Eliminate Discourse
Those who serve the devil, AKA Donald’s Dorks, really can’t do what they think is right.  They work for a certified screwball sick narcissistic micromanager, running the nations railroads with the skill set of a new HO train enthusiast on a one four foot circle track.  There is no transparency as there is no truth emanating from the WhiteHouse which he through swamp draining has turned it into a Sh*t house.

He will at some point, if not stopped, finish destroying this country.  He is a liar, mentally unstable, brilliant as a manipulator when his money,  lawyers, and fellow scumbags  collaborate together for their own personal good.  The problem is so deeply narcissistic he has no conscience or feelings.  His entitlement is his love of himself.

It will take a while till the other TRUMPETS eventually meet the reaper at some time in their career, or at the end of their career,  the Reapers down and out list of victims, some lucky enough to get out early, and some maybe will be the hero’s, or survivors of the regime.  The following were lucky enough to get out of the forthcoming mess.

Of the people who resigned all had something in common, they saw through the sickness that became the new Presidents motis-operandi and had the honor and respect for the nation to not serve a madman.  I wish them all well. Those he fired because of incompetence  you got what you deserved.

His rally speeches and repeats of his mighty ( cheating and corrupt win by lying) win in the election appeals to the GOP Promise Base.  Those believers in the “ Tooth fairy and Santa Claus”  who actually believe the lies he spins,  are his best audience since most intelligent people turn the set off or regurgitate the minute his face and hairdo show up on the screen.  He is possibly the most boring man self indulgent in the world with the exception of Mike Pence, the Official Jesus Adorant in the Washington area who seldom speaks, I believe because he is scared sh*tless of the President. 

The appointees to the cabinet might mean well, many have convoluted extreme positions against earth warming, energy and resources, the environment, education and health care, housing and redevelopment.   All the things that protect us and frankly they really don’t give a damn.