leninism/Marxism.   Heavily coated in Hitler philosophy, carefully crafted by Steve Miller and somewhat supported by cowardly clones.  

The swamp is no longer, as many see it as a huge septic tank.  And well thought out,  only T-Rump added so many incompetents to  handle things backed by losers who were already in office...  

T-RUMP does show signs of degeneration, repeating and so forth.  I wish nothing bad, as I have a relative and friends suffering with Alzheimer’s and It’s terrifying and a tremendous burden to those helping.  It’s almost a full time job.  

I recognize it in spite of that fake medical report, from that fake Admiral who was in collusion with Trump for the job at the Veterans administration, that there is something mentally very wrong with him. The Admiral got vetted and it wasn’t pretty, he’s retired when Congress read his tea leaves and some were Tea Pee.  

Once again this year, the bluster-full magnificent BS artist told us how well he is moving the country, and that jobs are coming to this country unfortunately there is a slight problem with his mathematics, there always seems to be a problem with his mathematics.   

Simply explained by a noted psychiatric professor with also a degree in quantitative mathematics to his class,  “ He frickin lies a lot and exaggerates almost everything by hundreds and thousands ".  As is usually the case in crowd estimation and budgetary concerns or any thing honest for that matter.



Education, Schools that I visit to mentor science projects, I question the children who are learning nothing about the past, and currently we are making the same mistakes again.  

The past is the great teacher. Those who do not study the past are prone to making the same mistakes.  Donald Trump took the money from EDUCATION IN THE BUDGET and cut it by 17 million dollars.  Putting Betsy DeVos into that position as Education Secretary is like when Hitler chose Himmler to run the SS and Hitlers problem with the Jewish “ overpopulation”.  It’s a disgrace to all our educators and truly harmful to the children. 

We are creating a generation of children who know nothing about their government, how it was supposed to work and how it doesn’t and is not working now. They know nothing about our relationships with other countries.  They will not know the true science they will be fed the Big Bang stories and untruths.

They know nothing about the wars, and 200 million who have died.  It’s sad, very sad.  Lots of good people died so we can enjoy freedom.  And the future...  Being controlled by an ignorant dumbass Draft Dodging Scumbag will do nothing but create a nation of other dumbasses, he must be stopped.