President Trump’s embrace of discredited theories linking vaccines to autism has energized the anti-vaccine movement. Once fringe, the movement is becoming more popular, raising doubts about basic childhood health care among politically and geographically diverse groups.  Parents are scared by verbiage from those who know little and without real credentials.

When the children get sick and these diseases can go virulent and many in the medical profession aren’t used to working with them, or recognizing them, we will have problems, their parents will have problems and children will suffer.

Public health experts warn that this growing movement is threatening one of the most successful medical innovations of modern times. Globally, vaccines prevent the deaths of about 2.5 million children every year, but deadly diseases such as measles and whooping cough still circulate in populations where enough people are unvaccinated.

If their children get sick, and die due to a lack of care by the parents, the parent(s) could and should be charged.  This is not about rights or politics, this is about prevention.  We forget the following are almost gone from the US but some of them do reside in other parts of the world.

•  Chickenpox (Varicella)   •  Diphtheria   Flu (Influenza)   •  Hepatitis A   •  Hepatitis B   •  Hib   •  Measles   •  Mumps   •  Polio    •  Pneumococcal    •  Rotavirus    •  Rubella    •  Tetanus    •  Whooping Cough (Pertussis)


This was not an election of people, this was an election of anger feedback using raw ego, repetition, responsive answers, lies and naive illiteracy against our government to win.  The eight years of obstructionism, loss of jobs and a do-nothing gridlocked government failed us all.   And TRUMP used you and your future.  

AND LET ME BE VERY CLEAR, a good percentage of that failure you were experiencing during the Obama administration was caused by the GOP, the GRAND OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTY.  Search the almost 800 bills that died in the house and Senate because of the GOP which would have helped many but were stopped because the GOP did not want Obama to succeed.  

So for those who think prejudice does not exist, or playing the race card, wake up, it has reared its ugly head, firmly vested in the GOP and TRUMP went from feeding the Pythons mice to feeding them Rabbits...

He drained the swamp all right,  only that was the last thing the poor called home.  His cuts affected and will effect further the poor and middle class, who thought he was the Messiah and gave a bigly, gigantic, enormous wonderfully, tax break to the rich. (Read the ten commandments especially the part about “False Prophets or was it False Profits”)

Trumpsters, you wanted a higher minimum wage, overtime pay, paid family and medical leave, more secure health insurance, yes, under Obama it was slow but it was steady growth, which is safe,  but the promises made by TRUMP won’t happen, I said won’t happen.  Trump likes to repeat key words. 

You fwanted the ever dangerous coal mines to be reopened but with no market for coal and coal is not in vogue right now, might not happen.  In fact nothing will happen and even more will be taken from you.

In case no one told you... TRUMP and the GOP Republicans will oppose all that stuff like medical care, what they call entitlement, the Democrats called compassion.  You just screwed yourself based on promises that will never get fulfilled.  You were horribly lied to by a professional liar and you were a participant in a great Reality Show Election with marvelous rallies and slogans based on lies. 

Who will suffer the most in this mess?  Simple, the schmucks with hats  who screamed “Make America Great” and knew nothing about what Mr. Blunderbuss, not to be associated with Howdy Doody, promised them.  But they were there on TV standing behind him.  Believers, they were just idle promises, not based on factual possibilities.  They were lies.  

Those who had a good time attending reality rallies and cheering, waving their signs, attacking and jeering at the media after he raked them over the coals, beating up protesters, chanting “Lock her up” — cheered and cheered...and the world of media and the opposition brought a tennis racket to a baseball game not knowing how to fight a liar.

You promoted and aided a hatred of the establishment, just like the Brown Shirts did in the thirties, you chanted wore hats and applauded the leader.  Your medical relief you damned at every rally with chants of “ Down with Obamacare” will be gone and 12-24 million of you will have no medical care.  

The rest will realize if they shove Medical rates back to administration by the insurance companies, I will guarantee you rates will not go down.   Insurance companies are like a huge meal, they take it in heartily and let it out in a reduction and this particular insurance model crew farts out 30 million a year in salaries to the executives and you will be denied better care as they make more and you receive less.

Wear that TRUMP hate hat well, you have been played and it hides the stupidity for believing this media blowhard.  Those on the TRUMP cabinet, all millionaires or billionaires all playing TRUMPS tune which is the establishment of the Fourth Part of the democratic system.  That part, comes from Steve Bannon using Lenin’s technique of blowing things up.  Do the research.  He is a self-proclaimed Leninist and you were not warned...your fault.  

Adding, hatred for immigrants, feminists, college students, pop culture, to political correctness, to every thing that they thought caused personal failure.  Had you only looked in the mirror.  You had a chance, but went for the lies and this is what you will receive.  Add specific individuals elected to Secretary posts against all that.

In two years when nothing happens, base voters, they will become base jumpers with no parachutes.   Their community still faces the same problems like good water and schools;  No new factories in town with thousands of jobs paying great salaries, which moved back from China, that won’t happen;  and those who are waiting for the call from their Buick or Caddilac dealer that their new car with all their new found riches from Trump was ready for pickup might have a problem since their phone was cut off yesterday.

The jobs will not return, that is a lie, the reason, of course, is that productivity has risen so sharply.  Technology, and automation specifically, allows manufacturers to make more than ever before, at a much lower cost.  And those whose job has been saved which TRUMP claims will be replaced by robots in a few years and they will be right where they started.

The area of West Virginia, Virginia and especially the coal miners and related communities will not be coming back because coal is not on top any more.  It is not the fuel of the future, it is the fuel of the KOCH brothers and the money they pay (not to their miners) to bribe Congress into keeping things stable.

The problem is easy to identify; the solution is much harder. Some economists have argued for policies that do more to redistribute wealth to workers who have moved into the service sector, such as minimum-wage laws or a universal basic income.  It has been suggested giving laid-off workers an immediate lump-sum payment, rather than periodic payments for retraining, to encourage them to find work quickly.

And when the truth and failure of the trickle down becomes evident, when those who realize they have been duped by a charlatan and wake up, the rioting you have seen so far will be minor, if TRUMP doesn’t deliver it will get nasty.  Very nasty...and one day after he was sworn in, millions have already sworn against him...

Oh, in case you didn’t get the memo, all the promises, in infrastructure, voter rights, benefits for the poor, women’s health issues, help from federal agencies, bills that would have helped you were stopped by the same crew with obstructionism  that you just voted for.  I wish you well, you might need it...  In remise, you have been had.  Your local dealer won’t be calling you to pick up your new car... 

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