Already we are seeing some of the effects of the Trump plan, the tax plan really Paul Ryan’s version of the old Reagan tax scheme which failed twice, and the second time Bush 43 tried it,  money management it is no job for a fool or a smart man.  

Most politicians training in money management, have a favorite class, which consists basically of which hand should receive the latest bribe?  Eventually it will catch up to you, financially, following a moral failure like TRUMP.   We elected a President, not a King.  We got a Scumbag.  You tax payers got a thousand dollar break but 34 billion in tariffs will eat that in one month and you lost state and city tax benefits...what a screwing.

He denied it was his idea, on immigration and separation but Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions follows TRUMP like a Toy poodle to the letter.  Now TRUMP denies it.  Are GOP base voters and Evangelicals that stupid, I stopped using naive, they are simply stupid to believe what comes out of the WhiteHouse which is due out soon in a new movie called “Fifty shades of the Grey and Black House” 

My beloved party the GOP is wrecked and distorted and needs to be dissolved and replaced in the next election.  I went Independent and not looking back at a financially bribed  “ Good old boys”  Evangelical throw-backed Neanderthal based party players who promote and think dinosaurs ate the cavemen to secure votes and the bribes that go along with the office.  

History does repeat itself, In Mein Kampf, the budding Fuhrer summed up his economic and governing agenda by directing readers’ attention to a jaw-breaker word peculiar to German: PFLICHTERFULLUNG. The word hardly connotes an agenda of unleashing free enterprise and draining the swamp of bureaucracy, the agenda readily associated with Trump, what it did do was imprison the poor and middle class and the aristocracy got it all plus.  Sounding and looking familiar?

Rather, PFLICHTERFULLUNG  elevates obedience to governmental authority — to political correctness, you might even say — above the striving for individual achievement. As Hitler explains it, Pflichterfullung places regard for “the commonwealth” — the public welfare — above regard for individual liberty.   As long a s the rich and party players get what they want.

This, says Hitler, is “true idealism.” His blathering on the topic gives you a taste of his tendency toward bloviation, as well as his preference for big, meddling, interventionist, unrestrained, supposedly do-good government.   Says the Fuhrer:  so says Trumple-Dipshit.

The Bottom Line  We have a fake President, a reality star actor and totally incompetent supported by similar friends and cohorts running our nation into the ground and grabbing all they can grab.  

That tree sure looks like a great answer to a problem.  We can name it the treason-tree.

World politics and economics doesn’t work the way we want it too. We are not the only players anymore. We are a global economy, the biggest thus we have to carry the lion’s share.   

The Republicans continually offer trickle-down economics as a way of re-development in this country. They quote former President Reagan, so we assume they are of the same thinking and skill set of the late President.  Not so, many are liars and buffoons elected because of party affiliation, lies and fake credentials. 
I call them the Grifters.

These full-time shysters and pontificators know the buzzwords and cliché's ad nauseam. "The Party of Reagan", "The Eleventh Commandment" "Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev”. ‘  they believe in quoting the Great Communicator, so we will assume the brilliance of the man, well accepted and loved for his patriotism and love of America, and his financial moves trickled down to who is referencing Reagan and it will work again in the same fashion.   

Wrong. Big time wrong. History repeats itself, but the circumstance changes and endings can differ.

They wish us to think their ideas and ideals are rooted in success. It's psychologically pacifying to quote a better time and era and the mind is happy again, so they think.  And that's why these buffoons in Washington are always quoting Reagan. Truth is they don't have answers for today. They are firing blanks.  Big Blanks filled with Bovinus Escretmentorum. (Bullshit)

Why? its simple. Trickle down economy works when you have a path to trickle. That path, was also known as the middle class. Today without a middle class, trickle down is more like living on the ground floor of a two-story outdoor bathroom. 


•  Reagan’s Tax Plan and Bush 43 Tax Plan both went bust, failed, didn’t work and caused recessions. Just look at 2008 election with King George the II and his failure to count the ten trillion in debt for the wars and the stock market dropped to 6000.  

•  Ryan has promoted his tax plan for years and it went down in flames previously because regardless of anything it screws the low and middle class and gives it all to the rich, selfish from birth, simply put they are not sharer’s,  and will not share with their workers and employees.  

•  Another point is after the plan was approved Paul Ryan announced his retirement as House Speaker and the Congress. When the sh*t hits the fan when the loyalist GOP evangelical base wakes up and find out it’s too late, he won’t be ther to blame. Sort of like shoot and scoot.

Maybe, just suspicions when the crap hits the fan as it always does it is already under the leadership of Herr GropenDorfer T-Rump by his action and deeds. His 1000 dollar tax cut already got clobbered by higher gasoline and health costs. It won’t effect the rich, they got a real tax break but will kill the middle class.  Wait till the tariffs take effect and everything goes up.  That tax break should have been called the AX break when you want to cut off someones head.

Blame the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, as this is his tax plan not TRUMPS brilliance literally gleaned from the Reagan and Bush Failures and this is how it works...

You promise bigger paychecks, and bonuses to the low and middle class workers. Those are the bones thrown to the middle and lower classes to support the bill. You cut Corporate taxes.  You lower corporate taxes to create more jobs ( misnomer, you create more robots, less jobs and better profits for the shareholders)


A Republican plan for tax reform could be worse for the American economy than previously thought, according to an estimate published Monday by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.  

In a fresh look at a tax plan propose and passed, by House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, the center estimated the proposal could reduce growth in the gross domestic product by 0.5 percent after a decade and by 2.6 percent after 20 years.

Ryan's proposal calls for imposing what on paper would be a new tax on imports and exempting any exports from taxes. Skeptics say that this provision, known as a border adjustment, would make goods imported from around the world more expensive for American consumers, eating into any tax cuts the plan would grant middle-class families. The plan's supporters say that fluctuations in global currency markets would cancel out the new tax on imports.

The Tax Policy Center's new forecast is an update from a previous center estimate that the GOP plan would have little effect on the economy over the long term.

Not the only problem, the bill passed and is law eliminating  State and City taxes as deductions.  You raise healthcare and other entitlement programs to cover losses.  You eliminate benefits in housing for the poor and disenfranchised. Higher corporate profits, the stock market prices will go up.  Just ask Secretary Dr. Ben Carson about raising government assisted housing benefits.

But According to recent data from NYU the richest 10 percent hold 84 percent of the value of the stock market; the richest 1 percent control 40 percent. I strongly doubt anyone’s going to give the tax cuts credit based on any movements in their IRA or 401(k) accounts

Implementation: Any tax change of this magnitude is a complicated bit of work, requiring the tax authorities at the underfunded IRS to quickly implement new systems and provide new oversight. 

Those bonuses:  Profit-sharing and other public-relations efforts: A few big companies have been giving their workers bonuses, allegedly because of the tax cuts. That might help improve its impression, but it’s widely understood that companies such as AT&T and Comcast are getting big, permanent cuts while bonuses are a one-time thing. What will they do next year. Nothing, shareholders will benefit more. Rich get rich, poor get more company.

Some key economic indicators: People notice higher interest rates on home, car and student loans, and rates are surely going up next year. Part of that is the Federal Reserve’s “normalization” campaign as they raise rates back to more normal, higher levels, but the anticipation of faster growth next year, juiced in part by the tax cut (the higher deficit spending noted above), is also nudging at least short-term rates up a bit.  Bigger checks to pay more interest.

People think the plan won’t help them...  Roughly 4 in 10 (37%) say the tax bill will make their family worse off than they are right now. Only 1 in 5 (21%) say it will improve their family’s current status.  

Nearly two-thirds (63%) believe the tax plan will make the Trump family’s life better while a meager 5% say the President’s family will be worse off as a result of the legislation.  And, no one truly knows the exact impact on Trump's finances because he continues to refuse any of his previous tax returns.

Trump is a deeply flawed messenger -- on taxes.  The specifics of Trump on taxes don’t look much better for the president and his party. Fifty-seven percent of people disapprove of how he has dealt with the issue while just 1 in 3 (34%) approve.  

People want to see Trump’s tax returns.  Trump has repeatedly refused to disclose anything about his own taxes, insisting that those documents say very little about a person’s financial status and noting that he has filed financial disclosure forms already.

Add all of that up and here’s what you get:  A historically unpopular president who has a problem with truth and honesty who was sold a piece of legislation, based on his ignorance that people believe by mistruths that will help them.  It only helps him and his wealthy friends and doesn’t do much at all for them. And with Congress approving the bill, they are screwed permanently.  They were warned.

Is it possible that more cash in the average person’s pocket will change how they perceive the tax bill?  Sure! But, public opinion on major pieces of legislation tends to harden quickly -- and stay hardened.   Republicans, to their credit, are well aware of the gamble they are taking here. 

The overwhelming belief within the GOP ranks is that passing a tax cut -- even one that is not terribly popular (or popular at all) at the moment -- is a better gamble than not doing so.   Shear PR bull.  The Republican base needs to be fed and watered (?) and Republicans are convinced that this tax plan was their best chance to do just that.   Watered or did they just get peed on.