To get what’s happening to the GOP and, to America, you need to understand the theology of the extreme and misinformed Evangelical heartland.  We don’t have a political problem. We have an Evangelical poor thinking at times, like in the voting booth, problem.  

Brought on by political popularism and secular thinking corrupted by the fakirs of the faith, the TV Evangelicals and the secondary corruptors, our fake Politicians. I started to think there was nothing wrong with Evangelicals as long as they kept their beliefs to themselves... That theory went up in flames.  Believe what you want, tooth fairies, flying reindeer, elves, devils and boogymen, the big bang, cavemen living 30 million years later than the dinosaurs or any of the off the grid beliefs, whatever, it doesn’t matter to me till you cross the line and start effecting my rights and beliefs with your insane beliefs.

The Ten Commandments were a guideline for good living, and quite simple making the first three commandments, a no competition clause.  It says clearly three times in a row, don’t plant false interpretation and truth.  Don’t use Gods word for your benefit, don’t adorate other principle or fringe cults or false prophets.

Pretty darn clear aren’t they.  So how did these evangelicalisms run the train off the track? Oh,  they are not the only folks with stranger than accepted moral concepts, we call beliefs...

Their naive and sometimes ignorant prophetic beliefs, spurned on by a collection of prosperity preachers with no proof that anyone with an IQ above forty would understand, are strongly ignoring the importance of the separation of Church and State, that is the problem they are causing, they are the problem holding America hostage.

Their opinions have become political and dangerous.  If they did not exist this would be a better country for their allegiance is not with the constitution but a misinformed collaboration and reconstruction of Protestantism.  They would love to see the United States of Protestantism complete with the fake beliefs and twisted misconceptions like the Big Bang and Neanderthal and Cro-Magon cavemen feasting on Dinosaurs and wanted that drivel taught in schools even though the two group were separated by 30 million years of evolution.  No wonder our kids are dropping in world ranking in Math and Science.  That is a more serious problem than people believe. 

The Republican Party has fallen into the grip of an Evangelical-led group of quasi pretend religious  political Senator and Congressmen fundamentalists who are either true believers, ( I doubt it,  or they would not be taking bribes from the NRA, screwing around behind their wives backs and sexual harassment  of the employees ) spending their days lieing , playing politics and accomplishing nothing but scandals.  Most believe in keeping their vote for their personal greed,  or who know how to cater to them for a vote.  ( Basically Scumbag Hypocrites)

And they and their supporters go against the basic tenets of good religious beliefs by supporting a man like TRUMP.  If they were the believers they claim to be they would be shunning Trump, but they don’t thus we have a new category of voter.

The FAKE EVANGELISTS, a new religion featuring the most hypocritical of all voters those who support scumbags.  They support Trump and demonize Robert Mueller.   Nothing, absolutely nothing can be ill-said of Mueller. Trump fears him, because Mueller is the truth.  He has served our nation for over fifty years gallantly.  Trump has served himself.  If you are a true believer in the faith and can separate the wheat from the chaff you would stop supporting False Gods as the Commandments tell you to do.  If not you are as the Sioux Indians believed, that which is worse, the liar, or he one who repeats the liar


  • From the mid Twentieth Century forward, Billy Graham, and many other evangelicals convinced a huge swath of America to convert to born-again faith.
    While the evangelical camp grew the mainline denominations shrank.   We call it the age of redemption by contribution.

  • The fine print of conversion to a hot literal faith included a directive to not to trust facts  (the way those liberals did)  but to look for special information which was visible only to the faithful.  
    (Hocus Pocus - Carnival talk for Bullshit, the main tool of the T-Rump bandwagon copied from Dr. Goebbels of the Nazi party )

  • This way of thinking led inadvertently to an us-or-them view, revealing those with whom you disagree to be not just wrong, but lost, or even willfully evil.  This is T-Rumps motis-operandi  by negating the FBI, Judges and other investigative agencies with his insultive and degrading twits. 

  • When politicians operate from this mindset, the agenda is no longer political. It’s a holy war whom we must placate by being saved through a revivalist born-again formula.  

  • This pits the true believer against not just science but any information that comes through non-approved channels.  Sometimes called brainwashing or propaganda, again bullshit works for me and if Cranial Rectal Dyslexia or Sh*t for Brains was accepted into Medicare and Medicaid, we would have an epidemic on our hands surpassing any other disease. 

  • Their theology has trained millions of brains to choose between God and truth. The folks that believe in a literal Bible don’t believe in evolution, they believe in the big bang, don’t believe in global warming, in gay rights or, we now know, even in increasing the debt limit.  These are not theological issues per se but the spirit of sectarian warfare is at the heart of the bitter refusals to be swayed by mere facts.

  • Delusional religion has become delusional politics. The evangelical establishment teaches a literal return of Christ to judge — and kill — the unbelievers.  This is extreme stuff, and that spirit of retributive extremism has jumped the tracks into our politics. That is why we are where we are.  As long as this theory exists, fine if you are naive enough to believe it.  Just stay out of the voting booth.  I have never seen a political party called the ‘Dumbasses’ but some here will qualify.

  • And it’s a fact that the media, today’s mainline denominations, the more moderate members of both parties and the general population seem to find too embarrassing to address honestly. Certainly we have not heard the last of the group of mostly white right wing evangelicals and expect more self-inflicted chaos.  

  • Sure there are extremes on all sides. But one party is not being dominated by people who believe that Noah loaded dinosaurs onto the ark and that the earth is 6000 years young.   The other party is dominated by leaders ready to destroy the good name, faith and credit of our country out of theological spite, spurred on by false claims that our president isn’t a real American or a Christian against President Obama, which was their hallmark supported by Donald Trumps LIES. 

  • The GOP base. A fanatical religious element is dominating our political life these days. Our Evangelical-led right isn’t interested in policy. They are an apocalyptic cult led by the none-too-bright.   They see themselves as the Knights Templar, and  they won’t quit. The answer isn’t dialogue but to marginalize the impact of religious delusion.   

Leaders who tell the truth will hear a sigh of relief from their constituents, as will religious leaders who show their congregants another way to approach the mystery of faith besides trying to destroy our government, dismantle our economy, and undermine our sense of decency.  It’s called the Separation of Church and State. It is,  was and will always be the reason and success of our nation.  Thats why it’s called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  • Lieing, deceit, contradiction, corruption, distortion, distraction, stupidity, egotistic unsafe values, lack of talent, bravado and sheer bullshit are the hallmarks of this administrations leader, and worse, many too many ignorant followers believe in Donald Trump... and call themselves Evangelicals, simply put, I prefer fools...  people of faith and belief is my preferred title for those of honesty and compassion.

                      If you are not part of the solution , you are part of the problem
                         And if you support these policies, you are the real problem.

The Fuehrer Spoke:   Donald T- HUMP has never been known for displays of Christian humility. The first few minutes of his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast in February were no exception. 

  • He thanked the creator of Celebrity Apprentice  ( His TV show which was a farce). 
  • Pronouncing Arnold Schwarzenegger a “total disaster,” asked the audience to pray for the show’s ratings. 
  • Trump went on to remind everyone that he is a billionaire, “ Somebody that has had material success and knows tremendous numbers of people with great material success—the most material success.”  Thats me...
  • Later he acknowledged that his mission to stop terrorism “may not be pretty for a little while,” and promised that his administration would confront threats “viciously, if we have to.” 
  • Trump’s signature swagger makes many Christians wince, but it has deterred few white evangelicals.  Eighty-one percent of those who voted last year cast their ballot for him. ( Fools and Hypocrites stay fools and hypocrites because to relent or admit being stupid is beyond their humbleness believing the horseshit they have been fed is truth and they could not possibly be in error...)   Best cartoon on the subject by Daily Tribune By John Darkow, brilliant.

A fool sometimes is a fool forever, and some movements you think will work  are like a box of chocolates.  You will never know what you got, until after the fact, and then can’t do anything about it except take Tums or Pepto-Bismol for the stomach ache and stay away from chocolates 

  • At the same time, conservative white evangelicals have a long record of being highly pragmatic, rather than purist, in their libertarianism. Throughout American history, they have been more than happy to use the tools of the federal government to protect their own authority and advance a moral agenda—as they did, for example, during the campaign for Prohibition.

  • This selective libertarianism continues to thrive. Trump’s promises to “drain the swamp” resonate with deeply rooted suspicion of big government, but conservative evangelicals applaud his more intrusive proposals as well.  He drained it all right, but we lost a lot of the good people.  He filled it with septic tanks..  

And the tax breaks that the Evangelicals so richly loved and when they find out what they will lose, things will change, they forgot to read the small print

  • They better read some more as two things are apparent, the GOP spending and wasting more money on useless projects like walls and parades, and the fact the social Security system is going bankrupt, so keep supporting T-Hump and you will feel a lot different when both of you fare broke.

  • Social Security and Medicare already face funding challenges. The Social Security Trustees project that the program’s shortfall over the next 75 years is $12.5 trillion in present value. To close that gap, Congress would need to permanently and immediately raise Social Security payroll taxes by 22 percent (2.76 percentage points), permanently and immediately reduce benefits by 17 percent, or some equivalent combination of the two, according to the Trustees. If Congress preserves promised benefits for current Social Security recipients, then benefits for future beneficiaries must be cut even further, by 20 percent.

  • Benefit reductions could devastate many Americans who rely on Social Security and Medicare. Social Security benefits are often modest. Retiree benefits average about $1,300 per month, or about $16,000 annually. Under current Medicare rules, older adults’ out-of-pocket cost shares for health care are already slated to rise in coming decades. The Census Bureau estimates that about 14 percent of adults ages 65 and older are impoverished, based on the Supplemental Poverty Measure, which accounts for health care costs.

  • Cosponsors of the House bill have made their intentions toward Social Security clear. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) would shrink Social Security’s long-range funding gap primarily by reducing scheduled benefits. His Roadmap for America's Future Act of 2010 would sharply curb the growth of Social Security benefits for future workers and increase the full retirement ages to track increases in life expectancy. It would also add carve-out personal accounts to the program. At a Virginia town hall last week, he again called for entitlement reductions.

  • Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX) has introduced the Social Security Reform Act of 2016 that would reduce Social Security replacement rates for all but the lowest-income workers, increase retirement ages, and reduce the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), along with other changes. During debate over the Senate version of the TCJA, legislators voted down a Democratic amendment to exempt Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from cuts if revenues fall short of current law projections because of the tax cuts.

  • Im wondering how that underpaid secretary will spend the extra $1.50  ( thats a dollar -fifty for you foolish believers)  each week in solving her financial problems but the KOCH brothers are netting a million a day.  Paul Ryan is not what he appears and he loves telling the story of the biggest lie ever told in Congress.  The tax break was for the corporations and the rich neither of whom will be helping you when that Dr. Bill comes in.
  • Trump’s threats to curb free trade and punish journalists may make real libertarians apoplectic.  And his initial executive order restricting immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries outraged some prominent evangelical organizations and leaders who lamented the order’s unbiblical abandonment of refugees. 

  • But other influential evangelicals, such as Billy Graham’s son Franklin, support Trump’s policy. The president’s isolationist approach plays well among Americans who believe that the time has come to restore the capitalist order as God intended it to be: with native-born white Americans on top.   

  • In any case, ideology is not the sole bond between conservative evangelicals and Donald Trump. His dictator-lite charisma is essential to his appeal.  Hitler, Duarte, Tojo and Stalin had that same appeal.  To the majority of Americans—those who did not vote for him—Trump has all the allure of the boorish boss who takes too many liberties at the staff Christmas party.  But they do nothing about it.  Add “subjects” to the “fools" ID.

  • But his authoritarian machismo is right in step with a long evangelical tradition of pastor-overlords who anoint themselves with the power to make their own rules—and, in the event of their own occasional moral lapses,  assure their followers that God always forgives...  Just remember the LAW doesn’t  forgive and forget. 

  • He calls it the base... part of that term reflects the s mentioned, also known by other titles, namely as  on several sites as
     •  Jesus Freaks  •   Nominal Nutcases  •  Wandering Hews, •   F
    undumb-mentalists  •  †he Pious and Pompous 

I have nothing but compassion for you the base, you not only will hurt yourself, you will send hurt on the rest of America, eventually your kids,  and even the world who also does not believe in Donald T-RUMP Trump. 


•  I ask you with all sincerity... Do you really believe in his the lies and misstatements. If you do you believe in the false thinking of Church and State which you do not understand. This is a country of many beliefs and religions.  Jesus understood that, why are you so naive.  Read the constitution, there is a separation of the Church and the State.  Believe in your Jesus,  but believe in that separation, then you will wake up.

•  The twitter assignations media allowing and promoting lies, defamation of individuals unfitting a President and conspiracies without true verification indicate only one thing if you believe them and don’t condone them.  It is a strong acceptance of stupidity, naiveness and compliance.  Same thing the fellows who started WWII believed in.  You have enveloped a false GOD.  

•   How can an Evangelical believing in the good deeds and tasks, the blessed life of living it on the goodness of Gods Grace can support a defiler, liar, cheat, hate monger, and womanizer, with thirty women coming forth, his profane and narcissistic attitude and vulgarity. How do you as an Evangelical support that?

•  How do you support Trump denying Russia is winning, thats the bottom line many are too stupid to realize, everything they want is theirs as long as the Russians keep fueling the fire.  

•  If you can’t handle truth and still are a believer after the facts, you need help.  The entire world is not wrong. I hope you find it before the country really goes further down the toilet.  You believe in false Gods...and that proves 

 •  Its bad enough you voted wrong, but not admitting a mistake is then worse.  The Sioux Indians had a saying, “Which is worse, the liar or the one who tells his lies”.  You are because you follow the liar and hater, no better than him.  In the case of the President, he is both, he lies and then denies it the next day with a follow-up lie and calls it fake news, since he is the one who spread the news fake, can we not argue that he is the source of the lies?  

•   If you do not see that, then and I don’t like picking on people, you showing ignorance, naiveness or just plain religiously brain-washed tendencies.  

•  The street sweeper, AKA VP Mike Pence, praising Trump because he knows those that see Trump for what he is, will either rise to the presidency by assassination or impeachment.  Thats how he gets a seat in the Oval Office.  He and others use divinity as they're calling card.  Some wear it on their sleeve but he has it tattooed on his forehead, and others invoking GOD more than the other TV preachers.   He too is a believer in a false God...

The Sioux were right, the teller of false tales is as bad or worse than the liar who said it.
That describes VP Mike Pence as the Ultimate Ass-Kisser of all time and just as guilty
of the BS drivel coming out of the former WhiteHouse, now disgraced by lies.


Evangelicalism evangelical Christianity, or evangelical Protestantism, is a worldwide, cross denominational movement within Protestant Christianity which maintains the belief that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ's atonement.

Evangelicals believe in the centrality of the conversion or the "born again" experience in receiving salvation, in the authority of the Bible as God's revelation to humanity, and in spreading the Christian message. The movement has had a long presence in the Anglo community before spreading further afield in the 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries.

Its origins are usually traced to 1738, with various theological streams contributing to its foundation, including English Methodism, the Moravian Church and German Lutheran Pietism. 

John Wesley and other early Methodists were at the root of sparking this new movement during the First Great Awakening. Today, evangelicals are found across many Protestant branches, as well as in various denominations not subsumed to a specific branch.

Among leaders and major figures of the evangelical Protestant movement were John Wesley, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, Billy Graham, Harold John Ockenga, John Stott and Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The movement gained great momentum during the 18th and 19th centuries with the Great Awakenings in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The United States has the largest concentration of evangelicals in the world. Based mostly in the Bible Belt, US evangelicals are a quarter of the nation's population and politically important.

In the United Kingdom, evangelicals are represented mostly in the Methodist Church, Baptist communities, and among evangelical Anglicans. Evangelicalism, a major part of popular Protestantism,  is among the most dynamic religious movements in the contemporary world.

I wish them well, believe what you wish,  but don’t tell me what I should believe in, thats still my choice.

You can't mix Religion and Politics without depriving someone of their rights. Stand against abortion and you have deprived a woman of her inalienable right to choose.  

A law should never be created that denies the law for someone else.  It’s a MORAL issue and MORAL issues are in the hands of the person involved and his or her spiritual and legal, family and friend advisors, not the government nor the politicians.  

The biggest mistake in the history of our Judicial system was the Rowe Vs. Wade. It was not a supreme court decision that had to be made. "It was a moral issue that got out of hand well escalated by attorney fees".

Defining marriage by gender is no ones business other than those involved. It's a choice they make. The local, state and federal government has no business interfering. The only exception is if it harms or effects children in any way or form in a bad way and then the law gets involved.

Let the others for spiritual relief take care of their own and mind their own business.

It's separatist. The movement itself creates division. For each Evangelical that liked what they heard, a few others did not.  Not Evangelical enough.  So the Republican party split into far Right Conservatism, Moderate Conservatism and Evangelicalism. 

Thats defined  as Greedy, Self Indulgent and sheer Frickin Idiocy.

With front page stars like Huck the Schmuck Huckabee, and Sarah no truth Huckabee, Former Screaming Idiot Palin, actors like College Dropout Rush Limbaugh and Glenn the Huckster Beck fueling the fires for personal gain, the election, the future of this country was in jeopardy.  

Curiously it seems many Americans are afraid of too much Evangelicalism. It got T-Hump elected and look where we are now.  The Evangelical wing of the GOP, about 35% of the vote, are controlling almost everything in Congress. 

Thats why nothing gets done. It’s called Evangelism but used as obstructionism.

They are hurting the country and the GOP is catering to all their whims, and not respecting the majority who believe in the Constitution.

It was the real down to earth common sense people trying to make it in this world in tough times by simple living.  With nothing but the agenda of a better life and looking for real relief they came out to vote, but they voted for a false God.  They were tricked and too proud to admit it.

 It came down to a simple belief of here or now, and surviving.  So the E-Team brought out more heavy guns... the persons of faith...  and the country got  screwed and it may take 20 years to re-cooperate.  

We are in deep doo-doo as Jar-Jar-BINKS would say.4